Sex, Sex Humor and Sexuality: Erotica: T

Description of the Textfile
stoy.txt 84279
EROTICA: My Daughter, My SexToy - 3
t-bandit.txt 11234
EROTICA: The Tickling Bandit
t-carole.txt 41367
EROTICA: To Carole
t-motel.txt 26528
EROTICA: The T-Motel, by Sabine
t_naive.txt 29423
EROTICA: The Truckin' Native, by Ron Dalanor
t_towers.txt 8806
EROTICA: Tickle Towers
tabitha.txt 29110
EROTICA: Tabitha's Realization
tagteam.txt 27458
EROTICA: Tag-Team Maneuvers by Andrew Truong
tagteam1.txt 13106
EROTICA: Tag Teams
takeme.txt 16108
EROTICA: Fiction from the Envoy
taken1.txt 11344
EROTICA: Taken - 1 by Paul Colbenson
taken2.txt 5011
EROTICA: Taken - 2 by Paul Colbenson
taken3.txt 5701
EROTICA: Taken - 3 by Paul Colbenson
taken4.txt 16893
EROTICA: Taken - 4 by Paul Colbenson
taken5.txt 9719
EROTICA: Taken - 5 by Paul Colbenson
taken6.txt 8059
EROTICA: Taken - 6 by Paul Colbenson
taken7.txt 5096
EROTICA: Taken - 7 by Paul Colbenson
taken8.txt 10351
EROTICA: Taken - 8 by Paul Colbenson
taken9.txt 9655
EROTICA: Taken - 9 by Paul Colbenson
taking.txt 21493
EROTICA: Taking Possession
tale1.txt 4551
EROTICA: A Cleaning Tale
tale5.txt 9648
EROTICA: Tale of a Bored Housewife by Veronica
talemoth.txt 172432
EROTICA: Tale of Two Mothers
talent.txt 46388
EROTICA: The Talent Contest, by Lisa Cohn (December, 1995)
tales.txt 79670
EROTICA: News-Stand Nookie, by Studs Manly (1997)
tales2.txt 66888
EROTICA: My Sister and Her Daughter, by Studs Manly (1991)
talking.txt 6784
EROTICA: The Phone Call
tami.txt 7211
EROTICA: Tami Dugan
tami01.txt 9853
EROTICA: Drifter's Tami (1997)
tami02.txt 9101
EROTICA: Drifter's Tami (Part 2) (1997)
tami03.txt 5132
EROTICA: Drifter's Tami (Part 3) (1997)
tami_d.txt 8326
EROTICA: Tami's Story by Tami Dugan
tammi.txt 22468
EROTICA: Tammi by Bruce Powell
tammie.txt 195164
tammy.txt 15692
tammy2.txt 12268
EROTICA: The Celebration, by The Redhead (1998)
tammy4a.txt 36437
EROTICA: Tammy at Work
tammyrp.txt 76807
EROTICA: Turning the Tables on Tammy
tampons.txt 7078
EROTICA: Menstruation Slavery, by Le Carnard
tangled.txt 79098
EROTICA: What a Tangled Web...
