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pacific1.txt 4770
EROTICA: The Pan Pacific Hotel Adventure
pacific2.txt 8286
EROTICA: The Pan Pacific Hotel Adventure Part 2
paddle.txt 7867
EROTICA: The Paddle
paddling.txt 13722
EROTICA: Patricia's Paddling
paganini.txt 210360
EROTICA: Paganini's Tale
paige01.txt 11433
EROTICA: Paige, by Conure (1996)
paige02.txt 6215
EROTICA: Paige, by Conure (Part 2) (1996)
paige03.txt 14581
EROTICA: Paige, by Conure (Part 3) (1996)
paige04.txt 6335
EROTICA: Paige: Tina, by Conure (1996)
palm.txt 106049
EROTICA: Palm Springs Weekend, by Frank Albright (1989)
palmsprs.txt 52377
EROTICA: Memories of Palm Springs, by Pussy Barber
pam's.txt 8008
EROTICA: Visiting Pam's
pamela-1.txt 18276
EROTICA: Pamela and the Toyman, by The Weatherman (May, 1994)
pamela.txt 11763
EROTICA: Love, Sally, by Pamela
pamela1.txt 12716
EROTICA: Pamela's Story, by Pamela (Part 1)
pamela2.txt 5502
EROTICA: Pamela's Story, by Pamela (Part 2)
pamela3.txt 18270
EROTICA: Pamela's Story, by Pamela (Part 3)
pamela4.txt 12894
EROTICA: Pamela's Story, by Pamela (Part 4)
pamela5.txt 13216
EROTICA: Pamela's Story, by Pamela (Part 5)
pamela6.txt 35340
EROTICA: Pamela's Story, by Pamela (Part 6)
pamela9.txt 35566
EROTICA: Pamela's Story, by Pamela (Part 9)
pamstory.txt 17358
EROTICA: Pam's Story
panak.txt 69776
EROTICA: Panak's Deal, by Dafydd Chyhoeddwr
pandgirl.txt 16972
EROTICA: Panda Girl, by George
pannel.txt 12266
EROTICA: Virta 6, 0623
panties.txt 4720
EROTICA: Panties: A True Story
panties5.txt 4028
EROTICA: Panties: A True Story
panty.txt 18098
EROTICA: The Panty Loving Principal (June 22, 1996)
paper.txt 8094
EROTICA: Paperboy
papergrl.txt 25406
EROTICA: The Papergirl, by Bobbi C
paprgirl.txt 25600
STORY: The Papergirl, by Bobbi C.
paradsl1.txt 36103
EROTICA: Paradise Lodge, by Donna Baker
paradsl2.txt 15639
EROTICA: Paradise Lodge (Part 2) by Donna Baker
parker01.txt 29188
EROTICA: Dear Diary, by Parker
parker07.txt 92915
EROTICA: Dear Diary, by Parker: Pool Party I
parker10.txt 379849
EROTICA: Dear Diary, by Parker: Stacy's Senior Year
parker11.txt 111670
EROTICA: Dear Diary, by Parker: Career Opportunities
parker12.txt 50212
EROTICA: Dear Diary, by Parker: Wedding Present
parker13.txt 38006
EROTICA: Dear Diary, by Parker: Bringing Down Pet
parker14.txt 10527
EROTICA: Dear Diary, by Parker: Payment in Full
parker16.txt 32714
EROTICA: Dear Diary, by Parker: Office Girl
parker17.txt 35460
EROTICA: Dear Diary, by Parker: Replacement Value
parker18.txt 26181
EROTICA: Dear Diary, by Parker: Honeymoon
parker20.txt 30034
EROTICA: Blackout, by Parker
parker202.txt 89240
EROTICA: Blackout, by Parker
parker21.txt 82895
EROTICA: Dear Diary, by Parker: Teacher's Ransom
parker26.txt 28041
EROTICA: Dear Diary, by Parker:: Susan
parker31.txt 8029
EROTICA: Dear Diary, by Parker: Workout
parker32.txt 7386
EROTICA: Dear Diary, by Parker: New
parker4.txt 53073
EROTICA: Dear Diary, by Parker: Charlotte
parker5.txt 46469
EROTICA: Dear Diary, by Parker: Doctor's Orders
parker6.txt 32533
EROTICA: Dear Diary, by Parker: Pet Teacher
parker7.txt 90298
EROTICA: Dear Diary, by Parker: Pool Party
parker9.txt 30649
EROTICA: Dear Diary, by Parker: Sisters
parkerjn.txt 65635
EROTICA: Dear Diary, by Parker: Lady Jane Greystone's Remarkable Experiment
parksenr.txt 345880
