Sex, Sex Humor and Sexuality: Erotica: C

Description of the Textfile
2camp.txt 18733
EROTICA: Family Camp-Out
2camping.txt 18885
EROTICA: Camping with Bob and Debbie
2candy.txt 9160
EROTICA: Candy and the Gunner, by Gunner
2captured.txt 328892
EROTICA: Captured by Ann, and Capturing Ann, by R.D. (June 30, 1995)
2carol1.txt 133547
EROTICA: Aunt Carol, by Christopher Allan peters (1998)
2carol2.txt 132133
EROTICA: Aunt Carol 2, by Christopher Allan Peters (1998)
2carol3.txt 37558
EROTICA: Aunt Carol 3, by Christopher Allan Peters (1998)
2carol4.txt 44659
EROTICA: Aunt Carol 4, by Christopher Allan Peters (1998)
2carrie.txt 28111
EROTICA: Carrie and Me, by Jeune Amant-Chan (1998)
2caught.txt 5771
2cherry.txt 13274
EROTICA: Cherry Picker by The Carnal Quill (1997)
2cheryl.txt 14621
EROTICA: Fun with Doggies, by Double Secret Author (1997)
2cindy.txt 131964
2cleaning.txt 9432
EROTICA: The Cleaning Lady, by Ann Douglas
2closet.txt 9556
EROTICA: The Closet, by The Carnal Quill
2concert.txt 23358
EROTICA: The Concert Fantasy
2confess.txt 20920
EROTICA: Kathy's Confession
2contract.txt 9785
EROTICA: Contract
2control.txt 32016
EROTICA: Sex Diary 1
2conventi.txt 107391
EROTICA: Convention Confersion by Dafydd Cyhoeddwr
2cotton.txt 36491
EROTICA: Niccole's Cotton Panties, by Day Dreamer
2country.txt 21555
EROTICA: Country-Western Style
2cousins.txt 108869
EROTICA: Cousins, by Day Dreamer
2coworker.txt 11720
EROTICA: Worker's Delight
2crystal.txt 8877
EROTICA: Crystal Chapter 1 (October 14, 1995)
2crystal2.txt 9311
EROTICA: Crystal, Chapter 2 (October 14, 1995)
2cumdrink.txt 106907
EROTICA: The Cum Drinkers, by Rich Humus (1997)
2cumqueen.txt 32526
EROTICA: The Life and Times of a Cum-Queen by Rich Humus (1997)
c&s.txt 2968
STORY: An Evening With Crystal and Steve
c-bar.txt 17489
c1.txt 30155
EROTICA: Banger First Blood Part One, by Reginald Bar, III
c2.txt 29418
EROTICA: The First Fuck with Marsha
c3.txt 29975
EROTICA: The First Fuck with Marsha (Part II)
c4.txt 22381
c5.txt 19832
EROTICA: A Sexual Education
c7.txt 21552
EROTICA: Beth Part 7
c8.txt 27355
EROTICA: Beth Part 8
c9.txt 37594
EROTICA: Beth Part 9
c_wires.txt 29565
EROTICA: Crossed Wires
ca-girls.txt 31232
EROTICA: California Girls
ca-plane.txt 14911
EROTICA: Ca Plane Pour Moi by Brush Strokes
cabbie.txt 5476
EROTICA: My Meter's Running
cabfever.txt 27356
EROTICA: Cabin Fever, by Tiffany
cable_tv.txt 9103
cahling.txt 5859
EROTICA: Sorority Fundraiser
cain1.txt 28949
EROTICA: Raising Cain, by Tiffany (August 10, 1996)
caitlin.txt 16612
EROTICA: Caitlin Austin
caldream.txt 42342
EROTICA: California Dreaming
call_guy.txt 9855
callboys.txt 69399
EROTICA: D.C. Callboys
callduty.txt 17670
EROTICA: Above and Beyond the Call of Duty by J. Boswell
callgirl.txt 21624
EROTICA: Callgirl
camp.txt 18572
EROTICA: Camp, by Deirdre (August 28, 1994)
camp1.txt 5278
EROTICA: Camping
camp2.txt 18381
EROTICA: Camp, by Deirdre (August 28, 1994)
campb.txt 11894
