Sex, Sex Humor and Sexuality: Erotica: S

Description of the Textfile
s&m.txt 6115
EROTICA: Golden Moment
s-barn2.txt 12186
EROTICA: S-Barn # 2 by Gossamer Wasp
sabrina.txt 84821
EROTICA: Making of Sabrina Turner by Leigh De Santa Fe (1990)
saddle.txt 16603
EROTICA: The Captain's Saddle, by Ruth Moore
saddlsor.txt 22361
EROTICA: Saddlesore, by S.G. Johnson
safe_sex.txt 19833
safesex.txt 14184
EROTICA: Sam's Safe Sex by Mark Anderson (1989)
safesex1.txt 27297
EROTICA: Safesex - 1
safesex2.txt 28964
EROTICA: Safesex - 2
safesex3.txt 37960
EROTICA: Safesex - 3
safewrd1.txt 9879
EROTICA: Safeword Games: Game 1: Anger, by Cory Kerens
safewrds.txt 14893
EROTICA: Domination and Submission: Safe Words and Issues of Trust
sailing.txt 16920
EROTICA: Sailing, by Akai (1993)
sailor.txt 6592
EROTICA: A Sailor Who Knows the Ropes, by Lance Kester
sales.txt 27165
EROTICA: Typical Sales Call
sally.txt 14433
EROTICA: Sally's Christmas
sallyg.txt 22159
EROTICA: The Sisters, Sally and Gerry by BillyG (1997)
sallysb.txt 17804
EROTICA: Sally - Self-bondage
sallystory.txt 256183
EROTICA: Sally and Duke
salon.txt 21623
salon1.txt 6430
EROTICA: Salon - 1
salon2.txt 4738
EROTICA: Salon - 2
salon3.txt 4330
EROTICA: Salon - 3
salon4.txt 6140
EROTICA: Salon - 4
saloon.txt 4491
EROTICA: Saloon Girl
sam1.txt 33809
EROTICA: The Adventures of Samantha, by Nostrumo
sam2.txt 100
EROTICA: Sam - 2 (Corrupted) by W. Eastburn
sam3.txt 35866
EROTICA: Sam - 3 by W. Eastburn
sam4.txt 47420
EROTICA: Sam - 4 by W. Eastburn
sam5.txt 63724
EROTICA: Sam - 5 by W. Eastburn
samantha.txt 8092
EROTICA: Samantha: The First Time (October 26, 1995)
samantha2.txt 59304
EROTICA: Samantha: The First Time (October 26, 1995)
samrhon3.txt 57213
EROTICA: Sam and Rhonda - 3 by Dastardly Dave
samrhon4.txt 42758
EROTICA: Sam and Rhonda - 4 by Dastardly Dave
samthndr.txt 17971
EROTICA: Samantha and Thunder, by The Bluesmaster
sandersf.txt 136679
EROTICA: The Sanders Family Book
sandman.txt 22381
EROTICA: The Sandman, by Big Daddy
sandtoy.txt 22057
EROTICA: Sandy's Toy Boy
sandtrap.txt 12560
EROTICA: The Sand Trap, by Dave the PerVECT
sandy1.txt 1732
EROTICA: Sandy Gets Spanked
sanjuan.txt 12642
santa.txt 13738
EROTICA: Santa's Helper
sappho.txt 13158
EROTICA: Sappho, by Sarah John
sara.txt 17884
EROTICA: Sara, by Robert Innes
sara2.txt 9970
EROTICA: Sara, by Robert Innes
sarah.txt 12419
EROTICA: Breaking Sarah
sarah2.txt 8105
EROTICA: Breaking Sarah
sarahvet.txt 15251
EROTICA: Sarah the Vet by NecroPet
saraint.txt 33426
EROTICA: Sarah's Introduction (part I & II) by Oz. Inc.
