Sex, Sex Humor and Sexuality: Erotica: M

Description of the Textfile
m-d.txt 22393
EROTICA: Mother and Daughter
m-reveng.txt 17605
EROTICA: Millie's Revenge, by Cal Stephens
m_dream.txt 12056
EROTICA: Midsummer's Daydream, by Tinker (December, 1993)
maam.txt 28167
EROTICA: Maam, or Good Manners Can See You Through Anything (Star Trek)
macfareac.txt 79158
EROTICA: The McFare Academy, by Godspit
machin.txt 10536
EROTICA: How You Ever Been Stimulated by a Machine
macro01.txt 10667
EROTICA: The Mostrous Macropod by Robert John Williams (1993)
macro02.txt 19165
EROTICA: The Monstrous Macropod, by Robert John Williams (1993)
madam_x.txt 45331
EROTICA: Madam X, by Phil Phantom
madamx.txt 49928
EROTICA: Madam X, by Phil Phantom (1996)
mademois.txt 10340
EROTICA: Mlle. Bellecoeur
mags.txt 10878
EROTICA: The Swingers Magazines
maid.txt 13676
STORY: Mistress Andrea's Maid
maidaunt.txt 69104
EROTICA: Skinny Dipping with my Maiden Aunt by Day Dreamer
maiden.txt 15567
EROTICA: A Maiden Fair to See, by D. Joan Leib (1995)
maidguy.txt 13824
EROTICA: Man Mad!!
maidweek.txt 16625
EROTICA: Maid's Week 1-2
maja.txt 24989
EROTICA: The Sleeping Maja
making.txt 35326
EROTICA: The Making of a Slave
makslave.txt 93447
EROTICA: The Making of a Slave
makwaves.txt 4224
EROTICA: Making Waves, by Hai Truong and Andrew Truong
makwaves2.txt 3097
EROTICA: Making Waves, by Hai Truong and Andrew Truong
malelust.txt 15634
EROTICA: Dark Secrets of Male Lust, by Taka Hike
mallstry.txt 26814
EROTICA: A Mall Story, by Dorvis Slaughter
malmodel.txt 11019
EROTICA: Male Modem
mandance.txt 10752
EROTICA: Private Dancer, by Major Havoc
mandance2.txt 10626
EROTICA: Private Dancer, by Major Havoc
mandm.txt 19688
EROTICA: Milady and Milord, by Edward L. Stauff (1988)
mandy-1.txt 28398
EROTICA: Mandy Conquers her AIDS Fears
mandy.txt 14476
EROTICA: Mandy, by Big Daddy (1997)
mandy1.txt 28248
EROTICA: Mandy, by Darkman
mandy2.txt 78803
EROTICA: Mandy Chapter 2, by Darkman (1997)
mandy3.txt 50501
EROTICA: Mandy Chapter 3, by Darkman (1997)
mandykid.txt 71729
EROTICA: Mandy and the Kids
manner.txt 2933
EROTICA: Dear Missy
manpower.txt 9412
EROTICA: Manpower
marble.txt 23768
EROTICA: the Marble Mountains, by Sharon Pauma (1991)
marcie.txt 25565
marcie1.txt 52257
EROTICA: Marcie, by Dorian Gray (1997)
marco.txt 8645
EROTICA: Marco, by Tom Depp
mare.txt 6424
marefant.txt 10135
EROTICA: A Mare Fantasy
margo&me.txt 50428
EROTICA: Midsummer Madness with Margo the Magnificent by The Silver Dragon
margo.txt 33304
EROTICA: Humiliation
margoass.txt 7855
EROTICA: Margo's Utterly Fabulous Ass
margos.txt 19868
EROTICA: Margo's Salon, or the Little Shop of Whores, by Pussy Barber
marguer.txt 8139
EROTICA: Marguerite
mari.txt 47924
maria.txt 115380
maria2.txt 11991
marie.txt 235654
marilyn.asc 17244
STORY: The Story of Marilyn
marine.txt 197209
EROTICA: Marine Sex Slave
marion1.txt 8729
EROTICA: Marion (Part 1)
marion2.txt 8407
EROTICA: Marion (Part 2)
marion3.txt 9203
EROTICA: Marion (Part 3)
marion4.txt 9508
EROTICA: Marion (Part 4)
marion5.txt 8832
EROTICA: Marion (Part 5)
marion6.txt 8106
EROTICA: Marion (Part 6)
marion7.txt 8819
