Humor Files: Jokes and Shaggy Dog Stories

If a joke is funny, it gets spread. If a person gets a bunch of jokes, they tack them together and they get spread. And if a subject happens (a scandal, a tragedy, an election) then the jokes about that event get tacked together and spread as well.

What you end up with, then, are these massive files of very disparate joke clusters, bound only because someone thought they were funny or someone had a thing for light-bulb jokes. Therefore, there are probably tons of doubles and triples and what have you in this collection, and there's just not enough time in the day to sort them. So this whole directory is a bit of a crapshoot. On the other hand, it IS funny.

Description of the Textfile
100.txt 4996
I'd Love To, But.........
100room.txt 8987
100 Ways to Freak Out Your Roommate
10ondate.txt 1147
The Top Ten Ways a Computer Guy Can Impress His Date
12clint.txt 2514
The Twelve Days of Clinton
1liner.txt 2256
A Collection of One-Liners
1more.jok 1877
I Was Out Rock Climbing with my Wife Estelle
50onfinal.txt 7132
50 Fun Things to Do on a Final
abuser.txt 10950
The Best Ways to Abuse a BBS by The Joker
acros.txt 2179
Finally, a Cheat Sheet for Computer Acronyms
adver_tr.uth 798
Odd Circumcision Joke
altuniv.jok 1908
My Car Salesman Now Works for the Airlines!
american.eng 1010
An Old English Couple Meet a New York Cabbie
amusing.jok 1218
The Old Moonshiner's Last Stand
answer.jok 25579
A Collection of Answering Machine Jokes
answerin.mac 43121
Complete listing of Answering Machine Messages
answerin.txt 43806
Additional Funny Answering Machine Messages
apt.hum 1564
So there's this businessman and this chorus girl.... 1776
Are you Gay? Get off the Plane!
asstalk 2887
Did I ever Tell You About the Man Who Taught His Asshole to Talk?
auto.hum 3866
Funny Auto Insurance claims
aviation.jok 81197
Large Collection of Flying Jokes
awful.jokes 7781
A Collection of Truly Awful Jokes
babyjoke.txt 4035
A Bunch of Dead Baby Jokes
babypics.txt 4192
So SHE's expecting a government employee to provide sex, and he wants to take a picture, and oh, I'm telling it wrong, aren't I?
bad.jok 1312
You can tell it's going to be a rotten day when.....
bad.jokes 20509
The Ruins of the Bad-Joke Mailing List of 1979
bad_jo.kes 21168
Very Large Collection of Jokes Claiming to be from a 1979 Mailing List
badday.txt 1143
You Know It's Going To be a Bad Day When....
badpie.jok 937
The Woman Who Made Bad Pies
badtaste.txt 1841
Gross Joke involving a Patent for an Apple
band.jok 3162
Flyer for the Either/Orchestra
barnsatn.txt 407
Barney, the cute purple dinosaur, is Satan
bath.jks 30208
Collection of Gross/Unpleasant/Racist/Sexist Jokes
bc-jokes.txt 19906
111 Slick Willy Clinton Jokes
bears.jok 1689
A Couple of Bear Jokes
bedroom_golf.txt 2556
The Rules of Bedroom Golf
beer.jok 6893
Why a Beer is Better than a Woman
beergirl.jok 1433
24 Good Reasons that Beer is Better Than Women
belboard.inf 135763
Large Collection of Shaggy Dog Humor
best.frt 72390
The Best of the Fortunes
best1001.asc 24998
1001 of the Best Jokes (Well, OK, not quite 1001)
best1002.asc 28577
A Large Grab-Bag of Jokes of Shaggy Dog Stories
bigjokes 594917
Large Collection of All Sorts of Jokes
bike.jok 1411
The Really Fast Bike Rider
billsmed.txt 1044
