BBS Textfiles: The Tom Jennings Collection

Description of the Textfile
datasht.sty.txt 1045
TEX: FidoNet Data Sheet
datasht.tex.txt 22352
TEX: Fidonet Datasheet
datasht.txt 18720
FidoNet Specifications and Prices (June, 1989)
errata.doc.txt 47955
Changes and Enhancements Not in the Book for Fidonet Version 12R (November 7, 1989)
errata.sty.txt 921
TEX: Fidonet Errata
errata.tex.txt 54030
TEX: Fidonet Errata (May 1, 1990)
ft-cover.tex.txt 377
TEX: FidoTerm Cover
guide.asc 15573
Fido/FidoNet Version 12 Caller's Guide by Tom Jennings (July, 1988)
ifna.tex.txt 930
TEX: FidoNet IFNA Information
intex.tex.txt 1097
TEX: FIdonet InTex Version Information
mailer.tex.txt 237
TEX: FidoNet Mailer
policy.tex.txt 2696
TEX: Fidonet Software Policy
script.doc.txt 22370
FidoNet Script Language Machine Model
tm.tex.txt 1328
TEX: FidoNet Trademark Information

There are 14 files for a total of 189,631 bytes.