EROTICA: Marion (Part 7)
marion8.txt 9118
EROTICA: Marion (Part 8)
marion9.txt 8949
EROTICA: Marion (Part 9)
marjorie.txt 52270
EROTICA: Marjorie, by Dirty Dawg
mark.txt 17871
mark2.txt 11254
markgreg.txt 9017
EROTICA: Mark and Greg, by Vicki
markstry.txt.txt 34181
EROTICA: Mark's Story, by Chachi
marla.txt 7384
married.txt 16311
EROTICA: Married Hunk, by William Cozad
marsha.txt 37349
marsha1.txt 26016
EROTICA: Marsha Part 1 by mz. Mysty (1997)
marthado.txt 5860
EROTICA: Martha and the Dildos
martin.txt 10273
EROTICA: Martin Shore
martina.txt 19431
EROTICA: Martina, by BillyG
marwhore.txt 8433
EROTICA: Married Whore
mary&ram.txt 35303
EROTICA: Mary Had a Hot Ram, by Harry Balls
mary.txt 23770
EROTICA: Mary from Heaven, by Tinker (1994)
mary1x3.txt 18310
STORY: Teaching Mary Anne 1: Mary Anne's Gift by Heironymous (1992)
mary2.txt 12685
EROTICA: The Night That I Fucked Mary
mary4x5.txt 23916
STORY: Teaching Mary Anne: Down Mary Anne's Throat
mary6a.txt 16935
STORY: Teaching Mary Anne: The Gang's All Here
mary6b.txt 15010
STORY: Teaming Mary Anne: The Gang's All Here Part 2 (1992)
mary_ann.txt 10360
EROTICA: Marry Ann
mary_vid.txt 30235
EROTICA: Mary Finds a Video
maryanne.txt 73684
EROTICA: Mary Anne, by The Taxman
maryanne2.txt 9513
EROTICA: Mary Anne, by The Taxman
marydubl.txt 6051
EROTICA: Mary Does Double
marydubl2.txt 5945
EROTICA: Mary Does Double
marylou.txt 12858
EROTICA: It has a Mind of Its Own: Mary Lou
marymilk.txt 15386
EROTICA: Mary Drinks her Milk, by Bare Bodkin
marysbth.txt 32150
EROTICA: Mary's Bath
mas2slav.txt 5134
EROTICA: Master to Slave: That Initial Contact
masked.txt 4940
EROTICA: A Masked Ball, by Eros
massage.txt 20478
EROTICA: Massage, by Eve
massage2.txt 19296
EROTICA: Deep Massage
massfuck.txt 9160
EROTICA: Massive Fucking
mast&slv.txt 10589
EROTICA: Master and Slave
mast12.txt 10108
EROTICA: Doing it Candy's Way
mast15.txt 14847
EROTICA: Doing it Candy's Way (The Secretary)
mast16.txt 13186
EROTICA: Doing it Candy's Way (On Display)
mast20.txt 12060
EROTICA: Doing it Candy's Way (Submitting in the Wild West)
mast21.txt 11593
EROTICA: Doing it Candy's Way by Master Blaster
mast22.txt 16259
EROTICA: Doing it Candy's Way, by Master Blaster: Sex Education Class
master.txt 5952
EROTICA: The Master's Slave, by Big Daddy
masterchris.txt 1011310
EROTICA: Visit to the Doctor, by the Master Chris Collection
masthand.txt 21639
EROTICA: Master of the Hand
mastur.txt 5836
EROTICA:A Bibliography of Masturbation by Richard Lovel (August 7, 1988)
mating.txt 12273
EROTICA: DarkNites: Mating Flight
matrix.txt 11526
EROTICA: Love in the Matrix
matthew.txt 17721
EROTICA: Matthew
maumee.txt 0
EROTICA: The Maumee River (1994)
maureen.txt 11848
EROTICA: First Time in LA
maureen2.txt 11894
EROTICA: First Time in LA
maurice.txt 12064
EROTICA: Maurice
mavis.txt 19109
may-1.txt 25098
may-2.txt 23600
EROTICA: May (Part 2)
may-3.txt 24153
EROTICA: May (Part 3)
may-4.txt 24551
EROTICA: May (Part 4)
may-5.txt 23914
EROTICA: May (Part 5)
may-6.txt 4821
EROTICA: May (Part 6)
may.txt 126135
may1.txt 56429
EROTICA: May Part 1
may2.txt 127851
mazatlan.txt 6506
