BBS Textfiles: The Tom Jennings Collection

Description of the Textfile
MWSTARThe Midwest Star Affair (John Paul Aleshe)
coocoo.txt 10955
Collection of Argumentative Correspondence Between Various Users and Steve Winter (March 6, 1992)
crawford-on-fidonet.txt 6147
Jack Crawford Discussing BBSes and the Internet (April 4, 1993)
crazy-threat.txt 616
Transcription of Threatening Message on Tom Jennings' Voice Mail
dick.txt 2672
Message from Dick Gladden Regarding Various Fido and Related Subjects (August 11, 1992)
george.txt 9236
Discussion of Various Fidonet Controversies/Subjects, by George Peace (November 25, 1992)
ick.txt 930
Blocking of Fido Newsgroup Due to Homophobia by NCR Employee (July 1, 1992)
idiot.txt 7666
Mail Regarding Mentioning of Boyfriend in Fidonews and Backbone Politics, from Various Users (June/July, 1992) 2233
Announcement of the Withdrawl of Permission to Use the FidoNet Trademark by the IFNA, from Tom Jennings
interus.txt 8661
Correspondence Between Dave Rawson ad Tom jennings Regarding InterUser Controversy (May, 1992)
joho.txt 14610
Messages Regarding the "Joho Controversy" (January, 1992)
josh.txt 10019
Discussion with Josh Burke Regarding the Use of the Name "Josh" without the Last Name in FidoNews (August, 1992)
ken.txt 2853
Messages Regarding Falsified Mail Designed to look like Thom Henderson, from David Finster (October 16, 1987)
measure9.txt 23867
Arguments Regarding Measure9 at FidoCon 1993 (September 21, 1992)
oops.txt 2724
Explanation of the "Mary Hicks Post" Controversy, from the Sysop of the Originating System, William Sommers (August 30, 1992)
pablo.txt 25222
Discussion of "Clovis Lacerda" Controversy (Legal Action, Threats, etc.) (November 3, 1992)
pgp.txt 16511
Correspondence Regarding Controversy of Transmitting of Encrypted Mail over Fidonet (October, 1992)
revolt.txt 5466
Concerns and Complaints about Fidonet's Structure, from Glen Johnson (November 18, 1991)
ron.txt 9697
A Discussion Regarding Zone Coordination, from Tom Jennings (August 30, 1992)
shits.txt 14369
Correspondence Discussing Major Controversies in Election and Maintaining of NET115 to Tom Jennings (October 28, 1991)
social.txt 1995
Result of Poll Conducted Regarding Reorganization of Region 28 into Non-Overlapping Nets
war.txt 127094
Battle Over Ragional Coordination and Zone Coordination (Correspondence) (August 6, 1992)
war2.txt 5539
Messages Regarding Various Internet Issues Between Randy Bush and Tom Jennings (August, 1992)
wintdeck.txt 3416
Argument Regarding Appearance of Steve Winter in Fidonews between Jack Decker and Tom Jennings (April, 1992) 2325
European Autonomy and Domestic Meddlers, by Tom Jennings (June, 1989)
z2.TXT 16739
Correspondence Regarding Controversy in Comments Made Regarding Zone 2, between Tom Jennings and Ron Dwight
zonewar.TXT 5350
Correspondence Between Tom Jennings and Henk Wevers Regarding the Zone 2 Controversy (March 15, 1992)

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