Anarchy and Explosives : Various Mischief

Before you waste one entire second even considering mixing, creating, or otherwise implementing the instructions in these files, be aware that people have died from some of these very texts, attempting wholescale explosives and dangerous chemical reactions based on some flimsy text file written by god knows who for god knows what. It's just way too easy for someone to have typed a 5 instead of a 4 years and years ago when they were copying out of a badly photocopied pamphlet written by someone entirely different. Your life is too precious to take such an idiotic risk. If you're going to blow things (and yourself) up, at least go the route of learning with experts, where you'll become aware of risks and fun far beyond soaking tennis balls in gasoline and lighting them. OK?!

Description of the Textfile
1-2 115942
The Book of Terror by Stealth Research Publications (1993)
1001cat.txt 9724
1001 Ways to Torture a Cat, by Ares (November 28, 1988)
101kill.txt 4014
101 Ways to Kill Someone by Pope Joseph 14th
204.txt 3853
Fun with Dry Ice: Lots of Fun with Dry Ice (From Usenet)
20waysschool.txt 4890
20 Ways to Sabotage Your School by Cosmic Charlie
83trash.txt 18091
83 Ways to Trash Your School, Re-Edited by Prince Goglho
9vfis.txt 2855
Having Fun in School by Captain Hack (March 18, 1995)
abeganar.txt 5227
A Beginner's Guide to Destruction, by the Penguin
abewcams.txt 2677
Beware of Cameras, by Amorphous
actbook.txt 9022
The Anarchist's Actbook of Boredom by ITAR Version 1.9
acttba.txt 52481
The Anarchists' Guide to the Black Arts (Volume 1) Compiled by The Huntsman and The ChaOS Agency
adetime.txt 3599
How to Easily Make a Reliable Detonation Timer, by Amorphous
adoorbel.txt 3732
How to Make a Doorbell Shocker, by Amorphous
afakedrg.txt 2425
How to Easily Make Fake Drugs, by Amorphous
ahidpare.txt 1517
How to Hide Things from your Parents, by Amorphous
ahwskool.txt 5265
How to Get the Most Out of School, by Amorphous
airport.txt 7179
Fun at the Airport
airptfun.txt 5632
An Anarchists' Guide to Airports! By Eliminator of GNATO
airscams.ana 1915
Some Airline Scams
alarm.txt 2573
Fun with Alarms by the Stainless Steel Rat
alka.txt 2361
How to Have Fun with Alka-Seltzer, by od^Phreak
alkaselt.txt 1313
How to Have Fun with Alka-Seltzer, by Uncle Wiggly (September 19, 1987)
alkaseltzer.txt 2526
How to have Fun with Alka Seltzer, by Uncle Wiggly (September 19, 1987)
amish.hum 3320
Have You Kicked an Amish Today, anti-amish crap by The Ninja
amtrak.txt 3280
Amtrak Anarchy by Cyber Psycho, Feb, 1991
anar.ana 40114
Anarchy Today Issue #1, by Jack the Ripper
anar1.txt 1803
Anarchy Part 1, by Hell Rider
anar32.txt 2038
Harmless Terror by The Prowler
anar33.txt 697
How to Hotwire a Car, by The Marauder
anar34.txt 4379
The Correct Way to Hotwire a Car by Mopar One
anar42.txt 3545
Pissing People Off Parts One and Two
anar47.txt 1206
Shopping Center Antics by The Trooper
anar48.txt 377
Vending Machine Antics, by The Trooper (Bonus)
anar57.txt 4930
How to Have Fun at School, by Walkcon
anar58.txt 4771
School Fun Number 2 by Walkon
anar59.txt 4728
School Fun Part III by Walkon
anar61.txt 5558
Assault with a Plastic Weapon by He Man
anar71.txt 1623
Go into a House and Make a Massive Mess on Someone's Car, by The Surfer!!! 7936
The Manual of the Anarchist Volume I, by Conan the Barbarian (January 4, 1985)
anarch.txt 44154
Anarchy Today Issue #1 by Jack the Ripper
anarchcb450.txt 1487431
The Anarchist's CookBook IV, release version 4.50 (March 23, 1995)
anarchcomp.txt 61249
A Collection of Anarchy Files, from Perihelion (November, 1988)
anarchsn.hum 4951
Anarchy in the Snow, by The Ninja
anarchy.hum 3052
How to be an Anarchist by The Highwayman and The $muggler
anarchy.i 6528
The Anarchy Files Volume I, by Night Crawler
anarchy.txt 8832
Postings from an Anarchy Sub-Board, Telegard Conference, Late 1991
anarchy2 10001
Anarchy for Fun and Profit by The Deth Vegetable Volume 1 Issue #2
anarcii.txt 10660
The Anarchy Files ... Volume II "Petty Anarchy" by Night Crawler (January 20, 1986)
anarcman.txt 11647
The Anarchy Manual Volume #1 by Jonin Meka of The Black Hand Society
anarcyu.txt 4539
Anarchy and You: How Anarchy Can Benefit you, by Demon Slayer and Disk Demon