saramia1.txt 58169
EROTICA: Sara Mia: Sara - The Beginning
saratale.txt 7506
sarek.txt 3024
EROTICA: Sarek's Penthouse Letter
sarge.txt 13897
EROTICA: Cerim 20, 02983
sasha.txt 10868
satin.txt 9158
satisfac.txt 25113
EROTICA: Satisfaction by Watts Martin
satisfy.txt 6033
EROTICA: Satisfying Customers
satnite1.txt 10345
EROTICA: An Interesting Saturday Night - Part 1 of 5
satnite2.txt 11771
EROTICA: An Interesting Saturday Night - Part 2 of 5
satnite3.txt 10281
EROTICA: An Interesting Saturday Night - Part 3 of 5
satnite4.txt 13813
EROTICA: An Interesting Saturday Night - Part 4 of 5
saturday.txt 12078
EROTICA: Saturday Spanking
sauna.txt 6876
savannah.txt 13356
EROTICA: Savannah Submits
saved.txt 8842
EROTICA: Saved by the Hand by Scott Van Horn
sbpepper.txt 15983
EROTICA: Susan, Barbara and Pepper by Old Fox
scanners.txt 13476
EROTICA: Scanners can be Dangerous (Sex) Toys
scene.txt 4189
EROTICA: The Scene
scgr.txt 13379
EROTICA: WHere the First Pictures Came From
schgrp.txt 15195
EROTICA: Schoolgirl Rape #2
schltale.txt 15663
EROTICA: A School Girl's Tale
scholboy.txt 61565
EROTICA: Weekend Away From School by Daisy Ambersen
scholdaz.txt 17044
EROTICA: School Daze
scomfort.txt 16873
EROTICA: Southern Comfort, by Studs Manly (1997)
scomfort2.txt 9248
EROTICA: Southern Comfort, by Studs Manly (1997)
scorched.txt 33238
EROTICA: Scorched Earth, by Bare Bodkin
scott.txt 18298
EROTICA: Scott, by Jamie (1988)
screams.txt 80137
EROTICA: His Slave Screams, by Subjukate
screwed.txt 15357
EROTICA: $$$CREWED, by J. Uris Prudence
screwirs.txt 11813
EROTICA: Screwing the IRS
sculptor.txt 15548
EROTICA: The Sculptor
sdwlkcaf.txt 9898
EROTICA: Sidewalk Cafe by Bill Westerman (1990)
se_cruz1.txt 46388
EROTICA: Cruise #1 by Scrivener Eidolon
se_cruz2.txt 31330
EROTICA: Cruise #2 by Scrivener Eidolon
se_kko-1.txt 91685
EROTICA: Keiko - 1 by Scrivener Eidolon
se_kko-2.txt 101017
EROTICA: Keiko - 2 by Scrivener Eidolon
seawitch.txt 57603
EROTICA: The Sea Witch: A Fantasy by Lace
secgirlf.txt 12116
EROTICA: My Secret Girlfriend, by Steve Jensen
secret.txt 10392
EROTICA: ST Voyager: The Secret, by Michael Dotson
secreta.txt 14660
EROTICA: The Secretary
secretar.txt 12789
EROTICA: Secretary, by Deirdre
secretar2.txt 3340
EROTICA: Secretary, by Deirdre
secretry.txt 3342
EROTICA: Secretary, by Deirdre
secrgirl.txt 12010
EROTICA: My Secret Girlfriend by Steve Jensen
secthoug.txt 5603
EROTICA: Second Thoughts
selectiv.txt 9467
EROTICA: Selectively Nearsighted
self_bon.txt 26270
EROTICA: An Adventure in Self Bondage
selfhelp.txt 25007
EROTICA: A Little Self Help
senator.txt 14469
EROTICA: The Senator, by Wilma
serpentn.txt 2475
EROTICA: Serpentine
serve.txt 12300
EROTICA: Educated, to Serve by Carolyn
set.txt 18895
settling.txt 25085
EROTICA: Settling the Case, by Frank Lambert
sewed-in.txt 6313
sex-shop.txt 8580
EROTICA: At the Sex Shop
sex27.txt 12901
STORY: Stephanie and Joe from The Tower of High Sorcery
sex_quiz.txt 2136
EROTICA: The Official Dispatcher Sex Quiz
sexclub.txt 104192
EROTICA: The Sex Club
sexfun 32637
STORY: Havin' Fun by Shauna W.