EROTICA: An Experience at Camp, by The Storyteller
camping.txt 86336
EROTICA: Camping Story
camping2.txt 31570
EROTICA: Camping Story, by Anonymous (1994)
camptrip-2.txt 11377
EROTICA: The Camping Trip
camptrip.txt 15271
EROTICA: True Stories! The Camping Trip by Taka Hike (1997)
campus2.txt 18178
EROTICA: Campus Dream Part 1 and 2
campx1.txt 11854
EROTICA: Experience at Camp by Storyteller
cancun.txt 8744
EROTICA: What I Did On My Summer Vacation (1996)
candie.txt 5708
candie2.txt 5702
candles.txt 17661
EROTICA: The Candles Which Drip in the Dark
candwest.txt 84575
EROTICA: Candy West's Stories by Candy West
candy.txt 5888
EROTICA: The Making of Candy
candy1.txt 1706
EROTICA: Candy West
candy11.txt 5120
STORY: At the Adult Book Store, by Candy
candy3.txt 3328
EROTICA: Candy West
candy4.txt 1642
EROTICA: Candy West
candy5.txt 5502
EROTICA: Candy West
candy6.txt 7255
EROTICA: Candy West
candy7.txt 8192
EROTICA: Candy West
candy8.txt 8192
EROTICA: The Candy West Series
candyboy.txt 14527
EROTICA: Candyboy
canibals.txt 54843
EROTICA: Jessica and the Cannibals by Nuralmancer
canine.txt 14181
EROTICA: Close Encounters of the Canine Kind by George
canuswim.txt 2562
EROTICA: Can You Swim? by Anonymous
capclin1.txt 24578
EROTICA: The C.A.P. Clinic - I
capclin2.txt 18300
EROTICA: The C.A.P. Clinic - II
cappie.txt 13192
capt_fam.txt 40500
EROTICA: The Captive Family, by Eros
captfath.txt 4310
EROTICA: Captive Father by Big Daddy (1997)
captive.txt 49241
EROTICA: Captive
captkati.txt 28095
EROTICA: Capturing Katie
captred1.txt 2633
EROTICA: Captured
capture1.txt 30553
EROTICA: Captured - Part 1 by Ca. H.
capture2.txt 25667
EROTICA: Captured - Part 2 by Ca. H.
capture3.txt 23087
EROTICA: Captured - Part 3 by Ca. H.
captured.txt 12620
EROTICA: Captured
captured2.txt 32325
EROTICA: Captured
captx2.txt 27233
EROTICA: Captain X (2)
cara.txt 27182
EROTICA: Cara's Misery, by Kat!
caramia.txt 68641
EROTICA: SARTRE - CaraMia by Tamara A. Adrine-Davis (1992)
cardgame.txt 13036
EROTICA: The Card Game, by Frank MacGregor (1994)
cards.txt 14796
EROTICA: Cards, by Chuck Root
career.txt 10515
EROTICA: Career Day
cari-1.txt 14700
EROTICA: Mark and I
cari.txt 8675
EROTICA: Loving Cari and Her Friends, by Craver
caricatu.txt 6691
EROTICA: Caricature, by Scott
carillon.txt 9801
EROTICA: The Carillon, by Anne Tourney
carl.txt 16817
carla.txt 19070
EROTICA: Carla's Coming Out
carol-1.txt 11628
EROTICA: Cousin Carol - Chapter 1
carol-2.txt 9580
EROTICA: Cousin Carol - Chapter 2
carol-3.txt 7709
EROTICA: Cousin Carol - Chapter 3
carol-4.txt 10105
EROTICA: Cousin Carol - Chapter 4
carol-6.txt 15890
EROTICA: Cousin Carol - Chapter 6
carol.txt 9712
EROTICA: The Re-Education of Carol
carol1.txt 12896
EROTICA: Jim vs. Carol
carol16.txt 14730
EROTICA: The Girls' School Part 1, by Ca.H.
carol17.txt 17408
EROTICA: The Girls' School Part 2, by Ca.H.
carol18.txt 15360
EROTICA: The Girls' School Part 3, by Ca.H.
carol19.txt 22528
EROTICA: The Girls' School Part 4, by Ca.H.