anarfi2.ana 10094
The Anarchy Files, Volume II, by Night Crawler
anarfi3.ana 12701
The Anarchy Files, Volume III, by Night Crawler
anarkit.txt 6684
The Anarchists Toolkit by Black Dragon
annoy.txt 5579
How to Annoy Someone by Shooting Shark
annoy99.txt 7909
99 Ways to Annoy Someone, by Punk Rock Girl and the Potatoe Lady
anrky00.txt 11585
The Anarchy Files ... Volume II "Petty Anarchy" by Night Crawler January 20, 1986
anrky05.txt 3035
The Brotherhood of the Falcon Presents How To Rip Off Your Local Bank by Conan the Barbarian
anrky06.txt 2566
How to break into a House, by Jim Meeker
anrky07.txt 5334
Jackpotting: What Is It? By The Prowler
antibore 10268
Some Anti-Boredom Activities by Shooting Shark
antibore.txt 6900
Anti-Boredom Activities: 44 Things to Do When You're Bored, by Shooting Shark
aofa-1.txt 4824
Anarchist of America File #1 By Clarence Bodicker
aofa-2.txt 4216
Anarchist of America File #2 By Clarence Bodicker
aofa-3.txt 3755
Anarchist of America File #3 By Clarence Bodicker
aofa-4.txt 3984
Anarchist of America File #4 By Clarence Bodicker
artofbne.txt 16967
The Art of Breaking and Entering, by Laughing Gas (August 10, 1993)
assassin.ana 3021
Some general Assassin Traps
astealcd.txt 8940
The Best and Most Advanced Way of Stealing CDs from Stores, by Amorphous
at_tcash.txt 8719
Getting Cash Out of AT&T Operators
aurneigh.txt 2272
Your Neighbor, by Amorphous
aurneih2.txt 2765
Your Neighbour Part 2, by Amorphous
autotail.txt 8925
Auto Tailing by Samurai Cat
autotell.txt 5569
Fun with Automatic Tellers
badinfln.txt 7518
Lessons in Lawbreaking: Bad Influences, from Premiere Magazine, (September 1990)
bazookas.txt 4224
The Guys Six Feet Under Present Part VI of the Pyromaniac Anarchy File: Bazooka
bees.txt 13905
How to Have Fun with Bottle Rockets and Bees, Hornets and Large Stinging Insects with little danger to your personal self by Joe Shmoe the Eskimo and Tour De France
beigebox.txt 5120
MIM Magazine's Coverage of Beige Boxing by DMV DR. (July 16, 1994)
bigbook 260169
The Big Book of Mischief Version 1.4 (November 29, 1991)
billbrd.txt 7795
Fun with Billboards! by Juan Valdez
bishop.bgr 3666
A Collection of Files by the Bishop of the Brotherhood of Retards
bkdestr1.txt 16032
The Book of Destruction Part I by Jack the Ripper
bkdestr2.txt 17082
The Book of Destruction II by Jack the Ripper
blood!.ana 9552
Weird Little Story of a Murder. Nice Disclaimer.
blood.ana 2675
Some Ingredients for making Realistic-Looking Blood
bloodred.bgr 7878
Into the Realms of Hell, by Abigwar part 1
blowups.txt 7510
How to Blow Up Your School and Not Get Caught, by Killer/MoM (April 7, 1991)
bom-scam.txt 9055
Various Scams by Mr. Sandman of The BOM Squad (September 14, 1992)
bom-shit.txt 2646
Gross Revenge Tactics Part 1: The Shit Bomb, by Mr. Sandman of The BOM Squad
bomb49.txt 1524
Defeating Vending Machines by Cabbage Truck
booktake.txt 8164
Beating the Library, by The Ramsacker of Pieces of Eight Kracking Publishers
bored.txt 4101
Projects For the Bored Anarchist by Prowler
boredana.1 4096
Projects for the Bored Anarchist by Prowler
boredom.txt 6262
Nifty Ideas for When You're Bored by Night Scout
boredom2.txt 2766
More Nifty Ideas for When You're Bored, by Night Scout
boris.ana 653
Boris Did His Part to Collapse the Soviet Union
borstrdy.txt 7291
How to have Some Fun on a Boring Saturday Night by Mach Three
bpen2.txt 3646
Bring a Public Enemy of Your Neighborhood by Excursionist (August 3, 1989)
bpen3.txt 3344
Bring a Public Enemy of Your Neighborhood by Excursionist (August 12, 1989)
breakin.hou 2256
Breaking into Houses, by Cracker Jack
breakin.txt 2394
Black Circle Productions: how to Break into Houses (January 20, 1995)
breakinhou.ana 2206
How to Break Into a House, by Chris Jones
bridge.txt 5780
Bridge Destruction: A Primer
bugging.hac 7135
Bugging I: By Brew Associates
burglar.txt 10297
Techniques of Burglar Alarm Bypassing by The Raven
burglar2.txt 19007
Techniques of Burglar Alarm Bypassing Part II by The Raven
bye.txt 2109
A Program To Get Rid of Lamer Friends Who Come Over
candy.ana 1440
Free Candy, Snacks, Coins, etc. By Marxman
candyfun.txt 3607
Candy Fun: A Passage from the Candy Chapter of George Hayduke's Up Yours
car_fun.txt 2907
