BBS Textfiles: The Tom Jennings Collection

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atl133.txt 4915
Description of Fidonet Routing, Told as a Biblical Tale, by Marshall presnell (December 7, 1991) 24106
compress.txt 3162
Mail Regarding Changing Formats of FidoNet Distribution, from Mark Lynch to Tom Jennings (July 28, 1992)
dbridge.dat.txt 6542
Comparing Compatibility Between Two D'Bridge Installations
fido-fidonet-software-policy.txt 2769
FidoNet Software Policy for the Fido/FidoNet Software Package, by Tom Jennings (July 5, 1989) 2819
Creating Fido Source, by Robert Briggs 19150
Fido/Fidonet Routing, Topology, History, and Recent Changes, by Tom Jennings (June 15, 1989)
fidomail.doc.txt 49818
Fidonet Electronic Mail Protocol, by Tom Jennings (October 20, 1984)
fidonet-topo.txt 5280
An Explanation of the Fidonet Topology and the FidoNet Router Core
fidonet.doc.txt 10875
Some Preliminary Ideas for the Fidonet, by Tom Jennings (April 30, 1984)
fidonet.jnm.txt 2641
Considerations for FidoNet, by JNM (1984)
fidonet.not.txt 3964
Notes on the FidoNet System, by Jim Ryan (May 2, 1984)
fidonet.rpw.txt 5275
Why the FidoNet is Not Practical, by Richard P. Wilkes (May 24, 1984)
fidonews.ver.txt 15283
The Latest and Greatest Software Versions (For Interacting with FidoNet) (November 29, 1991)
fidotech.txt 45977
The Soviet Union Fidonet Technical FAQ (In Russian) (April 17, 1998)
fidotime.txt 8915
Some Comments on Fido and Time, by Tom Jennings (November 15, 1985)
fidouser.doc.txt 10570
The Fido Callers Manual, by Richard Levey (1985)
filexfer.doc.txt 7939
Extending XMODEM/MODEM File Transfer Protocol to support DOS, by Tom Jennings (September 20, 1983)
fprtocol.txt 51155
Fidonet Electronic Mail Protocol, by Tom Jennings (February 8, 1985)
ftpnews.faq.txt 789
Two Answers from the Fidonews FAQ
ftsc.txt 14138
A Discussion Regarding the FTSC (Fido Standards Committee) Between Rick Moore and Tom Jennings (August 7, 1992)
how-to-ftp-fidonews.txt 789
FAQ: How to FTP Fidonews
how-to-ftp-nodelist.txt 2957
FAQ: Where on the Internet Can I obtain a Copy of the FidoNet Nodelist?
how-to-ufgate.txt 19307
FAQ: How to Use the UUCP/FidoNet Gateway, by Lee Damon, Dale Weber and Lisa Gronke (Version 2.3) (December 9, 1988)
imodem.doc.txt 2009
Short Correspondence Asking about the IMODEM Format and its Similarity to ZMODEM
inet92.paper_randy_bush_.txt 24045
FidoNet: Technology, Use, Tools, and History by Randy Bush (1993)
intl.txt 3046
Difficulty with the Undocumented INTL Line (Correspondence) (November, 1987)
isdn.txt 15460
Discussion Involving ISDN and Use With FidoNet and Internet, From Various Sources (March 28, 1992)
keys.doc.txt 9925
Thoughts on Security and Authentication for E-Mail Systems, by Tom Jennings (October 10, 1992)
klensin-remarks.txt 8267
Discussion of Problems Involving SMTP and UUCP in Network Mail, Including Fidonet, from John C. Clensin (May 11, 1993)
newsysop.txt 50790
New Sysop Orientation Information, published by IFNA Version 1.1 (February 22, 1988)
nodelist.faq.txt 2957
From the Nodelist FAQ: Where is the Fidonet Nodelist on the Internet?
nodelist.hack.txt 23799
Discussions Involving Hack on Nodelist, from Randy Bush, Alex Stuart, Others (June 21, 1993)
num-nine.txt 3692
Decentralizing the FidoNet Nodelist: Decentralizing FidoNet Power, by Randy Bush (Forward from Tom Jennings)
ping.txt 17253
Messages Regarding Latency of Modems and Direct Connections (January, 1993)
pol407.txt 3382
Messages Regarding Policy 4 (January, 1993)
policy.85.txt 6842
Fidonet Bulletin Board and FidoNet Network (September 7, 1985)
policy.doc.txt 2769
Fidonet Software Policy Document, by Tom Jennings (July 5, 1989)
policy1.doc 33115
FidoNet Policy and Procedures Guide Version 1
policy2.doc 40342
FidoNet Policy and Procedures Guide Version 2 (June 26, 1986)
policy3.doc 45206
FidoNet Policy and Procedures Guide Version 3 (October 24, 1986)
policy3.doc.txt 44126
FidoNet Policy and Procedures Guide Version 3 (October 24, 1986) 1881
How Did This Happen? by Tom Jennings (Regarding Policy 4)
policy4.txt 75961
Fidonet Policy Document Version 4.07 (June 9, 1989)
post__number_nine__fidonet_dns.txt 3211
Discussion Regarding DNS and Fidonet, by Tom Jennings
post__number_nine__fidonet_dns2.txt 2702
Message from Tom jennings to Randy Bush Regarding Authentication (October 1, 1993) 10280
Thoughts on Security and Authentication for Email Systems, by Tom Jennings (Use of PGP in FidoNet)
routing.txt 33152
FidoNet Route Files Explained, by Ben Baker (Posted to FidoNews)
script.doc.txt 22370
The Fido/FidoNet/FidoTerm Script Language, by Tom Jennings
seadog.txt 6340
Discussion of Fidonet and Seadog Interaction
sendsync.tbl.txt 14430
A Proposed WZOO/FSC001 Combined PRotocol State Machine, by Tom Jennings (September 6, 1989)
struct2.apx.txt 13848
Fido's Complete Operating Manual: Internal Data Structures
tunnel.msg.txt 10846
How FidoNet Tunnels the Internet, Paper by Randy Bush (September 21, 1992) 19260
How to use the UUCP/Fido-Net Gateway Version 2.3, by Lee Damon and Dale Weber and Lisa Gronke (December 9, 1988)
wais.txt 13304
Correspondence Regarding the WAIS System (1992)
wazoo.txt 5978
Some Initial Thoughts on the WAZOO Protocol Standardization
what-is-fidonet.pozar.txt 4125
What is Fidonet? by Tom Pozar
what-is-fidonet.txt 6784
What the Hell is FidoNet? by Tom Jennings (July, 1992)
what.faq.txt 6790
What the Hell is FidoNet? by Tom Jennings (July, 1992)
zmodem.doc.TXT 9939
How the ZMODEM Implenetation in Fidonet 12 Works, by Tom Jennings (October 11, 1988)
zone 2338
Message from Tom Jennings to Doug Thompson Explaining the INTL Line (October 6, 1989)
zone.TXT 2338
Discussing the Fidonet INTL Line (October 6, 1989)
zones.doc.TXT 2609
Zones, Zonegates, Zonehosts and IFNA Kludges, by Tom Jennings (January 25, 1988)

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