Anarchy and Explosives and General Mayhem: The FDR Collection

This collection was sent to me as one large archive. While many of the files in here are duplicates or very similar to other files in other parts of the site, it seemed appropriate to leave them together, since they do show one person's effort to put together a collective group. The vintage of the files range from the end of the 1990's to the earlier days of the BBS.

Before you waste one entire second even considering mixing, creating, or otherwise implementing the instructions in these files, be aware that people have died from some of these very texts, attempting wholescale explosives and dangerous chemical reactions based on some flimsy text file written by god knows who for god knows what. It's just way too easy for someone to have typed a 5 instead of a 4 years and years ago when they were copying out of a badly photocopied pamphlet written by someone entirely different. Your life is too precious to take such an idiotic risk.

Description of the Textfile
fdr-0001.txt 6787
How to Set Up and Use a Dead Letter Box
fdr-0003.txt 4306
5 Ways to Pick Vending Machines by Ian (November 15, 1998)
fdr-0004.txt 17325
83 Ways to Trash Your School (June 23, 1986)
fdr-0005.txt 4046
The API Newsletter: The Anarchist's Corner by Piro and Laughing Gas (July 15, 1989)
fdr-0006.txt 13749
Anarchy in Your Own Home by Black Death of PHA
fdr-0007.txt 6827
Some Anti-Boredom Activities by Shooting Shark
fdr-0008.txt 8462
Auto Tailing by Samurai Cat
fdr-0009.txt 8570
The Basic Trashing Manual by The Blue Buccaneer
fdr-0011.txt 5218
Car Thrashing by Mr. Budman Zeek
fdr-0012.txt 23928
Preparation of Contact Explosives (November 6, 1987)
fdr-0013.txt 5754
Crime on the Job by The ASCII Assassin of Anarchy Inc.
fdr-0014.txt 4494
Electronic Terrorism by King Tut
fdr-0016.txt 6039
Fake IDs
fdr-0017.txt 9195
Fax Machine Fun by The Iocat (1989)
fdr-0018.txt 1918
Fire Extinguishing by Silent Slayer
fdr-0019.txt 3544
Fun Things to Do to an Asshole's Car, by Delta Burke
fdr-0020.txt 7065
Fun Things to Do to Stupid Neighbors by Delta Burke
fdr-0021.txt 3772
Fune with Electronics by The King of Roo
fdr-0022.txt 7894
Handbook of the British Contraband Smuggler
fdr-0023.txt 4173
Handbook of the British Contraband Smuggler
fdr-0024.txt 6278
Handbook of the British Contraband Smuggler
fdr-0026.txt 1700
How to Steal Ford Cars, Made Simple
fdr-0027.txt 4120
How to Properly Crank Call Some Poor Fool, by The Bullseye of Anarchy Inc.
fdr-0028.txt 4962
How to Have Fun at School by Walkon of The Underground Works
fdr-0029.txt 4108
How to Terrorize your Neighborhood by The Anarchist
fdr-0030.txt 6861
How to Create Anarchy with OTHER People's Cars! By Godzilla
fdr-0031.txt 2511
How to Get Lost
fdr-0032.txt 13364
How to Overthrow a Country by Senator Bunker
fdr-0033.txt 5120
Interrogation Techniques
fdr-0034.txt 5312
Jackpotting: What is it? By the Prowler
fdr-0036.txt 8187
Maintaining your "Illegal" Page or Beating Geocities at Their Own Game! By Cyber Thief
fdr-0037.txt 3066
Making Thermite, by the Ninja Master
fdr-0038.txt 10817
Meet and Beat the Lie Detector, Transcribed by The Reflex
fdr-0039.txt 5991
