Sex, Sex Humor and Sexuality: Erotica: A

Description of the Textfile
a-tale.txt 7323
STORY: A Tale of Family Affairs
aadenhrt.txt 30572
EROTICA: Hurting Aaden
abdbride.txt 21481
EROTICA: Abducting the Bride by Black Demon
abduct.txt 5500
EROTICA: Abducted! By the "Animal Lover"
abduct1.txt 44554
EROTICA: The Abduction by "The Writer"
abduct2.txt 16359
EROTICA: The Abduction by "The Writer" (Part II)
abducted.txt 3281
EROTICA: Abducted!
abfh1b.txt 15888
EROTICA: Anderson's Training
abfh1d.txt 18179
EROTICA: Anderson's Training
abfh1f.txt 21194
EROTICA: Anderson's Training
about.txt 11524
EROTICA: About Small Packages, by Christine M. Faltz (1994)
abouttm2.txt 7427
EROTICA: It's About Time - 2 + 3
abused.txt 6400
EROTICA: Abused, by Karyn Risini
accident.txt 4511
EROTICA: Accident
accounts.txt 7972
EROTICA: Doing the Accounts
acctpay.txt 13043
EROTICA: Accounts Payable, by Lester Izmoore
acguy.txt 11882
STORY: The Air Conditioner Guy
acidrain.txt 11543
EROTICA: Acid Raid, by Frank T. Gilson
acloset.txt 9448
EROTICA: A Closet View, by David Lee and Karen
acresofd.txt 74859
EROTICA: Acres of Diamond
action.txt 4868
EROTICA: Action in the Woods, by Rick Restless
actress.txt 19844
EROTICA: Familiar Faces - A True Encounter
actwoods.txt 4852
EROTICA: Action in the Woods by Rick Restless and Derek Higgins
adam.txt 53821
adambbro.txt 39801
EROTICA: Adam's Big Brother
adayinth.txt 13776
EROTICA: A Day in the Life of Suzy Jenkins, an Erotic Story
adcaning.txt 29445
EROTICA: A Daughter's Caning
addict1.txt 40431
EROTICA: The Addiction, by Baron Darkside (1998)
addict2.txt 48786
EROTICA: The Addiction, by Baron Darkside
adltfilm.txt 5452
STORY: Roger Vladimir Adult Films
admiral.txt 13606
EROTICA: Starfleet's Greatest Thrill
admision.txt 22934
EROTICA: The Admission
adonis.txt 4436
adult-bk.txt 10915
STORY: Adult Bookstore
adult1.txt 12098
EROTICA: Summer Fantasy by Robert C. Smith (ANSI, Corrupted)
adults1.txt 12961
EROTICA: A Night to Remember, by James Charles Lynn
adumov.txt 2077
EROTICA: List of Good Adult Movies
adventsusan.txt 88877
EROTICA: The Adventures of Susan by Drifter (1997)
adventur.txt 21998
EROTICA: Adventure, by Ted Wagner (1993)
advert1.txt 8378
EROTICA: Advertiser's Chronicles Part One by J.J.
advertis.txt 19072
EROTICA: Advertising for a Master
aejb.txt 8662
EROTICA: Segment, by Felix Dartmouth
aejn.txt 6623
EROTICA: Segment, by Felix Dartmouth
aejo.txt 5482
EROTICA: Segment, by Felix Dartmouth
aejq.txt 8418
EROTICA: Segment, by Felix Dartmouth
aerobic.txt 18696
EROTICA: Aerobic Mom
aerobic1.txt 35428
EROTICA: Aerobic is Good for your Sex Life, by Wyvern
aeroclas.txt 28695
EROTICA: The Aerobics Class, by Joshua A. Laff (June 17, 1994)
afantasy.txt 9187
EROTICA: A Fantasy
africa.txt 19693
EROTICA: Judicial Canings in Africa
african.txt 78408
EROTICA: African Drums
afschool.txt 7531
EROTICA: After-School Special
after.txt 6277
EROTICA: After, by Deirdre (February 15, 1995) 5261
EROTICA: The Long Wait, by Sagi Tzur
after4.txt 148317
EROTICA: After School
afterglo.txt 8064
STORY: Just For You
afterhrs 5393
EROTICA: After Hours
afterhrs.txt 5418
STORY: After Hours Ass by the Dungeonmaster
aftersch.txt 16364
EROTICA: After School Special
afterschool.txt 145773
EROTIC STORY: After School
afthrass.txt 5592
EROTICA: After Hours Ass, by DM Products (1987)
aftndlit.txt 18943
EROTICA: Afternoon Delight, by Grizz
aftrgame.txt 5004
EROTICA: After the Game
aftschol.txt 7753
EROTICA: After School Special: A Penthouse Forum (1991)
aftwork.txt 2419
EROTICA: After Work
against.txt 29873
EROTICA: Against All Odds
agent.txt 14208
agrabah.txt 15665
EROTICA: A Cold and Lonely Night in Agrabah
agrape-1.txt 6132
EROTICA: A Grape 1: Why is a Grape Like a Nipple?