tanya.txt 21271
EROTICA: Tanya Gets a Lesson in Family Finance (1994)
tanya2.txt 25100
EROTICA: A Fantasy Fling with Tanya, by Ddail (October 17, 1995)
tape.txt 10786
EROTICA: Tape, by Deirdre
tarah.txt 52721
EROTICA: Tarah's Transformation
taste.txt 56897
EROTICA: A Matter of Taste
tattoo.txt 13127
EROTICA: The Girl with the Tattoos
tattoos.txt 13184
EROTICA: Summer Fun - The Girl with the Tattoos
tawny.txt 75649
EROTICA: The New Bill of Rights of 2011
tdf0011.txt 12243
EROTICA: Tour De Force: Nasty Shocks, by julie
teach.txt 37324
EROTICA: Boys Lives
teacher.1 16903
STORY: The Teacher (May 13, 1991)
teacher.2 27537
STORY: The Teacher Part II (May 13, 1991)
teacher.3 32075
STORY: The Teacher Part III (May 13, 1991)
teacher.txt 62927
EROTICA: Making the Grade: Lisa's Story
teacher2.txt 5314
EROTICA: Teacher, by Studs Manly (1997)
teachers.txt 9772
EROTICA: Teachers, by Tom Depp
teachles.txt 40538
EROTICA: The Teacher's Lesson
teachme.txt 15560
EROTICA: Some Girls Need Private Lessons, by Plato
teachpet.txt 8183
EROTICA: Teacher's Pet
teachpet2.txt 7999
EROTICA: Teacher's Pet
teachsis.txt 44624
EROTICA: Teaching Little Sister, by Day Dreamer
teachson.txt 22178
EROTICA: Teaching Son, by Big Daddy
tearful.txt 16859
EROTICA: Tearful Awakening, by Joshua Black
tears.txt 13673
teased.txt 7114
EROTICA: Bound and Teased
teaser.txt 13617
EROTICA: The Teasing of Laura
teazed.txt 15859
EROTICA: Shelley the Teaser
tech.txt 14751
EROTICA: Tech, by Deirdre
teddy.txt 53049
EROTICA: Teddy, by Justin Cann
teddysho.txt 3815
EROTICA: Teddy Takes a Shower (true story)
teddywat.txt 10717
EROTICA: Teddy the Watchdog (true story)
tedi001.txt 9236
EROTICA: Drifter's Tedi (1997)
tedi002.txt 8264
EROTICA: Drifter's Tedi (Part II) (1997)
tedi003.txt 14134
EROTICA: Drifter's Tedi (Part III) (1997)
tedi004.txt 12949
EROTICA: Drifter's Tedi (Part IV) (1997)
tedi005.txt 7646
EROTICA: Drifter's Tedi (Part V) (1997)
tedi006.txt 12595
EROTICA: Drifter's Tedi (Part VI) (1997)
tedi007.txt 12657
EROTICA: Drifter's Tedi (Part VII) (1997)
teen1-2.txt 9289
EROTICA: Sandi (Part 1)
teen2-2.txt 15941
EROTICA: Sandi (Part 2)
teen3-2.txt 8088
EROTICA: Sandi (Part 3)
teen4-2.txt 11211
EROTICA: Sandi (Part 4)
teen5-2.txt 23166
EROTICA: Sandi (Part 5)
teen6-2.txt 10844
EROTICA: Sandi (Part 6)
teenage.txt 90365
EROTICA: Teenage
teenage2.txt 23491
EROTICA: A Demonstration in Teenage Obedience, by Stevie Gee (1990)
teenbred.txt 26488
EROTICA: Teen Breeder, by Ucclear
teenlove.txt 18090
EROTICA: Teenager Love
teenlust.txt 18141
EROTICA: Teen Lust
teenmaid.txt 14491
EROTICA: Marlee: Teenage Maid Service, by NiteWriter (1997)
teenobed.txt 23613
EROTICA: Teenage Obedience by Stevie Gee
teentina.txt 9905
teikla.txt 38558
EROTICA: Teikla, by Scott Grildrig (November 8, 1993)
teleph-r.txt 10828
EROTICA: The Telephone Repairman
telephon.txt 7989
EROTICA: Telephone
tempt.txt 31209
EROTICA: Beyond Temptation, by Big Daddy (1997)
tempting.txt 19726
EROTICA: Tempting Amanda, by Julie Woodcock
temptres.txt 27817
EROTICA: The Young Temptress
ten_share.txt 32317
EROTICA: Ten Share, by Neceros
