Sex, Sex Humor and Sexuality: Erotica: D

Description of the Textfile
d&k.txt 151294
EROTICA: My Cousin Kristie by Dave Nichols by Studs Manly (1997)
d_diary.txt 29176
EROTICA: Dear Diary, by Parker
d_palace.txt 19931
EROTICA: The Dark Palace by Ron Dalanor
d_team.txt 31929
EROTICA: Dream Team, by Tinker (February 1994)
dadcoach.txt 12357
EROTICA: Dad and the Coach, by Joe Troutt
dairymen.txt 22025
EROTICA: Milking, by Milford Ray Slabaugh (1989)
daisy.txt 18115
EROTICA: Daisy's Debut
dallas.txt 20414
EROTICA: Camping in Dallas
damage.txt 28182
EROTICA: Damage to the Rear
damon.txt 14623
EROTICA: Damon, by Jamie
dan&drew.txt 12324
EROTICA: Dan and Drew, the Boys, by Anonymous
dana.txt 36578
EROTICA: Dana, by Dirty Dawg
dancer.txt 36239
dancer01.txt 10650
dancin.txt 16217
EROTICA: Dancin' In the Dark
danemanr.txt 17480
EROTICA: Dane Manor, by John Sellers
danger.txt 37188
EROTICA: The Dangerous Detour, by Arc Light
dani.txt 40354
EROTICA: Dani: Created in Her Image
dannie.txt 15854
EROTICA: Dannie Boy
dare.txt 19584
daria.txt 13902
EROTICA: Daria's Discipline by Mastercat
daria1.txt 12543
EROTICA: A Surpriring Passion, by Daria, the Little Devil
dark&del.txt 34599
EROTICA: Dark and Delicious, by Eros
dark&del2.txt 38399
EROTICA: Dark and Delivious by Eros (1997)
dark_one.txt 26999
EROTICA: The Dark One
darkeye.txt 10131
EROTICA: Dark Eyes and Blonde, by David Lee
darkness.txt 15251
EROTICA: Darkness of Knight
darkness2.txt 10144
EROTICA: The Good Side of Darkness by June and Lizzie Smith
darknite.txt 78232
EROTICA: Dark Nites
darkpass.txt 10280
EROTICA: Dark Passion
darkroom.txt 29730
EROTICA: The Dark Room, by J. Verhagen
darkstni.txt 11716
EROTICA: A Dark and Stormy Night
darla.txt 22288
datemom.txt 16340
EROTICA: A Date with mom, by Eros
daughter.txt 67171
EROTICA: Daughter's Horny Urge, by Eros
daughtrs.txt 25188
EROTICA: Two loving Daughters by Eros (1997)
dauinlaw.txt 11766
EROTICA: Donna, My Daughter in Law, by Jeff Davis
dautmine.txt 7521
EROTICA: Daughter Mine
dauturg.txt 75627
EROTICA: Daughter's Horny Urge, by Eros (1997)
davejudy.txt 10108
EROTICA: Dave and Judy, by Zeta
davetor1.txt 5405
EROTICA: David's Torment
david.txt 5277
EROTICA: David, by Rich Jones (1987)
davy.txt 14407
EROTICA: Davy Jones Locker
davyjon.txt 14198
EROTICA: Davy Jones Locker, by Dan Aloha
dax.txt 264532
daxkira.txt 20427
EROTICA: A Trill and a Bajoran: Inter-Species Relations (October 16, 1994)
dayatpool.txt 22587
EROTICA: A Day at the Pool
daybeach.txt 8551
EROTICA: A Day at the Beach, by Pat L. Durante
daydream.txt 4933
EROTICA: Daydream, by Deirdre
dayhorse.txt 6362
EROTICA: A Day With My Horse, by Hawse
