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r&r.txt 43967
EROTICA: R & R, by Karen-Anne Brown
r&r001.txt 9093
EROTICA: Roped and Raped
rachel.txt 6882
EROTICA: The Education of Rachel, by Danton
racquetb.txt 7103
EROTICA: Racquetball
racylady.txt 30606
EROTICA: A Racy Lady: A Day at the Races
radio.txt 13178
EROTICA: The Radio
rahi.txt 21752
EROTICA: Rahi and Kenda
rails.txt 10833
EROTICA: As Hard as Rails
rain.txt 45198
EROTICA: Rain Dance by L.R. Bowen
raindrop.txt 8380
EROTICA: They Were June Raindrops On His Lips, by Jess Anniwund
rainyday.txt 14425
EROTICA: A Rainy Day Fulfillment
ralph.txt 10735
EROTICA: Ralph and His Friend, by Lance Kester
random.txt 41922
EROTICA: Random Acts
ranger.txt 11860
EROTICA: The Lone Ranger Rides Again
ranger2.txt 9692
EROTICA: The Lone Ranger Rides Again (Part II)
rape.txt 3550
EROTICA: Rape Fantasy Come True
rapebond.txt 17768
EROTICA: Masturbation, Rape and Bondage Fantasy, by Joseph Brabet
rapefant.txt 8264
EROTICA: A Rape Fantasy, by Uwasa Adonisgi
rapeff.txt 33111
EROTICA: To Please Their Lord, by Dracthyus
rapefmas.txt 19999
EROTICA: Masturbation and Rape Fantasy
rapegang.txt 351469
EROTICA: The Rape Gang
rapeslav.txt 27731
EROTICA: Rape Slave
rapestry.txt 13657
EROTICA: The Contrived Rape Story
rapholly.txt 30970
EROTICA: Rape of Holly
rapid.txt 31924
EROTICA: Rapid Service
rapsody.txt 11791
EROTICA: A Minor Rhapsody in Red
raptwins.txt 43274
EROTICA: Raping the Twins (1992)
ravished.txt 7525
EROTICA: Ravished, by Hadley V. Baxendale
ray&i.txt 13252
EROTICA: Ray and I, by Craver
ray.txt 7363
ready.txt 10372
EROTICA: The Ready Room, by Sandra Guzdek (1994)
real.txt 5977
EROTICA: The Real Story
realfant.txt 22972
EROTICA: When Reality is Better Than Fantasy
reality.txt 23717
EROTICA: When Reality is Better Than Fantasy
rearent.txt 2672
EROTICA: Rear Entrance
reawaken.txt 7495
EROTICA: Reawakening
rebecca.txt 10840
EROTICA: Encounter with Rebecca
rebecca2.txt 11419
EROTICA: Rebecca
rebel.txt 39406
EROTICA: Rebellious Desire, by Jourdan Taylor Lane
rebelq.txt 41320
EROTICA: Rebel Without a Q! by A. Rex (July 15, 1994)
rebirth.txt 59973
EROTICA: Rebirth
recommen.txt 10153
EROTICA: Recommendation, by Deirdre (September 6, 1994)
red-cuf1.txt 33291
EROTICA: Red Cuffs (November 21, 1989)
red_lips.txt 29542
redcheek.txt 31809
EROTICA: Red Cheeks, by Dave Reston
redhair.txt 13868
EROTICA: The Red Haired League, by Geoffrey Honaner
redhd.txt 7456
EROTICA: A Walk in the Woods... Or the Adventures of Vanessa the Red
redhead.txt 14785
EROTICA: The Redhead
redinbed.txt 7806
EROTICA: Better Red in Bed
redragon.txt 8339
EROTICA: Red Dragon, by Chris
redride.txt 10864
EROTICA: Little Red Riding Hood
relxchld.txt 8345
EROTICA: Relax Child, You Will Learn, by J.F.W.
rendez.txt 8065
EROTICA: Rendezvous
rendez2.txt 2595
EROTICA: Rendezvous II
rene.txt 4144
renee01.txt 15130
EROTICA: Kidnapped!
renee02.txt 24116
EROTICA: Kidnapped! Part 2
renter.txt 9974
EROTICA: The Renter
renters.txt 29344
EROTICA: The Renters
reorient.txt 68716
EROTICA: Reorientation
rep_mom.txt 2999
EROTICA: Replacing Mom, by Big Daddy (1997)
request.txt 7443
EROTICA: Request
requital.txt 27038
EROTICA: The Requital, by Racecar
rescue.txt 16503
EROTICA: Rescue, by Peat Brett
reset.txt 109077
EROTICA: Reset, by Mule (1996)
resignat.txt 30362
EROTICA: Resignation, by L. R. Bowen
restaur.txt 38814
EROTICA: Restaurant Rites, by Tinker (July, 1995)
restless.txt 12249
EROTICA: The Young and the Restless, by Big Daddy (1997)
restroom.txt 6174
EROTICA: Restroom Queen
retire.txt 155028
EROTICA: Retirement, by Jafar (1995)
retnhome.txt 11286
EROTICA: Returning Home, by Vermillion
reunion.txt 45410
EROTICA: The Reunion, by Phil Phantom
reunited.txt 11799
EROTICA: Reunited, by Seeker
reunplea.txt 16250
EROTICA: Reunion of Pleasure, by Ellen
revelate.txt 19675
EROTICA: The Revelation of Lily (October 26, 1995)
reveltn2.txt 18720
EROTICA: Revelations, by Big Daddy
revenge.txt 14620
EROTICA: Revenge, by J. D.
