BBS Textfiles: The Tom Jennings Collection

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bush-cacm-paper.txt 24159
FidoNet: Technology, Use, Tools, and History, by Randy Bush (CACM Paper, Draft Version) (April 4, 1993)
fhist.html 51041
HTML: Two Fidonet History Documents, from Tom Jennings and TrapDoor
fido.faq.txt 1367
An Explanation of the Origin of the Name "Fido", by Tom Jennings
fido_info1.html 35522
HTML: What is a FidoNet? Discussion of the Growth and Development of and Amateur Computer Netowrk, by Carol Anne Dodd (1999)
fidohist.1.txt 19200
Fidonet History and Operation, by Tom Jennings (February 8, 1985)
fidohist.2.txt 12711
Fidonet History and Operation, by Tom Jennings (February 8, 1985) (Part II)
fidonet-usenet.txt 10872
A Collection of Early Mentions of Fidonet on Usenet (December 11, 2001)
fidonet.txt 2829
FidoNet: The First Electronic Mail System, by Tony Clark
history-fragment.txt 10979
A Fidonet History Fragment (Retelling of Fidonet History)
history.html 25664
HTML: A History of FidoNet, by Randy Bush (1993)
interview.1.txt 35493
Tom Jennings Interview, from Jon Lebkowsky (March 23, 1993)
interview.2.txt 36780
Tom Jennings Interview (Hacked Version)
interview.3.txt 33947
Tom Jennings Interview (Edited Version)
nodelist.039.txt 15348
notes.txt 690
Collection of Notes/Points to Bring Up in a Talk, from Tom Jennings
presnell.txt 2454
Letter from Marshall Presnell regarding Satiric Aspects of Fidonet History (January, 1992)
router.doc.txt 16198
Fido/Fidonet Routing, Topology, History and Recent Changes, by Tom Jennings
tomj_mrobbins.txt 60149
The History of Fidonet: An Interview with Tom Jennings, by Marge Robbins (October, 1993) (Transcription)
vedvik.txt 2295
Gary Vedvik Discusses Fidonet History with Tom Jennings (November 27, 1991)
wrong.txt 2921
Clarifications Regarding Errors in Fidonet History, by Tom Jennings

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