sexgames.txt 23372
EROTICA: Sex Games
sexinter.txt 90859
EROTICA: Sex Winter
sexislnd.txt 204930
EROTICA: Sex Island Mystery by Rexroad
sexjokes.txt 28416
STORY: A Large Collection of Sex Jokes
sexperv.txt 17917
EROTICA: Sex Addict, by Karla Dean (1997)
sexsho.txt 5612
sexslave.txt 192043
EROTICA: Sex Slave
sexthigh.txt 6870
EROTICA: Sex, Thighs, and Videotape
sexxmas.txt 16672
EROTICA: Sex-filled XXXmas story, A
sexy.txt 23475
EROTICA: Three Gals and a Guy
sexygram.txt 17437
EROTICA: Sexygram by Robert Epps (1989)
sexylady.txt 56859
EROTICA: Sexy Lady
sexysal.txt 3353
sfly.txt 13724
EROTICA: Spanish Fly
sgr7.txt 19428
EROTICA: Schoolgirl Rape #8
sgr8.txt 17858
EROTICA: Schoolgirl Rape #8
shag-dog.txt 13812
EROTICA: Shaggy Dog
shannon.txt 82020
EROTICA: The Awakening of Shannon: A True Account of Shannon's Training
shannon2.txt 41296
EROTICA: Shannon, by Dirty Dawg
share.txt 5742
EROTICA: Share and Share a Wife
share2.txt 6301
EROTICA: Share and Share a Wife
sharkfan.txt 4903
EROTICA: Shark Fan
sharon.txt 23857
EROTICA: Sharon, by Duyn That (January 26, 1998)
sharon2.txt 19607
EROTICA: Sharon, by Duyn That (January 26, 1998)
sharyn.txt 14478
shauna1.txt 26280
EROTICA: Locker Room Lust by Ghostwheel
shauna2.txt 22171
EROTICA: Halloween with Shauna (2nd in a series) by Ghostwheel
shauna3.txt 26280
EROTICA: Shauna Makes a Bet (3rd in a series) by Ghostwheel
shave.txt 20654
EROTICA: Shaving
shaved.txt 11710
shavspla.txt 40991
EROTICA: Shaved Splash by Averti
shawn-1.txt 7312
shawn-2.txt 9312
EROTICA: Shawn Part 2
shawna.txt 10978
EROTICA: Shawna's Fantasies
she-male.txt 32323
EROTICA: She-Male Shopping Spree by Mistress Tawny Suede
sheboss.txt 4599
EROTICA: She's the Boss
shedance.txt 14711
EROTICA: She Likes to Dance by Optika Assault
sheena.txt 63263
EROTICA: Sheena Part 1 by Jennifer Lorissa-Leigh
sheepsty.txt 6815
EROTICA: Sheep Story
sheila.txt 9615
EROTICA: Sheila the Great, by Schulzie (1998)
shelli.txt 10503
EROTICA: Shelli's Blistering
shelly.txt 15993
EROTICA: Shelly the Hairdresser by Miranda Greene
shepeeks.txt 14080
EROTICA: She Peeks
sherry.txt 8068
EROTICA: Sherry's Sexual Story
sheryl.txt 39227
EROTICA: Sheryl by Laura Leigh
shgrandp.txt 32787
EROTICA: Grandpa and Me by Sam Hammer (1998)
shiang.txt 10573
ship.txt 11220
EROTICA: Ship Wrecked
shirley.txt 11707
EROTICA: Shirley's Party
shiva.txt 10418
shock.txt 5740
EROTICA: Shock Therapy
sholiday.txt 105452
EROTICA: Sharon's Holiday
shop.txt 6012
EROTICA: Shop, by Deidre
shop2.txt 11065
EROTICA: Shop, by Deidre
shoplft1.txt 12142
EROTICA: Shoplifters - 1
shoplft2.txt 13203
EROTICA: The Shoplifters
shoplft3.txt 8954
EROTICA: Shoplifters - 3
shoplift.txt 12196
EROTICA: The Shoplifters
shopping.txt 19139
EROTICA: Shopping for a Lover
shorts.txt 12163
EROTICA: Various Short Sightings and Anecdotes
shortscn.txt 4297
EROTICA: A short scene by Walter Madsen
show.txt 17631
EROTICA: The Sex Show
shower.txt 56645
EROTICA: The Shower Part One
shower2.txt 11334
EROTICA: Shower, by Vermillion
shower22.txt 1443
EROTICA: Shower, by Vermillion
showerb.txt 11322
EROTICA: Wedding Shower, by Susan Lafrance (1989)
showers.txt 33544
EROTICA: The Showers, by Scott Grildrig (August 5, 1993)
showing.txt 3118
EROTICA: Showing my Younger Daughter How
showoff.txt 11887
EROTICA: Showiff by Sexy Brunette
showoff1.txt 11961
EROTICA: Showoff - 1 by Sexy Brunette
showoff2.txt 9334
EROTICA: Showoff - 2 by Sexy Brunette
showoff3.txt 14553
EROTICA: Showoff - 3 by Sexy Brunette
showoff4.txt 4380
EROTICA: Showoff - 4
showtim.txt 17715
EROTICA: A True Story: Showtime
shtchp03.txt 10827
