Stories: SRE: The Solar Realms Elite Stories

Josh Renaud writes"It's been 10 years since I first wrote these stories and uploaded them to the file sections of several St. Louis BBSes. I was about 13 or 14 years old at the time. The first three stories (SRE I-III) were narrative descriptions of an actual game of Solar Realms Elite played on the Knight's Armor BBS. It really was a great game, though these early stories didn't do it much justice. People did read and download the stories and a few of them encouraged me to write more. So I did. The subsequent stories came solely from my imagination, except "Feqh Galaxy" and "Galaxy Sei," which were both based on games I participated in."

"Since I was a kid, my writing had a lot of room for improvement. Equally funny as the writing itself is the massive imaginary fan base I addressed in almost every story. The first three stories were clearly an attempt to exalt myself, since I felt my deserved glory had been stolen. I also wrote a document about trade and economics in the game itself. This was mostly a theoretical document, and doesn't have much practical value. In the years after I wrote all this stuff, I actually did discover a few tricks beyond the standard 'two empires at different economic levels trade and make money' strategy. Some day I'll write those down."

"SRE is still one of my favorite online games. Unfortunately, the author of the game (Amit Patel) lost the source code for SRE, and it never developed farther. One other note: I recently learned that "Va fan culo puttana" (the empire name used by a SEE player who became a character in one of the stories) is actually an Italian curse phrase. Ah yes, the ignorance of youth is bliss."

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sre01.txt 11278
SRE: The Saga Of The Best SRE Game Ever Played! By Josh Renaud
sre02.txt 5862
Solar Realms Elite: The True Story of the Unsung Heroes, by Josh Renaud
sre03.txt 8555
Solar Realms Elite: Ultra's Untold Story by Josh Renaud
sre04.txt 44198
Solar Realms Elite IV: The Confrontation, by Josh Renaud
sre05.txt 20787
Solar Realms Elite V: The Underground, by Josh Renaud
sre06.txt 26731
Solar Realms Elite VI: The Alliance Restored, by Josh Renaud
sre07.txt 23597
Solar Realms Elite 7: Petros, by Josh Renaud
sre08.txt 33170
Solar Realms Elite VIII: Kazik, by Josh Renaud
sre09.txt 26073
Solar Realms Elite IX: Survival of the Fittest, by Josh Renaud
sre10.txt 25725
Solar Realms Elite X: Legacies, by Josh Renaud
sre_feqh.txt 20054
Solar Realms Elite: The Feqh Galaxy, by Josh Renaud
sre_finl.txt 33158
Solar Realms Elite: The Finale by Josh Renaud
sre_sei.txt 20753
Solar Realms Elite: Galaxy Sei, by Josh Renaud
sretrade.txt 9008
The SRE Commerce and Trade Theories, by Josh Renaud
srex.txt 37128
Solar Realms Elite: X1 and X2, by Josh Renaud

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