Bill Clinton's Medical Dictionary
blind.jok 901
The Blind Man's Dog
blond.msg 29177
Collection of Blonde Jokes
blond111.txt 12130
Radio Free Milwaukee's 111 Blonde Jokes
blonde.txt 66046
The "Complete" Set of Blonde Jokes, December 15, 1992
blondej2.txt 15407
Blonde Jokes, compiuled by Mr. Noise (April 25, 1992)
blondejokes.hum 13505
125 Blonde Jokes
blondes 29005
Large Collection of Blonde Jokes
blondes.txt 5875
Collection of Blonde Jokes
blondjok.txt 15872
150 Blonde Jokes
blonds.jks 30208
The "Complete" Set of Blonde Jokes (202)
book.txt 74754
MISC: Another Collection of Bad Jokes
book2.txt 50180
Collection of Bad Jokes
boss.txt 1266
The Boss
boytrain.jok 1447
The Little Boy and the Train
brownies.jok 2039
Recipe for Mom's Brownies
bulb.txt 39040
Another Canonical Collection of Light Bulb Jokes
bulbjoke.txt 4210
Very large Collection of Lightbulb Jokes
bulbs.txt 23958
Large Collection of Light-Bulb Jokes
bumper.txt 3553
Actual Bumper Stickers Found on Actual Cars
bumpstick 3107
Bumper Stickers Seen on the Information Superhighway
byujokes.txt 16384
Brigham Young University Jokes
c.hum 1736
Murphy's Laws
calctest.hum 2511
Answers to the Calculus Final, by a Concerned and Resourceful Student
canoes.txt 2063
JOKE: How Different Armed Forces Ran in the Canoe Race
caracros.txt 2174
A Collection of Car Acronyms
cate.jok 577465
Complete Random Collection of Jokes
cathjews.jok 1584
The Jewish Kid Got the Point at Catholic School
celebrate.txt 897
The Pope Dies and Goes to Heaven
chickens.jok 3892
How Many Generic Chickens Can You Fit Into a Generic Pontiac?
children.txt 7640
Murphy's Laws on Parenting
chinmenu.jok 2776
Wun Hung Lo Chinese Restaurant
clinton.jok 99067
Very Large Collection of Clinton Jokes
cokkies.hum 2792
Some bad cookies from the Works BBS
compchis.txt 3090
The Worm Before Christmas by Clement C. Morris
compdaff.txt 1996
Computer Daffy-Nitions
complove.jok 1889
Hacker Wants to Marry His Computer, from The Sun, (January 17, 1989)
computer.txt 3243
Things to Do in a Computer Lab
compvocb.txt 1267
Computer Vocabulary for Geeks and Normal
condom.jok 16385
The Large Collection of Condom Jokes and Articles
condom.txt 2963
Collection of Condom Jokes
condoms.jok 684
Condoms Sold and Fitted!
conduct.txt 2733
A Shaggy Dog Story With Absolutely No Bananas!
cookie.1 33745
Karl Lehenbauer's Fortune Cookie File
cookieii.hum 62792
Quip Snips, by William D. Tammeus
courting.jok 3456
How to Kill a Missouri Eel
cowmilk.txt 506
My First Time Ever
cricket.jok 1059
Cricket Match Which is Funnier than Baseball
crmation.jok 607
The Dubiously True Cremation Joke
cupholder.txt 869
True story from a Novell NetWire SysOp
cute.say 4793
Collection of Cute Sayings
dahmer.jok 2122
The Complete Jeffrey Dahmer Jokes List
dahmer.txt 1828
Collection of Jeffrey Dahmer Jokes (Cannibalism, etc.)
dangwild.jok 1360
Egad! The Mosquitos are BIG!
darksucker.txt 4641
Dark Conspiracy Involving Electrical Power Companies Surfances, by the Quantum Mechanic (August 7, 1988)
date.txt 5946
More than 50 Ways to Get Rid of Blind Dates (And other Social Catastrophes)
datepick.txt 917
The Guy Has Four Daughters That Live At Home
deck.txt 11161
The Very Last "Doesn't Have a Full Deck" List
defense.txt 2663
You Know You Work for a Defense Contractor When....