dayinjul.txt 28562
EROTICA: A Day in July, by Paul and Don
daylife.txt 30433
EROTICA: A Day in the Life
dbl_fun.txt 39084
EROTICA: Double the Fun, by Baron Darkside (1997)
dblteam.txt 24689
EROTICA: Frank's Surprise
dcamping.txt 11580
EROTICA: Desert Camping, by Buteo (1994)
ddd.txt 19700
deadlove.txt 5369
EROTICA: The Dead Love by Pat O'Brien
deal.txt 6674
EROTICA: Deal, by Deirdre
dean.txt 63998
EROTICA: The Dean of Discipline, by David White (1985)
deanna.txt 78997
EROTICA: Deanna by laura Leigh
death_dildo.txt 11362
Death Dildo, by Neceros
deb-teri.txt 10087
EROTICA: Deb and Teresa
deb.txt 2058
debating.txt 18731
EROTICA: The Debating Society
debbie.txt 5856
debbie1.txt 25749
EROTICA: The Debbie Letters to Aquavite
debbie2.txt 14754
EROTICA: Debbie's Passion, by Studs Manly (1997)
debby.txt 14926
EROTICA: Debby, by Double Secret Author (1997)
debby2.txt 35450
deborah.txt 9853
EROTICA: Deborah, by Taka Hike (1998)
debra.txt 12404
debt.txt 10442
EROTICA: Debt, by Deirdre
deca.txt 47188
EROTICA: Debbie Does DECA, by Rev
december.txt 24148
EROTICA: A December Fantasy, by Mark A. Foster
deceptio.txt 33707
EROTICA: Deception, by Leigh
decision.txt 12534
EROTICA: Decisions, by That One Skunk (1994)
decker.txt 26624
EROTICA: That Time of the Month, by Julie Woodcock
deepblue.txt 39861
EROTICA: Deep Blue
deepdive.txt 11762
EROTICA: Deep Dive
deepfist.txt 12881
EROTICA: Deepfist
defiant.txt 5766
EROTICA: A Defiant Girl, by R. Mendosa
delight.txt 17822
EROTICA: Delight
delurk.txt 7492
EROTICA: Delurk....
denise.txt 12840
EROTICA: Dennis with an E
denise2.txt 21310
denisetk.txt 16384
dentist.txt 7119
EROTICA: The Dentist, by Bobby Lee
des-adve.txt 5359
EROTICA: Desire's Adventure by Appolonia Kotero
desecrat.txt 26453
EROTICA: Desecrat
deserted.txt 9448
EROTICA: A Deserted Island, by Mitchell Knight
deserve.txt 24479
EROTICA: You Deserve What You Get, by Scott Smathers (1992)
desire-1.txt 6490
EROTICA: Dark Tower of Desire by Sister (1994)
desire1.txt 19238
EROTICA: The Desire to Know
desire2.txt 18398
EROTICA: The Desire to Know: Chapter 2
desire3.txt 18154
EROTICA: The Desire to Know: Chapter 3
desire4.txt 18776
EROTICA: The Desire to Know: Chapter 4
desire5.txt 18576
EROTICA: The Desire to Know: Chapter 5
desire6.txt 18055
EROTICA: The Desire to Know: Chapter 6
desires-2.txt 37596
EROTICA: Being Taught a Lesson (1991)
desktop.txt 3972
EROTICA: Desktop Fuck
desl01.txt 8918
EROTICA: Bound to Please, by Deslock
desl02.txt 13336
EROTICA: Bondage Intruder, by Deslock
dessert.txt 9984
EROTICA: Dessert
desserts.txt 20655
EROTICA: Desserts (Star Trek)
deviant.txt 10281
EROTICA: Deviant, by M. C.
