American Nihilist Underground Society (1989)

The ANUS is still open, at

Filename Size Description of the Textfile
anus01.txt 2393
The ANUS Official Benefit Preferred Theft List
anus02.txt 4631
The Facts about ANUS by Captain Crapp
anus03.txt 29303
Capture of the Little Apple Board
anus04.txt 3685
The Complete Rooftop File, an ANUS Production
anus05.txt 423
The Complete TURD Skeeve the Magican/Floppy Wizard File
anus06.txt 4386
Sysops for Reponsible Modem Use (August 15, 1989)
anus07.txt 4052
Welcome to the Rooftop Hideaway (1989)
anus08.txt 3494
The TURD file on Rooftop Hypocrisy, Part II
anus09.txt 3118
The ANUS Phone Book (September 9, 1989)
anus10.txt 5017
The Joy of BlinkieFests by Captain Crapp/Vile Scent of ANUS
anus11.txt 6319
The Art of Blinkie Running by Captain Crapp/Vile Scent (An ANUS Production)
anus12.txt 4455
Anatomy of a Blinkie (Blinkus Nightimus)
anus13.txt 997
How to Disable a Blinkie
anus14.txt 6149
An Important News Bulletin
anus15.txt 3279
Uses for Metal Music
anus16.txt 14301
Houston Blinkie Letter Issue 2 Number 1 (November 6)
anus17.txt 11023
Houston Blinkie Letter Issue 1 Volume 1 (October 7, 1989)
anus18.txt 7620
Houston Blinkie Letter Issue 1 Number 2 (October 15, 1989)
anus19.txt 22886
Houston Blinkie Letter Issue 2, Number 2 (November 1989)
anus20.txt 19660
A Basic Lifting Tutorial
anus31337.txt 9114
Reflector Bombing: Mail Mayhem, by Goat (September 1996)

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