agreemt.txt 14342
EROTICA: The Agreement
aidan.txt 12216
EROTICA: Aidan's Muse
airborne.txt 20115
EROTICA: Airborne Express
airfling.txt 13304
EROTICA: The Air Fling
airplane 14336
STORY: Chrissy on the Airplane
airplane.txt 13440
EROTICA: In the Airplane
airport.txt 3771
EROTICA: The Airport Saga
airscrew.txt 15713
EROTICA: Air Screw, Or How I Joined the Six Mile High Club, by Pete Fox
airstart.txt 11427
STORY: Airstart by NixPixer Feather Bender
airubber.txt 339690
EROTICA: Adventures in Rubber
al&mary.txt 110400
EROTICA: Al and Mary
al1.txt 11638
EROTICA: Al and Alicia
alan.txt 90773
alana.txt 24753
EROTICA: Alana, by She Devil
alcatras.txt 6943
EROTICA: Alcatrash
alesson.txt 37504
STORY: Being Taught a Lesson 37506
STORY: Being Taught a Lesson
alexandr.txt 29302
STORY: Mistress Alexandria A Furry Tail
alexshwr.txt 8281
EROTICA: Alex's Shower Buddy, by Mitchell Knight
alexspnk.txt 4951
EROTICA: Alex Needs a Spanking, by Terpsichore
alf.txt 39429
EROTICA: Alf: The Continuing X-Rated Adventures of Gordon Schumway by Mistress Tawny Suede
ali-aa.txt 29109
ali.txt 17138
STORY: The Circle of Light
ali1a.txt 7636
EROTICA: Ali1A: The Circle of Light
ali1b.txt 5347
EROTICA: Ali1b: A Circle of Light
ali1c.txt 6857
EROTICA: Ali1c: A Circle of Light
alice-1.txt 16106
EROTICA: Alice Part I: Mike
alice.txt 12886
alicia.txt 39333
EROTICA: Alicia, by Big Dady
alicia2.txt 24832
EROTICA: Alicia's Descent Into Submission
alien.txt 9558
EROTICA: Alien Avduction
alienluv.txt 14208
EROTICA: My Alien Lover
aliens.txt 20613
EROTICA: Alienation
alisha.txt 16692
EROTICA: My First Sexual Experience, by Alisha
alison.txt 10240
EROTICA: Seduced by Alison, by John Krzesinski
alix.txt 17334
allalone.txt 9216
allamfam.txt 22517
EROTICA: An All American Family
allan.txt 9641
allen.txt 12295
allgive.txt 9181
EROTICA: All I Had to Give by Dave Nichols (1997)
allinfam.txt 3919
EROTICA: All in the Family
allison.doc 50943
EROTICA: Allison's Diary, or, Allison's Adventures in the World of Photography
allison.txt 26471
EROTICA: My Slut Daughter, Allison by Dreamer4You (1997)
allofme.txt 43353
EROTICA: All of Me 41731
STORY: All of Me
allporn.txt 282840
STORY: Summer Fun: The Beginning
ally.txt 33827
EROTICA: Hiss 6, 0519
allyson.txt 17153
EROTICA: Allyson's Angst
alnlover.txt 14239
EROTICA: My Alien Lover
aloor1.txt 25926
EROTICA: An Alooring Affair
aloor5.txt 20125
EROTICA: An Alooring Affair II
als.txt 3355
STORY: ALS Story, by Alan Lane of NixPix 14363
EROTICA: Sex With Amanda
amanda.txt 14344
EROTICA: Amanda, by Baby Billy
amanda01.txt 20300
EROTICA: Daddy's Little Girl
amanda02.txt 25154
EROTICA: Poke-Her Party
amanda03.txt 19123
EROTICA: The Monkey's Paw
amateur.txt 67943
EROTICA: Amateur Night, by Pamela Lewis
amatnite.txt 8888
EROTICA: Amateur Night
amazon.txt 10269
EROTICA: The Tenderfood Amazon, by Texas Tickler
amber1.txt 10906
amber2.txt 11565
EROTICA: Amber Part II
amber3.txt 10387
amberfld.txt 12827
EROTICA: Amber Fields, by Big Daddy (1997)
ambr-s-m.txt 8368
EROTICA: Amber (1990)
amelia.txt 23808
EROTICA: Amelia's Starring Role 23838
STORY: Amelia's Starring Role
amenity.txt 5581
STORY: Nice Amenities by Hawk #16 (June 21, 1990)