How To Have Phun With Someone Else's Car, by Long John Silver (Corrupted)
carbowl.txt 5048
Why Men Want to Watch Stuff go Bang
carfun.ana 1514
Car Phun by Long John Silver 2413
Another Way to Kill a Car, by Snake
carkil1.txt 3248
Another Way to kill a Car 2636
Yet Another Way to Kill a Car, by Snake
carphun.ana 2850
Car Phun III by The Nomad 2076
Kool Car Damage 2631
More Car Phun, by Irie Man
cars 4711
How to Piss Off People In Cars
cars.txt 2547
Fun Things to Do to an Asshole's Car, by Delta Burke
carstuff.ana 4860
Car Thrashing by Mr. Budman Zeek
cau001.txt 3103
Computer Anarchists Underground Tfile #1: Explosives and Car Bombs by M.C. Allah (November 7, 1991)
cheapthr.ana 5372
Ways to have Cheap Thrills at the Expense of Law-Abiding Americans
cheapthrill.txt 5142
Ways to Have a Cheap Thrill at the Expense of Law-Abiding American Citizens
church11.txt 1507
11 Ways to Disrupt a Religious Service, by Aron Kay
cigarett.txt 2514
How to Rip off Smoking Machines, by Ripper
civwar.txt 23133
The Anarchist's Guide to Civilian Warfare and Sabotage (February 1987) by The Tracker 4992
The Ninja Warrior Presents: Climbing Tutorial 1
computer.txt 3098
Computer Store Phun by Apple Commander
coning.txt 7861
The Art of Coning by Dark Helmet (March 28, 1990)
copymony.txt 4643
Instant Money for Fun and Profit
cowtippn.txt 1222
Cow Tippin': Tips and Hints by The Shit of Telecom (Jiz Lobber)
crankcal.txt 3133
How to Properly Crank Call Some Poor Fool, by Bullseye of Anarchy Inc. 8310
Slightly different approach to crank calling
crankinc.txt 9356
Having Phun Making Crank Fone Calls by Paul the Pirate
deadanml.txt 2830
Fun Things to Do with a Dead Animal, by the Mongrel
death.txt 4818
The Best Way to Die, by Sir Death and Doctor Mudock (September 10, 1989)
defecate.txt 29229
The Defecation Proclamation, or 101 Ways to have fun with Shit
deflate.txt 4703
A Time-Delayed Tire Deflator
dirtfigh.ana 6466
Fightin' Dirty, by Jolly Roger
doa4.txt 6972
General Destruction Volume 001
doa5.txt 9040
General Destruction Volume 002
doa8.txt 13100
The Art of Slurpee Running: A step-by-step guide to this infamous art of attaining and downing the ever-popular Slurpee by Ambush Bug
doorknok.txt 1682
Making an Annoying Door Knocker by Irie Man
downtown.txt 5130
Downtown Chaos by The Locksmith and The Fixer
drivethr.txt 5246
How to Really Have Fun with Drive-Thrus, by Commander Neff
driving.txt 11264
Driving: Techniques for Escape and Evasion
drvethru.txt 8018
Drive-Thru Fun by The Kid and Lewd Po8 (1992)
drvthru.txt 6293
How to Really Have Fun with Drive-Thrus by Commander Neff (June 1989)
dumbneig.txt 6913
Fun things to do to stupid neighbors by Delta Burke
easy.txt 672
The Terrorist Handbook (The Short, Short Version)
easyanar.txt 13044
Notes on Easy Anarchy by The Anonymous Assassin's Guild
ed.ana 4974
Destruction Via Electronics, by Lord Foul
edje1.txt 3783
Electronic Terrorism: How to Disable/Destroy a Stacked Disk, by Sunny Tree
elecfun.txt 3845
Fun With Electronics by the King of Roo
electerr.txt 4485
Electronic Terrorism, by King Tut
elevate.phk 1329
Elevator Phreaking, by the Rebel of the Time Lords
elevator.phreak 1408
Elevator Phreaking by The Revel of The Time Lords
eslf0003.txt 5564
The Perfect Crime! Part One by The Shadow
evasiv.txt 7585
The Inspector's Thoughts, by Assailant's Blade and Ford Prefect
fax.txt 8446
Fax Machine Fun by the Iocat of The Underground Express (1989)
faxfun.txt 9131
Fax Machine Fun by The Iocat (1989)
faxloop.txt 2089
The Fax of Life by Captain Hack (June 23, 1995)
flashfnd.txt 5842
The Fine art of Phlasher Finding by Cheap Shades (March 8, 1986)
fone2.txt 5944
Anarchist Phone Pranks Volume II by the Omega and the Electronic Rebel (April 4, 1986)
fuck700.txt 6289
The 700 Club Game, by The Omega
fuckem.txt 5373
The Super Fuck-Em-Up for Assholes at Work (Work-based revenge)
fuckupwork.txt 6399
How to Fuck Up Work by Public Enemy of the Anarchists Alliance (July 8, 1989)
fuckwithminds.txt 3395
How to Fuck With People's Minds by Wolfbane
fuckwome.txt 3710
Some Easy Ways to Get Your Woman Pissed, by Yngwie of the Centre of Eternity
fun.txt 3249
How to have Fun at School by Walkon
funbill.hum 6969
Fun With Billboards! By Juan Valdez
funducky.hum 4714
How To Annoy the Shell Answer Duck!
