Virus Textfiles: Documentation

I include the documentation that comes with different virus-writing programs and viruses because I think it provides a fascinating mindset into the authors' mindsets. Why do they do it? Take a look.
Description of the Textfile
666-b.txt 1877
DOCUMENTATION: The Rock Steady 666-b Virus (May 5, 1992)
blah.txt 4729
DOCUMENTATION: The Blah Virus by The Dark Angel (1994)
bw.txt 8780
DOCUMENTATION: The Biological Warfare Virus Creation Kit Version 0.90 by MnemoniX (1994)
cvirus.txt 7161
DOCUMENTATION: C-Virus Version 3.0
da'boys.txt 2055
DOCUMENTATION: The DA'BOYS Virus (January, 1994)
daemaen.txt 12797
DOCUMENTATION: The DaeMaen Virus, by TLN of Nuke
daemaen1.txt 2093
DOCUMENTATION: The DaeMaen Virus Source Code by Rock Steady
deadpool.txt 1151
DOCUMENTATION: The Deadpool Virus by Hellraiser (December 13, 1991)
dmvexcel.txt 2080
DOCUMENTATION: Excel Document Macro Viruses (DMVs) by Joel McNamara (December 27, 1994)
dsk_lite.txt 1165
DOCUMENTATION: Pro-Disk-Lite version 1.01 by Dan Joung and Dark Ray
dsme-eng.txt 5876
DOCUMENTATION: The Dark Slayer Mutation Engine Version 1.0 by Dark Slayer (September 28, 1993)
dtm.nfo 2820
DOCUMENTATION: Dead to Minotauro BBS Installer
dwi.nfo 3144
DOCUMENTATION: The DWI Virus Source by the Attitude Adjuster and AccuPunk
frstnext.txt 13974
DOCUMENTATION: Find First/Next Infection by Darkman/VLAD
greetng2.txt 3266
DOCUMENTATION: The Greetings Virus by Youth Against McAfee (January 2, 1993)
gv1.txt 6258
DOCUMENTATION: The Good Virus #1 v1.01 by Stormbringer (1994)
hybris.nfo 2169
DOCUMENTATION: The HYBRiS Virus by the Unforgiven
ie-vcc.txt 3963
DOCUMENTATION: IE-VCC Virus Creation Centre 0.09
intervw.txt 12190
DOCUMENTATION: Interview with the Group ANOI (A New Order of Intelligence)
itti.txt 4440
DOCUMENTATION: The Itti-Bitty Virus
ivp.txt 13562
DOCUMENTATION: The Instant Virus Production Kit v1.7 by Admiral Bailey
j.txt 1317
DOCUMENTATION: The Eye of the Pyramid BBS
k-scitzo.txt 1471
DOCUMENTATION: K-Scitzo.Exe by R. Loerakker (1994)
keyspy.txt 4596
DOCUMENTATIONL Keyspy: A Password Capturing Utility by MnemoniX v0.90 (1995)
killsmeg.txt 1558
DOCUMENTATION: Killsmeg by Stormbringer of Phalcon/Skism (1994)
krtt41.txt 8859
DOCUMENTATION: Khntark Recursive Tunneling Toolkit Version 4.1 (August 27, 1993)
lucifer4.txt 1824
DOCUMENTATION: Lucifer Messiah's Boot Sector (April 30, 1992)
malmsey3.txt 1886
DOCUMENTATION: Malmsey Habitat Version 3 by Lucifer Messiah of Anarkick Systems (January 20, 1993)
marauder.txt 2314
DOCUMENTATION: The Maurader Virus by Hellraiser of Phalcon/Skism (1992)
mbc091b.txt 4584
DOCUMENTATION: Metrix Buttload of Code Generator by Nuke
mcbstelt.txt 11008
DOCUMENTATION: MCB Stealth by Darman of VLAD
mdl.txt 9125
DOCUMENTATION: MDL: The Mass Destruction Library Verison 0.10b by Evil Avatar
mexicanm.nfo 1528
DOCUMENTATION: The Mexican Mud Virus by Maz'n The Vile One (June 26, 1992)