EROTICA: Mazatlan
mb3.txt 30046
EROTICA: Minding My Own Business Part III by Fitzhemingway
mcfare2.txt 33541
EROTICA: The McFare Academy, by Godspit
mchris01.txt 13644
The Master Chris Collection: The Doctor's Office
mchris02.txt 5504
The Master Chris Collection: The Store Manager's Office
mchris03.txt 9159
The Master Chris Collection: The Chateau
mchris04.txt 9714
The Master Chris Collection: The Dungeon
mchris05.txt 9454
EROTICA: Back to high School, from Master Chris
mchris052.txt 9373
EROTICA: Back to high School, from Master Chris
mchris06.txt 6662
The Master Chris Collection: Demonstration at the Hospital
mchris07.txt 12936
The Master Chris Collection: The Country House
mchris08.txt 11026
The Master Chris Collection: Kidnapped to the Islands
mchris09.txt 11392
The Master Chris Collection: Watching the Maid
mchris10.txt 14735
The Master Chris Collection: Trip to the Carribean
mchris11.txt 9832
The Master Chris Collection: School for Discipline
mchris12.txt 12569
The Master Chris Collection: School for Discipline
mchris13.txt 12756
The Master Chris Collection: Scool for Discipline
mchris14.txt 10259
The Master Chris Collection: School for Discipline
mchris15.txt 11792
The Master Chris Collection: School for Discipline
mchris17.txt 14905
The Master Chris Collection: The Secretary
mchris18.txt 13312
The Master Chris Collection: On Display
mchris19.txt 10308
The Master Chris Collection: The Girl's Locker Room
mchris21.txt 9539
The Master Chris Collection: On the Beach
mchris22.txt 11264
The Master Chris Collection: In the Principal's Office
mchris23.txt 17767
The Master Chris Collection: South American Adventure
mchris24.txt 15719
The Master Chris Collection: Submission in the Suburbs
mchris26.txt 12032
The Master Chris Collection: Submitting in the Wild West
mchris27.txt 16130
The Master Chris Collection: Special Reform School for Girls
mchris28.txt 12288
The Master Chris Collection: Nicole's Discipline in the Office
mchris29.txt 10374
The Master Chris Collection: Lori and Roxanne Meet
mchris33.txt 9980
The Master Chris Collection: Initiation into the Club
mchris34.txt 14530
The Master Chris Collection: Preparing for the Prom
mchris37.txt 11093
The Master Chris Collection: Jennifer and Her Mistress
mdaukim.txt 11092
EROTICA: My Daughter Kim, by Orni
mdcom1.txt 19064
EROTICA: On the Home Front, by Mind Commando
mds-1.txt 25092
EROTICA: Mom's Donkey Show
mds-2.txt 27548
EROTICA: Mom's Donkey Show (Part 2)
me&judy.txt 9372
EROTICA: Me and Judy
me&mom-2.txt 9088
EROTICA: Me and Mom
me&mom.txt 9088
STORY: Me and Linda's Mom
me_doll.txt 13115
EROTICA: Me Doll, You Big, by Sue
meadow.txt 31339
EROTICA: The Meadow, by Robin Young (1993)
mechanic.txt 21458
EROTICA: The Mechanic, by Headman
medical.txt 120397
EROTICA: Medical Adventures, or Female Domination in the Field of Medicine
medieval.txt 17643
EROTICA: A Medieval Trail, by Eric Cash
meet_jan.txt 10873
EROTICA: Meeting with Jan by DJ
meetagin.txt 23368
EROTICA: We Meet Again, by Ojo de Ella
meeting.txt 18145
EROTICA: The Meeting
meeting2.txt 11499
EROTICA: The Meeting
meetwchr.txt 10539
EROTICA: A Meeting with Chris (July 15, 1993)