carol2.txt 12935
EROTICA: The Re-Education of Carol
carol3sm.txt 18784
EROTICA: Carol's First Threesome
carol3sm2.txt 19099
EROTICA: Carol's First Threesome
carolbi.txt 3530
STORY: Carl's Bi Experience With Eddie
carolbrb.txt 11274
EROTICA: Carol and Barbara
carolbrb2.txt 11173
EROTICA: Carol and Barbara
carolee.txt 17722
EROTICA: Carolee
carolee2.txt 17769
EROTICA: Carolee
carolina.txt 3946
EROTICA: Carolina Days: The Fields Can Be Sensual After All
carrie's.txt 49706
EROTICA: Carrie's Mother, by Randi Stephenson
carrie.txt 12293
EROTICA: Carrie in the Sun
case.txt 2548
STORY: Case History #89 by The Sexologist
cass1.txt 25867
EROTICA: Cassandra - Part 1 by Brenda McCall
cass2.txt 15276
EROTICA: Cassandra - Part 2 by Brenda McCall
cassiop1.txt 5692
EROTICA: The Unsinkable Cassiopeia
cassiop2.txt 9649
EROTICA: The Unsinkable Cassiopeia Part II
cassiop3.txt 8530
EROTICA: The Unsinkable Cassiopeia (Part 3)
cassiop4.txt 15079
EROTICA: The Unsinkable Cassiopeia (Part 4)
cassy.txt 13040
EROTICA: Cassy's First Time, by Tish (February 12, 1994)
casting.txt 24658
EROTICA: Casting Call, by Gamin Paramour
castle.txt 3909
EROTICA: The Castle
castprty.txt 2468
EROTICA: Cast Party by Robert E. Epps
cat.txt 29685
cat1.txt 8311
catherin.txt 44993
EROTICA: Catherine by Laura Leigh
catholic.txt 29581
EROTICA: Oh, Those Catholic Girls!
cathy-2.txt 76080
EROTICA: Eager Beaver's Vacation at the Beach
cathy.txt 14716
EROTICA: Cathy, by Friar Dave
catmandu.txt 11688
EROTICA: The Heat from Catmandou by Ellen
catmandu2.txt 11656
EROTICA: The Heat from Catmandou by Ellen
caught-1.txt 6818
caught-2.txt 7637
EROTICA: Working Relations (Caught)
caught01.txt 12250
EROTICA: Caught - 1
caught02.txt 10261
EROTICA: Caught - 2
caught03.txt 10577
EROTICA: Caught - 3
caught04.txt 9972
EROTICA: Caught - 4
caught06.txt 12798
EROTICA: Caught - 6
caught07.txt 8619
EROTICA: Caught - 6 alternate
cbuddies.txt 24864
EROTICA: College Buddies
cc-bsit.txt 147961
ccarol.txt 27195
EROTICA: A Christmas Carol
ccompany.txt 14895
EROTICA: Computer Company
cconfess.txt 10379
EROTICA: Christine's Confession
cd1.txt 18845
EROTICA: The Cum Drinkers
cd12.txt 18209
EROTICA: The Cum Drinkers
cd2.txt 21079
EROTICA: The Cum Drinkers Part 2
cd3.txt 23169
EROTICA: The Cum Drinkers #3 by Jazzbo Brown
cd4.txt 29105
EROTICA: The Cum Drinkers #4 by Jazzbo Brown
ceasefir.txt 34560
EROTICA: CeaseFire
cecilia.sto 11797
STORY: The Corruption of St. Cecilia's Chapter 1 and 2 by the Scumdog
cek1.txt 23610
EROTICA: Camp Edit Kids 1 by The Carnal Quill (1997)
cek2.txt 25186
EROTICA: Camp Eden Kids Part 2 by The Carnal Quill (1997)
celeste.txt 37764
EROTICA: Celeste by Dirty Dawg
celia.txt 17024
EROTICA: A Caning for Celia
cesura.txt 31222
EROTICA: How I Bound Me in the Closet and Slurped a Vampire by Averti
cgown.txt 101503
EROTICA: Carolyn's Gown
ch1.txt 128877
EROTICA: ChickenHawk 1 - Karen by Mark E. Dassad
ch2.txt 115190
EROTICA: ChickenHawk 2 - Beginning by Mark E. Dassad
ch3.txt 16265
EROTICA: ChickenHawk 3 - Loose Meat Sandwiches by Mark E. Dassad