mimetrns.txt 2046
DOCUMENTATION: The Super Mini Mutation Engine by ArChung Lai (December 1, 1994)
mindless.txt 4470
DOCUMENTATION: The Mindless Virus by Nataus Kaupas of Youngsters Against McAffee
mndriotb.txt 1280
DOCUMENTATION: The Mind Riot B Virus by LiCl of Youngers Against McAffee (1991)
morality.txt 1180
DOCUMENTATION: The Morality Play Virus by Q
mpcgen.txt 1656
DOCUMENTATION: MPGGEN v1.0 by Itch and Scratch (1993)
mte.txt 9732
DOCUMENTATION: The Mutation Engine Version 1.00 by Crazy Soft and Mad Maniac (1992)
mut-rock.txt 1376
DOCUMENTATION: The Mutating Rocko Virus by Rock Steady of NuKE
mutagen.txt 5578
DOCUMENTATION: MutaGen: A Quiescently Frozen Concoction of MnemoniX Version 2.0 (1994)
mutate.nfo 2178
DOCUMENTATION: The VCL ASM Generator Version 9.9b
mutator.txt 1850
DOCUMENTATION: Virus Mutator V1.0 by System Violator (1992)
narcosis.txt 1042
DOCUMENTATION: The Marcosis Virus by Evil Avatar (June 9, 1994)
npox.txt 3234
DOCUMENTATION: The Nuke Pox Version 1.0 by Rock Steady of NuKE
nrlg.txt 2172
DOCUMENTATION: Nuke Randomic Life Generator v0.66 by Azrael of NuKE
nwhrutil.txt 30798
DOCUMENTATION: The Nowhere Utilities
offspr05.txt 967
DOCUMENTATION: Offspring Virus 0.05 Beta
offspr81.txt 1879
DOCUMENTATION: Offspring v0.81 Virus by Virogen (June 13, 1993)
offspr89.txt 2254
DOCUMENTATION: Offspring v0.89 by Virogen (October 3, 1993)
ontario3.txt 3205
DOCUMENTATION: Ontario III Virus by Death Angel
orgint.txt 2329
DOCUMENTATION: OrgInt Virus Verison 0.91b by Stormbringer of Phancon/SKISM (1995)
osp-07s.txt 2258
DOCUMENTATION: Offspring v0.7 by Virogen (March 26, 1993)
ospring.txt 1929
DOCUMENTATION: Offspring Verison 0.8 by Virogen (June 13, 1993)
ovct.txt 5180
DOCUMENTATION: Overwiting Virus Construction Toolkit v1.0 by Virtual Daemon (1997)
overite.txt 9841
DOCUMENTATION: The Phalcon Skism Overite Decimator Version 1.0
parsit1.txt 1555
DOCUMENTATION: Parasite Virus v1.0 by Rock Steady (October, 1991)
pinworm.nfo 3356
DOCUMENTATION: PiiWeRM Version 1.5 Beta A by Virogen
pinworm.txt 3739
DOCUMENTATION: PiiWeRM Version 1.0 by Virogen (July 5, 1994)
pme.txt 2884
DOCUMENTATION: Phantasie Mutation Engine Version 1.00 by Burglar in Taipei, Taiwan (January 12, 1995)
pmew.txt 3776
DOCUMENTATION: Phantasie Mutation Engine for Windows Version 0.00 by Burglar in Taipei, Taiwan (July 16, 1995)
ps-mpc.txt 12696
DOCUMENTATION: Phalcon/Skism Mass Produced Code Generator 0.91 by Dark Angel (August 17, 1992)
pur'cyst.txt 3077
DOCUMENTATION: Pur'Cyst Virus (February, 1995)
purest.txt 3919
DOCUMENTATION: Purest Virus (july, 1994)
pw16.nfo 3504
DOCUMENTATION: PiiWeRM Version 1.6 by Virogen
pw17.nfo 3701
DOCUMENTATION: PiiWeRM Version 1.7 Beta A by Virogen
r-10.txt 2625
DOCUMENTATION: DataRape Version 1.0 by Zodiac of RABID (March 31, 1991)
r-11.txt 4598
DOCUMENTATION: DataRape! Version 1.1 by Zodiac of Rabid (1991)
r-22.txt 3007