EROTICA: Dear Diary, by Parker: Stacy's Senior Year
parkwalk.txt 7279
EROTICA: A Walk in the Park by Electronic Erotica
part_two.txt 9066
EROTICA: Fantise
partners.txt 25201
EROTICA: Partners, by Deirdre
parttime.txt 47880
EROTICA: The Part Time Daddy, by No Spam Dave
party.txt 9873
EROTICA: The Party, by Manservant
party2.txt 7943
EROTICA: The Party
partygrl.txt 10750
EROTICA: Nicole is the Party Girl, by John
partyjok.txt 1802
EROTICA: Party Joke
partynit.txt 25668
EROTICA: Party Night by The Scarlet Quill
partytim.txt 2635
EROTICA: Party Time
partywif.txt 10276
EROTICA: My Little Party Girl, by J. Boswell
passion.txt 126434
EROTICA: Gilligan's Island: Passion Fruit
passions.txt 25600
EROTICA: Passion's Master, by JLW
passpeak.txt 21404
EROTICA: Open Marriage: Passion's Peak, by Ellen
password.txt 11565
EROTICA: Password, by SD
pat.txt 12815
EROTICA: Pat, by Deirdre
patricia.txt 59064
EROTICA: Patricia's Pussy
patricia2.txt 11489
EROTICA: Patricia's Pussy
patrick.txt 4026
EROTICA: Patrick
patti.txt 46620
EROTICA: Patti's Playthings by Hugh Jardon
patty-1.txt 11470
EROTICA: Patty on a Leash
patty-2.txt 7101
EROTICA: Patty on a Leash (Part 2)
patty-3.txt 7676
EROTICA: Patty on a Leash (Part 3)
patty-4.txt 8009
EROTICA: Patty on a Leash (Part 4)
patty-gb.txt 6815
EROTICA: Wife Gang Bang
patty.txt 11008
EROTICA: Patty's Rape
paul.txt 11280
paul2.txt 9364
paulina1.txt 5252
EROTICA: Paulina's Bondage and Discipline
paulina2.txt 2604
EROTICA: Paulina Part 2
pearpair.txt 9646
EROTICA: From the Diary of a Boy-Lover: The Sticky Pear Pair
peeper.txt 45545
EROTICA: The Peeper, by Baron Darkside (1997)
peeping1.txt 6231
EROTICA: The Peeping
peeping2.txt 5284
EROTICA: The Peeping (Part 2) (1990)
peepingt.txt 69291
EROTICA: Stories of Peeping Toms (1986)
peepshow.txt 11988
EROTICA: Peep Shows for Scott
peggy.txt 22974
EROTICA: My Neighbor Peg, by Jim Fix
peggyb.txt 11969
EROTICA: Peggy at the Beach
peggyfrs.txt 13830
EROTICA: Peggy's First Time
penectom.txt 4269
EROTICA: Penectomy, by Unknown Author
peneyes.txt 7842
STORY: Penetrating Eyes
penpals.txt 5988
EROTICA: Keep in Touch (1989)
perfect.txt 11160
EROTICA: A Perfect Moment, by K. McCall (1994)
perfectp.txt 71008
EROTICA: Perfect Programmer by Dafydd Cyhoeddwr
perfprog.txt 72179
EROTICA: The Perfect Programmer, by Dafydd Cyhoeddwr
perils.txt 195917
EROTICA: The Perils
periods.txt 26736
EROTICA: Periods by Lisa Cohn (1997)
perm-one.txt 24556
EROTICA: A Permanent Change for Life by Sandy Sullivan
perseids.txt 8171
EROTICA: Perseids
perser.txt 1884
EROTICA: Personal Services
personal.txt 15313
EROTICA: Personal Assistant by Tobias Equinox
petershorts.txt 345204
EROTICA: Peter Put Back Into Shorts
petti.txt 32563
EROTICA: Petticoating the Boss, by Dani
pglst1-3.txt 71420
EROTICA: Pregnant Lust 1
phaedrus.txt 22467
EROTICA: Phaedrus and Fermina: A Shared Fantasy
phoenix.txt 176014
EROTICA: A Book By the Phoenix
phone#.txt 14299
EROTICA: The Phone Number of the Beast
phone.txt 14561
EROTICA: The Phone
phonrepr.txt 8842
EROTICA: The Telephone Repairman
photo.txt 7426
EROTICA: Photo Shoot, by Mitchell Knight
photofun.txt 3716
EROTICA: Photo Fun
photog.txt 8025
EROTICA: The Photographer Story
photog01.txt 14748
EROTICA: The Photographer, by Ralph Williams
photog02.txt 23633
EROTICA: The Photographer, by Ralph Williams (Part II)