chairwmn.txt 14832
EROTICA: Chair Woman by Averti
chakotay.txt 9765
EROTICA: Chakotay
challeng.txt 29740
EROTICA: The Challenged Girl
chambers.txt 8906
EROTICA: Queen's Chambers, The
champ.txt 8975
EROTICA: Soccer Champ
chance.txt 27890
EROTICA: The Chance, by Aaron Angst (1997)
change.txt 9190
EROTICA: Change, by Parker
changing.txt 3922
EROTICA: Changing Room, by Anonymous
chapter1.txt 16000
EROTICA: The Open Marriage Chronicles: Florida Heat, by Bill
chapter2.txt 20224
EROTICA: The Open Marriage Chronicles: Visit Now the Fire, by Ellen
chapter3.txt 11904
EROTICA: Open Marriage Chronicles: Dating, Open-Marriage Style, by Ellen
chapter4.txt 9344
EROTICA: The Open Marriage Chronicles: The Heat at Land's Edge, by Ellen
chapter5.txt 32803
EROTICA: The Open Marriage Chronicles: The Game, by Bill and Ellen
chapter6.txt 40758
EROTICA: The Open Marriage Chronicles: Brother, by Bill and Ellen
chapter7.txt 19072
EROTICA: The Open Marriage Chronicles: Passion's Peak, by Ellen
charity2.txt 3362
EROTICA: A Fuck for Charity (The Sequel) by Eastern Mode
charity3.txt 11968
EROTICA: A Fuck for Charity (Another Sequel) by Chris Johnson
charles.txt 15087
EROTICA: Letter to Charlotte by Mistress Kay
charmer.txt 58188
EROTICA: The Charmer Part II by Rhymer
charmer2.txt 14337
EROTICA: The Charmer, by Rhumer
chasbelt.txt 14436
EROTICA: Chastity Belt by D. Glenn Arthur Jr.
chateau.txt 9032
EROTICA: Chateau by Master Chris
cheating.txt 21818
EROTICA: Cheating Heart by Ann D.
cheer.txt 28545
EROTICA: Kidnapped Cheerleader, by Tasha106
cheerld.txt 4066
EROTICA: Wendy by Gekko the Great
cheerlea.txt 7554
EROTICA: Cheerleader
cheerleaders.txt 121505
EROTICA: Young Cherry Cheerleaders (In Realtext Format)
chekbook.txt 9032
EROTICA: Checkbook Spanking
chem.txt 34250
EROTICA: The Chemistry Between Us
cherry.txt 8053
cherry_p.txt 12773
EROTICA: Cherry Poptart
cheryl.txt 18147
EROTICA: Cheryl's Seventh (1995)
cheryl3.txt 67105
chest.txt 6932
EROTICA: Chest, by Deirdre
chet.txt 123474
chicken.txt 8831
EROTICA: Chicken-Fight Blastoff by David Rider
chifant.txt 18112
EROTICA: Chicago Fantasy
china.txt 28266
EROTICA: China Girl
chinese.txt 19688
EROTICA: Chinese Puzzle by Bottier
chncemtg.txt 5886
EROTICA: Chance Meeting
chncmeet.txt 5610
EROTICA: Chance Meeting by Hawk
chocolat.txt 1730
EROTICA: Chocolate, by Northern Flower
chrengin.txt 29480
EROTICA: Christ was an Engineer by The Black Adder
chris-1.txt 18992
EROTICA: Chris Gets Laid
chris-5.txt 11945
EROTICA: Chris's Education - Chapter 5
chris2.txt 14333
EROTICA: Chris the Waitress
chrisb.txt 15182
EROTICA: Chris and Jeff
christ.txt 29813
EROTICA: Christ Was an Engineer, by The Black Adder
christin.txt 7019
EROTICA: Christine's Ordeal: A Christmas Ordeal
chsurprs.txt 22058
EROTICA: The Cheerleader's Surprise, by Solstice (1995)
chuck.txt 47793
EROTICA: Chuck, by Root 1
cin-barg.txt 34980
EROTICA: Cinday's Bargain, by K.P. Bargain
cin1.txt 28641
cin2.txt 18122
EROTICA: Cindy, on Saturday
cindihel.txt 66098