megan.txt 13539
EROTICA: Megan and Her Dad, by Steve Jensen
megan2.txt 12317
EROTICA: Slumber Party, by Leslie Addison (1988)
mel_bro.txt 4291
EROTICA: Mellisa's Brother, by Big Daddy
melanie.txt 72979
EROTICA: Melanie Learns, by Double Secret Author
melisa.txt 2605
EROTICA: The Making of Melissa, by Uncle Billy
melisa2.txt 10275
EROTICA: The Making of Melissa, by FfejL
melissa.txt 373172
EROTICA: Melissa: A Chance Encounter by Eros
melissa1.txt 20866
EROTICA: Melissa, by Linda Lafrance (1989)
melissa2.txt 19039
EROTICA: Melissa (Part 2) by Linda Lafrance (1989)
mellisa.txt 113781
EROTICA: Melissa, by Big Daddy (1997)
melrose.txt 14150
EROTICA: Melrose Place: Another Honeymoon, by Adrian Hunter
melting.txt 29889
EROTICA: The Melting of the Snowflake
meltpoin.txt 24276
EROTICA: The Meling Point, by Leigh
memories.txt 2692
EROTICA: Memories of My Youth
men.txt 3641
EROTICA: Getting Into Women's Clubs
men_r_us.txt 12344
EROTICA: Men Are Us, by Janet Dubois
menage.txt 8112
metro.txt 18514
EROTICA: Adventure on the Metro
mex.txt 11916
EROTICA: Kristie's Mexican Vacation
mfheaven.txt 23714
EROTICA: Mary from Heaven, by Tinker (October, 1994)
mfs_01.txt 10293
EROTICA: Markorie Gets Screwed in Chicago
mfuent1.txt 7052
EROTICA: Marie Fuentes, by Mr. Velvet
mfuent2.txt 6846
EROTICA: Maria Fuentes (2) by Mr. Velvet
michele.txt 58630
EROTICA: Michele, by SXJames
michelle.txt 30348
EROTICA: Michael Michelle, by Marcia Sampson
mickey.txt 35504
miguel.txt 22965
EROTICA: Miguel, by Bruce Bramson
mike.txt 57290
EROTICA: The Institute, by Ruth White
mike01.txt 13747
EROTICA: The Party
mike09.txt 12598
EROTICA: Juliea: A Thorough Checkup, by Uncle Mike
mike18.txt 24684
EROTICA: Happy Days: He Shoots He Scores, by Uncle Mike
mike31.txt 23090
EROTICA: COSBY: The Daughter Never Knocks Twice, by Uncle Mike
mike33.txt 30054
EROTICA: DESIGNING WOMEN: Hot 'Lanta, by Uncle Mike
mike44.txt 19482
EROTICA: DAVE'S WORLD: Beth Boffs Her Boy, by Uncle Mike
mikebamb.txt 9355
EROTICA: Mike and Banbi
mikeeduc.txt 11950
EROTICA: Mike's Education, by Bill B.
mikestor.txt 129780
EROTICA: Mike's Story
milady.txt 19606
EROTICA: Milday and Milord, by Edward L. Stauff (1988)
mildred.txt 20518
EROTICA: Mildred
milk_man.txt 8294
EROTICA: The Milk Man, by Lauren
milkman.txt 8309
EROTICA: The Milkman, by Lauren
milky.txt 3696
millenia.txt 71708
EROTICA: The Millenial Purity Test (1000 Points) (1990)
millers.txt 39505
EROTICA: The Miller Family, by The Drifter
millie.txt 17331
EROTICA: Millie's Revenge, by Cal Stephens
miranda.txt 18954
EROTICA: Miranda's Birthday Surprise
mirrors.txt 16278
EROTICA: Mirrors, by Astral6666
misbn1.txt 7859
EROTICA: The Mistress of Bondage Part I
misbn2.txt 11281
EROTICA: The Mistress of Bondage Part II
misbn3.txt 13086
EROTICA: The Mistress of Bondage Part III
misbn4.txt 8870
EROTICA: The Mistress of Bondage Part IV
misbn5.txt 13834
EROTICA: The Mistress of Bondage Part V
misbn6.txt 12376
EROTICA: The Mistress of Bondage Part VI
misbn8.txt 20401
EROTICA: The Mistress of Bondage Part VIII
misbon.txt 117609
EROTICA: The Mistress of Bondage, by Dark Side Inc.