Miscellaneous Stuff by Havoc Chaos of Anarchy Chaos
fdr-0041.txt 8058
More on Trashing: What to Look for, How to Act, Where to Go
fdr-0042.txt 2150
Napalm Made Easy, by Sir Knight
fdr-0044.txt 3409
Police Interrogation Techniques Part 1
fdr-0045.txt 6126
How to Rob a Bank, by Daredevil of Anarchy, Inc. (1984)
fdr-0046.txt 60507
Software Piracy in the Information Age
fdr-0047.txt 8870
Stealing Toyota's for $$$, X-Portation or Smash-Up Derby by Phrenzy (March 9, 1990)
fdr-0049.txt 7560
The Joys of Vendetta by The Scientist and The Samurai (January 23, 1986)
fdr-0051.txt 4006
UPSetting, by Axiom Codex and Lazar
fdr-0052.txt 18816
Weekend Anarchy by Sid Vicious and Bacardi 151
fdr-0053.txt 2363
What You Should Have in an "Anarchy Bag" by Sour Apple
fdr-0054.txt 4979
Counterfeiting Money by Jolly Roger
fdr-0055.txt 4642
How to Terrorize McDonalds from the Jolly Roger
fdr-0056.txt 10289
Stealing, from Exodus
fdr-0058.txt 4225
22 Ways to Kill a Man With your Bare Hands, by Big Bad Barbarian
fdr-0059.txt 8445
40 Ways to Sabotage Your School by Cosmic Charlie and The Doctor
fdr-0060.txt 4423
50 Fun Things for Non-Christians to Do in Church, by David Henley
fdr-0063.txt 5806
20 Tools You Can Use to Terror and Havok by The Dark Entropy
fdr-0064.txt 4000
Anarchists Anonymous (September 3, 1993)
fdr-0065.txt 9500
Daytime Phun, by The Anarchists Anonymous
fdr-0066.txt 22920
The Big Book of Projectiles
fdr-0067.txt 5887
Bored Fun by The Anarchial Artist (June 16, 1993)
fdr-0068.txt 12561
Anarchists Away! from Anarchists Anonymous
fdr-0069.txt 12795
Easy Anarchy, by Obi Wan Kenobi
fdr-0070.txt 10738
Anarchists Anonymous present Essential Anarchial Equipment Part 1 by Dark Entropy
fdr-0071.txt 11178
Fun at Camp, and a Poem, by Dilithium
fdr-0072.txt 18544
Some Fun in the Mechanical Room, by Dilithium
fdr-0073.txt 6105
Fun Things to Do with Cars by Dilithium
fdr-0074.txt 5063
How to Torment Retards, by Anarchial Artist (June 25, 1993)
fdr-0075.txt 7826
Making Cash, the Anarchy Style
fdr-0076.txt 9039
Multi-Purpose Stink Grenade by Excessive Mayhem (January 29, 1994)
fdr-0077.txt 15589
Some Nasty Shit to Pull from Anarchists Anonymous
fdr-0078.txt 11170
Random Anarchy, by Anarchial Artist (1994)
fdr-0079.txt 9536
Roadkilling, by Anarchial Artist (1994)
fdr-0080.txt 5228
Some Useful Things to Do with Ex-Friends by The Anarchial Artist (July 4th, 1993)
fdr-0081.txt 29000
Stuff You Can Do With a Vacant House, from Anarchists Anonymous (January 24, 1994)
fdr-0082.txt 8751
A Taste for Destruction, by Anarchial Artist (1994)
fdr-0083.txt 13028
Terror on the Transit, by Anarchists Anonymous (1994)
fdr-0084.txt 10129
The Art of Harassing a School, by Anarchial Artist, 1994
fdr-0085.txt 4781
The Babysitting Blues, by Dilithium of Anarchists Anonymous
fdr-0086.txt 6616
Till Death Do We Part, by Anarchisal Artist (1993)
fdr-0087.txt 11952
The Beginner's Guide to Tree Spiking, from Excessive Mayhem (January 28, 1994)
fdr-0088.txt 9759
Tree Pinning, the Art of Silent Tree Spiking by Excessive Mayhem (January 28, 1994)
fdr-0089.txt 5836
Ways to Really Bug an Enemy, from Anarchists' Anonymous
fdr-0090.txt 7054
Winter Terror, by Obi Wan Kenobi
fdr-0091.txt 73294