dentist.txt 886
The Dentist Joke
devildic 13873
Collection of Definitions from the Devil's Dictionary by Ambrose Bierce
dinner.jok 570
Trying to Help the Chinese Man Next to Her
dinosaur.jok 1607
A Large Collection of Dinosaur Jokes
dinosaur.txt 1185
A Large Selection of DINOSAUR JOKES
doekiller.txt 1275
Wanted for Attempted Murder
dogsex.txt 2702
A Dog Named Sex
dough.jok 1545
Reasons Why Cookie Dough Is Better Than Men
drivers.jok 1498
The Wall Street Reports on Dummies in the HOV Lane
drtymind.txt 685
He and She
dumpon.txt 1770
Inspiration for the Unhappy
easter.jok 1383
What is EASTER?
echomai2.txt 16348
Blonde Jokes #3, 1991
elephant.jok 3853
Some Elephant Jokes (1988)
elephant.txt 5655
A Large Collection of Elephant Jokes
elephant2.txt 2835
A Large Collection of Elephant Jokes
eng-math-phy.txt 6099
Let's Pick on Engeineers Today
engineer.jok 998
The Pessimists' Guide to Engineer-Talk
english.txt 4244
Collection of Heartfelt attempts to write in English from around the world
eschat_l.lis 2610
An Eschatological Laundry List: Some of the 927 Great Truths
ethiopia.txt 5323
The Ethiopian Joke Book, by The Blue Buccaneer
ethnic.jok 56587
Large Stack of Irish Jokes
ethnic2.jok 34353
Large Stack of Irish Jokes
evangali.jok 2575
TV Evangelism: A True Story
evilcake.hum 1585
The Origins of the Evil Cake Contest
examburn.txt 6567
The Exam Burn
excuses.txt 3192
A Collection of Typical School Excuses
expjoke.txt 6583
Cheap Explosives and Sick Jokes, by Suicidal Maniac of Anarchists' Alliance
f.jok 145924
An EXTREMELY Large Fortune File
firesqd.jok 2521
The Firing Squad Joke, starring Your Favorite Ethnic Minority
fish2.jok 1501
Goddamned Fish!
flaglick.jok 1510
Lick the Flag? Are Your Crazy?
flowcht.txt 1904
Problem Solving Process (Flowchart)
fortun.cookie 9867
Large Collection of Fortune Cookies
fortun_c.ook 10047
List of Fortunes from Cookies
fortune.hum 70135
A Collection of One-Line Fortunes
fortunes.mac 13048
Large Collection of Fortunes
fortunes.txt 39238
Fortunes, Compiled by Stefan Posthuma
frog.sty 4980
The Joke About the Talking Frog
funnysigns.txt 4786
Some Funny Signs
girls.jok 10986
Collection of Old, Old Jokes
godwisd.jok 1067
Wisdom of the Gods, a Joke
golf.jok 1067
Forgive me Father, I used the F-Word While Golfing
gorilla_.txt 6394
And Now for the Purple Gorilla Joke!
govofficial.txt 3262
Warranty Card on Purchased Government Official
graffiti.jok 3331
A Collection of One-Liners (June 6, 1988)
grandeur.jok 7834
A Deluge of Grandeur (Joke)
grave.txt 1127
Two Drunks Fall in a Grave (Joke)
grettrut.hum 6183
Great Truths
gross.txt 3840
Collection of Gross Jokes
grossjok.hum 3801
Totally Nasty and Bad Jokes
guard.jokes 12756
Jokes about the Guards at MIT
guy100.txt 5998
100 Reasons Why It's Great To Be a Guy
h2o.txt 1108
How Gullible Are We?
hacktest.txt 19642
The Hacker Test Version 1.0 (June 16, 1989)
hecomes.jok 3213
The Story of Mad Martin, from Gene Spafford (1988)
hell.jok 3862
Rowan Atkinson's Hell Monologue, typed by Raymond Field (May 13, 1989)
hell.txt 1745
The Thermodynamics of Hell
hitpenny.jok 3687
Hit the Penny, hit the Quarter
hornydog.jok 1203
There Were These Two Dogs...