tender2.txt 14268
EROTICA: Tender Years, by Caesar (1992)
tenderco.txt 8375
EROTICA: Tender Cousins, by Concure (1996)
teri-01.txt 11621
EROTICA: Teri's Scrabble Sex
termpape.txt 27477
EROTICA: The Term Paper, by BillyG (1997)
terms.txt 23408
EROTICA: The Terms of the Agreement
terrdebb.txt 30872
EROTICA: Terry Does Debbie by She Devil
terri.txt 23412
EROTICA: Sex Games, by Terri
terri2.txt 36408
terry.txt 30621
EROTICA: Terry Does Debbie, by She-Devil
terrysue.txt 11078
EROTICA: Terry and Sue
tess.txt 29524
testing.txt 27749
EROTICA: Testing Bounds, by Javahead
texassex.txt 16706
tfantasy.txt 6906
tfta01.txt 17174
EROTICA: The First Time for All
thanks.txt 23553
EROTICA: Thanks for the Light, by Gamin Paramour
thanks_1.txt 7966
EROTICA: Thanks-1
thanks_2.txt 10240
EROTICA: Thanks-2
thanks_3.txt 10240
EROTICA: Thanks 3
thanksgi.txt 8138
EROTICA: A Thanksgiving Season Tale
the-mark.txt 49356
EROTICA: The Mark, by Mr. ANonymous
the1.txt 80564
EROTICA: The Train Ride
the2.txt 306118
EROTICA: The Experiment
the3ofus.txt 9526
EROTICA: The Three of us
the_bank.txt 8120
the_bed.txt 15202
the_club.txt 9276
the_dare.txt 8035
the_deal.txt 10442
EROTICA: The Deal, by Mistress Haven and her Manservant (1993)
the_exam.txt 13249
the_fish.txt 7839
EROTICA: The Fish, by S.B. Douglass (1991)
the_fog.txt 52081
EROTICA: The Fog, by Baron Darkside (1997)
the_game.txt 29954
the_gang.txt 11854
EROTICA: The Gang, by V.P. Viddler
the_gym.txt 9987
the_maid.txt 53297
the_maid2.txt 5628
the_mall.txt 8216
EROTICA: The Mall, by Marc
the_mask.txt 11357
the_pill.txt 30096
the_pool.txt 13917
the_rape.txt 6376
the_star.txt 13559
EROTICA: The Star, by Ann Douglas
the_tape.txt 4210
EROTICA: The Tape, by V.P. Viddler
the_trip.txt 193821
EROTICA: The Trip, by Charles Baudot (June 19, 1991)
theatre.txt 13095
EROTICA: Theatre
theatrec.txt 15441
EROTICA: Theatre Connect
thebet.txt 10660
EROTICA: The Bet, by Basked Kase (1996)
thebride.txt 19805
EROTICA: The Bride, by S.B. Douglass (1989)
thecoach.txt 4699
EROTICA: The Coach by $DEF
thedance.txt 14283
EROTICA: The Dance
thedeal1.txt 41672
EROTICA: The Deal, by Drifter (1997)
thedebt.txt 10752
thedoodd.txt 12315
EROTICA: The Good Deed by Frank McCoy (1997)
theexam.txt 13701
thegame.txt 8269
EROTICA: Open Marriage Chronicles: The Game, by Ellen
thegame2.txt 11264
thegirls.txt 21615
EROTICA: A Night with the Girls
thegroup.txt 8642
EROTICA: The Group
thelake.txt 51712
EROTICA: June, by Karl Schinke
themanor.txt 32067
EROTICA: The Manor, by lisa Romley
themat.txt 14573
EROTICA: Balls on the Mat
themis~1.txt 17521
EROTICA: The Mysogynist Club
themodel.txt 24728
EROTICA: The Model
themovie.txt 18505
EROTICA: The Movies
thenight.txt 17074
EROTICA: The Night
thenurse.txt 4378
EROTICA: Summer Fantasy, by Robert C. Smith
theparty.txt 11511
EROTICA: The Party
therapy.txt 5867
EROTICA: Therapy
therapy2.txt 16822
EROTICA: Therapy
theresa.txt 27295
EROTICA: Theresa: Back Again
theresa1.txt 25482
EROTICA: The Story of Theresa by Dr. Phil
theruler.txt 14633
EROTICA: The Ruler, by V.P. Viddler
thesalon.txt 16571
EROTICA: The Salon, by Susan R.
