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wake_up.txt 6619
EROTICA: A Wake-Up Call
wakeup.txt 8752
EROTICA: The Family Wakeup by Ddail (October 27, 1995)
waking.txt 8422
EROTICA: Waking with Rain: The Journal Entries of Kennet R'yal Shardik, et. al. (1994)
walker.txt 30847
EROTICA: Walker of the Night: Prologue (A story of Vampiric society) by Joshua G. Johnston
wallyswo.txt 19345
EROTICA: Wally's World by Taka Hike (1997)
wanda.txt 31936
EROTICA: Wicked Wanda, a Tale of Domination, by 0wned
want.txt 12570
EROTICA: The Continuing Fantasies of Beth and Matt and Jim
want_dau.txt 8028
EROTICA: Wild, Wanton Daughter by Eros (1997)
wantpain.txt 6427
EROTICA: I Want This Pain, by V.P. Viddler
watcher.txt 94722
EROTICA: The Watcher, by Godspit (1997)
watchman.txt 6286
EROTICA: Night Watchman, by Bernie
water.txt 26786
EROTICA: Water, Water Everywhere
watersp1.txt 7417
EROTICA: Watersports
watersp2.txt 10206
EROTICA: Watersports, Part 2
watersp3.txt 11776
EROTICA: Water Sports (Chapter 3)
watersp4.txt 12950
EROTICA: Watersports, Part 4
watrpowr.txt 21942
EROTICA Toby'a Water and Power
watrstop.txt 22637
EROTICA: The Water Stop, by A. Boychik (October, 1995)
wbedtest.txt 2971
EROTICA: Waterbed Test
wchmom.txt 27280
EROTICA: Watching Mom by Mr. Natural (June 18, 1996)
weapon.txt 10240
EROTICA: A Most Deadly Weapon (Sex Humor)
weddin.txt 23040
EROTICA: The Wedding, by Sissy, Authorized by Mistress
wedprsnt.txt 95615
EROTICA: The Wedding Present
weekend.txt 61946
EROTICA: The Weekend
weight1.txt 20334
EROTICA: The Amazon Body Builder
weightrm.txt 7351
EROTICA: The Weight Room
welcome.txt 25581
EROTICA: Welcome to the Clan, by Drake (1997)
welles.txt 72153
EROTICA: Dr. Welles by Suzi Johnson Thomas
welsal.txt 20347
EROTICA: Welcoming a Salesman
wendy.txt 8881
EROTICA: Wendy's Kinkiest Sex Experience
wendy1.txt 11667
EROTICA: Wendy and Me: Animal Antics
wendy2.txt 3078
EROTICA: Wendy, by Darkman (1997) (Part II)
wendy3.txt 6581
EROTICA: Wendy, by Darkman (1997) (Part III)
werewolf.txt 9516
EROTICA: Me and Judy, the Werewolf
wes&jake.txt 12932
EROTICA: Wesley and Jake Sisko
wesduty.txt 20580
EROTICA: Wesley's First Duty
wesfant.txt 25530
EROTICA: Wesley's Fantasy
wesholo.txt 12516
EROTICA: Holosex: One's Company
wesley.txt 25768
EROTICA: Wesley and Deanna, a Star Trek Story by Ann Douglas
westroi.txt 25267
EROTICA: Wesley and Deanna: A Star Trek Story, by Ann Douglas
wet&wild.txt 47671
EROTICA: Wet and Wild, by Ron Dalanor
wet.txt 7964
EROTICA: Wet, by Kenn Doll
wet2cum.txt 5120
EROTICA: Wet 2 Cum
wet_girl.txt 20968
EROTICA: Bad Girl, Wet Girl
wetfan.txt 8074
wetware.txt 101005
EROTICA: Wetware, Part 1, by Marlissa
whatever.txt 21238
EROTICA: Whatever Comes Up, by Torrid Affair
whendawn.txt 8134
EROTICA: When Dawn Breaks, by V.P. Viddler
whileout.txt 5120
EROTICA: While You Were Out
whim.txt 15194
EROTICA: At His Whims for the Night
whiphand.txt 34682
EROTICA: Whip Hand
whitboot.txt 3507
EROTICA: White Boots
whitesnd.txt 3727
EROTICA: White Sands, by Pat O' Brien
whitsand.txt 3862
EROTICA: White Sands, by Pat O' Brien (1993)
who-sari.txt 31994
EROTICA: Who;s Sari Now? By Hope/Sarge (1993)
whoknew.txt 18793
EROTICA: Who Knew? By the Drifter
whore.txt 44917
EROTICA: The Whore and the Captain
whtboots.txt 3431
EROTICA: White Boots
wicked.txt 21238
EROTICA: The Wicked Stepdad
wideeyes.txt 16830
EROTICA: Wide Brown Eyes
widow1.txt 16537
EROTICA: The Widow's Family by Sharon Sutton
widow2.txt 17942
EROTICA: The Widow's Family, by Sharon Sutton
widow3.txt 7870
EROTICA: The Widow's Family, by Sharon Sutton
widow4.txt 29857
EROTICA: The Widow's Family, by Sharon Sutton
wife.txt 10968
EROTICA: Wife, by Deirdre
wifebro.txt 8400
EROTICA: My Wife and Brother, by Big Dady (1997)
wifedate.txt 5804
EROTICA: Wife's Date
wifedaug.txt 8657
EROTICA: Wife and Daughter Double-Date
wifely.txt 21088
EROTICA: Wifely Whipstress
wifeporn.txt 12456
EROTICA: My Wife, the Porn Star, by Craver
wifeshar.txt 7617
EROTICA: Take my Wife, Please!