photog03.txt 22456
EROTICA: The Photographer, by Ralph Williams (Part III)
photog2.txt 13450
EROTICA: The Photographer
photomem.txt 15970
EROTICA: Open Marriage: Photographic Memory, by Ellen
photopro.txt 64689
EROTICA: Photo Pro, by Phil Phantom
physical.txt 38718
EROTICA: The Physicals by Amy Larry (1997)
pi.txt 99213
EROTICA: A Private Investigation, by Karen Albright
piano.txt 16439
EROTICA: The Piano Teacher
picarna1.txt 17283
EROTICA: The Sacred Order of Picarna (Part 1)
picarna2.txt 22214
EROTICA: The Sacred Order of Picarna (Part 2)
picarna3.txt 34862
EROTICA: The Sacred Order of Picarna (Part 3)
picarna4.txt 40011
EROTICA: The Sacred Order of Picarna (Part 4)
picarna5.txt 15143
EROTICA: The Sacred Order of Picarna (Part 5)
pickup-1.txt 11025
EROTICA: Double Pick Up
pickup.txt 15984
EROTICA: The Pickup
pickupln.txt 2308
EROTICA: Pickup Line
pickups.txt 25732
EROTICA: Pickups, by Lazarus Long
picnic.txt 13022
EROTICA: The Picnic
picnicx.txt 20797
EROTICA: The Picnic in the Rain
picture.txt 27471
EROTICA: The Picture
piercing.txt 26557
EROTICA: A Piercing Experience
pierpont.txt 8616
EROTICA: The Game at Pierponte, by Ellen
piggy.txt 7919
EROTICA: Here Piggy Piggy
piggy2.txt 49778
EROTICA: Piggy, by V.P. Viddler
piginabl.txt 15541
EROTICA: Pig in a Blanket
pills.txt 47842
EROTICA: Pills, by Karen Albright
pinkneon.txt 27044
EROTICA: Pink Neon
pinkroom.txt 7555
EROTICA: The Pink Room
pippa.txt 10261
EROTICA: Pippa's Punishment
pirate.txt 23875
EROTICA: The Pirate
piss.txt 9566
pissing.txt 14188
EROTICA: The Pissing Machine
pisslave.txt 33457
EROTICA: Piss Slave
pit1.txt 17243
EROTICA: Pit Fighters
pit2.txt 14573
EROTICA: Pit Fighters (Part 2)
pit3.txt 12740
EROTICA: Pit Fighters (Part 3)
pitt.txt 14595
pizzaboy.txt 10921
EROTICA: The Pizza Boy
pizzaguy.txt 8861
EROTICA: Fun With the Pizza Guy, by Richh
pizzaman.txt 9745
EROTICA: Pizza Man, by V. P. Viddler
plato.txt 25543
EROTICA: Plato's Retreat
playdoc.txt 6811
EROTICA: Playing Doctor, by Taka Hike (1998)
playprty.txt 5798
EROTICA: The PlayParty
pleaspal.txt 7927
EROTICA: Pleasure Palace
pleasure.txt 17395
EROTICA: Guilty Pleasures
plimsoll.txt 8768
EROTICA: The Size Twelve Plimsoll
plk-q.txt 8168
EROTICA: PLK Q, by Felix Dartmouth
plka.txt 5630
EROTICA: Pledgeship, by Felix Dartmouth
plumber.txt 16489
EROTICA: Plumber
plyhouse.txt 25592
EROTICA: The Pleasure House
pmachine.txt 11191
EROTICA: The Pleasure Machine, by John Savage
pnight.txt 27082
EROTICA: A Party Night
podiatri.txt 14275
EROTICA: A Visit to the Podiatrist
poker.txt 9716
EROTICA: Poker Night
poker1.txt 22349
EROTICA: The Poker Game, by Pedros (1997)
pokeradv.txt 26927
EROTICA: The Big Poker Game
pokergam.txt 30764
EROTICA: The Poker Game (Part 1) by Pedros (1997)
pokergm2.txt 19423
EROTICA: The Poker Game (Part 2) by Pedros (1997)
pokergm3.txt 19989
EROTICA: The Poker Game (Part 3) by Pedros (1997)
pokergm4.txt 25960
EROTICA: The Poker Game (Part 4) by Pedros (1997)
pokergm5.txt 30139
EROTICA: The Poker Game (Part 5) by Pedros (1997)
pokrprty.txt 24664
EROTICA: Strip Poker Party, by Dive Master
police.txt 13750
EROTICA: Never Argue with a Policewoman
police2.txt 6370
EROTICA: Police Brutality
pony-i.txt 6223
EROTICA: My Friend, His Pony and I, by Dreamer
pony.txt 5047
pool.txt 11510
poolside.txt 7456
EROTICA: The Pool Side