amess.txt 31022
EROTICA: You're a Mess, by Rich Humus (1997)
amy-i.txt 23935
EROTICA: Amy and I
amy.txt 30642
EROTICA: Amy's Great Adventure
amy3.txt 30383
EROTICA: Amy's B&D Adventures
amy_boy.txt 8364
EROTICA: Amy Becomes a Boy
amykbdst.txt 14782
EROTICA: Amy the Keyboardist
amykori.txt 64075
EROTICA: Kori, Amy, and Lee
amyzonn2.txt 26834
EROTICA: Amy Zonn: Beauty Treatment, by Scott Grildrig (August 21, 1993)
anal-d!.txt 2788
STORY: Anal Delights
anal1.txt 11199
EROTICA: First Time, by Les Brian
analanim.txt 14535
EROTICA: Anal Animals
analbeth.txt 87133
EROTICA: A Weekend with Beth
analido.txt 5760
EROTICA: Anally Yours by Brian Williams (October, 1989)
analjoy.txt 4534
analyst.txt 60292
EROTICA: The Analyst: Chapter 1
analyst1.txt 16768
EROTICA: The Analyst, by Hal
analyst2.txt 13568
EROTICA: The Analyst, by Hal (Chapter 2)
analyst3.txt 17792
EROTICA: The Analyst, by Hal (Chapter 3)
analyst4.txt 10240
EROTICA: The Analyst, by Hal (Chapter 4)
analyst5.txt 10496
EROTICA: The Analyst, by Hal (Chapter 5)
anascent.txt 9901
EROTICA: The Nascent of Mary Ann's Erotic Spirit, by Mary Ann and David LEe
anatomy.txt 14065
EROTICA: The Anatomy Lesson
anchov.txt 5048
EROTICA: Everything but Anchovies, by Venus de Milo
anchovy.txt 5109
EROTICA: Everything but Anchovies, by Venus De Milo
ancientd.txt 195298
EROTICA: Ancient Dreams by Kellie Matthews-Simmons
andrew.txt 103262
EROTICA: Andrew from Westbrook
andy.txt 15176
EROTICA: The Adventures of Andy by Typo
anexcuse.txt 41782
EROTICA: An Excuse for Desertion by Karl Hahn (1993)
ang-john.txt 23432
EROTICA: Angie and John, by Russ Post
angel.txt 113612
EROTICA: Angel, by Big Daddy (1997)
angel1.txt 2101
EROTICA: Seduction by an Angel, by Hans John
angel2.txt 12945
EROTICA: Angel, by Michael Raleigh
angela-1.txt 11465
EROTICA: Angela's Overture
angela-2.txt 8890
EROTICA: First Movement
angela-3.txt 8328
angela.txt 7458
angels.txt 19076
EROTICA: Angels, by Big Daddy (1997)
angelsp.txt 21393
EROTICA: A Spanking Good Time by Angel Starr
anger.txt 9954
EROTICA: Ring 11, 0590
angie-2.txt 26240
EROTICA: The Perfect Lover, by Jeff Sinclair
angie.txt 104015
EROTICA: Growing Up with uncle Jeff by Angela15 (1997)
angie1.txt 22465
EROTICA: Angela Part I
angie2.txt 19008
EROTICA: Angela Part II
angie3.txt 26154
EROTICA: Angela Part III
angietoy.txt 31017
EROTICA: Angie's Toy Boy
ani_chan.txt 54647
EROTICA: Ami Chan by Bill Eastburn (1992)
anight.txt 10713
EROTICA: The College Story
animal.txt 13185
EROTICA: The Animal by V.P. Viddler
animals.txt 24122
EROTICA: Animals
animblow.txt 8228
EROTICA: Does Any Animal Give Blow Jobs, by Pony Lover
animlfun.txt 5306
EROTICA: Animal Fun
animlluv.txt 21913
EROTICA: Animal Lover, by George
animus.txt 14365
EROTICA: Animus, by Joanne Soper-Cook
anita.txt 30720
EROTICA: Anita Meets Toby, Part 1 by Averti (May, 1991)
anmllvbr.txt 234641
EROTICA: An Animal Loving Bride
ann&bob.sty 10368
EROTICA: Ann and Bob, by John and Vicky
ann.txt 10240
ann1-6.txt 73261
EROTICA: What Happened After the Trolley Ride: Ann's Story
ann1.txt 17027
EROTICA: What Happened After the Trolley Ride, or Ann's Story
ann2.txt 13543
What Happened After the Trolley Ride, or Ann's Story (Part II)
