Sex, Sex Humor and Sexuality: Erotica: H

Description of the Textfile
h&h&h.txt 15760
EROTICA: His Hers and Hers
had2have.txt 21426
EROTICA: I had to Have This Boy
hairdres.txt 42646
EROTICA: The Hairdresser, by Bon-Vue Enterprises (1993)
hallween.txt 9374
EROTICA: Another Halloween Adventure, by Christina Lynne Melville
haloween.txt 6909
EROTICA: A Haloween Entertainment, by Averti
hand_job.txt 8261
handcu.txt 6981
EROTICA: The Care and Feeding of Handcuffs
handle.txt 12719
EROTICA: How to Handle Her
hangups.txt 14023
EROTICA: Hangups, by Jack Sprat
hapening-2.txt 6565
EROTICA: A Happening
happcamp.txt 14124
EROTICA: Happy Campers, by Mark E. Dassad
happy.txt 15269
happyann.txt 10265
EROTICA: Anniversary Threesome
hardrock.txt 19764
EROTICA: Narquel 9, 0259
hardware.txt 7526
EROTICA: The Hardware Store
hardwood.txt 19583
EROTICA: hard Wood and Soft Cotton
harris.txt 4518
EROTICA: Harris by V.P. Viddler
harry.txt 24720
EROTICA: Harry and the Boys in Blue, by Kinara in Thorns
hateharp.txt 7994
EROTICA: Always Used to Hate Harps, by Rich H.
hathor.txt 9905
EROTICA: Pristess of hathor - Ancient Lesbians, by Wilma
haven.txt 14169
EROTICA: Swingers Haven
haw_trag.txt 35498
EROTICA: A Hawaiian Tragedy, by Baron Darkside (1997)
hawaii.txt 20214
EROTICA: Hawaiian Fun, by P.hD Tongue
hawaiian.txt 10962
EROTICA: Hawaiian Trip
hawkwind.txt 24063
EROTICA: Narrin 24, 0412
hcampers.txt 13632
EROTICA: Happy Campers
hea_sar.txt 13790
EROTICA: Heather and Sarah by Candy Kane (1998)
headswim.txt 14303
EROTICA: My Head is Swimming! A Fantasy
healdrgn.txt 59270
EROTICA: Virta 9, 0119
heat.txt 82944
EROTICA: The Heat, by James Charles Lynn
heather.txt 19713
EROTICA: Heather
heather2.txt 10348
EROTICA: Heather and Dreama
heathr01.txt 32550
EROTICA: The Submission of Heather, by T. Allen Strange (1998)
heathr02.txt 53692
EROTICA: House of Secrets, by T. Allen Strange (1998)
heathr03.txt 7591
EROTICA: House of Secrets, by T. Allen Strange (1998)
heathr04.txt 22600
EROTICA: House of Secrets, by T. Allen Strange (1998)
heathr05.txt 12317
EROTICA: House of Secrets, by T. Allen Strange (1998)
heaven2.txt 8170
EROTICA: Heaven on Earth
hedonist.txt 216588
EROTICA: The Hedonists
helen.txt 18048
helen2.txt 18001
helensto.txt 15204
EROTICA: Putting Helen in Her Place, by Heironymus (1992)
helenxma.txt 9984
help.txt 33554
EROTICA: Help, by Deirdre
helphand.txt 40422
EROTICA: A Helping Hand
henry.txt 18533
her.txt 24711
heridea.txt 20716
EROTICA: It Was Her Idea! by Max Troy
herwind.txt 16343
EROTICA: View From the Window, by The Envoy
hethtext.txt 63028
EROTICA: A Little Soft Porn
hhlisa.txt 14963
EROTICA: Hitchhiker Lisa, by William A. Brien
hiccups.txt 14796
EROTICA: The Hiccups
hideout.txt 7203
EROTICA: Hideout
highschl.txt 30336
EROTICA: Discipline at Ridgemont High
hijinks.txt 35252
EROTICA: Home Improvement: Hot Tub Hijinks by The Carnal Quill
hijinx.txt 9474
EROTICA: High School Hijynx, by SweeTV
hilasko.txt 18491
EROTICA: Hilasko
hillary1.txt 9058
EROTICA: Hot for Hillary Rodham Clinton, by B. Travern
hillary2.txt 11067
EROTICA: Hot for Hillary Rodham Clinton by B. Traven (Part II)
hillary3.txt 12576
EROTICA: Hot for Hillary Rodham Clinton by B. Traven (Part 3)
hillary4.txt 15546
EROTICA: Hot for Hillary Rodham Clinton by B. Travel (Part 4)
hillary5.txt 11086
EROTICA: Hot for Hillary Rodham Clinton by B. Traven (Part 5)
hillary6.txt 17755
EROTICA: Hot for Hillary Rodham Clinton by B. Traven (Part 6)
him.txt 14245
EROTICA: Him, by Private Moments
hipfount.txt 1957
EROTICA: Hippocampus Fountain by Cat
hiphop.txt 11011
EROTICA: Hip Hop Sex by Mitchell Knight
hippie90.txt 14260
EROTICA: The Hippie of the 90's
hired.txt 21739
EROTICA: Hired Hand, by Derek Adams
hischool.txt 19969
EROTICA: High School
hisfirst.txt 528
EROTICA: Poem: The First Time
hisgirlf.txt 19094
EROTICA: His Girlfriend's Mother, by Ann D.