funlocu.hum 3676
Fun with Locusts, by Apple-Core
funlocu.txt 4721
Fun with Locusts, by Adam Bomb
funmail.ana 7435
Fun with Mailboxes, by The Nightfly (March 26, 1986)
funschll.ana 4700
How to have Fun at School, by Walkon
funwith1.hac 2304
Highway Radar Jamming, by Ben Piper
funwith3.hac 4864
How to have Fun At School, by Walken
funwith4.hac 1760
Uses for / Fun With Animals
funwith5 5437
Fun with Automatic Tellers
funwith6 2048
Destroy a Pool!
funwith8 2097
Has an Airline Ever Lost Your Luggage?
fww10.txt 27248
Fun with Water Version 1.0 by J.U. Tyler (June 18, 1995)
get-ev 5191
How to get Revenge on Someone by Black Fire and Capt. Cloner
geteven.phk 250393
The Entire Text of George Hayduke's "Get Even", typed in by The Reflex
geteven.txt 7353
Revenge: Don't Get Mad, Get Even, by George Hayduke by The Ghost (February 21, 1985)
gethyper.bgr 1178
Getting Hyper by Abigwar
golf.gph 4339
Golf Cart Fun by the Metallian
golfcart.txt 3926
Golf Cart Fun by The Shadow Lord and Metallian of Metal Communications
golffun.ana 3143
Night Golf, by Mr. Phreak
hallow.ana 3398
Fun! On Halloween by Night Ranger
harass 9841
Techniques of Harassment, by Hell Rider
harass1.txt 21826
Techniques of Harassment by The Oxygen People and Victor Santoro
harass2.txt 21713
Techniques of Harassment #2 by The Oxygen people and Victor Santoro
harass4.txt 17744
Techniques of Harassment #4 by The Oxygen People and Victor Santoro
harassmt.txt 3454
Techniques of Harassment by Hell Rider 666
harmless.txt 2090
Inflicting Harmless Terror
harmlester.ana 2263
Harmless Terror, by The Prowler
harrass.txt 20205
Techniques of Harassment: How the Underdog Gets Justice by Victor Santoro
hatemabe.ana 7409
Ma Bell, from the book Getting Even, by George Hayduke
hbl.ana 10923
The Houston Blinkie Letter (Needs Editing)
he.ana 5642
The Book of the Unlawfuls: Household Equivalents
hello.txt 3433
Creative Ways to Answer your Phone, by Elric of Imrryr
hijacksb.txt 9928
How to Hijack a School Bus, by The Leprechaun
homecomp.txt 126128
The Anarchist's Home Companion (June 1, 1989)
hotel.txt 3124
How to Have Fun in a Hotel
hotwire 839
How to Hotwire a Car by The Maurader
hotwire.gph 896
How to hotwire a car
hotwire.txt 691
Just in Case You Want to Hotwire a Car
hotwireo.txt 750
How to Hotwire a Car from The Morgue
how2pyro.txt 3690
Fun! Being a Pyromaniac by WhipSnap Rap
hr-anarc.txt 8273
Anarchy Part I by Hell Rider
hstfun.txt 7894
Phun With USRobotics by Bill Smith (December 25th, 1989)
hunting.txt 3885
Bizzare compilation of Bible Phrases and Fishing and Hunting
hydroaci.ana 4224
The Hydrochloric Acid Goody
hydroxy1.txt 6528
Hydroxy: Stoichiometric Hydrogen and Oxygen Gas
idhop2.txt 35054
ID Hopping for Fun and Profit by Video Vindicator (February 1, 1992)
insanity.txt 10351
Keeping Insanity in the Closet, by Weatherman! of the Metallica Mafia
insect.txt 3196
Having Fun with Insects, Sparkers and Bug Spray! by The Tasmanian Devil (March 8th, 1990)
intero.txt 6215
Interrogation Techniques for Fun and Profit! by TCC West Coast Division
jcpsecurity.txt 9664
2112: Manipulating JCPenny's Security System, a Practical Guide by King of Loaf
jehovah.txt 6305
Dealing With Jehovah's Witlesses
joyofrevenge3.txt 2678
The Joy of Revenge Part III by The Griffin of The Free Press (1987)
joyrvng.txt 3811
The Joy of Revenge Part III by The Griffin (1987)
k-mart2.ana 4914
K-Mart III For the Unscrupulous
k-martug.ana 9498
The Complete Guide to K-Mart and Target Fun by The Hysterical One
killbird 1759
How to Kill Birds by Psychotic Student
killclub.txt 3366
How to beat "The Club"
killdisk.txt 2418
The Head Grinder by the Talon
killdog.ana 8219
Love Thy Neighbor, Kill his Dog
killdogs.txt 6018
Killing Canines the Coven Way
killshco.ana 16886
An Excerpt from the Schoolstoppers Textbook
kmart.txt 5601
K-Mart Survival Tactics For The Unscrupulous by Torqa Dun and Data General
kmartfun 2331
Let's Have Fun at K-Mart!