humor.txt 106245
Prove That All Odd Integers are Prime
idealpas.jok 959
The "Perfect Pastor"
indian.hum 1371
Never Trust an Indian
info_car.txt 3412
Guide to the Different Protocols of the Internet
insjokes.hum 2509
Actual Statements found on Insurance Forms
insura.jok 962
Tey Won't Cover Rob Lowe's Problems!
iraqjoke.txt 26376
Small Smattering of Iraqi Jokes
iraqjoke2.txt 5842
Small Smattering of Iraqi Jokes
irish.jok 12547
Stack of Irish Jokes
irishbul.txt 7164
Irish Bulls: Intrinsically Contradictory Phrases that Reveal a Truth
jesless.jok 1128
Jesus and His Dumb Disciples
jewhumor.jok 961
Three Lashes!
jgotus.hum 2900
Japan's Got Us Beat in the Service Department, Too, by Hilary Hinds Kitasei
joke001.jok 50820
All Sorts of Jokes
joke002.jok 394992
Massive Internet Jokebook #1
joke003.jok 75211
Ronen Stein's Collection of Jokes 1090
An Old Russion Joke
jokepak1.txt 18148
Large Pack of Jokes Volume 1
jokepak2.txt 11536
Large Pack of Jokes Volume 2
jokepak3.txt 14158
Large Pack of Jokes Volume 3
jokepak4.txt 14985
Large Pack of Jokes Volume 4
jokes 90699
Large Collection of Offensive Jokes
jokes.001 21243
Smattering of All Sorts of Jokes
jokes.01 1959
Collection of Jokes #01
jokes.02 21480
Collection of Jokes #02
jokes.03 133652
Collection of Jokes #03
jokes.04 73956
Collection of Jokes #04
jokes.05 103916
Collection of Jokes #05
jokes.06 29857
Collection of Jokes #06
jokes.07 29275
Collection of Jokes #07
jokes.08 32954
COllection of Jokes #08
jokes.09 10681
Collection of Jokes #09
jokes.1 1484
A Small Collection of Jokes
jokes.10 70150
Collection of Jokes #10
jokes.11 35486
Collection of Jokes #11
jokes.12 7859
Collection of Jokes #12
jokes.13 39090
Collection of Jokes #13
jokes.14 4602
Collection of Jokes #14
jokes.gph 4096
Rude and Obnoxious Jokes by The Dolphin that came from Belmont
jokes.hum 21035
Joke Blab from the Datanet. Edited By The Slipped Disk
jokes.jok 31269
The Joke List of Jokes and More Jokes
jokes.txt 130684
The *BIG* Joke File
jokes.une 7162
Collection of the Usual EUnet Jokes
jokes1.txt 1841
The Zen of Cat Bathing
jokes10.txt 53526
Large Collection of Jokes, Part 10
jokes2.txt 38627
Large Collection of Jokes, Part 2
jokes3.txt 39692
Large Collection of Jokes, Part 3
jokes4.txt 40258
Large Collection of Jokes, part 4
jokes5.txt 43992
Large Collection of Jokes, Part 5
jokes6.txt 4835
Large Collection of Jokes, Part 6
jokes7.txt 7276
Large Collection of Jokes, Part 7
jokes8.txt 23789
Large Collection of Jokes, Part 8
jokes9.txt 50795
Large Collection of Jokes, Part 9
jokin-13.txt 51094
Large Collection of Jokes, Part 13
jokin-16.txt 49045
A Bunch of One-Liners
jokin-17.txt 56230
That's an Awful Amount of Jokes!
jokin-18.txt 53745
Large Collection of Jokes, Part 18
jokin-19.txt 51129
Large Collection of Jokes, Part 19
jokin-20.txt 59824
Large Collection of Jokes, Part 20
jokin-23.txt 52170
Large Collection of Jokes, Part 23
jokin-24.txt 59274
Large Collection of Jokes, Part 24
jokin-25.txt 50844
Large Collection of Jokes, Part 25
jokin-26.txt 52413
Large Collection of Jokes, Part 26
jokin-28.txt 65500
Large Collection of Jokes, Part 28
jokin-29.txt 61663
Large Collection of Jokes, Part 29
jokin-30.txt 47186
Large Collection of Jokes, part 30
jokin-31.txt 60333
Large Collection of Jokes, Part 31
jokin-33.txt 59040
Large Collection of Jokes, Part 33
jokin-34.txt 52561
Large Collection of Jokes, Part 34
joking01.jok 52169
Collection of Jokes and Jokes and Jokes
joking02.jok 59823
Collection of Longer Jokes
joking03.jok 814
Very Large Collection of Jokes!