alt.drugs Clandestine Chemestry Primer and FAQ by Yogi Shan (1995)
fdr-0092.txt 3732
How to Make a Doorbell Shocker, by Amorphous
fdr-0093.txt 5197
How to Get the Most Out of School by Amorphous
fdr-0094.txt 8941
The Best and Most Advanced Way of Stealing CDs from Stores by Amorphous
fdr-0095.txt 2675
Beware of Camera by Amorphous
fdr-0096.txt 2272
Your Neighbor Part 1 by Amorphous
fdr-0097.txt 14371
Beating the Machines by Amorphous
fdr-0098.txt 1519
How to Hide Things From Your Parents by Amorphous
fdr-0099.txt 2765
Your Neighbor Part 2 by Amorphous
fdr-0100.txt 2394
How to Easily Make Fake Drugs by Amorphous
fdr-0101.txt 3468
How to Easily Make a Reliable Detonation Timer by Amorphous
fdr-0109.txt 43077
Anarchy Today: An Acetone Peroxide Explosive, by Jack the Ripper
fdr-0110.txt 60466
Anarchy Today #2: Evading Bomb Squad Tactics by Jack the Ripper
fdr-0114.txt 5679
An Anarchists' Guide to Airports by Eliminator
fdr-0115.txt 15491
Arcade Game Strategies by Count Zero Interrupt (June 1, 1990)
fdr-0118.txt 15558
A Reality Check on Anarchy, or How to be an Anarchist and Still Avoid a Prison Term, by Midnight Rider
fdr-0134.txt 5536
5 Ways to Kill a Car, by MC5 of the Brotherhood of Gids and Retards
fdr-0135.txt 5473
Anarchy in the Supermarket, by Paco of the Brotherhood of Gods and Retards
fdr-0136.txt 2074
Beginner's Guide to Dealing Drugs by Dr. Bushwhacker of the Brotherhood of Gids and Retards
fdr-0137.txt 2107
Fun at Campgrounds, by iD of the Brotherhood of Gids and Retards
fdr-0138.txt 2459
Fun with Electricity by Dr. Bushwhacker
fdr-0139.txt 4226
Fun in Fucking Up Your School by Abigwar of the Brotherhood of Gids and Retards
fdr-0140.txt 2207
How to Make a Noose by iD of the Brotherhood of GIds and Retards
fdr-0141.txt 2682
How to Get Twice the Amount of Tickets, by Jungle Jimmy of the Brotherhood of Gids and Retards
fdr-0143.txt 5516
How to Get out of the COPS Jam by Deadly Amoeba of the Brotherhood of Gids and Retards
fdr-0145.txt 5513
How to Make Oxalic Explosive, by Abigwar of The Brotherhood of Gids and Retards
fdr-0146.txt 4685
How to Run Away from Home, by Zorro of the Brotherhood of Gids and Retards
fdr-0147.txt 8727
How to Do a Million Things with a Paper Clip, by Zorro
fdr-0148.txt 1863
Improved Shoplifting Volume 2 by Dr. Bushwacker
fdr-0149.txt 1887
Improved Shoplifting Volume 1 by Dr. Bushwacker
fdr-0151.txt 5743
Making Life in the Mall Hell by the Brotherhood of Gids and Retards
fdr-0152.txt 4054
Many Ways to Rob Coin Operated Vending Machines by Jabberwocky
fdr-0153.txt 1284
Safety Precautions for Storing Explosives by Abigwar
fdr-0154.txt 107394
The Protechnics Cookbook, from Henry Bornstein (June 13, 1994)
fdr-0159.txt 2174
Building Rocket Launchers by OD Phreak
fdr-0161.txt 17529
Butchering the Human Carcass for Human Consumption by Bob Arson
fdr-0164.txt 3208
Cannon by Hel's Angel (June 17, 1996)
fdr-0165.txt 24950
Canonical List of Pranks by Stacy Behrens Version 3.0
fdr-0166.txt 2441
Car Beverage Trick, by Irie Man
fdr-0167.txt 1982
Car Smoke Screens
fdr-0169.txt 7409
Whose Morality? By Tequila Willy of the cDc (1990)
fdr-0170.txt 23542
How to Break the Law by Anonymous of the cDc
fdr-0175.txt 6837
Bank Fraud by White Knight of the cDc
