Anarchy: Creating, Building, and Using Weaponry

Before you waste one entire second even considering mixing, creating, or otherwise implementing the instructions in these files, be aware that people have died from some of these very texts, attempting wholescale explosives and dangerous chemical reactions based on some flimsy text file written by god knows who for god knows what. It's just way too easy for someone to have typed a 5 instead of a 4 years and years ago when they were copying out of a badly photocopied pamphlet written by someone entirely different. Your life is too precious to take such an idiotic risk. If you're going to blow things (and yourself) up, at least go the route of learning with experts, where you'll become aware of risks and fun far beyond soaking tennis balls in gasoline and lighting them. OK?!

Description of the Textfile
11-end 134555
Ninja Recipe by The Ninja Warrior (January 5, 1985)
209.txt 9630
Special Ammunitions for Blowguns
210.txt 11490
Rocks and Cannons
211.txt 6034
Basic Pipe Cannon
22pen.ana 9336
Making a .22 pistol out of a pen
anar23.txt 3724
Electronic Terrorism by King Tut
anstrapr.rul 11447
Ansteorran Rapier Combat Rules, by Ioseph of Locksley (June 1, 1987)
antipers.txt 3852
Flamemaker Presents: Antipersonel Weapons 7563
How to Construct SCA Arrows
article.005 4063
Improvised Capsicum Tear Gas by Arclight 09/03/1993
automag.faq 40897
The AirGUN FAQ: Version 1.4, May 11, 1994, by Scott Mitchell 89839
Manual for the 67Automag Paintball Airgun by Airgun Designs
automag.txt 18169
"C" Language Emulation of an Automag Painball Gun
autorife.ana 7724
A Guide to Infantry Weapons
bazooka.txt 3016
Creating the Potato Bazooka
bbbazoka.ana 3690
How to make a BB Gun, by The Sentinel
bbguns.txt 2740
Ode to the BB Gun, by Sylex Sirius of The Apple Axis
biballis.txt 3577
Bic Ballistics, Re-Edited by Nitro
bic.txt 1826
The BIC Flamethrower by Tempus
blomgun.txt 3389
Making a Hunting Blow Gun and Darts, by MAFiA
blowdart.ana 2722
Advanced Blow Gun and Darts By Executioner and Running Rebel
blowdart.txt 8152
Making Blow Darts
blowgun.doc 1682
Blowgun Creation and Use
blowgun.txt 2003
How to Make Blow Darts, by The Pyro
blowgun2.txt 3380
How to make Portable Blowguns by Bob the Roach
blowgunz.txt 4122
The Best Blowgun and Darts, by Makil, King of Darkness
bombs.txt 1738
The Best of the Station: Various Anarchy Recepies
break1.txt 1924
Making a Pellet Gun by Chris Jones of The Pow-Bam
camo.txt 7898
Australian Army Infantry Camouvlage and Concealment, transcribed by MAIM
cannon.txt 2391
Making a PVC Pipe Cannon from Lars of Black Circle Productions (February 3, 1995)
carbide.txt 5249
More Fun Stuff for Terrorists by Anselot the Slayer
chlorate.txt 13780
Making Chlorate and Perchlorate by The Author
cleani.asc 10693
Small Arms Firing Manual, 1913
cleanu.pd8 7296
An Update on Bore Cleaning
cliches.txt 5641
The NRA Answers some common cliches
cokebom.txt 3072
How to Build a Simple Terrorist Device from a Coke Can by Nitro
colt_dsp.txt 2255
Colt Detective Special: Description of Operation
colthbar.txt 9309
The Colt AR15A2 H-Bar
coltmntc.txt 3418
Colt Revolver Maintenance Notes
corbintext.ana 433750
A VERY Large Collection of Firearms-related information from the Corbin Handbook and Catalog
crimecat.000 6710
The Crimefighters' Catalog: Table of Contents
crimecat.001 4788
The Crimefighters' Catalog:Copyrights, and Copying Restrictions
crimecat.002 5635
The Crimefighters' Catalog: Self Defense and the Law
crimecat.003 8279