joking04.jok 53166
And Even More Jokes
joking05.jok 56343
Smorgasbord of Jokes
joking16.jok 57145
Jokes and Bad Puns and Tasteless Stuff and More Jokes
journos.jok 1108
The Journalist Joke
kibo.sig 53172
Kibo's Very Large Signature File
killers.jok 2541
Cereal Killers
koresh.jok 22304
Canonical List of David Koresh Jokes
laugh14.txt 89818
Collection of Jokes from the Access Media BBS
laws.lst 63792
A List of All Sorts of Laws
laws.txt 44113
An Abridged Collection of Interdisciplinary Laws
lawslife.hum 43815
An abridged collection of Interdisciplinary Laws
lawslife.txt 10684
The Laws of Life
lawyer.hum 5046
A Few choice Lawyer Jokes
lawyer.jok 24833
Collection of Lawyers Jokes
lawyer2.jok 17076
Collection of Lawyer Jokes
lawyerjo.txt 26282
Collection of Lawyer Jokes
lawyers.jok 26946
The Man With No Name Presents More Lawyer Jokes (December 1988)
lawyers.txt 8791
How Many Lawyers?
lawyrjok 27283
Additional Amounts of Lawyer Jokes
lechhow.hum 1670
How to be a Leech, by Mino Taur
leper.txt 3786
Collection of Tasteless Leper Jokes
lepre.txt 7554
The Leprechaun Joke, by David Gerrold
life1500.txt 4228
Life in the 1500s
lifeconc.txt 2239
Thoughts About Life
lightbul 12398
The Canonical Collection of Light Bulb Jokes
lightbul.lis 29917
Additional Light Bulb Jokes
lightbul.txt 33065
Collection of Light Bulb Jokes
lightbul2.txt 18769
Collection of Light Bulb Jokes
lights.jok 8047
List of Light Bulb Jokes
limerick.2 10383
Large Collection of Limericks
limerick.jok 8184
Collection of Dirty Limericks
limerix.hum 36431
A Large Selection of Bawdy Limericks
limerk.txt 851
A Limerick
lines.hum 8103
The Winners, most effective pick-up-lines
lines.jok 12923
A List of Classic Pick-Up Lines
lists.jok 2560
A Couple Top 10 Lists on Barbies and Computer Phobias 3815
Some Really Odd Artifical Intelligence Lab Light Bulb Jokes
litebulb.txt 10124
Collection of Light Bulb Jokes
lotsa.jok 25057
Grab-Bag of Jokes
lotsajok.txt 24795
Lots of Quick and Simple Jokes
love80s.txt 3883
Love in the 80s
loveone.txt 1566
If You Love Someone
lwords.txt 4548
Famous Last Words
madame.jok 835
Very old Brothel Joke
mag-tape.jok 3080
The Cat and the Magentic Taoe
manlaugh.txt 1315
The Ultimate Jokebook About Men?