theshopl.txt 25409
EROTICA: The Shoplifter, by Christopher Bottoms
thespell.txt 18438
EROTICA: The Spell
thestuff.txt 11251
EROTICA: The Stuff Dreams Are Made On by James Kythe Walkswithwind
theswim.txt 20960
EROTICA: The Swim, by Bebrack (1998)
thetape.txt 12928
EROTICA: The Tape, by Arthur
thetouch.txt 17468
EROTICA: The Touch
thetrain.txt 4017
thetruck.txt 24584
EROTICA: The Truck, by V.P. Viddler
thetutor.txt 32060
EROTICA: The Tutor, by Ann Douglas
thetwins.txt 9749
EROTICA: The Twins, by Ed Schernau
thetwist.txt 14122
EROTICA: The Twist
thevisit.txt 22010
EROTICA: The Visit
thewitch.txt 42297
EROTICA: The Witch
thief.txt 30310
EROTICA: The Thief and the Pearl Necklace by Averti (August, 1991)
thingies.txt 11843
EROTICA: Thingies, by Virtual Scott
things.txt 13324
EROTICA: The Things One Does
thomas.txt 473149
EROTICA: Thomas - Coming of Age (37 Parts) by T. F. Yank
thorns.txt 8520
EROTICA: bed of Thorns, by Jourdan Taylor Lane
thr-comp.txt 12512
EROTICA: Three's Company
three.txt 21565
three1.txt 16722
EROTICA: Threesome on the Water
three2.txt 9285
EROTICA: Threesome on the Water (Part II)
three3.txt 24830
EROTICA: Threesome
three4.txt 24535
EROTICA: Threesome
three5.txt 9271
EROTICA: Threesome
threesm1.txt 12701
EROTICA: Threesome, by Jim
threesom.txt 9761
EROTICA: Threesome, by Tom Depp
threesum.txt 19369
threetop.txt 14535
EROTICA: Three to play
thumper.txt 24937
EROTICA: Thumper, by Dave Read
thundera.txt 26631
EROTICA: A Night on Thundera
thursday.txt 10418
EROTICA: Thursday
tickling.txt 12683
EROTICA: Tickling
tied.txt 8297
tiemeup!.txt 7765
tienurse.txt 23510
EROTICA: Tied Nurse
tiffany.txt 13099
EROTICA: Tiffany
tiffirst.txt 8819
EROTICA: Tiffany's First Time
tight.txt 20503
EROTICA: Sleep Tight
tight1.txt 16396
tigra.txt 24496
EROTICA: The Marines Have Landed. Flat On Their Backs.
tigress.txt 12581
EROTICA: Tigress
tilly.txt 30720
EROTICA: Tilly, by The Woodpecker
tim&lisa.txt 31603
EROTICA: Tim and Lisa
tim.txt 80132
EROTICA: My Mistress, by Slave Tim
time_tog.txt 12701
EROTICA: Time Together
timeb1.txt 15976
EROTICA: Timebranches 1
timeb2.txt 17735
EROTICA: Timebranches 2
timeb3.txt 16656
EROTICA: Timebranches 3
timeb5.txt 14319
EROTICA: Timebranches 5
timetrav.txt 35377
EROTICA: Time Traveller
timmy01.txt 24557
EROTICA: Petticoated Male
tims-exc.txt 8130
EROTICA: Tim's Exciting Summer
tina-02.txt 13404
tina-03.txt 14952
tina.txt 315531
EROTICA: Tina - Younger/Older - 3
tina1.txt 2790
EROTICA: Tough Tina - Wrestling Goddess
tina6.txt 14029
tinaslav.txt 14755
EROTICA: Tina the Slave
tiresias.txt 53407
EROTICA: Tiresias
tiresias2.txt 54203
EROTICA: Tiresias, by John Cowan
titepusy.txt 14732
EROTICA: A Story of Travel Adventure
tlsfch01.txt 6939