The Crimefighters' Catalog: Hard to Find Books
crimecat.004 43909
The Crimefighters' Catalog: Private Investigation and Skip Tracing
crimecat.005 35480
The Crimefighters' Catalog: Police Science, FBI, DEA and the CIA
crimecat.006 24225
The Crimefighters' Catalog: Military Science: Special Forces Training
crimecat.007 11245
The Crimefighters' Catalog: Action Careers
crimecat.008 32412
The Crimefighters' Catalog: Handguns and Self-Defense
crimecat.009 16027
The Crimefighters' Catalog: Rifles, Conversions and Shotguns
crimecat.010 21955
The Crimefighters' Catalog: Machine Guns, Improvised Weapons, Special Ammo and Exotic Weapons
crimecat.011 14079
The Crimefighters' Catalog: Fireworks, Explosives and Demolutions
crimecat.012 17034
The Crimefighters' Catalog: Street Fighting and Barroom Brawling
crimecat.013 35651
The Crimefighters' Catalog: Martial Arts
crimecat.014 14778
The Crimefighters' Catalog: Knives and Knife Fighting
crimecat.015 17166
The Crimefighters' Catalog: City and Wilderness Survival
crimecat.016 13793
The Crimefighters' Catalog: New ID: Where and How to Get it
crimecat.017 5295
The Crimefighters' Catalog: Frauds, Scams and Rip-Offs
crimecat.018 15063
The Crimefighters' Catalog: Locksmiths, Lock Picks and Safecracking
crimecat.019 24621
The Crimefighters' Catalog: Terrorist Tactics and Counter Tactics, and Bombs, Ambushes and othr Terrorists' Weapons
crimecat.020 5493
The Crimefighters' Catalog: Credit Cards: The Insiders' Guide
crimecat.021 25515
The Crimefighters' Catalog: Computers, Business-Related and Oddball Information and Do-It-Yourself Legal Kits for All Occasions
crimecat.022 37216
The Crimefighters' Catalog: Pocketbooks
crimecat.023 5760
The Crimefighters' Catalog: Catalog Sales: Refund Policy
crimecat.024 2677
The Crimefighters' Catalog: Order Form
darksprk.hch 5350
Creating a Spark Igniter
dcmrifle.txt 20067
How to Get an M1 Garand Through the DCM Program
deathgas.txt 1707
How to Make Poisonous Gas with Household Materials, by Irie Man
desert.gun 20208
Everyone gets stranded in the desert, and what guns they would bring
diskbomb.txt 1148
Diskette Bombs by Price Goglho (June 17, 1994)
draino.txt 1675
Draino Bombs by Master Mayhem
dry-ice-.txt 12493
An Article on Making a Dry Ice Gun
dryice2.txt 3708
Fun with Dry Ice... Lots of Fun with Dry Ice
firearmp.txt 4545
Firearms Paraphenailia (List of Books)
firearms.asc 5979
Comparisons Between Civilian and Police Use of Firearms
flame 1330
How to Build a Flamethrower
flame.txt 2048
How to Build a Flamethrower
flamthro.txt 2833
How to Make a Pocket Flamethrower by The Cracksman of the Temple of the Un-Dead
frbom1.txt 10488
Firebombing Made Easy, by Cap'n Crunch
frbom2.txt 9936
Firebombs Made Easy, by Cap'n Crunch Part 2
freecds.txt 2435
Rocket Launcher by Lars of Black Circle Productions (February 17, 1995)
gal-weap.d&d 129373
The Gallery of Weapons compiled by Daniela Angelica Back
gases.txt 4285
Irritant Gasses by the Pyromaniac
goodbye.ana 1715
The Best of the Station by the Prowler
grenade.txt 502
Building a Grenade
gunadr.txt 2272
Gun Company Addresses
guncat.prn 8167
Collection of Firearms Suppliers, 5/4/1992
guncot.ana 2526
How to make Gun Cotton, by Ivan
gundealr.lst 34109
List of Firearms and Accessories Distributors, September 7, 1989
gunsaf.txt 6038
Wayne Ekhart talks about different kinds of Safes for Gun Storage
gunsguns.txt 3452
BB Gun Silencer
gunsmith.ana 13369
Gunsmith (A New Breed of Textfiles) by Uzi
hydrogen.txt 837
Making a Hydrogen Bomb (Well, Hydrogen's In It....)