EROTICA: The Stories of Hormonia Township
sibco11.txt 52798
EROTICA: Siblings - Connie - 11 by Michael Kalen Smith
sibcor12.txt 69495
EROTICA: Siblings - Connie Returns - Extended Family - 12 by Michael Kalen Smith
sibdi10.txt 49891
EROTICA: Siblings - At the Drive-In - 10 by Michael Kalen Smith
sibed01.txt 20292
EROTICA: Siblings - The Early Days - 1 by Michael Kalen Smith
sibed02.txt 6909
EROTICA: Siblings - The Early Days - 2 Michael Kalen Smith
sibed03.txt 27501
EROTICA: Siblings - The Early Days - 3 by Michael Kalen Smith
sibed04.txt 8982
EROTICA: Siblings - The Early Days - 4 by Michael Kalen Smith
sibed05.txt 19332
EROTICA: Siblings - The Early Days - 5 by Michael Kalen Smith
sibft06.txt 39643
EROTICA: Siblings - The First Time - 6 by Michael Kalen Smith
sibom04.txt 54066
EROTICA: Siblings - Opening Moves - 4 by Michael Kalen Smith
sibpa05.txt 43187
EROTICA: Siblings - Patty - 5 by Michael Kalen Smith
sibsh06.txt 33338
EROTICA: Siblings - Showers - 6 by Michael Kalen Smith
sight.txt 5782
EROTICA: Sight, by Deirdre
silken.txt 38188
EROTICA: Silken Panties
silver.txt 36076
EROTICA: The Silver Tray
singapr1.txt 10673
EROTICA: Singapore Girl - 1 by Friar Dave
singapr2.txt 26294
EROTICA: Singapore Girl - 2 by Friar Dave
singapr3.txt 14012
EROTICA: Singapore Girl - 3 by Friar Dave
singapr4.txt 19117
EROTICA: Singapore Girl - 4 by Friar Dave
singapr5.txt 20533
EROTICA: Singapore Girl - 5 by Friar Dave
singapr6.txt 22714
EROTICA: Singapore Girl - 6 by Friar Dave
singapr7.txt 13870
EROTICA: Singapore Girl - 7 by Friar Dave
singgirl.txt 88120
EROTICA: Singapore Girl
singles.txt 63136
EROTICA: Singles Vacation
sis&bro.txt 21082
EROTICA: Sister and Brother
sis&sue.txt 14654
EROTICA: Sister and Sue
sis-perv.txt 81329
EROTICA: My Sister's a Pervert
sis-sue.txt 13762
EROTICA: Sis and Sue
sis.txt 8621
EROTICA: The Night Sis Sucked me Off
sis_love.txt 100786
EROTICA: Sisterly Love
sis_sue.txt 15360
EROTICA: Sister Sue
sisclit.txt 15691
EROTICA: Her Sister's Clit
sisjean.txt 23727
EROTICA: Sister Mary Jean's Struggle (December 12, 1996)
siskar01.txt 28149
EROTICA: My Sister, My Slave by Black Knight
siskar02.txt 20630
EROTICA: My Sister, My Slave by Black Knight
siskar03.txt 47367
EROTICA: My Sister, My Slave
siskar04.txt 59860
EROTICA: My Sister, My Slave by Black Knight
sisleep.txt 10301
EROTICA: Sound Sleeper, by CW (May 22, 1997)
sisnlaw.txt 5221
EROTICA: The Fantasy Show with the Sister in Law (October 14, 1995)
sisrape1.txt 26079
EROTICA: Sister Rape
sisrape2.txt 33653
EROTICA: Sister Rape (2)
siss.txt 77695
EROTICA: Big Sister's Lessons
sister-k.txt 28588
EROTICA: Sister Karen
sister.txt 31284
EROTICA: A Sister's Revenge
sister1.txt 10661
EROTICA: My Little Sister
sister10.txt 16832
EROTICA: Horny Peeping Sister - 10 -
sister19.txt 135780
EROTICA: Horny Peeping Sister 01 - 09
sister2.txt 12878
EROTICA: Sister, Sister, by Big Daddy (1997)
sister22.txt 6492
EROTICA: Sister, Sister, by Big Daddy (1997)
sisterin.txt 28097
EROTICA: The Sister in Law, by Bebrack (1998)
sisters.txt 42350
EROTICA: Sisters
sisters2.txt 99166
EROTICA: Sisters
sistit.txt 73852
EROTICA: My Sister's Tits, by Cactusjuggler (1995)
sistract.txt 20769
EROTICA: Sister Act
sisucks.txt 9071
EROTICA: The Night Sis Sucked Me Off, by John Samuels
sisucks2.txt 9207
EROTICA: The Night Sis Sucked Me Off, by John Samuels
sitter.txt 7896
EROTICA: The Babysitter Gets Socked
sitting.txt 46847
EROTICA: Sitting for Kelli, by Hank Freeman
size.txt 12430
EROTICA: Sizeable Difference, A
size_12.txt 8663
EROTICA: The Size Twelve Plimsoll
skin.txt 34779