EROTICA: Cindi in the Nine Hells
cindx1.txt 23303
EROTICA: Cindy Does her Best Friend's Dad by Steve Jensen
cindy-2.txt 23235
EROTICA: Cindy Does Her Best Friend's Dad by Steve Jensen
cindy-i.txt 16254
EROTICA: Cindy's Letters 1
cindy-ii.txt 7573
EROTICA: Cindy's Letters 2
cindy.txt 32815
EROTICA: Cindy, by Laura Leigh
cindy2.txt 13117
EROTICA: Good Times with Sandy
cindyb.txt 13022
cindyego.txt 9163
EROTICA: Cindy, The Ego Breaker
cindypar.txt 10185
EROTICA: Cindy's Party
cindypar2.txt 10256
EROTICA: Cindy's Party
cindyret.txt 20559
EROTICA: Cindy's Return - Another sequel to Cindy's Torment
cindys_b.txt 34686
EROTICA: Cindy's Bargain, by J.P. Viddler
cindyt-1.txt 35105
EROTICA: My First Time by Cindy Tresslisman
cindyt01.txt 92569
EROTICA: Cindy's First Times
cinrmbrs.txt 90191
EROTICA: Cindy Remembers
cinthia.txt 6275
EROTICA: Spanking Cinthia
circle.txt 12314
EROTICA: The Circle
circus.txt 103945
EROTICA: The Circus, by She-Devil
circus1.txt 28534
EROTICA: Circus Story - 1 by She Devil
circus2.txt 27205
EROTICA: Circus Story - 2 by She Devil
circus3.txt 29519
EROTICA: Circus Story - 3 by She Devil
city.txt 12957
EROTICA: The City That Never Sleeps
cityslav.txt 27867
EROTICA: City Slave
cityview.txt 9193
EROTICA: Cityview by Vermillion
claire.txt 47620
EROTICA: Change of Heart
clarissa.txt 100259
EROTICA: Clarissa Bangs Them All
classifi.txt 7464
EROTICA: Classified
classrm.txt 6907
EROTICA: Classroom
claudia.txt 13966
EROTICA: Claudia
clay_pit.txt 9618
EROTICA: The Clay Pit (1994)
cleaning.txt 18574
EROTICA: The Cleaning Man, by H.S. and TG Beep (1987)
clinic.txt 18363
EROTICA: Alicia Anderson's Clinic
clinic2.txt 4519
EROTICA: Alicia Anderson's Clinic
clique.txt 19678
EROTICA: Clique, by Deirdre
clit.txt 6016
EROTICA: Clitty Clitty Bang Bang
closeenc.txt 13865
EROTICA: Close Encounters of the Canine Kind by George
closhave.txt 3775
EROTICA: A Close Shave
closing.txt 2591
EROTICA: Closing Time
closshav.txt 30869
EROTICA: Close Shave by Pussy Barber
clown.txt 8589
EROTICA: Clowning Around
clshave.txt 30848
A Close Shave, or How I came to Love Shaved Pussy, by The Pussy Barber
cntrl1-6.txt 39472
EROTICA: Control of Women
coastlin.txt 10168
EROTICA: The Coastline
cockpit.txt 14422
EROTICA: American Airlines Cockpit
cocktail.txt 10458
EROTICA: Cocktail Party
cocoon.txt 1117
codi.txt 18287
EROTICA: Codi: The Entire Story, by Conure
cody.txt 34624
coed-1.txt 46577
EROTICA: Coital Conference by Solitaire One
coed.txt 196431
EROTICA: The Young Coed
coed1.txt 14371
EROTICA: Co-Ed, The - Part 1 Katherine Alicia Harrison
coed2.txt 10011
EROTICA: Co-Ed, The - Part 2 Katherine Alicia Harrison
coed3.txt 14108
EROTICA: Co-Ed, The - Part 3 Katherine Alicia Harrison
coed4.txt 17752
EROTICA: Co-Ed, The - Part 4 Katherine Alicia Harrison
coed5.txt 17323
EROTICA: Co-Ed, The - Part 5 by Katherine Alicia Harrison
coed_fun.txt 58649
EROTICA: Coed Fun and Games
coeds.txt 57892
EROTICA: Coed Fun & Games
coffee.txt 7917
EROTICA: Coffee, by Deirdre
cokcrazy.txt 13825
EROTICA: My Cock-Crazy Wife!