poolsumr.txt 19073
EROTICA: The Swimming Pool
porn_mom.txt 25977
EROTICA: Porno Mom (1997)
pornmovi.txt 15940
EROTICA: The Porn Movie
porterhi.txt 220732
EROTICA: Porter High
possess.txt 28860
EROTICA: A Tale of Possession
postage1.txt 6309
EROTICA: Postage Due, by Peaches
postage2.txt 9049
EROTICA: Postage Due, by Peaches (Part 2)
postage3.txt 13796
EROTICA: Postage Due, by Peaches (Part 3)
pov.txt 195512
EROTICA: Points of View
pow.txt 11202
EROTICA: Prisoner of War
pow1.txt 16099
EROTICA: The Mother of All Rapes, by Conwic
pow2.txt 19051
EROTICA: The Mother of All Rapes, by Conwic (Part 2)
pow3.txt 19514
EROTICA: The Mother of All Rapes, by Conwic (Part 3)
pow4.txt 14943
EROTICA: The Mother of All Rapes, by Conwic (Part 4)
pow5.txt 13101
EROTICA: The Mother of All Rapes, by Conwic (Part 5)
power-1.txt 16401
EROTICA: The Power Company, by Peri Brown
power.txt 25991
power1.txt 18079
EROTICA: The Ultimate Exercise of Power
power2.txt 17288
EROTICA: As Seen from the Other Side
pparty.txt 49491
EROTICA: The Party, by Passionate Penelope
practice.txt 14141
EROTICA: Practice, by Deirdre (September 6, 1994)
prairie.txt 9576
EROTICA: Prairie
preacher.txt 16317
EROTICA: Preacherman
prefect.txt 35578
EROTICA: A Prefect's Punishment
preggie.txt 38710
EROTICA: Preggie Sarah
pregnanc.txt 90818
EROTICA: Pregnancy
prelude.txt 3581
EROTICA: Prelude to Incest
prep.txt 13806
EROTICA: Preparation, by Deirdre (September 24, 1994)
present.txt 40307
EROTICA: The Birthday Present
present2.txt 4483
EROTICA: Birthday Present, by V.P. Viddler
presto2.txt 32851
EROTICA: Presto Change-O by Robert E. Epps
prince.txt 15419
EROTICA: Prince and His Princess
princess.txt 16751
EROTICA: The Princess of Huntington High
princpal.txt 11134
EROTICA: In the Principal's Office
priscila.txt 8473
EROTICA: Priscilla's First Spanking
prison.txt 22387
EROTICA: Prison... Can It Be True?
prisoner.txt 23071
EROTICA: Prisoner of Love, by Phil Phantom
private1.txt 17330
EROTICA: A Private Investigation, by karen Albright
problem.txt 12171
EROTICA: Problem, by Scott
prof-des.txt 27496
EROTICA: My Professor's Desire, by Mitchell Knight
prof.txt 7490
EROTICA: The Professor, by Ann D
program.txt 89511
EROTICA: Getting with the Program, by Phil Phantom
prom.txt 14156
EROTICA: A Prom Twist, by Mitchell Knight
promdate.txt 14412
EROTICA: Prom Date, by Ann D
promgirl.txt 45989
EROTICA: Prom Girl, by Leigh De Santa Fe
pros-1.txt 18350
protocol.txt 22906
EROTICA: Protocol
prox.txt 27593
EROTICA: The Prosectrix
prsnfarm.txt 9751
EROTICA: The Prison Farm
prtynite.txt 27572
EROTICA: Post-Midterm Party Night, by Dave Weingart (1991)
pssecat1.txt 13121
EROTICA: Kara's Hike, by Dastardly Dave
puberty.txt 31371
EROTICA: Puberty
pultrain.txt 19705
EROTICA: Pulling a Train, by Aunt Peg
punish.txt 6004
EROTICA: Punishment
punitory.txt 16183
EROTICA: Punitory: Erebus
punk.txt 3673
EROTICA: Show Me Your Ass, Punk
puppies.txt 3408
EROTICA: Puppies
purplesilk.txt 11688
EROTICA: Purple Silk Scarves, by D! (1990)
puss.txt 14513
EROTICA: The Enslavement of Puss by Janice Christine
pusscats.txt 18614
EROTICA: Pussy Cats by Candy Kane (1998)
pussfuck.txt 37614
STORY: Alisa and Susanna
pvschool.txt 26294
EROTICA: Private School Boys, by Veck
pwhore.txt 19067
EROTICA: My Precious Whore

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