fdr-0177.txt 3844
Fun with Traffic Lights by Dial Tone of the cDc (1987)
fdr-0178.txt 3527
The Infamous Gerbil Feed Bomb by Swamp Rat (1985)
fdr-0179.txt 9263
Inflammatory Comments on Chemicals and their Sources (April 9, 1989)
fdr-0180.txt 10905
Choosing the Best Girl, by Sam
fdr-0186.txt 5780
CrimeNet by Byte Blaster and Cracka Jack
fdr-0190.txt 134022
DarkStorm's Book of Compiled Articles on Destruction, Crime, and Other Illegal Acts (May, 1991)
fdr-0191.txt 6421
The Delay Detonator
fdr-0193.txt 134229
The Book for the Beginner Anarchist by Dr. Demented (May 13, 1996)
fdr-0194.txt 55388
Documentation and Diagrams of the Atomic Bomb by Outlaw Labs
fdr-0195.txt 3738
Don't Talk to Cops, by Robert W. Zeuner, Member of the New York State Bar
fdr-0196.txt 1341
Do You Hate Your Mother? by PeEll
fdr-0197.txt 90079
Fooling the Bladder Cops, by Justin Gombos (March 15, 1998)
fdr-0206.txt 24761
Field Guide to the Psilocybin Mushroom (June 2, 1994)
fdr-0208.txt 8237
How to Get Free Cigarettes, by Mr. Frost
fdr-0209.txt 18796
How to Get Free Software and Hardware
fdr-0220.txt 11482
Fun! With Random Senseless Violence by Count Nibble (August 2nd, 1985)
fdr-0221.txt 15842
Improvised Explosives: Gelatine Explosive from Anti-Freeze by The Lich
fdr-0222.txt 9380
Getting Others to Commit Suicide by The Blade of the Neon Knights
fdr-0227.txt 54390
Guide to Sex with Dogs
fdr-0232.txt 15544
fdr-0233.txt 2347
Highway Radar Jamming, from Ben Piper
fdr-0235.txt 1184
How to Break Into a House, by Jim Meeker
fdr-0237.txt 5325
How to Be a Real Drug User by Jolly Roger of the Neon Knights/Metal Communications
fdr-0238.txt 1744
How to Break Into Cars! By Ub6ib91
fdr-0239.txt 6661
How to Fuck Up Work! By Public Enemy of The Anarchists Alliance (July 8, 1989)
fdr-0240.txt 6023
How to Fuck the Dead by the Necrophiliac of the Neon Knights
fdr-0243.txt 6930
How to Get Fucked Up on Things Laying Around the House, by Rat Snatcher (1990)
fdr-0244.txt 2384
How To Have Fun with Alka Seltzer by Phreak
fdr-0246.txt 5933
Weekend Violence: How to Have FUN When You're Bored Out of your Skull
fdr-0247.txt 1317
How to Hot-Wire a Car by Invalid and The Boca Bandit
fdr-0250.txt 13223
The Guys Six Feet Under Present Part I of the Getting Homemade Highs File
fdr-0251.txt 5692
How to Make a Bomb Out of Your Computer Monitor, by Leviathan
fdr-0252.txt 62738
How to Make Bombs (May 15, 1990)
fdr-0253.txt 5841
How to Make Big Money on Drug Dealing
fdr-0255.txt 5481
The United Liberation Forces Present How to Steal from Stores (February 25, 1998)
fdr-0257.txt 4817
How to Steal a Bike by Dispater
fdr-0258.txt 6753
How to Get on Heroin
fdr-0265.txt 2462
Illegal Entry, by Jonin Meka of the Black Hand Society
fdr-0266.txt 244572
Improvised Munitions by The Mad Cracker
fdr-0269.txt 10106
Kitchion Improvised Plastic Explosives, by Agrajag the Prolonged
fdr-0271.txt 6532
Kitchen Improvised Plastic Explosives, by Agrajag the Prolonged
fdr-0273.txt 4643
Kitchen Improvised Plastic Explosives, by Agrajag the Prolonged
fdr-0274.txt 231438
Kubark Counterintelligence Interrogation Techniques
fdr-0275.txt 15213
Listening to the Police in Canterbury (March 12, 1995)
fdr-0277.txt 28869