marriage.txt 3713
Marriage Humor of Various Types
math_eng.tec 1135
Put the Brainy People Under Stress (Joke)
mblonde.txt 98351
The "Complete" Set of Blonde Jokes, December 15, 1992
medical.jok 3147
A Joke Involving Doctors and Ducks
medicwon.jok 1402
The Wonders of Modern Medicine
medjoke1.txt 52172
Humor: Medical (140) - Part 1
medjoke2.txt 50321
Humor: Medical (140) - Part 2
medslang.txt 4096
Collection of Medical Slang
menwomen.jok 8225
Men Vs. Women: An Overview
misc.1 23919
A LArge Collection of Miscellaneous Jokes and Humor
misc_cla.jok 22289
Collection of Classroom Jokes
misc_mat.jok 79929
Miscellaneous Mathematics Jokes
misc_rel.jok 10936
Miscellaneous Religion Jokes
misc_sex.jok 122488
Sex Humor 101
misc_wed.jok 5041
Miscellanous Best Man/Weddings/Telegram Jokes
mishap.txt 3376
A Mishap in Translation 4323
The Semi-Complete Canatonical List of Mommy, Mommy! Jokes
mommymom.txt 3295
The Semi-Complete Canatonical List of Mommy, Mommy! Jokes
morejoke.txt 10644
Various Collection of Jokes
moretech.txt 10648
Support, Santa Cruz Style or Where Do These People Come From? by Jeff Liebermann
murfssex.txt 4072
Murphy's Laws on Sex
murphy' 12583
Collection of All Sorts of Laws
murphy.txt 1536
Murphy's Laws of Combat
murphy2.txt 1978
Large Collection of Murphy-Like Laws
namings.jok 1902
The Namings
new.pri 3016
A Priest Joke
newsoft.txt 2415
Some New Software: MYASS
newvirus.txt 4207
Beware of the Following Computer Viruses
noahgov.txt 3868
Noah and the Government
noears.jok 1864
An Aural Exam
nomute.jok 1460
Teaching the Mute to Speak
non-tech.txt 3250
Real Stories of the Non-Technically Inclined, by Jack CLarey
nonose.jok 5046
The Complete My Dog's Got no Nose Joke
nuns.jok 21160
Nun Jokes
office.txt 6094
Humorous Interoffice Memo about Problems in Renovation
ojlist.txt 26107
O.J. Simpson: Canonical O.bligatory J.okes List [10/01/94]
oneline2.hum 14341
Bunch of sick one-liner jokes.
oneliner 8964
Collection of One-Liner Jokes (Racist, Etc.)
oneliner.hum 8973
Yet more Racist and Sexist One-Liners.
oneliners.txt 6097
Thoughts for the Day
onelinrs.txt 19968
Large Collection of One-Liners
pacifist.jok 800
The Pacifist Joke
palindro.txt 11680
Large Collections of Palindromes (1992)
paratroo.jok 2016
A Paratrooper's First Joke
parrot.jok 1019
A Man Buys a Parrot
partjok.jok 3754
Man, Did I get Pissed! (Joke)
pet.jok 1846
Potentially offensive to English Shop Assistants
pheasant.jok 2879
Death of a Pheasant
philquot.txt 68668
A Collection of Philisophical Quotes
phonesng.txt 579
Some Songs on the Telephone
physics.txt 5777
The Cartoon Law of Physics
pick-up.txt 4721
Some Pickup Lines
plan.txt 1245
The Plan
policlog.jok 5604
The Sheriff's Log
pornshop.jok 1546
A Man Works at a Porn Shop
prac-jok.txt 177487
Super Collection of Proactical Jokes
prac1.jok 52030
Super Collection of Practical Jokes (part 1 of 4)
prac2.jok 46836
Super Collection of Practical Jokes (part 2 of 4)
prac3.jok 50642
Super Collection of Practical Jokes (part 3 of 4)
prac4.jok 27895
Super Collection of Practical Jokes (part 4 of 4)
prankster.txt 749
The Pranksters on the Wedding Night
prezbulb.jok 5370
US Presidential Light Bulb Jokes
priest.txt 1524
Some Suggestions to the Priest
primes.txt 2320
Jokes about Primes. Sorry, I don't get it.
profmean.txt 2897
What The Professor Really Means by J. Timothy Petersik
proginc.txt 1036
How to Program and Debug in C 6647
Dave and Ed With Way Too Many Puns
purity.txt 69428
The Purity Test II Version 2.2.75 (April 14, 1990)
puzzles.jok 1413
Lateral Thinking Puzzles Revisited
quote.txt 53820
Selection of One-Liners
quotes.txt 3165
A Small Collection of Quotes
rabbi.jok 2338
The Wise Rabbi
ratcancr.jok 3432
Living in Cages Linked to Cancer in Lab Rates
readme.jok 102064
100 Kilobytes of Jokes
rel-joke.txt 43295
A Large Collection of Religious Jokes
relative.txt 1139
relegion.jok 1376
New Improved Religion! 50 % more Gods!