intro.txt 28359
An introduction to Bullet Swaging from The Corbin Handbook
konga.txt 2416
The Konga Stick by Captain Hack (October 10, 1996)
laser.ana 3670
Laser Plans Part I
launcher.txt 5551
Build a Tennis Ball Launcher by The Baron
litermod.txt 1643
A Pocket Flame Thrower, by The Black Swimmers
m1-comp.txt 3020
M1 Garand Compensator: Staff Evaluation
mini14.tun 12613
Tune Your Mini -14 by James Mason, from Guns and Ammo March 1987
mini14.txt 10265
Cleaning the Ruger Mini-14
murphys- 2627
Murphy's Laws for Paintball, by Dan Leger
muz_load.txt 13824
Welcome to Muzzleloading!
nitro.txt 4410
How to Make Nitroglycerin
nitro1.txt 7901
How to Make Nitroglycerine by Nitro
nitro3.txt 3503
How to Make and Use Nitroglycerin by Irate Pirate of the Computer Pirates of Utah
nukes.txt 39895
Third Generation Nuclear Weapons: An Introduction
p-cannon.txt 8223
Potato Cannon by Thallion of WUFO
phlanx.txt 4930
Information on the Phalanx Gatling Gun
phoniex.txt 5482
A Catalog from Phoenix Systems Inc. by Lars (January 27, 1995) 13312
Phun With BB Guns by Phucking Phield Phreakers of 619 (October 17, 1989)
phunbbgun.txt 13540
Phun with B-B-Guns by Phuckin' Phield Phreakers (October 17, 1989)
pocflam1.txt 11000
PFM1: The Pocket Sized Flame Thrower by Information unlimited
poisnpen.txt 3383
Plastic Retractible Poison Pen Instructions
polpos.txt 4789
Description of the Police Positive
psonpens.hac 2546
Making a Posion Pen
reloader.txt 7039
Recommended Reloading Equipment for Initial Purchase
reloads.txt 6958
Shotgun Loads, by Primo Pyro
rm-gun01.txt 9373
The Ringmaster Gun 1: How to Build a .22 by Invisible Stalker (March 7, 1986)
rsg.txt 3344
Home-Made Stuff Version 2: How to Make a Stun Gun (April 5, 1988)
rugermk2.txt 30304
Official Manual of the Ruger Mark II Pistol
rugerp85.txt 7232
Update on the Ruger P-85 9mm Pistol
sansilen.hac 4366
Homemade Silencers (Needs Editing) by The Guardian
schools.txt 5794
Schools that Specialize in Firearms Training, February 6, 1993
scopes.txt 21973
Scopes for Dopes
selfdefense.txt 29983
Streetwise Self Defence by Renegade of the RAF
shell-tr 6168
Calculating the Trajectory of a Shell
sks.txt 37286
The 7.62x39mm SKS Type 56 Carbine by Richard M. Bash
slamfire.txt 5436
Slam Fires on M1 Garands, M1A's, FN-LAR's, SAT-48's and M1 Carbines
slime.txt 3483
How to Make Slime, by Black September
spud-gun.txt 11393
How to Make a Spud Gun, by the Creator and Some Other Guy
spud.txt 4192
The High Powered Potato Gun
squib.txt 38650
Bullet Hit Squib v1.05 (February 12, 1995)
stinggun.txt 4434
How to Make a Stun Gun! By The Grean Dean (April 5, 1988)
stungun.txt 4642
How to Make a Stun Gun, by The Underground and Green Dean April 1988
stungun2.txt 3109
How to Make a Stun Gun: Homemade Stuff Version 2
sugarroc.1 4096
How to make Sugar Rockets by Cloaked Warrior
surv_gun 44932
Survival Guns: February, 1993
taser.txt 6625
Defensive and Offensive Strategies to Stun Guns (October 3, 1986)
tennis.txt 2602
Tennis Ball Impact Bombs Made Easy! by The Pit Stop
traps 3634
Mines and Booby Traps by Lime Dillirgaf
traps.txt 3950
Assassin File #1 by Anselot the Slayer of Sector 7 AE Line
ultfthrw.txt 3732
The Ultimate Flame Thrower, by Chimera
uzi_trig.txt 5242
Disassembly and Re-assembly of the Uzi 9mm/.45ACP Carbine Trigger and Firing Mechanism by Richard M. Bash, March 20, 1989
weapons.ana 5495
Where to Get Weapons, by The Video Vindicator
wwg1 7273
Warlock's Weekend Warrior's Guide, olume 1: Semi-Auto to Full Auto Weapons Conversion

There are 146 files for a total of 2,204,079 bytes.