A Cheap Lil' Guide to Professional Housebombing/Homewrechking (July 14, 1990)
fdr-0278.txt 3022
Sending Drugs Through the Mail (May 5, 1992)
fdr-0281.txt 209623
Make Em' Pay by George Hayduke, Transcribed by the ZoneTripper (1996)
fdr-0282.txt 1147
Making Bank at a Change Machine
fdr-0283.txt 3253
Making Hommade Tear Gas by Nosferatu (May 21, 1995)
fdr-0284.txt 3953
Making Pocket Rockets, by Chief O'Hara
fdr-0288.txt 32147
So You Want To Become a Mercenary, by the Armagedeon
fdr-0289.txt 19143
Mercenary Today 3 by Armagedeon
fdr-0290.txt 26287
Mercinary Today, by Armagedeon
fdr-0292.txt 14586
Ministry Against School
fdr-0293.txt 44801
Ministry: Soft Drugs, Everything You Want To Know
fdr-0294.txt 4029
The Ministry presents How to make a Simple Bomb
fdr-0295.txt 2786
The Ministry Presents How to make a Simple Bomb Part 2
fdr-0297.txt 9786
Kun sinut pidätetään, joudut antamaan nimesi, osoitteesi ja henkilötunnuksesi
fdr-0301.txt 7366
Necrophilia, by Theoderich (October 9, 1993)
fdr-0303.txt 3620
New Economic Policy, by the Stainless Steal Rat (December, 1982)
fdr-0304.txt 8190
The Ninja Warrior Presents: Poison #1
fdr-0305.txt 5501
The Ninja Warrior Presents: Smoke Screen #1
fdr-0306.txt 7805
The Ninja Warrior Presents: Shuriken
fdr-0307.txt 6397
The Ninja Warrior Presents: Climbing Tutorial 1
fdr-0308.txt 6909
The Ninja Warrior Presents: Room Entry/Lock Picking Techniques
fdr-0309.txt 7855
Phrack 17: Nitrogen Trioxide Explosives, by Signal Sustain
fdr-0310.txt 1581
Working notes on Nitrogen Tri-Iodide (NI-3) by Signal Sustain
fdr-0311.txt 2911
Pimp FAQ by TheLark
fdr-0312.txt 746
Pimp FAQ, by The Lark
fdr-0313.txt 2133
The Most Powerful Pipe Bomb There Is by Peell
fdr-0314.txt 2014
A Super Pipe Bomb, by Peell
fdr-0316.txt 3412
Postage Alternatives, by the Chief Mechanic
fdr-0318.txt 3211
How to Get Big Cash Fast and Easy, by Some Guy Who Knows (March 27, 1991)
fdr-0319.txt 6146
A Collection of Krazy Glue Tricks
fdr-0320.txt 6535
Some More Mayhem, by the Fixer
fdr-0321.txt 5662
More Krazy Glue Tricks, by The Fixer
fdr-0322.txt 6368
Bernzomatic Tricks, by The Fixer
fdr-0323.txt 6545
School Phun, Volume Two
fdr-0324.txt 7346
A Collection of Pranks
fdr-0325.txt 5265
More Krazy Glue Tricks
fdr-0326.txt 5189
School Phun 4, or College Phun
fdr-0327.txt 11594
Revenge for Every Occasion
fdr-0328.txt 6489
Framing Your Enemies: An Effective Revenge Tactic
fdr-0329.txt 4955
Destroying an Apple Computer
fdr-0330.txt 7932
fdr-0331.txt 5650
Pranks, Revenge, and General Mayhem Volume 13: The Onslaught Continues
fdr-0332.txt 3645
Pranks, Revenge, and General Mayhem by The Fixer (July, 1988)
fdr-0333.txt 9706
The Fixer Presents Pranks, Revenge and General Mayhem XV (1990)
fdr-0334.txt 14605
More Phone Pranks XVI by The Fixer (1990)
fdr-0335.txt 23085
Pranks, Revenge, and General Mayhem 17 (July 28, 1992)
fdr-0336.txt 10785
Pranks, Revenge and General Mayhem XVIII by The Fixer (1993)
fdr-0338.txt 44175
The Psilocybin Producers Guide by Adam Gottlieb (1976)
fdr-0339.txt 104221
Psychological Operations in Guerrilla Warfare by Tayac)
fdr-0340.txt 31232
Pyrotechnics Inside the Home by the TazIranian Devil
fdr-0341.txt 5037
Pyrotechniks and Practical Jokes
fdr-0343.txt 51195