coldwntr.txt 4989
EROTICA: Cold Winter's Morning
colette.txt 14909
EROTICA: Lab Partners, or How to Kill a Late Night Shift at a Microbiology Lab, by Kent Douglas, PhD
colkong.txt 25267
EROTICA: Collecting Kong, by Neceros
collar.txt 3738
EROTICA: The Collaring, by Laurel (1995)
collar2.txt 17970
EROTICA: The Collaring, by Laurel (1995)
collater.txt 39855
EROTICA: Collateral
colleen.txt 33943
EROTICA: Colleen, or The Deacon's Wife, by Brantwood
colleg.txt 9547
EROTICA: Dana Goes to College
colleg2.txt 9565
EROTICA: Dana Goes to College
college.txt 25474
EROTICA: College by Joel Rosenberg
collen.txt 6821
EROTICA: Collen: A Young Man's Fantasy
collfrnd.txt 11531
EROTICA: College Friends
coma.txt 32793
EROTICA: Coma Story v1.2 by Ruth Moore (1995)
comeout.txt 8292
EROTICA: Coming Out by Tsaot Ablem / Saranthyrr Thristovar'ren
comfertr.txt 12187
EROTICA: The Comforter (Sequel to "The Elevator) by Harry Mudd and an Imaginary Friend
coming.txt 13603
EROTICA: Coming Home
commune.txt 9249
EROTICA: Communion, by Angel Starr (1997)
communi.txt 8819
EROTICA: Communion, by Angel Starr
company.txt 15493
EROTICA: Company, by Deirdre
comprape.txt 52686
EROTICA: Computer Rape (1992)
con1.txt 23292
EROTICA: Consequences
con3.txt 31579
EROTICA: Consequences (Part 2)
concert.txt 25927
EROTICA: The Concert
confernc.txt 10932
EROTICA: The Conference Ball
confess.txt 10614
EROTICA: Christine's Confession
confucis.txt 2785
EROTICA: Confucius Jokes
connie.txt 4563
conquest.txt 9278
EROTICA: The Conquest of Worf, by John Green
consent.txt 8268
EROTICA: Nevyn, on Consent
consult.txt 170908
EROTICA: Computer Consultant
contest.txt 34745
EROTICA: Contest
contract.txt 110346
EROTICA: Contract Negotiations, by Dr. Z
contro.txt 2887
EROTICA: She Was Out of Control!
control1.txt 7362
EROTICA: Out of Control
control12.txt 5516
EROTICA: Out of Control
control2.txt 9331
EROTICA: Out of Control Part 2
control22.txt 4103
EROTICA: Out of Control Part 2
control3.txt 18457
EROTICA: Part of Control Part 3
control32.txt 4056
EROTICA: Out of Control Part 3
control4.txt 10112
EROTICA: Out of Control Part 4
control42.txt 8960
EROTICA: Out of Control Part 4
convales.txt 12244
EROTICA: Convalescence
conventi.txt 11617
EROTICA: Convention, by Deirdre
copraper.txt 12645
EROTICA: Cop Raper (1992)
copulatn.txt 41743
EROTICA: The Next Copulation By Shelley (December, 1994)
corass01.txt 7807
EROTICA: Corporate Assets - or Welcome to L.A.) 1 by Lindsay Crawford
corass02.txt 7863
EROTICA: Corporate Assets - or Welcome to L.A.) 2 by Lindsay Crawford
corass03.txt 5867
EROTICA: Corporate Assets - or Welcome to L.A.) 3 by Lindsay Crawford
corass04.txt 6355
EROTICA: Corporate Assets - or Welcome to L.A.) 4 by Lindsay Crawford
corass05.txt 12213
EROTICA: Corporate Assets - or Welcome to L.A.) 5 by Lindsay Crawford
corass06.txt 7729
EROTICA: Corporate Assets II - The Lesson Continues 1 by Lindsay Crawford
