Name of Item/Contribution Number of Files Size in KBytes File Listing
Collection of Unsorted Textfiles #1
Various ASCII-Based Textfiles
322 2352
Collection of Anarchy Textfiles
Collection of Unsorted Mischief and Mayhem Files
407 2480
Andy's BBS Files
Programs and Archives of BBS Programs
120 22032
BBS Temporary for Jason
Various BBS Related Files and Textfiles
52 15392
Box Textfiles
Phreaking and Boxing Textfiles of All Stripes
84 416
Brazillian Collection
Various Hacking Phreaking Computer files from a Brazil Collection
906 36144
Phreaking-oriented textfile collection
247 2544
The Datafox Collection
Very large collection of text and information files
61 3008
The Froot of Labour
Small number of Amiga BBS Related Files
25 50
Glag Collection
Collection of Programs, Webgrabs, and Sitegrabs
244 5056
Collection of AOL Chatroom Macros
"These are files that were called "macros". It stemmed from the usual term macro (automated/automated keystrokes), because these used to be loaded into a program that would "scroll" them into a chatroom. They can be viewed in plaintext but they're really meant to be displayed in rich text."
168 72
Miscellaneous Textfiles
Combination of Linux, Humor, and Sci-Fi Files
108 752
NARCHY: The Double Troubles
Redundant but not matching anarchy files
51 256
Large collection of NFO Files
1928 4080
ASCII Zines: The Rusty Collection
Web-grabbed list of ASCII Zines, Most Redundant
1561 57776
ZOOT: The Politics
Large collection of conspiratorial and right-wing textfiles
213 7008
  6497 159418 16