kno3.txt 4851
The Story of Potassium Nitrate, by MAIM
lamer.txt 5873
The AAA Guide to Kidnapping, by The Prisoner and Code of Honor
lard.txt 7665
How To Beat the Shit Out of Fat People, by Iridescent Innkeeper and Unstable Postman
larson3.txt 3757
The Sorcerer of the Necropolis Annoys Radio Host Bob Larson
latefun.txt 5821
Weekend Night Terrorist by the Brigadier, and Bothersome Gnat
latenite.txt 8556
Late Night, by Bothersome Gnat
laundmat.txt 5169
Phun at the Laundrymat!
ld.txt 2600
How to Pass a Lie Detector Test 7552
Locker Documentation by Cablecast 0perator and Silver Sphere
locker.txt 7240
Getting into School Lockers and What To Do With Them
lol-1.txt 5318
How to Make Spring Break Even Phunner, by Legions of Lucifer (ANSI)
lol-3.ana 8936
Legions of Lucifer: Classroom Anarchy Volume 1 (Needs Editing)
lol-4.ana 7105
Legions of Lucifer: Classroom Anarchy Volume 2 (Needs Editing)
mac's1.txt 2769
MacGuyver's Anarchy, Volume 1, January 25, 1991
mac's2.txt 5041
MacGuyver's Anarchy Part II, by MacGuyver, January 26, 1991
mac's3.txt 5473
MacGuyver's Anarchy Volume 3, January 27, 1991
mac's4.txt 3281
MacGuyver's Anarchy Volume IV
mac's5.txt 4558
MacGuyver's Anarchy Volume 5, March 15, 1991
mac's6.txt 2968
MacGuyver's Anarchy Volume VI 1280
The Anarchy Disk by Paper Tiger: Vending Machine Keys by the Pyro
mallfun 7504
The Shopping Mall: Written by The Skank
malls.txt 7538
The Shopping Mall, written by The Skank
manhole.txt 10343
Underground Anarchy: An Extensive Guide to Bell System Manholes by Vonnegut (1992)
massacre.txt 30592
Handy Hints for Messier Massacres
mcdonald.txt 4766
How to Terrorize McDonalds, by Jolly Roger
mcdonalds.txt 19420
Screwing Over Your Local McDonald's by The ReznoR and Sunman
mcdonld.ana 6008
How to Terrorize McDonalds, by Modem Uzer
mcrowave.ana 3536
How to have fun with Microwave Ovens, by King Rough
mhgun.ana 2898
The Methyl Hydrate, by Lord Vader and Chubby Checker
misc.1.txt 3778
Aaron A gives you insight into his new Anarchy Ideas
mischief.phk 6694
Elementary Anarchy and Other Various Mischief
miscrap3.ana 6767
Damage, Inc's Misc Crap III
miscterror.txt 2590
Miscellaneous Terror by Jonin Meka of the Black Hand Society
mism4.hac 16896
The Resonant Gravity Field Coil, from Shadow Hawk
mm01.txt 9038
Mindless Mayhem #01: Several Kinds of Bombs
mm02.txt 8167
Mindless Mayhem #02: Breaking and Entry (May 18, 1991)
mm03.txt 8740
Mindless Mayhem #03: Potassium Nitrate (June 14th, 1991)
mm05.txt 7800
Mindless Mayhem #05: Laughing Gas, by The Beastmaster
mm06.txt 5023
Mindless Mayhem #06: Big Wheels of Fun! By Mr. Beeg (May 17, 1991)
mm08.txt 3278
Mindless Mayhem #08: The El Cheepo 5.25" Drive for PS/2's by the Beastmaster
mm09.txt 8807
Mindless Mayhem #09: As American as Apple Pie (June 22, 1991)
movies.txt 4523
Phun in Movie Theatres, by The Hackal
mrshim.txt 5767
Mr. Shim: Your Briefcase opening Pal by Count Lazlo Hollifeld Nibble
murderez 5387
The Arsonist Proudly Presents Assorted Ways Kill Someone
neuro.txt 1664
How to Fuck up the MET, by Neuromancer of MAIM
newone.ana 34669
Quadrac lets loose with various news and tidbits
nightfun.txt 7863
The Anarchist's Guide to Nighttime Fun by UrLord Thomas Covenant (February 3, 1986)
nihilism.txt 2434
Some Tenets of Nihilism
ninja 35793
The Ninja Warrior Presents: Poison #1
nitephun.txt 4675
Fun Things To Do On a Boring Night, by Nomad
noharm.txt 3145
Harmless Fun from the Visionary's Hide-Away BBS
noise.ana 3679
Variable-Pitched Frequency Generator by Captain Quieg
nrk10.txt 6362
How to Get Revenge on Someone by Black Fire and Capt. Cloner
nrk42.txt 14435
Terrorizing your Neighborhood, or How to Celebrate Halloween 365 Days a Year by The Pickpocket, The Enforcer and the Embezzler
nrk54.txt 5830
20 Ways to Sabotage Your School by Cosmic Charlie
nrk70.txt 4734
How to Really Piss Off a Wallgreens or a Dominick's
nrk71.txt 4969