devil.txt 58204
EROTICA: The Devil in Ms. Torress
devltria.txt 12502
EROTICA: The Open Marriage Chronicles: The Watch from Devil's Triangle, by Bill
dhmp2.txt 20013
EROTICA: Lady, by Tall Thin Jones
dhmp3.txt 11328
EROTICA: I Like Big Black Chows by Tall Thin jones
dhmp4.txt 5008
EROTICA: Goats, by Tall Thin Jones
dhmp5.txt 5717
EROTICA: A Brittainy Spaniel by Tall Thin Jones
dhorn.txt 31034
EROTICA: Daughter Gets Horny (The Sappho Experiment)
di-lind.txt 10962
EROTICA: Diana and Linda
diana.txt 6411
diana1.txt 20579
diana2.txt 14736
diana3.txt 17340
EROTICA: Diana (Part III)
diane.txt 7683
diane1.txt 19348
EROTICA: The perils of Diane
diapresh.txt 92992
EROTICA: Diaper Research
diaryofa.txt 11032
EROTICA: Diary of a Luau
diff_pov.txt 17484
EROTICA: A Different Point of View by lori
digital.txt 18644
EROTICA: Digital Switching
dildo.txt 7339
EROTICA: Dildo-Maniac
dildo01.txt 6554
diningin.txt 6780
EROTICA: Dining In
dinner.txt 4772
dinner2.txt 11019
dip.txt 12178
EROTICA: Dip, by Deirdre
diplo.txt 52538
EROTICA: Diplomacy by kit Montana
directns.txt 8431
EROTICA: Directions, by Chrisophe
dirty.txt 14787
EROTICA: Talking Dirty, by Bobby Lee (1997)
disclot3.txt 17201
EROTICA: Disclosure
discover.txt 18366
EROTICA: Discovering Sex
discovrc.txt 57325
EROTICA: Discoveries
display.txt 13270
EROTICA: On Display, by Anonymous
disrobed.txt 10059
EROTICA: Disrobed
distract.txt 21429
EROTICA: Beautiful Distraction
diver.txt 10560
EROTICA: Divers Do it Deep
diving.txt 9890
divorced.txt 25900
EROTICA: Just Divorced
dleeann.txt 4692
EROTICA: Dirty LeeAnn by Dan Bourke
dmv.txt 20879
dnrpart1.txt 6663
EROTICA: The Dinner Party
dnrpart2.txt 19122
EROTICA: The Dinner Party (Part II)
doctor.txt 9118
EROTICA: My Morning at the Doctor's
doctor2.txt 26766
EROTICA: The Doctor
dog1.txt 5559
EROTICA: The German Shepherd
dog_day.txt 14084
EROTICA: A Dog Day Afternoon by Jayden
dog_sex.txt 25591
EROTICA: The Dog Sex
dog_show.txt 11673
EROTICA: The Dog Show
dogdayaf.txt 14115
EROTICA: A Dog Day Afternoon by Jayden (1993)
dogfun.txt 2252
dogfun2.txt 8288
EROTICA: The Dog Fun
doggies.txt 14420
EROTICA: Doggies, by Debbie Maxwell (1997)
doggy-2.txt 21632
EROTICA: Gone to the Dogs
dogsex.txt 33377
EROTICA: A Guide to Canine Sex by Zilch (1995)
dogslut.txt 10785
EROTICA: I Am a Dog Slut! By Missy
dolly.txt 12852
EROTICA: The Genuine Rubber Dolly
dolphins.txt 18641
EROTICA: A True Account of My Encounter with Dolphins by Vincent
dom.txt 51304
EROTICA: Dom, by RWEIII (1997)
dombitch.txt 27648
EROTICA: The Dominant Bitch
domestic.txt 9528
EROTICA: Domestic Affair
dominat.txt 30099
EROTICA: Domination
dominat1-2.txt 22400
EROTICA: Master of the House
dominat2-2.txt 13696
EROTICA: Master of the House (Chapter 2)
dominat3-2.txt 9600
EROTICA: Master of the House (Chapter 3)
dominic.txt 3079
EROTICA: Dominic and Chris
dominion.txt 19078
EROTICA: Dominion, by Mike Shoemaker
donkey.txt 14435
EROTICA: Donkey Sex
donna.txt 202343
EROTICA: Donna's Three Sons, by Eros
donna01.txt 6527