misc01.txt 28545
EROTICA: Michellaneous Snippets
mismatch.txt 6958
EROTICA: Fight #3: The Mismatch
missfaye.txt 66776
EROTICA: Miss Faye and Uncle Max
misstory.txt 11332
EROTICA: Miss' Story
misstory2.txt 3520
EROTICA: Miss' Story
missy.txt 25164
EROTICA: Missy, by She-Devil
mistake.txt 33117
EROTICA: The Mistake, by Douglas Freese
mistakes.txt 21612
EROTICA: Irrevocable Mistakes: The Diary of Cary Kindall
mistjudy.txt 29952
EROTICA: Mistress Judy
misty.txt 16138
mithrais.txt 24161
EROTICA: Mithrais Takes a Q by A. Rex (Star Trek)
mitzvah.txt 14721
EROTICA: The Bar Mitzvah, by Ed
mkchris2.txt 3294
EROTICA: The Making of Chrissie (To Completion) by She Devil
mlady1.txt 46311
EROTICA: M'Lady Muscle, by Forrest Curran
mnstrwin.txt 40455
EROTICA: The Monster Within, by Baron Darkside
mntain_2.txt 7219
EROTICA: Trying to Maintain
mntain_3.txt 15607
EROTICA: Mountain Two
mntain_4.txt 11836
EROTICA: Mountain Four
model1.txt 24878
EROTICA: The Model
moira.txt 30333
EROTICA: Moria's Ticket
molly.txt 35260
EROTICA: Molly's Muff, by The Carnal Quill
mom&sis.txt 83485
EROTICA: Loving Mom and Sis, by Eros (1997)
mom_inla.txt 10995
EROTICA: The Mother-in-Law, by Carol
mom_mayi.txt 6675
EROTICA: Mother, May I, by Big Daddy (1997)
mom_room.txt 6390
EROTICA: Mother's Room, by Big Daddy (1997)
momdate.txt 7690
EROTICA: My Mother, My Date
moment.txt 2630
EROTICA: A Nice Moment, by the User @ Large
momfuck.txt 43918
EROTICA: The Mother Loves to Fuck
momknows.txt 82574
EROTICA: Mom Knows, by Baron Darkside (1997)
mommilk.txt 88290
EROTICA: Mother's Milk, by Baron Darkside (1997)
mommilk2.txt 58546
EROTICA: Mother's Milk, by Incesterman (1996)
momsbday.txt 15220
EROTICA: Mom's Birthday
momsecrt.txt 20348
EROTICA: Mothers and Sons, by Baron Darkside (1997)
momsfrnd.txt 52255
EROTICA: My Mom's Best Friend, by the Drifter (1997)
momsheal.txt 66370
EROTICA: Mom's Healing Love, by J. Boswell
momslove.txt 11410
EROTICA: A Mother's Love, by Ed Dippus
momswind.txt 33237
EROTICA: The Light in Mother's Window, by P.D. Michael
mongo.txt 4851
EROTICA: Mongo's Message, by SwampRat (1990)
monica.txt 93403
monique.txt 20388
EROTICA: Monique, by Shyboy
monolog.txt 7115
EROTICA: Monologue, by Double Secret Author (1997)
monsispr.txt 16352
EROTICA: A Brother's Duty, by Dungeon Master
monster.txt 137278
EROTICA: The Monster Within, by Baron Darkside (1997)
moon.txt 19625
mooner.txt 10345
EROTICA: What Happened to Mandy the Mooner
more-sal.txt 5140
EROTICA: More of Sal and Betty
morebear.txt 11143
EROTICA: Male Model
moreles1.txt 28438
EROTICA: Janice's Final Lesson, by Schulzie (1998)
moreles2.txt 18159
EROTICA: More Lessions for Janice, by Schulzie (1998)
moreles3.txt 19501
EROTICA: Lessions for Janice, by Schulzie (1998)
moreplay.txt 10179
EROTICA: Foreplay and Moreplay by NixPixer Helend Bed about Pussy Barber!