hispussy.txt 1165
EROTICA: History of the Pussy
hitch.txt 2613
hitchhik.txt 3645
EROTICA: The Horse and the Hitch-Hiker
hlphols.txt 7283
EROTICA: Helping the Homeless
hnymoon3.txt 18326
EROTICA: The Honeymoon, by Katherine Kimberly Harrison
hnymoon4.txt 12252
EROTICA: The Honeymoon, by Katherine Alicia Harrison
hnymoon5.txt 28528
EROTICA: The Honeymoon, by Katherine Alicia Harrison
hnymoon6.txt 12540
EROTICA: The Honeymoon, by Katherine Alicia Harrison
hnymoon7.txt 9464
EROTICA: The Honeymoon, by Katherine Alicia Harrison
hnymoon8.txt 6877
EROTICA: The Honeymoon, by Katherine Alicia Harrison
hoder.txt 5310
EROTICA: Hoder: A Tale of Night, Angst and Death by Paul McGinnis (1987)
holes1.txt 5873
EROTICA: The Wife's Ordeal, by Mit Retsof (March 4, 1992)
holes2.txt 5634
EROTICA: Holes 2 by Mit Retsof
holes3.txt 5449
EROTICA: Holes 3 by Mut Retsof
holfunsr.txt 47226
EROTICA: Holiday Fun with Sue and Her Relations
holodeck.txt 4127
EROTICA: Holodeck Fantasy #1 by Mark E. Dassad (1993)
hombre.txt 13483
home.txt 46986
EROTICA: Coming Home
home_dis.txt 10220
EROTICA: Home Discipline
home_rem.txt 14339
EROTICA: Home Remedy
homealon.txt 81350
EROTICA: Home Alone
homefrnt.txt 197443
EROTICA: The Home Front
homefun1.txt 13429
EROTICA: Home Fun, by Red Ryder
homerun.txt 35900
homework.txt 11406
EROTICA: Homework
homovies.txt 14080
EROTICA: The Home Movie
homwreck.txt 9319
EROTICA: Little Home Wrecker, by Phil Phantom
honey.txt 94955
honey1.txt 128668
honeymn.txt 9970
EROTICA: Honeymoon, by David Lee
honymoon.txt 21250
EROTICA: The Honeymoon
honyweek.txt 136166
EROTICA: Honey of a Weekend
hook-up.txt 129037
EROTICA: Hooking Up
hookertv.txt 9854
hornbast.txt 56157
EROTICA: Horny Bastards, by Squirt
horny-01.txt 7246
EROTICA: Horny Bastards, by Squirt
horny-02.txt 13123
EROTICA: Horny Bastards, by Squirt (Part 2)
horny-03.txt 11548
EROTICA: Horny Bastards, by Squirt (Part 3)
horny-04.txt 12767
EROTICA: Horny Bastards, by Squirt (Part 4)
horny-05.txt 12959
EROTICA: Horny Bastards, by Squirt (Part 5)
hornydau.txt 67104
EROTICA: Daughter's Horny Urge
hornytee.txt 14601
EROTICA: Horny Teenage Slut
horsarnd.txt 7048
EROTICA: Horsing Around
horsarou.txt 10482
EROTICA: Horsing Around
horsback.txt 5968
EROTICA: Morning on Horseback
horsdia2.txt 43456
EROTICA: Mr New Stallion-Owner's Journal
horsdiar.txt 8070
EROTICA: Horse Diary 8832
STORY: Lisa and Buck (Horse Sex Story)
horse.txt 13052
horsefun.txt 4795
EROTICA: Horse Fun
horsey.txt 19668
EROTICA: The Horsey Set
horsfuck.txt 7713
EROTICA: Horse Fucken
horslave.txt 13667
EROTICA: Horse Slave
horsshoe.txt 3416
EROTICA: The Bride Wore Horseshoes!
