BBS Textfiles: The Tom Jennings Collection: John Paul Aleshe

Description of the Textfile
aleshe1.gif 37322
Mugshot of John Aleshe
aleshe2.gif 32504
Mugshot of John Aleshe
aleshe3.gif 30184
Mugshot of John Aleshe
aleshe4.gif 32529
Mugshot of John Aleshe
cascade.txt 6784
Account of Dealings with John Aleshe by David Garner of Cascade Electronics
net282.txt 11904
Article by Steve Sherwick of Fidonet 1:282 Telling the Full Story of John Aleshe/Richard of Midwest Echo Star
pcinfo.txt 3968
Report on PC Information Exchange (Full Information on John Aleshe) (July 31, 1988)
poster.txt 2432
Transcription of the FBI Wanted Poster for John Paul Aleshe (April 4, 1988)
readme.1st 1664
Readme File for Collection of Information on John Aleshe/Richard (August 14, 1988)

There are 9 files for a total of 159,291 bytes.