BBS Textfiles: The Tom Jennings Collection

Description of the Textfile 9075
Schematic Fidonet Articles of Confederation, by Tom Jennings
barlow.txt 2830
Text of Award Speech for EFF Pioneer Award, By Tom Jennings (?)
bcs.txt 4448
Forwarded Messages Describing BCSNet and Its Relation to Fidonet and RIME (July, 1992)
boardwatch-article.pozar.txt 11358
Toasternets: An Introduction on Building Your Own, by Tim Pozar (April 15, 1993)
cdrom.txt 10510
Discussion About Distributing FidoNews on CD-ROM, Between Tom Jennings and Karen Maynor
compress.doc.txt 1010
Tests of FidoNet Mail Connect Time vs. Compression Method
echoes.txt 7344
PCBL Gay Echo List (List of Echo-Mail Conferences)
eunet.txt 2006
Message from Randy Bush Announcing Fidonet Connection Through EUNet (December 27, 1991)
fido815.doc.txt 2977
Example of a Section 8/15 Filing of the FidoNet Trademark, from Bob Moravsik to Tom Jennings (November 29, 1992)
fidorot.nws.txt 1257
Experiencing Fidorot, by Tim Sullivan of PC Techniques BBS
fidouser.txt 10570
Fido Callers Manual by Richard Levey (1985)
files.bbs.txt 2161
Description of Some Fido-Related Documents in This Collection, by Tom Jennings
finland.txt 4009
Discussion About the Use of the Fidonet Trademark in Finland between Tom Jennings and Ron Dwight (January, 1992)
gayhist.txt 2138
Discussion Regarding Gay History Echo, by Russ Goodale to Tom Jennings (April 2, 1992)
german-fido-trademark.txt 4233
Discussion Regarding German Use of the Fido Trademark (August 28, 1993)
idiots.txt 18407
Various Discussions Regarding the FidoNet Trademark in Finland and the Selling of Fido-Related Software (September, 1992)
lostmail.txt 2712
Discussion Regarding Lost Mail from BBS Run by William Sommers (August, 1992) 815
Mention of Various Files and Documents in this Collection
schirado.txt 1095
A Thank You For Creating FidoNet (March 3, 1994)
sommers.txt 1402
Correspondence of Tom Jennings Offering FidoNews Editorship to William Sommers (January 27, 1992)
sylvia-morscher-max-old-fido.txt 203213
Large Collection of Old Fido-Related (And Fido-Unrelated) Messages and Postings By Tom Jennings
trademar.txt 2170
Registration of FidoNet Trademark, Correspondence between Bob Moravsik and Tom Jennings (November 23, 1992)

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