horsstry.txt 6430
EROTICA: Horse Story
horswash.txt 5554
EROTICA: Horse Wash
horsyset.txt 18782
EROTICA: The Horsey Set
hort1.txt 4647
EROTICA: Madame Hortense
hort10.txt 9304
EROTICA: Madame Hortense
hort2.txt 9801
EROTICA: Madame Hortense
hort3.txt 3815
EROTICA: Madame ortense
hort4.txt 6683
EROTICA: Madame Hortense
hort5.txt 11604
EROTICA: Madame Hortense
hort6.txt 16578
EROTICA: Madam Hortense
hort7.txt 14501
EROTICA: Madame Hortense
hort8.txt 6624
EROTICA: Madame Hortense
hort9.txt 10210
EROTICA: Madame Hortense
hosebond.txt 7038
EROTICA: Hose Bond
hosepip2.txt 8855
EROTICA: Hosepipe by Cound Alucard
hospital.txt 8776
EROTICA: Hospital
hostess.txt 8859
EROTICA: Party Girls, by J. Boswell
hostil1.txt 26360
EROTICA: Hostile Takeover
hostile2.txt 24321
EROTICA: Hostile Takeover (Part 2)
hot-1.txt 9624
hot-2.txt 10971
EROTICA: Another Hot Story
hot-bath.txt 42284
hot-choc.txt 8374
EROTICA: Hot Creamy Chocolate
hot-cock.txt 14650
EROTICA: My Cock-Crazy Wife! By J. Boswell
hot-danc.txt 19239
EROTICA: Hot Dancer, by J. Boswell
hot-door.txt 5758
EROTICA: The Open Door Policy, by J. Boswell
hot-hike.txt 23778
EROTICA: The Pleasure of Family Hiking, by Sleazy Liz
hot-hok1.txt 21046
EROTICA: Paying For It, by J. Boswell
hot-jam.txt 9790
EROTICA: Traffic Jammin' by J. Boswell
hot-job.txt 11770
EROTICA: On the Job Benefits, by J. Boswell
hot-land.txt 12210
EROTICA: Just a Little Country Girl, by J. Boswell
hot-love.txt 43455
EROTICA: Independence Day by J. Boswell
hot-prof.txt 32257
EROTICA: The Professor, by J. Boswell
hot-skin.txt 14934
EROTICA: The Fore-Skin Game by J. Boswell
hot-slut.txt 17874
EROTICA: Guilty Pleasures, by J. Boswell
hot-tub.txt 20694
EROTICA: The Hot Tub
hot.txt 11925
hot4.txt 13212
EROTICA: Hot Beverly
hot_cop.txt 47274
EROTICA: Hot Cop, by Nightstik (1992)
hot_time.txt 11395
hotass.txt 8902
hotbabes.txt 10881
EROTICA: The Hotel
hotbstud.txt 6717
EROTICA: Hot Black Stud
hotbuns.txt 17939
EROTICA: Hot Buns, by Studs Manly (1997)
hotbus-2.txt 11805
EROTICA: The Hot Bus by Matthew
hotcabin.txt 7094
EROTICA: Oh, What a Trip! By J. Boswell
hotcock.txt 13666
EROTICA: Hot Wife Tales: My Cock-Crazy Waife, by J. Boswell
hotel2.txt 22817
EROTICA: Hotel of Thrills
hoteltv.txt 10515
EROTICA: Hotel TV by Wendi Robertson
hotfrnd2.txt 18745
EROTICA: Hot Friends
hotfuk.txt 17518
EROTICA: Fun With the Girls
hotgals-2.txt 26985
EROTICA: Hot Gals: Quite a Pair
hotgals.txt 25575
EROTICA: Quite a Pair
hotgirls.txt 9939
EROTICA: Hot Girls, by Brass Balls
hotin00.txt 3287
EROTICA: The House of the Incestuous Nymphs by Donnie (1997)
hotin01.txt 21834
EROTICA: The House of the Incestuous Nymphs by Donnie (Chapter 1)
hotin02.txt 12479
EROTICA: The House of the Incestuous Nymphs by Donnie (Chapter 2)
hotjuly.txt 17219
EROTICA: One Hot July Afternoon
hotnghbr.txt 9760
EROTICA: Me and Mrs. Miller, by Mark
hotnight.txt 22441