EROTICA: Tan lines and Steamy Finds by Gregory Dark
tndrfoot.txt 10044
EROTICA: The Tenderfoot Amazon, by Texas Tickler
toby.txt 9700
today.txt 2622
EROTICA: Today, by Corey
toga.txt 30619
EROTICA: Toga Party, by Tinker (February, 1995)
together.txt 52409
EROTICA: Girls Together
tom&tiff.txt 32789
EROTICA: The Bus Trip
tom.txt 5723
tomfam1.txt 7168
EROTICA: Tommy's Family, by Ed Dippus
tomfam2.txt 5120
EROTICA: Tommy's Family (Part 2) by Ed Dippus
tomi.txt 81474
tommy.txt 109411
EROTICA: Tommy Takes Charge
toms1st.txt 12225
EROTICA: Tommy's First Time (and Mine)
tomsfant.txt 4480
EROTICA: The Fantasy of Guienivere
tomyslut.txt 8320
tonitxt1.txt 26752
tonitxt2.txt 13696
EROTICA: Toni (Part 2)
tonya1.txt 42509
EROTICA: Tonya, by Dastardly Dave (1998)
too_late.txt 5259
tookey.txt 13754
EROTICA: BillyG and Tookey, by BillyG (1997)
toomuch.txt 27995
top.txt 15852
EROTICA: Lonely at the Top, by Janet E. Coleman
topheavy.txt 8348
EROTICA: On the Job Benefits
toppings.txt 8845
EROTICA: Toppings
torment.txt 14912
EROTICA: The Torment of Kristy, by Micro Man
totempol.txt 26363
EROTICA: Totem Pole
touch.txt 19899
EROTICA: The Sense of Touch
tough.txt 27135
EROTICA: Tough Life
toutina.txt 16228
EROTICA: My Wrestling Opponent
tower1.txt 5736
EROTICA: Tickle Towers
tower3.txt 5951
EROTICA: Tickle Towers
tower4.txt 6715
EROTICA: Tickle Towers
towhead.txt 6329
EROTICA: My Tow-Headed, Blue-Eyed, Good-Looking-Nephew by L.A. Guy
toys-012.txt 6028
toys-022.txt 4931
EROTICA: Yous (Part II)
toys-032.txt 5823
EROTICA: Toys (Part III)
toys.txt 64459
traci.txt 17272
EROTICA: Traci, by Bobby Lee (1997)
tracy.txt 14429
EROTICA: Traci Lords Porn Films
tracy1-2.txt 11427
EROTICA: The Adventures of Tracy (Part 1)
tracy2-2.txt 6873
EROTICA: The Adventures of Tracy (Part 2)
tracy3-2.txt 5351
EROTICA: The Adventures of Tracy (Part 3)
tracy4-2.txt 4541
EROTICA: The Adventures of Tracy (Part 4)
tracy5-2.txt 7797
EROTICA: The Adventures of Tracy (Part 5)
tracy6-2.txt 12126
EROTICA: The Adventures of Tracy (Part 6)
trade.txt 12806
traded1.txt 24602
EROTICA: Traded - 1 by Cando
traded2.txt 24773
EROTICA: Traded - 2 by Cando
train1.txt 27826
EROTICA: The Train Ride, by Baron Darkside (1998)
trainer.txt 13475
EROTICA: Trainer
training.txt 17536
EROTICA: The Training of Sanora
trample.txt 36439
EROTICA: Trample, by Wilma (July 7, 1994)
trance.txt 23100
EROTICA: Trace, by Kenn Richie
tranform.txt 91021
EROTICA: The Transformation
transken.txt 10319
EROTICA: The Transformation of Ken & Elizabeth Ann
trapped.txt 16826
EROTICA: Trapped in the High Rise
traveler.txt 8159
EROTICA: The Traveller
trcy1-10.txt 356382
EROTICA: The Early Adventures of Tracy and Jeannie
trdare4a.txt 9739
EROTICA: Truth or Dare: 4AM by Rich H.