skinflik.txt 16384
EROTICA: Skinny Flicks, by John Rayfield (1987)
skinny.txt 20523
EROTICA: Skinny Dipping Letters
skinydip.txt 83461
EROTICA: Skinny Dipping with my Maiden Aunt: A Story of Sexual Discovery, by Day Dreamer
slave 11392
STORY: The Slave
slave.txt 8069
EROTICA: Slave, by Deirdre
slavedad.txt 33975
EROTICA: A Slave Fathers Diary... Part 1
slavgrl1.txt 38514
EROTICA: The Slave Girl
sleeping.txt 21171
EROTICA: Sleeping Beauty, by Nancy Brown (1995)
sleepovr.txt 34762
EROTICA: Sleepovers, by Double Secret Author (1997)
sleepy01.txt 14594
EROTICA: Sleepy - 1 by The Joker
sleepy02.txt 23509
EROTICA: Sleepy - 2 by The Joker
slepover 15393
EROTICA: Sleepover
slickfun.txt 20819
EROTICA: Slippery Fun
slippery.txt 13444
EROTICA: A Slippery Situation, by Michael Peters
slope.txt 36839
EROTICA: The Slippery Slope
sloppy.txt 6691
slove1.txt 45260
EROTICA: Sisterly Love
slumber.txt 19603
EROTICA: An Incestuous Slimber, by D-Man
slumber2.txt 60005
EROTICA: Slumber Party, by Amy and Larry (1997)
slummasc.txt 12057
EROTICA: Slumber Party Nightmare
slummsc2.txt 11752
EROTICA: Slumber party Massacre
slut-02.txt 10032
EROTICA: Life Story of a Slut - 2
slut.txt 5340
slut1.txt 19309
EROTICA: Slut's Punishment, A
sm.txt 7793
EROTICA: The Strange Affair of Countewss Elisabeth Bathory
small.txt 24138
EROTICA: A Small Woman, by S.B. Douglass
smaltown.txt 43971
EROTICA: Small Town
smartkid.txt 20663
EROTICA: Smart Kid
smclub.txt 7686
EROTICA: S&M Clubs and Organisations Lists
smj.txt 80495
EROTICA: Sister Mary Joseph, by Billy G
smlbonus.txt 48727
EROTICA: Small Bonus
smoking.txt 20089
EROTICA: Smoking Can Damage Your Bottom!
smp2.txt 10572
EROTICA: Susan, Mark and Pepper by Old Fox
smp3.txt 13452
EROTICA: Susan, Mark and Pepper - 3 by Old Fox
smurfsex.txt 7642
EROTICA: It's Time to Tell the Truth About Smurfs
snake.txt 21387
EROTICA: Snake Sacrifice, by R.J. Moore
snapshot.txt 39028
EROTICA: A Snapshot into the Life
snore01.txt 14662
snow.txt 19065
EROTICA: Snow White, by Nancy Brown (1995)
snow2.txt 14891
EROTICA: Snow, by Big Daddy
snowbond.txt 27310
EROTICA: Snowbound, by Leigh
snowedin.txt 26127
EROTICA: Snowed in with Emily, by Corn53 (1998)
snuggle.txt 18236
EROTICA: Snuggle Bunny
so_shy.txt 34776
EROTICA: So Shy, by Scott Sanders
soccer.txt 8975
EROTICA: Soccer Champ
society.txt 21682
EROTICA: Society, by Deidre
socked.txt 8249
EROTICA: The Babysitter Gets Socked, by David Meyers
socstudy.txt 5835
EROTICA: Tags: Social Study, by PDBarnum (1997)
softy.txt 8878
sohorny.txt 2048
EROTICA: I'm So Horny, by Nancy
sold1.txt 12288
EROTICA: Sold for Sex
sold2.txt 46080
EROTICA: Sold for Sex (Part 2)
soldier.txt 42370
EROTICA: Little Soldier Boy, by Big Daddy
solidgld.txt 10723
EROTICA: Solid Gold
solitair.txt 24861
EROTICA: Solitaire
soloflex.txt 25316
EROTICA: Soloflexing It
someday.txt 11447
EROTICA: Someday
somescar.txt 13986
EROTICA: Tell Me Something Scary by Rich H.
sonbeach.txt 15897
EROTICA: Sun of a Beach, by Nevyn
songwood.txt 19494
EROTICA: Songs from the Woods, by Tinker (1994)
sonshine.txt 10982
EROTICA: Son - Shine
sordidco.txt 179300
EROTICA: Sordid Conception by Chili Peeler (1997)
sore.txt 30311
EROTICA: Sore Bottoms for Two
sorrorit.txt 47514
EROTICA: Sorority
southpea.txt 8487
EROTICA: Southern Peach by Celestine Henley
sp.txt 8963
EROTICA: Wife by Video
space.txt 9216
EROTICA: SpaceMeat: A Space Fantasy, by Kirk Morgan
spacepup.txt 37559
EROTICA: Space Pup
spandex.txt 24851
EROTICA: Spandex Spankings
spanfant.txt 8721
EROTICA: Spanking Fantasy by Aaron Seeman
spanked.txt 11010
EROTICA: Spanked!