Dr. Nitemare presents Volume II- On Pissing Off People in Cars
nsadisk.txt 3017
New Horizons in Destructive Cyberpunk: Wrap Those Disks by Timothy Campbell (1992)
ntwar001.txt 5526
Destruction via Electronics, by Lord Foul
nuis1.txt 3981
Being a Public Enemy of your Neighborhood by Excursionist 8/1/89
nuke-b 2773
How to make a Nuclear Bomb, by Kaptin Kracker of the Rebel Alliance
nukes.ana 39893
Third Generation Nuclear Weapons
opensafe.txt 14387
How to Open Safes for Fun and Profit, by Night Breeze, January 1992
outlaw 46461
Outlaw: An Anarchist's Manual 1989
ozlaw.txt 8956
The Law in OZ for Young Anarchists
parent.txt 2438
Honkys with Attitudes Present Parent Trashing 1
parent2.txt 1928
Honkys with Attitudes Present Parent Trashing 2
parentp.ana 4978
Pranks on your Parents, by Blacknight
parentpranks.txt 4939
Pranks on your Parents by Blacknight
pasystem.txt 5097
How to Use PA Systems by the Good Revered Bill
payback.txt 4846
Operation Payback
peroxide.txt 3030
Anarchy in Easy Steps by Dozer
phoneblast.txt 1569
Destroy Pay Phones, by Mr. Death
phuckcar.txt 10866
How to Phuck Up Someone's Car by Death Incarnate
phunatdi.ana 7009
How to have Phun at your Parents' Dinner Party by Mr. Mullins
phuninthdoc.ana 4422
Phun in Movie Theatres, by The Jackal
phunwfri.ana 4431
How Not To Make Friends and Annoy People, by The Razor
pickbref.txt 7206
Count Lazlo Hollifeld Nibble Presents Mister Shim(TM) - Your Briefcase-Opening Pal
piss_off.txt 7500
Some Things You Can Do to Piss Off the Local Authorities
pissoff1.txt 3647
How to Really Piss Off a Wallgreens, Or A Dominick's
pissoff2.txt 3872
MAIM: Some Things You Can Do to Piss Off the Local Authorities Part II
pizzacal.txt 5780
Fun Stuff to do to a pizza joint by PsychoFox 09/28/90
planahea.phk 2599
The Anarchist Presents "Planning Ahead"
pool.txt 2049
Pool Fun by LJ Silver
poolfun.txt 3207
Pool Fun by Long John Silver
popdork1.txt 3883
Fucking Up the Popular Dorks #1: TPing so it Stays, by Doors of Confinement
postofprank.txt 2395
The Big Postoffice Prank by The 2sexy Anarchy Boy
ppfiles.ana 23478
Purgatory Productions Compilation, Assorted Anarchy Files
prank.txt 15932
Pranks, Revenge and General Mayhem by The Fixer (May 22, 1990)
prank_rev_09.txt 14863
Pranks, Revenge, and General Mayhem Volume #9 by The Fixer
prank_rev_15.txt 10754
Pranks, Revenge, and General Mayhem Volume #15 by The Fixer (1990)
prank_rev_16.txt 15935
Pranks, Revenge, and General Mayhem Volume #16 (May 22, 1990)
prankfix.txt 85676
Krazy Glue Tricks by the Fixer
pranking.txt 17199
Practical Jokes and Pranks
pranks1- 84636
Some of My Favorite Ways to Fuck Over People, by The Fixer (1986)
pranks1.txt 2560
Jokes and Pranks Part 1 by The Daredevil
pranks15.txt 10751
Pranks, Revenge and General Mayhem XV by The Fixer (1990)
pranks17.txt 23831
Pranks, Revenge, and General Mayhem by the Fixer (July 28, 1992)
pranks9.txt 14860
Pranks Revenge and General Mayhem Volume 9 by The Fixer
prankss.txt 11309
Miscellaneous Phranks, by Ian
pranx.txt 8251
A Very Large Prank in Durham
pratjoke.txt 17792
Practical Jokes
prinleia.ana 11039
Phun with Teachers, by Princess Leia
projects.txt 6071
Projects for the Bored Anarchist by Prowler
prowler.ana 3730
Anarchy Inc. Presents Misc. Stuff by Havoc Chaos
psymag1.txt 6268
Issue #1 of the Psychotic Magazine: How the Government Fucks With You at School
pyrogide.txt 6847
The Pyromaniac's Guide to Family Entertainment Volume I by The Great White
radar.hac 15066
The Modern Speeders Guide to Radar and State Troopers by Exilic Xyth
radar.jam 2348
Highway Radar Jamming by Ben Piper
radarjam.txt 2044
Highway Radar Jamming by Cryton
radarjamming.txt 8287
Radar Jamming: Motorists Fight Back! by The Scarlet Armadillo
radarwrk.txt 10128
How Traffic Radar Works
radioshk.txt 5604
How to have Phun at Radio Shack, by Black Death of P/H/A Productions
readme.mut 5152
How to Mutate and Take Over the World, by R.U. Sirius