corass07.txt 4950
EROTICA: Corporate Assets II - The Lesson Continues 2 by Lindsay Crawford
corass08.txt 4559
EROTICA: Corporate Assets II - The Lesson Continues 2 by Lindsay Crawford
corass09.txt 9390
EROTICA: Corporate Assets II - The Lesson Continues 3 by Lindsay Crawford
corass10.txt 6959
EROTICA: Corporate Assets II - The Lesson Continues 4 by Lindsay Crawford
cori01.txt 15132
EROTICA: Cori 1 by The Joker
cori02.txt 9588
EROTICA: Cori 2 by The Joker
cori03.txt 9546
EROTICA: Cori 3 by The Joker
corner.txt 5212
EROTICA: Sitting in the Corner
cory.txt 5181
cost.txt 23488
costume1.txt 3745
EROTICA: Costume Party
costumed.txt 76869
EROTICA: Costumed Capers
cotton.txt 27701
EROTICA: Nicccole's Cotton Panties, by Day Dreamers
couch.txt 11391
EROTICA: Couch Potatoes, by Dulcinea
cougars.txt 16375
EROTICA: Cougars by Felix
could1.txt 19670
EROTICA: What Could Have Been... 1 by Biblinski
could2.txt 17746
EROTICA: What Could Have Been... 2 by Biblinski
could3.txt 12067
EROTICA: What Could Have Been... 3 by Biblinski
could4.txt 15442
EROTICA: What Could Have Been... 4 by Biblinski
could5.txt 8754
EROTICA: What Could Have Been... 5 by Biblinski
counselr.txt 13012
EROTICA: Counselor
country.txt 5023
EROTICA: A Day in the Country
couples.txt 23385
EROTICA: Couples
cousin.txt 16507
EROTICA: Cousin Linda, by Drake (1997)
cousins.txt 19994
EROTICA: Cousins
cousins1-2.txt 27093
EROTICA: Cousins: A Family Love Fantasy by Day Dreamer
cousins1.txt 27094
EROTICA: Cousins, a Family Love Fantasy, by Day Dreamer
cousins12.txt 27868
EROTICA: Cousins, a Family Love Fantasy, by Day Dreamer
cousins2.txt 36106
EROTICA: Cousins
cousins3.txt 61271
EROTICA: Cousins, a Family Love Fantasy by Day Dreamer (Chapter III)
cousjenn.txt 16570
EROTICA: Cousin Jennifer
cousjoan.txt 18108
EROTICA: Cousins
cowgirl1.txt 4687
EROTICA: Cowgirl - Part 1
cowgirl2.txt 5970
EROTICA: Cowgirl - Part 2
cowork.txt 3840
EROTICA: Her Kind of Lover
cowork2.txt 3866
EROTICA: Her Kind of Lover
coworker.txt 11650
EROTICA: Co-Worker, by Walt St. George
coworker2.txt 23069
EROTICA: Co-Worker, by Walt St. George
cozy.txt 14076
EROTICA: Cozy, by Deirdre
crackdog.txt 10403
EROTICA: Crack Dog
cracker.txt 27014
EROTICA: Married With Children: The Cracker
crackers.txt 21376
EROTICA: Animal Crackers, by Bruce Bramson
craig.txt 10549
EROTICA: Craig, by Kodiak
craigsuk.txt 2630
EROTICA: Craig Sucks Cock
crakbelt.txt 9334
EROTICA: Crack Belt
crakwhip.txt 8258
EROTICA: Crack of the Whip
crawd.txt 56573
EROTICA: Conjugal Rights and Wifely Duties
cremchoc.txt 12977
EROTICA: Composition in Cream and Chocolate by M.A. Mohanraj
crime1.txt 23532
EROTICA: Shopping Spree by Paul Colbenson
critics.txt 10145
EROTICA: What the Critics Reviewed
critics2.txt 4376
EROTICA: What the Critics Reviewed
crop.txt 10213
EROTICA: Knock Knock Knock Knock... the Crop