EROTICA: Donna Meets Dennis
donna1.txt 11592
EROTICA: Donna, by Hot Licks
donna2.txt 6600
EROTICA: Donna's Three Sons, by Eros
donna22.txt 25571
EROTICA: Donna, by Pedros (1997)
donna3.txt 9288
EROTICA: Donna (Part III) by Hot Licks
donnadrm.txt 12129
EROTICA: Donna's Dream
donnai.txt 16925
EROTICA: My First Time, by Bob Dea
dont.txt 3514
doorman.txt 49368
EROTICA: The Doorman, by V.P. Viddler
dora.txt 8287
EROTICA: Dora's Delights
dorm_enc.txt 247626
EROTICA: Dorm Encounter
dormk.txt 6805
EROTICA: Dormroom Dreams, by Gekko the Great
dormsex1.txt 16892
EROTICA: Somno-Dorm Sex by X.W. Modzinkski
dormshwr.txt 8576
STORY: The College Dormitory Shower
dorothy.txt 29105
EROTICA: Dorothy's Adventure by Tinker (April, 1994)
double.txt 6066
EROTICA: Double Trouble
doug-cin.txt 93594
EROTICA: Doug and Cindy by Karen Shane
douganne.txt 9655
EROTICA: Doug and Anne
downdrty.txt 31613
EROTICA: Down n' Dirty, by FURR
downfarm.txt 2393
EROTICA: Down at the Farm
downstrs.txt 5990
EROTICA: Down Stairs, by Lurch Monster
dragon.txt 26205
EROTICA: The Trouble with Dragonflies
dragon2.txt 21491
EROTICA: Slaying the Green Dragon, by Cory Kerens
drake.txt 17567
EROTICA: Drake's Revenge by Wren (1994)
drawer.txt 30225
EROTICA: Drawer by Deirdre (February 19, 1995)
dream.txt 31386
EROTICA: A Dream Date, by monique
dreameve.txt 19060
EROTICA: The Dream Evening, by CunninguLord (August 19, 1992)
dreamfn.txt 57798
EROTICA: The Dream, Fantasy and Nightmare, by Chuck 447
dremtrue.txt 14598
EROTICA: A Dream Come True, by Chad Tipton
dress.txt 14923
EROTICA: Dress by Deirdre
dressup.txt 1854
EROTICA: Dressed Up
dressup1.txt 3466
EROTICA: Why I Love Being a Babe, by Heather James
drhustlr.txt 5824
EROTICA: Dear Hustler, by Bad Michel (1997)
drive.txt 2833
EROTICA: Driving Home a Point
drivehom.txt 13420
EROTICA: The Drive Home
drivehom2.txt 13210
EROTICA: The Drive Home
drivein.txt 13979
EROTICA: The Drive In
drivinst.txt 14792
EROTICA: The Driving Instructor
drkdirty.txt 6896
EROTICA: Dark and Dirty
drmvideo.txt 6662
EROTICA: Dream Video
drshort1.txt 29419
EROTICA: Kitty Kat, by Daddy Robert and Angel Starr (1997)
drtytalk.txt 16493
EROTICA: Dirty Talker
drugdeal.txt 15399
EROTICA: Cash or Kind?
drwelles.txt 72063
EROTICA: Dr. Welles by Suzi Johnson Thomas
dryer.txt 2304
EROTICA: Dryer Sex
ds3.txt 14646
EROTICA: A Story of Longing
dscovery.txt 16531
EROTICA: The Discovery by M
dsex1.txt 13952
dsis-sue.txt 40800
EROTICA: Donna, Her Sister, and Sue
dsurpriz.txt 26173
EROTICA: Debi's Surprise
dt05.txt 45845
EROTICA: Dream Team Part 5 by Tinker (March, 1995)
dtorment.txt 5188
EROTICA: David's Torment
dtr_fun.txt 55385
EROTICA: Daughter
dudernch.txt 36184
EROTICA: The Dude Ranch
dukat.txt 18360
EROTICA: Dukat's Night Out
dunning.txt 75301
EROTICA: My Brother, by Janet L. Dunning
dvltngl.txt 11548
EROTICA: The Watch from Devil's Triangle, by Bill
dweeb.txt 23207
dynasty.txt 17038
EROTICA: Dynasty, the Lost Episode

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