DOCUMENTATION: DataRape! Version 2.2 Infection Information
rage.txt 2891
DOCUMENTATION: Rage: The Transient Stealth Mutating COM Infector (May 31, 1991)
rme10.txt 3631
DOCUMENTATION: Rajaat's Tiny Flexible Mutator (RTFM) Verison 1.0 (1994)
rme11.txt 3832
DOCUMENTATION: Rajaat's Tiny Flexible Mutator (RTFM) Version 1.1 by Rajaat (1994)
routines.txt 16695
DOCUMENTATION: The Routine List for the Virus Creation Laboratory
sdfe.eng 3607
DOCUMENTATION: Super Deformed Engine (Virus Generation Utility) by Zhuge Jin (1995)
selfchkg.txt 10426
DOCUMENTATION: Self-Checking Executable Files by Demogorgon of Phalcon/Skism
sizestlt.txt 12163
DOCUMENTATION: THe Size Stealth Using FCB and Handles by Blonde of Immortal Riot and The Unforgivin
smeg.txt 26494
DOCUMENTATION: SMEG v0.3: Simulated Metamorphic Encryption Generator by The Black Baron (1994)
smegtst2.txt 5892
DOCUMENTATION: Virus Test #2: Smeg Viruses, by luca Sambucci (1994)
smegtst3.txt 8879
DOCUMENTATION: Virus Test #3: Smeg Viruses, by luca Sambucci (1994)
soupy.nfo 5343
DOCUMENTATION: Soupy Virus Source by The Attitude Adjuster and Accupunk
ted.nfo 1219
DOCUMENTATION: Text Encruption Device by Data Disruptor (1991)
tfdg.txt 9120
DOCUMENTATION: The TFDG by Walk Dizney of General Failure (1993)
thm.txt 11111
DOCUMENTATION: Trojan Horde Maker by Lord Zer0 (1994)
tpe.txt 8328
DOCUMENTATION: Trident Polymorphic Engine Version 1.4 by Masud Khafir
tved.txt 5329
DOCUMENTATION: Trurl Variable Encription Device By Trurl
ultimute.txt 4095
DOCUMENTATION: ULTIMUTE: The ULTImate MUTation Engine .93 by Black Wolf Enterprises (1993)
v-matthw.txt 2500
DOCUMENTATION: Matthew Stolarski - "A loser in deep trouble..." by Youth Against McAfee (1992)
v-smob1a.txt 2813
DOCUMENTATION: The Sicilian Mob Virus by Rock Steady (September, 1991)
vc2000.txt 7661
DOCUMENTATION: The Virus Creation 2000 System by Havoc the Chaos (1993)
vckinfo.txt 7864
DOCUMENTATION: The Viral Collector's Kit #1 by The Knights of Chaos (1995)
vcl.txt 21822
DOCUMENTATION: Nowhere Man's Virus Creation Laboratory Version 1.0 (1992)
vdat.nfo 1702
DOCUMENTATION: VDAT: The Viral Database "What VSUM Doesn't Cover" Version 1.6
vg-tbsig.nfo 6836
DOCUMENTATION: Virogen's Thunderbyte Anti-Virus Signature File Ready Version 3.0 (February 5, 1995)
vice.nfo 7511
DOCUMENTATION: Virogen's Irregular Code Engine by Virogen (1995)
virocrk.nfo 2996
DOCUMENTATION: Virogen's Super-Duper Encruption Cracker Version 2.0 (1995)
viroprot.txt 2594
DOCUMENTATION: Viroprot v2.1 by Virogen Enterprises (February 5, 1995)
virsort.txt 2258
DOCUMENTATION: Virsort 1.1 Beta
vlabv10.dox 2564
DOCUMENTATION: Virus Lab Creations 1.1
vpc293sg.nfo 1776
DOCUMENTATION: Virogen's VPCSCAN v2.93 Signature Extractor Verison 1 (August 23, 1994)
x-crypt.nfo 3643
DOCUMENTATION: X-Crypt Version 1.01 (1994)
zipdev01.txt 4127
DOCUMENTATION: The Zipdevil 0.1

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