spanking.txt 19099
EROTICA: The Spanking, or, Professor on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown, by Ruth Moore (1995)
spanking2.txt 8744
EROTICA: The Spanking, or, Professor on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown, by Ruth Moore (1995)
spankme.txt 7826
EROTICA: Spank Me, I'm Coming
sparerod.txt 44559
EROTICA: Spare the Rod, by Tiffany
spear.txt 23122
specdeli.txt 16465
EROTICA: Special Delivery
specfrn1.txt 42772
EROTICA: Two Special Friends - 1 - In the Beginning by Armor Plated Wombat
specfrn2.txt 30358
EROTICA: Two Special Friends - 2 - The Apprentices by Armor Plated Wombat
specfrn3.txt 27880
EROTICA: Two Special Friends - 3 - At the Fair by Armor Plated Wombat
special.txt 10978
EROTICA: Special Occasion, by Mitchell Knight
speed.txt 21112
EROTICA: Speed: The Sexual Aftermath, by Renee Quattromani (August, 1994)
speeding.txt 10140
EROTICA: The Speeding Ticket, by Ann Douglas
spent.txt 39612
EROTICA: How I Spent my Summer Vacation, by Pegen
spicy.txt 248920
EROTICA: Something a Little Spicy - 14 by Robert 42
spilled.txt 11605
EROTICA: Spilled Coffee
spkmov.txt 11887
EROTICA: Getting It at the Movies
spock.txt 30080
EROTICA: A Job for the Young
spoem1.txt 1612
EROTICA: Power and Trust, by Lexi
spoker.txt 9404
EROTICA: Strip Poker
spokr.txt 14128
EROTICA: Strip Poker
spot.txt 16658
spotlite.txt 5551
EROTICA: Caught In The Spotlight by Peder Ast (1993)
spri1970.txt 6269
EROTICA: My Adventures on Spring Break 1970
spring.txt 24188
EROTICA: Spring Chicken, by Gipetto
sprngbrk.txt 17900
EROTICA: Spring Break by The Bluesmaster
spstory.txt 12447
EROTICA: Pat's Surprise
squirt.txt 35963
EROTICA: Squirt, by the Pervert Writer
srevenge.txt 33316
EROTICA: Sweet Revenge
ssister.txt 19522
EROTICA: Switch Sister
sss.txt 20937
EROTICA: My Sweet Semen-Swilling Secretary, by Rich Humus (1997)
ssscool.txt 10203
EROTICA: Sweet Sucking Schoolgirl (June 26, 1996)
ssy.txt 364093
EROTICA: Stacy's Senior Year by Parker
stacks.txt 8641
EROTICA: Sex Between the Stacks
stalfun1.txt 2201
EROTICA: Horse Cock
stalfun2.txt 2053
EROTICA: The Horse and I
stallion.txt 16353
EROTICA: The Stallion Rides, by Horseboy
starlet1.txt 30149
EROTICA: To Catch a Starlet, Part I by Mark Rabinowitz
starlet2.txt 56942
EROTICA: To Catch a Starlet, Part II - Nelson's Revenge by Mark Rabinowitz
starlet3.txt 4993
EROTICA: To Catch a Starlet, Part III - Five More Times a Lady by Mark Rabinowitz
starsx.txt 40576
EROTICA: Star Sex Story
start01.txt 21674
EROTICA: The Start, by D. Abby
startrek.txt 78822
EROTICA: Star Trek: The Next Fornication (1992)
starwhor.txt 13496
EROTICA: Star Whores: Or The Last Tango on Tatooine, by Jefferson Morris
statecop.txt 7857
EROTICA: State Cop
stavisit.txt 3620
EROTICA: Stable Visit by Hossie
steam-rm.txt 5681
EROTICA: In the Steam Room
steamboa.txt 7834
EROTICA: Steamboat
steambot.txt 7773
EROTICA: Steam Boat
steamsex.txt 20449
EROTICA: Steam-Room Sex, by Fireboy
stef.txt 26820
EROTICA: Stef, by Dirty Dawg
steph-1.txt 22704
EROTICA: Stephanie in Slave Market, by Sir Kevin
steph-2.txt 9223
EROTICA: Stephanie's Reunion, by Sir Kevin
steph-3.txt 15862
EROTICA: Stephanie's First Day on the Plantation, by Sir Kevin (1992)
stephani.txt 11305
EROTICA: Stephanie
stephen.txt 19146
EROTICA: Stephen's Story - How I Became a Girl
stepmom.txt 43521
EROTICA: The Loving Stepmother, by The Drifter (1997)
stepsis.txt 16759
EROTICA: StepSis with the Devilish Hands, by Schulzie (1998)
steven.txt 8400
EROTICA: Steven Gets a Spanking for Tardiness
steven2.txt 6225
stewarde.txt 14588
EROTICA: Airline Hostess with the Mostess, The
stimulan.txt 51200
EROTICA: The Stimulant Potion
sting.txt 17550