EROTICA: Hot Nights
hotpants.txt 35273
EROTICA: Hot Pants
hotpizza2.txt 28769
EROTICA: Hot Pizza, by Solo Polyphony
hotram.txt 64653
EROTICA: Mary Had a Hot Ram
hotrape1.txt 17046
EROTICA: A Crime of Love, by J. Boswell
hotrider.txt 11739
EROTICA: Riding Bareback, by Sleazy Liz
hotsex.txt 29243
EROTICA: Hot Sex Fantasy
hotsexaf.txt 7837
EROTICA: Hot Sex in the Afternoon, by Hosaka Storm
hotsistr.txt 29352
EROTICA: Hot Sister
hotslut.txt 18082
EROTICA: Guilty Pleasures, by J. Boswell
hotspicy.txt 7959
EROTICA: Hot N' Spicy
hotspots.txt 27490
EROTICA: A Leopard's Spots, by J. Boswell
hotstor.txt 13380
EROTICA: Just Another Lover
hotsue.txt 8160
EROTICA: Hot Sue and Me Too, by Falcon Hunter
hotsumr1.txt 25407
EROTICA: One Hot Summer, by Diamond Cutter
hotsumr2.txt 13013
EROTICA: One Hot Summer, by Diamond Cutter (Part 2)
hotsumr3.txt 25035
EROTICA: One Hot Summer, by Diamond Cutter (Part 3)
hottina1.txt 31304
hotvisit.txt 23753
EROTICA: Winning Amanda Through Intimidation
hotwife1.txt 12475
EROTICA: Vacation Doesn't Count by J. Boswell
hotwife2.txt 9914
EROTICA: Vacation Doesn't Count by J. Boswell (Part 2)
hotwife3.txt 6617
EROTICA: Vacation Doesn't Count by J. Boswell (Part 3)
hotwish1.txt 24927
EROTICA: Giving Him What He Wants, by J. Boswell
hotwish2.txt 20588
EROTICA: Giving Him What He Wants Part 2, by J. Boswell
houseboy.txt 5291
EROTICA: Houseboy
housepet.txt 13312
EROTICA: Housepet
housesit.txt 4996
EROTICA: House Sitter
how2.txt 15492
EROTICA: A Woman's Guide to Canine-Human Sex
howqueen.txt 32484
EROTICA: How I Became a Queen, by Karen-Anne Brown
howshewo.txt 6363
EROTICA: How She Works, by V. P. Viddler
hps.txt 146017
STORY: Horny Peeping Sister: Chapter 1
hpun.txt 74741
EROTICA: Hot Punishment, by Boris Scilley
hrsarond.txt 10763
EROTICA: Horsing Around
hscqueen.txt 17295
EROTICA: Diary of a High School Cum Queen, by Dreamer4You
hsfriend.txt 13650
EROTICA: High School Friends
hsmastr1.txt 17888
EROTICA: Her Silent Mastery, by Matthew E. Harbowy
humiliat.txt 6498
EROTICA: Humiliation
hummer.txt 14095
EROTICA: A Warrior's Dream
hunger.txt 30640
EROTICA: The Hunger
hunk.txt 10454
hunting.txt 22501
EROTICA: Hunting
husb1.txt 16278
EROTICA: Husbandless
husband.txt 34756
EROTICA: The Taming of a Husband
hypno.txt 18078
STORY: Hypnosex: The Continuing Story
hypno1-2.txt 5721
EROTICA: Hypnotized Submissives
hypno2-2.txt 4021
EROTICA: Hypnotized Submissives Chapter 2
hypno3-2.txt 5082
EROTICA: Hypnotized Submissives Chapter 3
hypno4-2.txt 5510
EROTICA: Hypnotized Submissives Chapter 4
hypno5-2.txt 4833
EROTICA: Hypnotized Submissives Chapter 5
hypno6-2.txt 3076
EROTICA: Hypnotized Submissives Chapter 6
hypnoorg.txt 10532
EROTICA: Hypnotic Orgasm: A Fantasy
hypnotis.txt 65634
EROTICA: Hypnotism: A Teacher's Revenge! By Benny the Jetter (1996)

There are 236 files for a total of 5,050,926 bytes.