reality.txt 42333
A Reality Check on Anarchy: Or How to Be an Anarchist and Still Avoid a Prison Term from Midnight Rider
reality1.txt 15639
A Reality Check on Anarchy or How to Be an Anarchist and Still Avoid a Prison Term
reality2.txt 26708
A Reality Check on Anarchy Part II by Midnight Rider
reloads.ana 6198
Shotgun Loads, by Primo Pyro
reobbing32.ana 15418
Commerical Burglary, Part III of Robbing Houses by Video Vindicator
resist.txt 15259
Resis School: A Creative Person's Guide to Vandalism by Leprosy and Poserman (October, 1993)
resist_s.txt 23594
Collection of Anti-School Rants, including the "School Stopper's Textbook"
resturph.txt 6359
How to Have Fun in Restaurants by The Reflex
revenge!.txt 8544
Revenge: Don't Get Mad, Get Even by The Ghost
revenge.txt 6912
How to Get Revenge on Someone by Black Fire and Captain Cloner
revenge1.txt 4007
The Ten Commandments of Revenge by George Hayduke
revenge2.txt 2678
Revenge on Teachers, Students, and ANyone With a Car by Fusion and Grim-Reaper
roach.txt 6439
Roach Torture by The Red Matrix (July 28, 1990)
roachtorture.txt 6587
Roach Torture by The Red Matrix
robbing.houses 7552
Robbing Houses Phor Phun and profit, by Prowler of DLOC (May 24, 1989)
robbing.txt 26824
Residential Burglary
roofing.ana 4512
Anarchy Inc. Presents Roofing, a Beginning Guide
rsv.ana 11237
Fun! With Random Senseless Vandalism, by Count Nibble
ruin.txt 25375
Ruining Someone's Life, by RedBoxChilliPepper (October 23, 1994)
sabotage.txt 6545
Car Sabotage by the Video Vindicator of Shadows of IGA
saltcoke.txt 5285
How to Salt a Drink Box, by Schilke and Yoyoma (August 1990)
sc.ana 7087
Fun with Billboards! By Juan Valdez
scaming.01 9578
Retail Skamming by Disorder of TNO
scaming.02 9126
Retail Skamming by Disorder of TNO (Part 2)
scaming.03 4837
Retail Skamming by Disorder of TNO (Part 3)
scaming.04 6222
Retail Skamming by Disorder of TNO (Part 4)
school!.ana 6043
Fun Things Which You Can Do to Pass the Time Faster
school.ana 26245
The Complete Guide to School Terror by Thomas Covenant
school.txt 32640
A True American's Guide to Success in Lower Education by Peregrinus Jupiter (July 15, 1992)
school2.txt 18455
The School Stopper's Textbook, Reformatted by Count Nibble
schoolfn.txt 5582
How to have Fun at School, by Walkon
schoolfun.txt 43030
The Complete Guide to School Terror by Thomas Covenant and Xerox Zeke (October 26, 1989)
schooltra.ana 16633
40-Column version of the School Stopper's Textbook
screw.txt 4717
How to Fuck with Peoples' Minds, by Wolfbane
securit.ana 2500
Department Store Fun reprinted from TAP Magazine
sevelev.ill 18411
How To Turn The Work Life Of A Local 7-Eleven Employee Into A Living Hell by RedBoxChiliPepper (December 17, 1994)
shakhack.asc 5968
ShackHack: How to Break Into and Use Display Computers at Radio Shack, by Xyzzy
shopanar.ana 7546
Anarchy in your Local Supermarket, by The Slipped Disk
sickterr 5066
Ways to Have a Cheap Thrill at the Expense of Law-Abiding American Citizens
sitefun.txt 5434
Construction Site Fun, by The Kracker and The Trash Can Man
sklsab1.txt 5120
20 Ways to Sabotage Your School, Part I, by Cosmic Charlie
sklsab2.txt 5120
School Stoppers Volume 2 (#'s 21-40) by Cosmic Charlie and The Doctor
skoolsur.txt 3928
School: How to Survive and Have Fun by MAFiA
skwlfun.txt 5068
Lots of Fun Things to Do At School When You Want To Piss People off by Walkon and leviathan
slime.bgr 873
Things to do with Slime by Abigwar
slime.txt 5146
Black September Presents How to Make Slime
smokbomb.nph 21270
Disrupting But (usually) Nondestructive Phun by Nocturnal Phoenix
smth_cr1.txt 12300
Smooth Criminal Issue #1
smth_cr2.txt 14239
Smooth Criminal Issue #2
snowanar.txt 6468
Anarchy in the Snow by The Ninja
spi-oa03.txt 1945
Off-Hour Anarchy by Software Pirates Incorporated
spi-stnk.txt 1560
Stinkum! By Software Pirates Incorporated