wifeswap.txt 7740
EROTICA: A Favorite Fantasy
wildays.txt 61784
EROTICA: The Wild Days, by Rocket
wildbird.txt 6996
EROTICA: Wild Birds
wildrose.txt 17001
EROTICA: Wild Roses
willow.txt 36776
EROTICA: The Willow Street Seven
wilma.txt 21104
EROTICA: Wilma and Betty: A Flintstone Story, by Ann Douglas
wilson.txt 30630
EROTICA: Mistress Sheila
window.txt 30776
EROTICA: Window Boy, by Jack in the Box
window01.txt 17259
EROTICA: Grandma's Window, by Schulzie
window02.txt 17681
EROTICA: Grandma's Window: Part 2, by Schulzie (1998)
winter.txt 13402
EROTICA: Winter in Denver
wishes.txt 19583
wishgirl.txt 15366
EROTICA: I Wish I Were a Girl Like You, Joanne, by Donna Sawyer (1988)
wishlash.txt 35588
EROTICA: Wish Lash
witch.txt 7773
EROTICA: Witch, from Big Daddy (1997)
without.txt 5593
EROTICA: Without
withoutq.txt 11963
EROTICA: Without Missing a Q
wizard.txt 16580
EROTICA: The Wizard, by the Mutant for Hire
wkndcpt.txt 256400
EROTICA: The Weekend Captive (June 20, 1996)
wntrgrdn.txt 23261
EROTICA: A Trip to the Wintergarden
wntrtale.txt 11559
EROTICA: A Winters Tale
wo-name.txt 7296
EROTICA: Sex Without Names
wolfed.txt 24359
EROTICA: Wolfed! by The Lupophile
woman.txt 3328
EROTICA: Female Analysis: WO Element
womn2wom.txt 14678
EROTICA: Woman 2 Woman, by Candy Kane (1998)
wonder.txt 17545
woodland.txt 10947
EROTICA: Woodland Frolics
woofer.txt 9233
EROTICA: My New Roommate by Susan M. Hodges
wordgame.txt 11581
EROTICA: Word-Games
worf.txt 9226
EROTICA: The Conquest of Worf
worfmeet.txt 25472
EROTICA: Worf Meets His Match
work.txt 4837
EROTICA: Work, by Deirdre (November 2, 1994)
work01b.txt 10573
EROTICA: Back to Work, by Drifer (1997)
work02a.txt 10731
EROTICA: Back to Work, by Drifter, Part 2 (1997)
work02b.txt 7355
EROTICA: Back to Work, by Drifter (1997)
work03.txt 16003
EROTICA: Back to Work, by Drifter (1997)
work03b.txt 15500
EROTICA: Back to Work, by Drifrer (1997)
work04.txt 15504
EROTICA: Back to Work, by Drifter
work05.txt 6309
EROTICA: Back to Work, by Drifter (1997)
work06.txt 15901
EROTICA: Back to Work, by Drifter (1997)
work07.txt 6370
EROTICA: Back to Work, by Drifter (1997)
work1a.txt 11850
EROTICA: Enough of This... Back to Work, by Drifter (1997)
work_out.txt 11528
EROTICA: Workout: Ninim 5, 0534
workgirl.txt 13875
EROTICA: A Hard Working Girl
workhim.txt 25535
EROTICA: Work Him Over!
workhome.txt 65121
EROTICA: Work at Home, a Silly Spanking Fantasy
workin.txt 21129
EROTICA: Workin' on the Chain Gang, by Rich Humus
working.txt 12858
EROTICA: Working Late
workout.txt 7985
EROTICA: Workout, by Parker
workoutt.txt 4253
EROTICA: Teacher's Pets
world.txt 33254
EROTICA: World of Laughter, World of Tears, by Kimberly Drake
wrapprty.txt 17934
EROTICA: The Wrap Party, by Karin Lee
wrapup.txt 18680
EROTICA: Wrap Up, by J. Mattis (1991)
wrest.txt 17952
EROTICA: Wrestling, by John D. Riley
wrestpnr.txt 20425
EROTICA: Wrestling Partner
wrkgirl.txt 124531
EROTICA: Working Girl, by Kathy Harrison
wrkstiff.txt 9805
EROTICA: Working Stiffs
wrldstop.txt 10603
EROTICA: World Stop
wrthcmel.txt 15667
EROTICA: Worth a Camel, by Brush Strokes
ws.txt 31255
ws0012.txt 5407
EROTICA: Wet Set: Baby Joanne
wsfiles1.txt 11983
EROTICA: The WS Files!
wstepdad.txt 21250
EROTICA: The Wicked Stepdad
wtchwife.txt 4191
EROTICA: Witch Wife

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