religion.jok 43483
A Compilation of Religious Jokes 7641
The Riddle Manual (Collection of Riddles)
rjokes1.txt 35277
Collection of Racist, Tasteless Jokes
rjokes2.txt 28939
Collection of Racist, Tasteless Jokes (Second Part)
rodney.hum 8508
Someone lets loose with way too many Rodney Dangerfield Jokes.
rodney.txt 9366
Rodney Dangerfield's Jokes
ruleskiss.txt 1348
The Constitution of Love
rushdie.jok 2878
Salman Rushdie One-Liners
sayings.txt 13732
Large Collection of Random Sayings
scene1.frt 315427
Additional Fortunes
scene2.frt 284758
More Additional Fortunes
sci.gra 1904
Collection of Scientific and Futuristic One-Liners
servwork.txt 1464
Seving Time or Serving Work
shaggdog.hum 45135
A Complication of longer jokes from some Usenet Jokefests.
shorties.jok 21952
Collection of Short Jokes
sickjoke.txt 27184
Collection of Sick Jokes
smarthou.txt 5042
The Smart House
smokes.ana 6656
Smoke Formas, by the Primo Pyro
sniglets.txt 3066
Some Sniglets
sorority.gir 7031
The Canonical List of Sorority Girl Jokes
sorority.jok 6490
The Canonical List of Sorority Girl Jokes
sorority.txt 2808
The Canonical List of Sorority Girl Jokes
squawks.txt 1286
Some Memorable Squawks
standard.jok 4419
A Little About Standards
startrek.jok 10693
A Collection of Star Trek Top 10 Lists
stpeter.jok 11273
Collection of Saint Peter Jokes
striptea.jok 1060
Talk About a Strip Tease!
superman.jok 1187
Superman's Day Off
t-shirts.jok 8139
Collection of T-Shirt Sayings
t-shirts.txt 8024
A Collection of T-Shirt Sayings
tacobell.txt 4392
At the Taco Bell
taglines.1 70942
Large Collection of Taglines
taglines.2 97605
Continued Collection of Taglines
taglines.3 52819
And Even More Taglines
taglines.4 65326
Okay, enough with the taglines
taglines.5 40152
The last of the taglines 176407
An Extremely Ludicrous Amount of One-Liners
tags 1557
Taglines seen around the Net
techseuss.txt 1500
What if Dr. Suess Wrote Technical Manuals?
texchris.txt 3310
Texas Night Before Christmas
thisguy.jok 4096
"This Guy Walks Into a Bar" Joke Collection
toearly.txt 878
Too Early
twits.txt 1990
types_gf.txt 5463
Types of Girlfriends
ucuget.jok 1737
He Had a Plumbing Need
umpire.txt 1009
Quick Umpire Joke
undergov.txt 1344
Under the Government
underhan.txt 4235
The Underhanded Little Old Lady
useful.txt 1927
Bananas are Better Than Men!
usenet.hum 36352
Many, Many jokes from USENET
users.txt 5456
The Nine Types of Uders
vaxtrek.txt 30797
VAX Trek by Tom Wade and Eoin Meehan
wedoff.jok 531
The Wedding is off!
weightsex.txt 5383
The Diter's Guide to Weight Loss During Sex
weird89.txt 17208
A Large Selection Of Whacky Jokes and Facts from Henry Cate III (December 4, 1989)
welchurc.jok 1481
Welcome to the Church
wildlife.jok 1634
Hazardous Wildlife!
winnum.jok 429
The Winning Numbers!
wisdom.frt 17994
Collection of Wise Fortunes
women_contra.txt 1301
Oh! Women!
woody.all 1150
List of Woody Allen Jokes
xrude.txt 59520
Collection of Really Rude Sexual Humor
yugo'scl.txt 1922
Bad Yugo Joke and Bad Rooster Joke

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