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Description of the Textfile
qhorse.txt 12062
EROTICA: Quarterhorse, by Elektra
qlife.txt 6430
EROTICA: Q is Life
qriosity.txt 29692
EROTICA: Qriosity by Patricia Ann La Ferrara
qual.txt 58081
EROTICA: Master Qualification
quantum.txt 28563
EROTICA: Quantum Sleep, by Anonymous
quantumq.txt 16816
EROTICA: Quantum Q (May 28, 1994)
quark.txt 8025
EROTICA: Quark and Kira
quarters.txt 33209
EROTICA: Quarters: An Amazing True Swinging Story
quest.txt 24596
EROTICA: The Quest, by Ric Carlson (April 4, 1993)
quickie.txt 5222
EROTICA: Quickie Pickie by Mark E. Dassad
quiet.txt 13064
EROTICA: A Quiet Little Town, by SD
quietwat.txt 11270
EROTICA: A Quiet Watching
quiksand.txt 13022
EROTICA: Quicksand
qvcquims.txt 7778
EROTICA: QVC Quims by Studs Manly (1997)

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