EROTICA: The Sting, by Angel Starr (1997)
stngnude.txt 31058
EROTICA: Star Trek: The Nude Generation
store.txt 6782
EROTICA: At the Store
storey.txt 14987
EROTICA: Storey Tails: Another Lesbian Story by Wilma
storm.txt 15345
EROTICA: Storm on the Door
stormsrf.txt 19255
EROTICA: Storm Surf, by mike Meyer
stormwin.txt 23225
EROTICA: Winter Storm
stormymr.txt 9111
EROTICA: She Was a Dark and Stormy Night Mare
storroom.txt 7519
EROTICA: Rape in the Storeroom, by Larry Lawrence
story.04 9650
EROTICA: Return as The Nurse, by Master Chris
story.06 6607
EROTICA: Demonstration at the Hospital, by Master Chris
story1.txt 10282
EROTICA: Story 1
story102.txt 12656
EROTICA: Mistress of the House by Mistress Henrika
story1c.txt 16057
EROTICA: Jack, Betty and Al
story_1.txt 11128
EROTICA: Debi and Frank
storyb.txt 18424
storyofg.txt 12350
EROTICA: The Story of G
stoy1.txt 28845
EROTICA: My Daughter, My SexToy - 1
stoy2.txt 34697
EROTICA: My Daughter, My SexToy - 2
stoy3.txt 18642
EROTICA: My Daughter, My SexToy - 3
straight.txt 9031
EROTICA: Straigh Laced
stranded.txt 11804
EROTICA: Stranded
stranded2.txt 38108
EROTICA: Stranded: The Diary of a Loving Father
stranger.txt 124176
EROTICA: The Stranger, by Baron Darkside (1997)
strapped.txt 53146
EROTICA: Strapped
streaker.txt 9914
EROTICA: The Streaker
stress.txt 11459
EROTICA: Stress Relief, by SweeTV
strgpart.txt 4105
EROTICA: Pleasures of going to Strange Parties
strict.txt 123012
EROTICA: Strictest Bondage by John Savage
string01.txt 14875
EROTICA: Heartstrings by Heather Dawson
strip.txt 24612
EROTICA: Strip Visit
stripoke.txt 12614
EROTICA: Strip Power with Colette and Tammi, by Raybolt (1997)
stripper.txt 47888
EROTICA: Stripper
stripper2.txt 11695
EROTICA: Stripper
strippin.txt 33166
EROTICA: Stripping
strippok.txt 24910
EROTICA: Strip Poker, by Melanie
stuck.txt 24710
EROTICA: Stuck in Paradise, by ADVNTR123
stuckinp.txt 24796
EROTICA: Stuck in Paradise, by ADVNTR123 (1994)
student.txt 8775
EROTICA: The Student, by Blue Balls
studs.txt 8860
styles~1.txt 15118
EROTICA: Drifter's Styles (1997)
styles~2.txt 9489
EROTICA: Drifter's Styles (1997)
styles~3.txt 11162
EROTICA: A New Lifestyle, by Drifter (1997)
styles~4.txt 9853
EROTICA: Drifter's Stles (1997)
styotln.txt 7296
EROTICA: The Collaborative Erotica Draft (1989)
styoutln.txt 7168
EROTICA: The Collaborative Erotica Storyline (1989)
sub-dom.txt 48382
EROTICA: Sub-Dom Love Story
subcoupl.txt 24064
EROTICA: Submissive Couple
subhubby.txt 5673
EROTICA: Subby Hubby
sublimin.txt 22878
EROTICA: Subliminal Submissives
submbeth.txt 41984
EROTICA: Beth's Introduction to Submissiveness, by Master J.
subprinc.txt 7869
EROTICA: Principal Substitute
subway.txt 16357
succubus.txt 8219
EROTICA: Succubus
suckdad.txt 5981
EROTICA: Sucking up to Daddy, by Eros (1997)
sucksis.txt 6658
EROTICA: Little Sucking Sisters, by Eros (1997)
sue.txt 10240
sue_lena.txt 5120
EROTICA: Sue and Lena, Together
suebond1.txt 35712
EROTICA: Sue's Bondage - 1 by Jack
suebond2.txt 9140
EROTICA: Sue's Bondage - 2 by Jack
suesurpr.txt 35040
EROTICA: Sue, Diane and the Surprise
suetalk.txt 15235
EROTICA: Sue Talks
suk_nick.txt 2048
EROTICA: Sucking Nick
sulin1-2.txt 28422
EROTICA: Pain and Ecstasy of Su Lin by L. J. J. Hanson
sum2rem.txt 12267
EROTICA: A Summer to Remember, by DeathFreak (1997)
summer.txt 282904
EROTICA: Summer Fantasy, by Robert C. Smith
summer2.txt 28213
EROTICA: Summer, by Deirdre
summer70.txt 6784
EROTICA: How I Spent the Summer After My Freshman Year
summerv.txt 49031
EROTICA: Summer Camping Trip, by Bebrack (1998)
summfrut.txt 11396
EROTICA: Summer Fruit by Nevyn
summgirl.txt 11306
EROTICA: My summer as a girl....