treasure.txt 17302
EROTICA: Treasures of the Deep
treatmen.txt 64570
EROTICA: The Treatment, by Tiffany
trespass.txt 14273
EROTICA: Trespassing
treylisa.txt 10240
EROTICA: Trey and Lisa
tricked.txt 12401
EROTICA: Tricked
trilla.txt 14636
EROTICA: Trilla by Sarah Beth
trinit01.txt 16297
EROTICA: The Book of Trinity, by Trinity Barrett (Part 1)
trinit02.txt 18892
EROTICA: The Book of Trinity, by Trinity Barrett (Part 2)
trinit03.txt 14259
EROTICA: The Book of Trinity, by Trinity Barrett (Part 3)
trinit04.txt 22299
EROTICA: The Book of Trinity, by Trinity Barrett (Part 4)
trinit05.txt 20529
EROTICA: The Book of Trinity, by Trinity Barrett (Part 5)
trinit06.txt 21732
EROTICA: The Book of Trinity, by Trinity Barrett (Part 6)
trinit07.txt 17340
EROTICA: The Book of Trinity, by Trinity Barrett (Part 7)
trinit08.txt 16490
EROTICA: The Book of Trinity, by Trinity Barrett (Part 8)
trinit09.txt 16582
EROTICA: The Book of Trinity, by Trinity Barrett (Part 9)
trinit10.txt 20852
EROTICA: The Book of Trinity, by Trinity Barrett (Part 10)
trinit11.txt 14997
EROTICA: The Book of Trinity, by Trinity Barrett (Part 11)
trinit12.txt 19249
EROTICA: The Book of Trinity, by Trinity Barrett (Part 12)
trinit13.txt 24117
EROTICA: The Book of Trinity, by Trinity Barrett (Part 13)
trio-1.txt 17583
trio-2.txt 17508
EROTICA: Trio (Part 2)
trio-3.txt 29178
EROTICA: Trio (Part 3)
trip.txt 16640
EROTICA: Convention Trip
trip1.txt 3310
EROTICA: Trip with Steph
triphell.txt 17504
EROTICA: The Trip to Hell
triple.txt 16860
EROTICA: Triple Sec, by Anonymous
trish 28085
STORY: Trish's Life
trish1.txt 59792
EROTICA: Trisha and Jennifer, by Stephen Peters (1998)
trish2.txt 74802
EROTICA: Trisha and Jennifer, by Stephen Peters (Part 2)
trisha1.txt 14567
EROTICA: Trisha Grows Up - 1
trisha2.txt 4555
EROTICA: Trisha Grows Up - 2
trisha3.txt 13172
EROTICA: Trisha Grows Up - 3
trisha4.txt 18008
EROTICA: Trisha Grows Up - 4
triuwife.txt 20862
EROTICA: The Triumphant Wife, by Paul Benjamin
trnride2.txt 47622
EROTICA: The Train Ride (The Storm) by Baron Darkside (1997)
trnride3.txt 39452
EROTICA: The Train Ride Version 3, by Baron Darkside (1997)
trnride4.txt 32077
EROTICA: The Train Ride, by Baron Darkside (1997)
troidom.txt 14634
EROTICA: Holo-Dom, by Dreamchild
troitrob.txt 17341
EROTICA: Troi Trouble
trojan.txt 13337
EROTICA: The Trojan Horse, by Laurel (1995)
tropsand.txt 17948
EROTICA: Tropical Sands
trouble.txt 26197
EROTICA: The Trouble with Dragonflies
trucker.txt 20114
EROTICA: The Trucker and the Bikers, by Simon Jones
trucker2.txt 3900
EROTICA: Trucker
trudy.txt 9111
EROTICA: Trudy's Story
truelife.txt 8618
EROTICA: Episode with Krista
trust.txt 98108
EROTICA: Trust, by Becca O and Your Cruise Director
trust2.txt 220801
EROTICA: Trust: The File on Lee, by Amy Matthews
truth.txt 40714
EROTICA: The Truth