ann3.txt 7868
What Happened After the Trolley, or Ann's Story (Part III)
ann5.txt 13720
What Happened After the Trolley Ride, or Ann's Story (Chapter IV)
ann6.txt 11853
What Happened After the Trolley Ride, or Ann's Story (Part V)
anna.txt 28288
EROTICA: Our New Au Pair's Training
anna1.txt 14667
annabel1.txt 32342
EROTICA: Annabel
anne1.txt 20857
STORY: The Tribulation of Anne by The Writer
annie.txt 55296
EROTICA: Orphan Annie's First Adventure 134973
STORY: Blackmailing the Queen: Ann Ascends the Mountain
annie01.txt 5632
EROTICA: Orphan Annie's 1st Adventure
annie02.txt 5760
EROTICA: Orphan Annie's Second Adventure
annie03.txt 11008
EROTICA: Orphan Annie's 3rd Adventure
annie04.txt 13952
EROTICA: Ophan Annie's Fourth Adventure
annie05.txt 8576
EROTICA: Orphan Annie's 5th Adventure
annie06.txt 6656
EROTICA: Orphan Annie's Sixth Adventure
annie07.txt 4096
EROTICA: Orphan Annie's Seventh Adventure
annie1 5951
STORY: Orphan Annie's First Adventure, by Rough Rider
annie1.txt 5819
annie2 6190
STORY: Orphan Anne's Second Adventure, by Rough Rider
annie3 11372
STORY: Orphan Annie's Third Adventure, by Rough Rider
annie4 14867
STORY: Orphan Annie's Fourth Adventure, by Rough Rider
annie5 9271
STORY: Orphan Annie's Fifth Aventure, by Rough Rider
annie6 7161
STORY: Orphan Annie's Sixth Adventure, by Rough Rider
annie7 4429
STORY: Orphan Annie's Seventh Adventure, by Rough Rider
annie_l.txt 72459
EROTICA: Annie's Lesbian Family Rituals, by Dirty Dreams (1997)
anniesad.txt 54366
EROTICA: Orphan Annie's Adventures, One Through Seven
anniv.txt 24320
EROTICA: Happy Anniversary
annivrsy.txt 16508
EROTICA: Anniversary
anntime3.txt 12758
EROTICA: Julie Goes Shopping at the Mall
anoninit.txt 10353
EROTICA: initiation
another.txt 42211
EROTICA: Yet Another She Devil Story, by She Devil
anotherq.txt 41525
EROTICA: There'll Never Be Another Q
anotpart.txt 21469
EROTICA: Another Party, by R.D. Talbot (1995)
anything.txt 12316
EROTICA: Anything for Shelter
apartmnt.txt 72845
EROTICA: The Aprtment, a Story of Betrayal, by Stroker Ace (1994)
ape.txt 5941
STORY: An Incident at the Zoo
apgerian.txt 19293
EROTICA: The Apgerian, by Dream Weevil (1994)
aphatos.txt 25109
EROTICA: Aphatos, by Grendel
appleeye.txt 6469
EROTICA: Apple of my Eye
appoint.txt 9711
EROTICA: The Appointment, by Michael Peters
aprilfls.txt 9560
EROTICA: April Fool's Day of 1981: Playing the Fool
apunishm.txt 8932
EROTICA: Sulin 19, 0529
arabian.txt 4014
EROTICA: Arabian
arabnigh.txt 31485
EROTICA: Arabian Nights, by Peter Unicorn
aric.txt 7558
EROTICA: Chasin Aric, by Chris Brady
ariel.txt 12804
EROTICA: Ariel's Wedding Night, by Christine Morgan
arms.txt 88170
army_exp.txt 9843
EROTICA: Army Experience
armymdic.txt 6491
EROTICA: Army Medic, by Jack Sprat
armynavy.txt 24140
EROTICA: The Army and the Navy
arnold.txt 3876
EROTICA: Hello, Arnold, by V.P. Viddler
arose.sty 13824
EROTICA: The Adventures of Ed and Rose
arose1.txt 10765
EROTICA: The Wedding Rose, by Jones
arose2.sty 12288
EROTICA: The Adventures of Ed and Rose Part II
arrest.txt 12196
arstory.txt 8934
EROTICA: Lynn's Bedroom
artclass.txt 4141
artie.txt 8316
EROTICA: Artie, by Anonymous