summrnap.txt 26295
EROTICA: Summer Nap, by Deek
summvacn.txt 8706
EROTICA: How I spent my Summer Vacation by BeastBoy
sumrcamp.txt 13174
EROTICA: Summer Camp Counselor by Eager Beaver
sumrtrip.txt 3840
EROTICA: Summer Trip
sumsex.txt 12349
EROTICA: Summer Sex Education
sunafter.txt 5882
EROTICA: Sunday Afternoon
sunflowr.txt 17507
EROTICA: Sunflower, by R. Mendosa
suntan.txt 29312
EROTICA: The Suntan incident
supepper.txt 18877
EROTICA: Susan and Pepper
super_jo.txt 5493
EROTICA: A "Super" J/O
support.txt 20198
EROTICA: Support, by Drifter (1997)
surnder1.txt 21545
EROTICA: Book of Surrender - 1 by Heather Dawson
surnder2.txt 18999
EROTICA: Book of Surrender - 2 by Heather Dawson
surprise.txt 6992
EROTICA: The Surprise (1998)
surrendr.txt 15658
EROTICA: Invitation to Surrender
surrsara.txt 27837
EROTICA: Surrender of Sara
susan-2.txt 91773
EROTICA: My Story by Susan (Dreams 1-5)
susan.txt 8186
EROTICA: Susan's Strapping
susan2.txt 17601
EROTICA: Susan's Strapping
susanski.txt 25228
EROTICA: Susan by S. B. Douglass (1991)
susie-q.txt 19291
EROTICA: Susie Q's Party Game, by John Carter
susie.txt 15931
EROTICA: Susie's Coming Out Party
susie2.txt 87033
suspende.txt 36656
EROTICA: Suspended, by Seldon-Rush Partners
sustarts.txt 190275
EROTICA: Susan Starts ... by Steve Edwards
susy-1.txt 17557
EROTICA: Susy's Awakening
susy-2.txt 27304
EROTICA: Susy'a Awakening (Part 2)
susy-3.txt 10693
EROTICA: Susy's Awakening (Part 3)
susy-4.txt 11782
EROTICA: Susy's Awakening (Part 4)
susy-5.txt 8131
EROTICA: Susy's Awakening (Part 5)
suzbc_01.txt 20452
EROTICA: Suzie's Big Change
suzi-nc.txt 228011
EROTICA: Suzzane's New Career
suzi.txt 17205
EROTICA: Suzi's Unhappy Return
suzi_t.txt 14056
suzie.txt 10210
EROTICA: Changing a Husband by Le Carnard
suzy&bob.txt 26490
EROTICA: Suzy and Bobby and Me
suzy-q.txt 19313
EROTICA: Suzy Q's Party Game by John Carter
sw_1109.txt 3445
EROTICA: It Was a Hot and Stormy Night
swap.txt 12410
EROTICA: Swap, by Deidre
swedish.txt 9489
EROTICA: Swedish
sweet.txt 11879
EROTICA: Sweet, by Deirdre
sweet1.txt 41908
EROTICA: Sweet One
sweetsuz.txt 65672
EROTICA: Sweet Little Story, by Eros (1997)
swemarie.txt 124386
EROTICA: Sweet Marie, by Dastardly Dave (1998)
swim.txt 11264
swim1.txt 6144
EROTICA: On a Swim
swimmin.txt 21333
EROTICA: The Old Swimming Hole
swimming.txt 38465
EROTICA: Swimming, by Bebrack (1998)
swimsuit.txt 2684
EROTICA: Swimsuit
swingman.txt 237533
EROTICA: The Swing Man, by Chili Peeler (1997)
switch.txt 26251
switcher.txt 16796
EROTICA: Switcher
switchin.txt 6358
EROTICA: Domestic Switching
swittime.txt 7846
EROTICA: Switch in Time
sylvia.txt 4767
sylvia1.txt 25544
EROTICA: Sylvia's Slave - 1 by Ruth White
sylvia2.txt 26856
EROTICA: Sylvia, by Edward Paul
sylvia3.txt 30775
EROTICA: Sylvia's Slave - 3 by Ruth White
symphony.txt 12032
EROTICA: A Night at the Symphony
sysadmin.txt 2642
EROTICA: Sys Admins
sysop.txt 35675
EROTICA: Sysops and Sex

There are 509 files for a total of 13,751,144 bytes.