fdr-0344.txt 37723
Questions and Answers about Anarchism
fdr-0345.txt 2351
Ripping Off Pop Machines by od^Phreak
fdr-0346.txt 5262
Roadside Pranks: The Original Shitbomb, by The Whip and Maz
fdr-0349.txt 8407
Running a Successful and Profitable Gambling Ring, by CandyMan
fdr-0352.txt 4035
School Defense by Captain Hack (January 8, 1996)
fdr-0354.txt 3621
Smuggling and Dope, by John Shaver (December, 1982)
fdr-0355.txt 3328
Understanding the Canadian Social Insurance Number
fdr-0357.txt 5811
Stealing Money from the Company by the CEO Chef Edward Owen-Topa
fdr-0360.txt 93234
Many Different Ways to Commit Suicide
fdr-0361.txt 8341
The Tecical Starch Delivery System by Kwantam Pozeetron
fdr-0362.txt 1696
Tape and CD Theft, by PeEll
fdr-0363.txt 6843
Tear Gas Pellets by Hell's Angel (June 14, 1996)
fdr-0366.txt 11958
Ten Ways to Steal a Car, by Threat to Society
fdr-0372.txt 47798
The Abuser: Issue #6 Volume #2
fdr-0375.txt 22010
The Anarchist's Guide to Civilian Warfare and Sabotage (February, 1987)
fdr-0377.txt 11647
The Anarchy Manual Volume 1 by Jonin Meka of The Black Hand Society
fdr-0378.txt 17570
The Art of Shoplifting
fdr-0380.txt 16068
Jack the Ripper Presents The Book of Destruction Part I
fdr-0381.txt 16068
Jack the Ripper Presents The Book of Destruction Part I
fdr-0382.txt 7430
The Chemist's Corner: Household Chemical by Zaphod Beeblebrox of MPG
fdr-0383.txt 9691
The Chemist's Corner: Explosives by Zaphod Beeblebrox
fdr-0384.txt 6689
Who Opened Their E-mail? It's the Kiddie Porn Crusaders by Annette Fuentes (July 26, 1996)
fdr-0385.txt 4811
The Complete Guide to Bestiality and Necro-Bestiality by Warlock and Shroomer
fdr-0386.txt 21675
The Encyclopedia of Direct Action 0.3 (February 9, 1995)
fdr-0393.txt 50620
The Unabom Guide to Blowing Up Universities by Whiz Kid (October 10, 1993)
fdr-0394.txt 13218
The Vandals Handbook by Captain Chaos
fdr-0395.txt 33028
Things that Go Boom and Other Stuff that Rules by Crimson Jihad, Shadows of the Condemned and Watson
fdr-0396.txt 6629
Things that Go Boom and Other Stuff that Rules by Cerberus and Count Zero (April 3, 1994)
fdr-0397.txt 7231
Things that Go Boom and Other Stuff That Rules Issue Three by Cerberus and Count Zero (April 10, 1994)
fdr-0398.txt 7024
Things that Go Boom and Other Stuff That Rules Issue 2 by Cerberus and Count Zero (April 6, 1994)
fdr-0399.txt 7039
Things the Go Boom and Other Stuff That Rules by High Wizard Cerberus and Count Zero (April 14, 1994)
fdr-0400.txt 16386
Touch Paper, Self Igniting Mixtures, Percussion Explosives
fdr-0401.txt 25096
Twelve Reasons to Legalize Drugs
fdr-0405.txt 10153
Ultra Neighborhood Terrorism Made Easy and Comments on Ultra Files (May 9, 1991)
fdr-0406.txt 7951
Ultra #13: Breaking into Houses and E-Z-N Boxes by Drug Lord (May 11, 1991)
fdr-0407.txt 6654
Ultra #15: Mental Torture by Drug Lord
fdr-0415.txt 5439
UXU #13: Suicide by The Gun
fdr-0432.txt 21945
ID Hopping Part 1 by Video Vindicator (January 1, 1992)
fdr-0434.txt 10066
Robbing Houses by Video Vindicator
fdr-0440.txt 1354
Casing a House
fdr-0441.txt 66713
What You Should Know If You're Accused of a Crime by Joyce B David, Esq (1989)

There are 258 files for a total of 4,012,509 bytes.