crstna1.txt 27323
EROTICA: Little Christina
cruel.txt 20833
cruise-1.txt 15159
EROTICA: The Cruise, by Hugh Jardon
cruising.txt 24506
EROTICA: Cruising in the Navy
crunch.txt 10112
EROTICA: Crime, Confession and Punishment
crys-01.txt 8644
EROTICA: Crystal - Chapter 1
crys-02.txt 9079
EROTICA: Crystal - Chapter 2
crystal2.txt 8770
EROTICA: Crystal, by Bobby Lee (1997)
crystal3.txt 8482
EROTICA: Crystal (Chapter 3) by Bobby Lee (1998)
crystala.txt 38769
EROTICA: Crystal - Part 1
crystalc.txt 28009
EROTICA: Crystal Meets Marsha by Crystal
crystl-2.txt 13388
EROTICA: Crystal's Next Fantasy by Dastardly Dave
crystl01.txt 7244
EROTICA: Crystal's Persuasion
crystl02.txt 13176
EROTICA: Crystal
crystl03.txt 11786
EROTICA: The Seduction
crystl04.txt 21112
EROTICA: Curiosity Killed the Cat: But It Didn't Break Crystal
crystl05.txt 21643
EROTICA: Nasty Girl, Bad Girl
crystl06.txt 12094
EROTICA: Exit Crystal, Enter Pam
crystl07.txt 14808
EROTICA: Exit Pam, Enter Beth
crystl08.txt 26075
EROTICA: The Education of Beth
crystl09.txt 19628
EROTICA: The Education of Beth (Part 2)
crystl10.txt 18956
EROTICA: Reconciliation
crystl11.txt 23448
EROTICA: Precious Jewels
cubscout.txt 16480
EROTICA: Cubscouts
cucumb.txt 4090
EROTICA: The Virtues of a Cucumber and Lexi
cum.txt 8337
EROTICA: Cumming of Age
cum2me.txt 11644
EROTICA: Cum to me by Alfred
cum_true.txt 7782
EROTICA: Fantasy Cum True
cumaddct.txt 14635
EROTICA: Cum Addict, by Deiter Pennmann
cumagain.txt 2048
EROTICA: Cum Again!
cumdrink.txt 15919
EROTICA: Cum Drinking As a Way to Grow
cumeat.txt 13925
EROTICA: Cum Eating Husband
cumeatin.txt 23073
EROTICA: Cum Eating Husband (November 20, 1996)
cumlust.txt 32589
EROTICA: Cum Lust - Teri
cumparty.txt 12817
EROTICA: Cum Barty
cumqueen.txt 32600
EROTICA: The Life and Times of a Cum Queen, by Linda
cumqueen2.txt 32698
EROTICA: The Life and Times of a Cum Queen, by Linda
cumtim.txt 80734
EROTICA: Come Time by Windy City
cumtim02.txt 25446
EROTICA: Come Time Chapter 2
cumtim03.txt 42455
EROTICA: Come Time: The Autumn of Civilization
cumtome.txt 15360
EROTICA: The Cum Tome
cuntie.txt 18278
EROTICA: I Dream of Cuntie
cure.txt 98679
curiosit.txt 25988
EROTICA: A MAtter of Curiousity, by James C. Lynn
curious.txt 17160
EROTICA: Curiousity Killed the Cat, by Big Daddy (1997)
curtains.txt 4826
EROTICA: Behind Closed Curtains
curtis.txt 11831
cute01.txt 204739
cute1-5.txt 28196
EROTICA: Cute 01 Part 1
cuzkris.txt 14810
EROTICA: My Cousin Kristie by Studs Manly (1988)
cuzluv1.txt 25564
EROTICA: Cuz Luv by Nobo Cough
cuzluv2.txt 26328
EROTICA: Cuz Luv Part 2 by Nobo Cough
cuzluv3.txt 32890
EROTICA: Cuz Luv 3 by Nobo Cough
cuzluv4.txt 28916
EROTICA: Cuz Luv 4 by Nobo Cough
cuzluv5.txt 25568
EROTICA: CuzLuv by Nobo Cough
cuzsusie.txt 10250
EROTICA: Cousin Suzie
cyclist.txt 29811
EROTICA: Cyclist

There are 449 files for a total of 10,866,839 bytes.