spraypai.ana 4813
Fun! With Spray Paint by Count Nibble (July 31, 1985)
spraypnt.txt 5863
Fun! With Spray Paint by Count Nibble (July 31, 1985)
ssd.txt 31500
Streetwise Self Defense, by Renegade of RAF
sskool.txt 4298
How to have Phun in School
stealing.1 3498
How to Steal a Car
stealjob.ana 4662
Crime on the Job by ASCII Assassin
stealwrz.txt 3670
How to Steal Warez from a Software Store
stohack.txt 5140
Crashing/Hacking those shitty store display computers, by the ICEolateor (August 27, 1991)
storefun 9505
Supermarket Fun by 007
suburb.txt 8109
The Suburban Survival Guide Issue #1 from Incorsis Daethr - ZED/NET Writer #2 Presents
subway.txt 3648
How to Scare People on the Subway by Pasty Puppy
suicide 10438
Getting Others to Commit Suicide by The Blade of the Neon Knights 8780
How to Get Others to Commit Suicide, by Repoman
superfun.txt 10973
Supermarket Fun, by 007
suprglue.txt 2639
World's Most Powerful Glue by Information Unlimited and Thallion of WUFO
surb.survival.1 7680
Incorsis Daethr: The Suburban Survival Guide Issue #1
tailer.txt 2375
Car Tailer Aid by Captain Hack (January 8, 1996)
targfun.txt 11092
The Complete Guide to Kmart and Target Fun, by The Hysterical One and Breeon (March 10, 1988)
tasd001.txt 9710
The Association of Social Disorder: The Art of the Semi-Cheap Thrill (May 1993)
tasd002.txt 17575
The Association of Social Disorder: Newsletter #2
terror!.txt 334287
The Big Book of Mischief 1.1 from the Dark Realm BBS (April 12, 1991)
terror.ana 5233
Anarchy Inc. Presents The Lord Omega School of Terrorism
terror.txt 1938
The Terrorist's Handbook, by Unknown Author, Edited by Kloey Detect and BS
terror2.ana 2123
Harmless Terror, by The Prowler
terror4.ana 13381
Terrorizing your Neighborhood, by The Pickpocket
terrorfn.ana 2001
More Fun Stuff for Terrorists, by Anselot the Slayer
terroris.ana 3312
Electronic Terrorism
terroris.txt 181188
The Terrorist's Handbook
terroriz 4840
Terrorism: How To
terrors.ana 6784
Some Shit You Might Want to Do On a Boring Night, by Cobalt-60
terrwinc.txt 3547
How to Terorize Winchells by the Atomic Frog
th.ana 187767
The Terrorist's Handbook, by Unknown Author, edited by Kloey Detect of Five O and B.S. of Hardbodies
the_club.txt 3995
breaking the Club by Mr. Sandman (February 2, 1993)
thevende.txt 7950
The Self-Righteous Boys Present The Joys of a Vendetta! By the Scientist and the Samuri, January 23, 1986
thropart.ana 4471
How to Throw a REAL Party, by The Gremlin and Chronos
tks001.txt 2305
Making a Very Strong Glue, by The Killer Smurfs
todo.txt 5384
To Do List for When You're In a Less Than Happy Mood
tortrcat.txt 8252
1001 Ways to Torture a Cat by Ares
trouble.7oc 6805
The Mischief Night Checklist by Psycho
tte.txt 251435
The Terrorist Encyclopedia v1.02 by Metamorphosis
turtleeg.1 2361
Turtle Eggs (A Sabotage Tool) by Abadon and Eddie the Ed (1991)
tvh-1.txt 13228
The Vandals Handbook by Captain Chaos
unt-stp1.txt 2577
Stopping Solicitors from Calling by Karma Sutra
upyours.hum 217485
The Entire Text of George Hayduke's "Up Yours"
urbantrr.txt 4056
How to Terrorize the Neighborhood, by The Anarchist
urbter01.txt 4843
The Urban Terrorist Philes, by the Urban Terrorist
urbter02.txt 2876
The Urban Terrorist #2 by The Urban Terrorist
urbter03.txt 5358
The Urban Terrorist: Avoiding Law Enforcement by The Urban Terrorist
vandal.txt 14114
Fun with Random Senseless Vandalism, by Count Nibble, August 2, 1995
vandalis 10317
Vandalism, by Count Nibble
violence.txt 11481
Fun with Random Senseless Vandalism, by Count Nibble (Alternate Version)
wartac.txt 2909
War Tactics by DOS Ranger
waterbed.txt 4252
How to have Fun on a Waterbed, by Mr. X and T-Top
weekenda.txt 19599
Weekend Anarchy by Sid Vicious 11633
Fun for Boring Weekends by Woody the Log
yourbag.txt 3280
What You Should Have in your Anarchy Bag, by Sour Apple

There are 456 files for a total of 7,009,855 bytes.