artofsex.hum 6424
The Art of Sex by Cloaked Warrior (August 16, 1994)
artosex2.hum 4903
The Art of Sex: Other Ways, by Cloaked Warrior (August 18, 1994)
asbparty.txt 13674
EROTICA: The ASB Party, Gaylaxicon (July 20, 1991)
asc-0.txt 15176
EROTICA: The Animal Sex Circus
asc-1.txt 13886
EROTICA: The Animal Sex Circus Part 2
asc-2.txt 15580
EROTICA: The Animal Sex Circus, Part 3
asc-3.txt 8970
EROTICA: The Animal Sex Circus, Part 4
ash.txt 40948
EROTICA: Ash by Reddragon
ashjune.txt 17126
EROTICA: Now That It's June, by Ashley (1997)
ashley1.txt 14577
EROTICA: See You, See My Day, by Ashley (1997)
ashley2.txt 14442
EROTICA: See You, See My Dad, Part 2, by Ashley (1997)
ashley3.txt 20041
EROTICA: Krissie's Story, by Ashley (1997)
ashley4.txt 13411
EROTICA: Chocolate Kisses, by Ashley (1996)
asiaa_1.txt 17178
EROTICA: Amy, the Thai Tease
asiaa_2.sty 22224
EROTICA: Amy, the Thai Tease by Gerry Kanne
ask-not.txt 16359
EROTICA: Beware What You Ask For...
aspecial.txt 8448
EROTICA: A Special Saturday Night at Home, by Dave2 (1994)
ass-app.txt 3465
EROTICA: An Application for a Piece of Ass
ass.txt 13311
assapp.txt 2562
EROTICA: Application for a Piece of Ass
assign.txt 9931
EROTICA: Assignmen, by Deirdre
assluv1.txt 12506
EROTICA: Some New Variations
assmstr.txt 10352
EROTICA: Assmasters, by Big Daddy (1997)
assslave.txt 5805
EROTICA: Asshole Slave
assume.txt 31571
EROTICA: Assume the Position, by Ron Dalanor 13000
STORY: A Swap from the Nation of Thieves
at_beach.txt 27654
EROTICA: At the Beach
at_ranch.txt 14878
EROTICA: At the Ranch
at_ymca.txt 18879
EROTICA: At the YMCA, by Wallad
atbeach.txt 9873
EROTICA: At the Beach
atconf.txt 5743
EROTICA: At the Conference
athens.txt 68397
EROTICA: Athens, by Dorvis Slaighter
atonemen.txt 396414
EROTICA: The Atonement, by Racecar (1998)
atschool.txt 8462
EROTICA: Jon and Lisa, by Sleazy Liz
attacked.txt 10703
EROTICA: Attacked by Text Trader
attheinn.txt 8904
EROTICA: At the Inn
attract.txt 5984
EROTICA: Attraction
au_pair.txt 28172
EROTICA: Our New Au Pair's Training
aubry.txt 5120
STORY: Letter to Aubry
audio3rd.txt 11060
EROTICA: Audio 3rd
audition.txt 5377
EROTICA: The Audition, by Anonymous
auditor.txt 8650
EROTICA: Auditor
august.txt 10938
EROTICA: August Heat Wave, by YAR C.
augusta.txt 8702
EROTICA: Augusta
aunt-sal.txt 14336
STORY: Emulating Auntie
auntie.txt 128092
EROTICA: Auntie Marilyn
auntsue.txt 14461
aunty.txt 10238
EROTICA: Aunty's Home
aupair.txt 15383
EROTICA: The Au Pair Boy from The Track Coach
aure-gle.txt 19379
EROTICA: Aurelius and Glenda
austral.txt 13099
EROTICA: Australia
autoclos.txt 40434
EROTICA: The Auto-Closet, by Kristen O
autoswap.txt 11142
EROTICA: Auto Swapping
autumn.txt 9469
EROTICA: Autumn Leaves
avenues.txt 23714
EROTICA: Avenues and Highways
avoncum.txt 6533
EROTICA: The Avon Lady Comes
avril.txt 12682
EROTICA: Avril, by Sam Smith
awajanis.txt 17549
EROTICA: The Awakening of Janis
awake.txt 12849
EROTICA: The Awakening, by Lisa Cohn
awakenin.txt 17934
EROTICA: Awakening by Jason Garrey
away.txt 4936
STORY: When He's Away
aylin.txt 12851
EROTICA: Aylin by R. Daneel Olivaw

There are 318 files for a total of 7,971,836 bytes.