reward.txt 3121
EROTICA: The Reward, by Keisha J. Gray
rick.txt 13346
riddles.txt 36386
EROTICA: Riddles of the River, by Tinker (April 1996)
riderose.txt 11960
EROTICA: The Ride from Five Roses, by Ellen
riding.txt 7477
EROTICA: Riding, by Bruce M. Lloyd
riker.txt 17099
EROTICA: Riker Squared, by John Green
rikr.txt 11440
ring.txt 32203
EROTICA: The Ring of Change
risk.txt 15145
EROTICA: Risking it All, by Pam
rita&max.txt 25778
EROTICA: Rita and Max
ritamax.txt 25915
EROTICA: Rita and Max
ritorn.txt 13602
EROTICA: Ritornello
ritual.txt 10962
ritualc.txt 20617
EROTICA: Rituals, by Minx
river.txt 6028
EROTICA: River Encounters
road.txt 4814
EROTICA: Road Service, by The Fuzzman/Nightstik (1994)
roadgame.txt 17277
EROTICA: Road Games, by Studs Manly (1997)
roadside.txt 28476
EROTICA: Roadside Service, by Rick
roadtrip.txt 5630
EROTICA: Road Trip, by Bob Brinsfield (1991)
roadtrp2.txt 10871
EROTICA: The Road Trip part 2
roadtrp3.txt 9872
EROTICA: The Road Trip Part 3
roadwork.txt 7422
EROTICA: Roadwork, by Nightstik (1994)
roberts.txt 40796
EROTICA: Robert's Instructions, by Doctor P (1997)
robin-a.txt 7167
EROTICA: Robin (Part A)
robin-b.txt 7511
EROTICA: Robin (Part B)
robin-c.txt 2954
EROTICA: Robin (Part C)
robin-d.txt 3650
EROTICA: Robin (Part D)
robin.txt 29185
EROTICA: Robin and the Catwoman
robnjacu.txt 7155
EROTICA: In Robin's Jacuzzi
rock.txt 17619
EROTICA: Rock, by Deirdre (February 19, 1995)
rockchik.txt 14138
EROTICA: Rockchick, by Pagan
rocky.txt 6282
rodmight.txt 24382
EROTICA: Rod of Might, by horseboy
rogranch.txt 33282
EROTICA: Roger at the Ranch
rohanbrd.txt 10722
EROTICA: Rohan Bride
rokcanoe.txt 8392
EROTICA: Rocking My Canoe by Rachel Taylor
roller.txt 11767
EROTICA: Roller Romp, by Angel Starr (1997)
rolltide.txt 10971
EROTICA: Roll Tide
rom_mmnt.txt 8330
EROTICA: Romantic Moment, by Big Daddy (1997)
romance.txt 2863
EROTICA: Romance (Mudrasslin Chicks Strike Paydirt) by Deirdre (September 17, 1994)
romwknd.txt 4853
EROTICA: Mom's Romantic Weekend, by Big Daddy (1997)
ron.txt 13473
ronnie.txt 103611
EROTICA: The Adventures of Ronnie Hammer, by Ronnie
room-203.txt 14847
EROTICA: Room 203
room.txt 15493
EROTICA: Room Mates, by Mark E. Dassad
room_109.txt 6122
EROTICA: Room 109
room_3.txt 15008
room_top.txt 34491
EROTICA: Room at the Top, by R.J. Moore
roomies.txt 13976
EROTICA: Roommates, by Muser
roomserv.txt 14976
EROTICA: Room Service
rosanna.txt 60800
EROTICA: Rosanna's Diary (1991)
rose.txt 10993
roughfun.txt 23184
EROTICA: Rough Fun
rpbriana.txt 10075
EROTICA: Brianna
rpjudas.txt 20592
EROTICA: Sabretooth: Judas Kiss, by Tamara Stephens (1995)
rpmall.txt 6634
EROTICA: Rape in the Mall
rpnight.txt 14566
EROTICA: Night Vision
rpnurse.txt 17463
EROTICA: The Nurse
rpwar.txt 29803
EROTICA: The Cold War Game, by Caelie
ru&ji.txt 19848
EROTICA: Ru & Ju, by RWEIII (1997)
rubber.txt 12231
EROTICA: Rubber Surprise
runaway.txt 6436
EROTICA: Runaway, by Junior Perv
running.txt 71984
EROTICA: Running, by Rebecca
rushhour.txt 1311
EROTICA: Rush Hour
rxforfun.txt 7777
EROTICA: Rx for Fun, by Jay Elle
ryon.txt 92776
EROTICA: Ryon (1994)

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