moresome.txt 25387
EROTICA: Moresome
morncfee.txt 7944
EROTICA: Morning Coffee
morning.txt 9596
EROTICA: My Morning
morphin.txt 49889
EROTICA: The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: Pink Ranger vs. The Dominator
motel.txt 5705
EROTICA: Motel, by Deirdre (March 5, 1995)
motel1.txt 14117
EROTICA: The Motel Slut
motel2.txt 14092
EROTICA: The Motel Slut (Part 2)
motel3.txt 10515
EROTICA: The Motel Slut (Part 3)
motel4.txt 14337
EROTICA: The Motel Slut (Part 4)
motel5.txt 18190
EROTICA: The Motel Slut (Part 5)
mott.txt 3058
mouth.txt 8967
EROTICA: Mouth, by Deirdre (September 22, 1994)
movie.txt 18570
EROTICA: The Movies
movie2.txt 13199
EROTICA: The Movies
movieluv.txt 20224
EROTICA: We Made Our own X-Movie! By liana
movieluv2.txt 20401
EROTICA: We Made Our own X-Movie! By liana
movies.txt 11887
EROTICA: Getting It At the Movies
moving.txt 46479
EROTICA: Moving, by Bebrack (1998)
mrsxmrsy.txt 3710
EROTICA: Mrs. X and Mrs. Y by V.P. Viddler
ms.txt 11005
EROTICA: Midnight Swim, by Jenifer
msmalon.txt 76928
STORY: The Teacher Part I
msrydaug.txt 220980
EROTICA: The Missionary's Daughter by TheEditor
mstudent.txt 36534
EROTICA: The Master Student
muffy.txt 28231
muscle.txt 18033
EROTICA: Musclestuds
musthief.txt 5190
EROTICA: Mushroom Thief
my-first.txt 3368
EROTICA: My First Circle Jerk
my_party.txt 7965
EROTICA: My Party Treasure, by J. Boswell
myaunt.txt 8330
EROTICA: My Aunt Kellie
myblamis.txt 34382
EROTICA: My Black Mistress
mychoice.txt 16127
EROTICA: My Choice: A Story
mydaddy.txt 13385
EROTICA: Vacation With the Family
mydayoff.txt 38475
EROTICA: My Day off
myeduca.txt 60324
EROTICA: My Education, my Bebrack
mylifea.txt 74238
EROTICA: My Life, by Max Free (1998)
mymother.txt 71760
EROTICA: My Mother, Susan, by BillyG (1997)
mynlaws2.txt 22652
EROTICA: My In-Laws, by Gobs O'Semen (1997)
myprof.txt 28604
EROTICA: My Professor
mysister.txt 7367
EROTICA: The Best Weekend of My Life, by William Bloom
myster.txt 60426
EROTICA: She Moves in Mysterious Ways
myvacatn.txt 6307
EROTICA: My Vacation, by Luscious Lady
mywife.txt 7962
EROTICA: About My Wife...
mywkend1.txt 12032
EROTICA: First Weekend by Essen M
mywkend2.txt 9344
EROTICA: First Weekend Part 2 by Essen M
mywkend3.txt 15488
EROTICA: First Weekend Part 3 by Essen M
mywkend4.txt 13568
EROTICA: My Weekend Training Part 4 by Essen M
mywkend5.txt 12416
EROTICA: My Weekend Training Part 5 by Essen M
mywkend6.txt 23813
EROTICA: My Weekend Training Part 6 by Essen M
mywkend7.txt 14592
EROTICA: My Weekend Training Part 7 by Essen M

There are 329 files for a total of 9,559,120 bytes.