try.txt 9855
EROTICA: Try, by Deirdre (February 28, 1995)
tryout.txt 9904
EROTICA: Tryout, by Deirdre
tryout01.txt 19714
EROTICA: Tryout - 1 by Friar Dave
tryout02.txt 28795
EROTICA: Tryout - 2 by Friar Dave
tryout03.txt 19233
EROTICA: Tryout - 3 by Friar Dave
tryout04.txt 17541
EROTICA: Tryout - 4 by Friar Dave
tryout05.txt 19853
EROTICA: Tryout - 5 by Friar Dave
tryout06.txt 25606
EROTICA: Tryout - 6 by Friar Dave
tryout07.txt 21428
EROTICA: Tryout - 7 by Friar Dave
tryout08.txt 27459
EROTICA: Tryout - 8 by Friar Dave
tryout09.txt 27320
EROTICA: Tryout - 9 by Friar Dave
tryout1.txt 21504
EROTICA: Tryout, by Friar Dave
tryout10.txt 28852
EROTICA: Tryout, by Friar Dave
tryout2.txt 30720
EROTICA: Tryout, by Friar Dave (Part 2)
tryout3.txt 20992
EROTICA: Tryout, by Friar Dave (Part 3)
tryout4.txt 19328
EROTICA: Tryout, by Friar Dave (Part 4)
tryout5.txt 21632
EROTICA: Tryout, by Friar Dave (Part 5)
tryout6.txt 27264
EROTICA: Tryout, by Friar Dave (Part 6)
tryout7.txt 23092
EROTICA: Tryout, by Friar Dave (Part 7)
tryout8.txt 29696
EROTICA: Tryout, by Friar Dave (Part 8)
tryout9.txt 28928
EROTICA: Tryout, by Friar Dave (Part 9)
ts.txt 33083
EROTICA: Transsexual Lust by Bob Francis
tslavery.txt 18840
EROTICA: Total Slavery
tsss-4.txt 17800
EROTICA: Teacher's Summer Sex School, by James Wellington
ttstory.txt 15858
EROTICA: The Mistress Story
tuff.txt 5760
EROTICA: Leather and Lace
tuffgirl.txt 7447
EROTICA: Teacher Humiliated by Tough School Girl
turn.txt 16667
EROTICA: Turnabout
turnq.txt 30227
EROTICA: Another Turn of the Q
tvcop1.txt 29043
EROTICA: TV Cop 1992 by Sue Softwear
tvjohn1.txt 9063
tvtrip.txt 15081
EROTICA: What I did on my Vacation by Sally
twicefun.txt 245127
EROTICA: Twice the Fun
twilight.txt 16752
EROTICA: Twilight Zone: Tube Terror
twin-sis.txt 15300
twin.txt 14948
EROTICA: Twin by Deirdre
twins.txt 28672
EROTICA: The Twins, by Ed Schernau
twins1.txt 28029
EROTICA: The Twins
twins2.txt 45552
EROTICA: Brad and Barry's Summertime Adventure
twins3.txt 18981
EROTICA: Brad and Barry's Summertime Adventure (Continued)
twins4.txt 12147
EROTICA: Brad and Barry's Summertime Adventure (Continued)
twins5.txt 30880
EROTICA: Brad and Barry's Summertime Adventure (Continued)
twinsis.txt 30423
EROTICA: My Twin Sisters
twintrbl.txt 91226
EROTICA: Twin Trouble by Dastardly Dave
twistfnt.txt 4473
EROTICA: Twisted Fantasy, by Robert E. Epps
two-much.txt 78962
twobetr.txt 17684
EROTICA: 2 is Better than 1 4 Fun
twofthem.txt 14761
EROTICA: Two of Them!
twoloves.txt 5746
EROTICA: My Two Loves by Sartre
twosides.txt 22924
EROTICA: Two Dies, by The Drifter (1997)
tyler.txt 8615
EROTICA: Tyler, by Bad Michel (1997)
tyler2.txt 9882
EROTICA: Tyler 2, by Bad Michel (1998)
tzsex.txt 35481
EROTICA: Sex in the Twilight Zone, by Pussy Barber

There are 396 files for a total of 10,677,276 bytes.