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faith.txt 43997
l'marsha.txt 69826
l-sty-00.txt 11493
EROTICA: College Friends
lab-guy.txt 3302
EROTICA: Sheena's Lab Guy, by Sheena
lab_part.txt 60408
EROTICA: Lab Partners with Sue
labrat.txt 27387
EROTICA: The Lab Rat
labrys.txt 15809
EROTICA: The Labrys, by Warren T.
lacross.txt 10282
EROTICA: The Locker Room
ladies.txt 11900
EROTICA: The Ladies
lafterdk.txt 5967
EROTICA: L.A. After Dark, by R. Mendosa
lakelust.txt 12394
EROTICA: Lust on the Lake: A Modern Fantasy, by Brakalega
lakeview.txt 12199
EROTICA: Lakeview High School, by Alli Cain
lament.txt 5488
EROTICA: Lament, by Nevyn
landlady.txt 11222
EROTICA: Just a Little Country Girl, by J. Boswell
landsedg.txt 9148
EROTICA: The Open Marriage Chronicles: The Heat at Land's Edge, by Ellen
lannie.txt 48685
EROTICA: Lannie, by Yat (March 8, 1995)
laralust.txt 7128
EROTICA: Lara's Lust
larry.txt 24612
EROTICA: Larry's Got a Girlfriend, by Donna Baker
larrysgf.txt 24629
EROTICA: Larry's Got a Girlfriend by Donna Baker
last_bid.txt 9633
EROTICA: The Last Bid
lastnite.txt 9923
EROTICA: Last Night
late.txt 11811
EROTICA: A Late Encounter, by James Charles Lynn
latedate.txt 23825
EROTICA: Late Date
latenite.txt 11532
EROTICA: A Late Night Out
later1.txt 2563
EROTICA: Later...
latesis.txt 15519
EROTICA: Late Night with Sis
lateterm.txt 13156
EROTICA: The Late Term
latex.txt 3975
latrduty.txt 11638
EROTICA: Latrine Duty, by Mark E. Dassad (1992)
latrine.txt 11157
EROTICA: Latrine Duty
latxsuit.txt 25909
EROTICA: Latex Body Suit, by Anne Raymond
laundry.txt 7971
EROTICA: Clean Fun at the Laundry, by Studs Manly (1997)
laura.txt 13689
EROTICA: Laura by Neon the Unknown
lauralex.txt 12901
EROTICA: Laura and Alexander by Charles Franklin (December, 1992)
lauratap.txt 91512
EROTICA: My Tape Recorder Diary, by Laura McGovern (1997)
laurel.txt 8506
EROTICA: Laurel's Ordeal
lauren.txt 31418
EROTICA: Lauren's Christmas Present
laurie01.txt 7333
EROTICA: Laurie, by Laurie M.
lauritap.txt 95201
EROTICA: My Tape Recorder Diary, by Laurie Robertson (1997)
laurlips.txt 23369
EROTICA: Lauren's Leaky Lips
law.txt 20218
EROTICA: Laying Down the Law
lawn.txt 21985
EROTICA: Lawn Party
laycamp.txt 14336
EROTICA: Lay Camp, by Lisa
lazyday.txt 54248
EROTICA: A Lazy Day, by Baron Darkside
lea&me1.txt 10295
EROTICA: Lea and Me, by David Fields (1997)
lea&me2.txt 5665
EROTICA: Lea and Me Part 2, by David Fields (1997)
leahigh.txt 20450
EROTICA: Lea and the High Priestess, by Candy Kane (1997)
leathfmb.txt 10391
EROTICA: Leather Farm Boy
leathgod.txt 12393
EROTICA: Children of a Leather God, by Rich H.
leavslow.txt 14738
EROTICA: Leaving the Slow Lane, by Laurie Lea
leda.txt 12311
EROTICA: A Lady Named Leda
lee_me.txt 10240
EROTICA: Lee and Me, and Bill Too
legal.txt 16613
EROTICA: Sex and the Law
legs.txt 13626
EROTICA: Legs, Legs, Legs!
legs2.txt 13777
lesbd.txt 15020
EROTICA: Lesbian Bondage Games
lesbinc1.txt 14118
EROTICA: Lesbian Incest (August 14, 1997)
lesbinc2.txt 8037
EROTICA: Lesbian Incest Part II (August 14, 1997) 3456
EROTICA: A Letter to Carol
lesli2.txt 4947
leslie1.txt 29051
EROTICA: Leslie Leigh: Fantasy Cruise
leslie2.txt 20575
EROTICA: Fantasy Cruise II, by Leslie Leigh
leslor.txt 15950
EROTICA: Leslie and Lori Part 2 (January 12, 1995)
lesson.txt 40436
EROTICA: The Lesson
lethump2.txt 32857
EROTICA: Let's Fuck
lethump3.txt 36266
EROTICA: Let's Fuck
lethump4.txt 34594
EROTICA: Let's Fuck
lez.txt 51197
EROTICA: The Lez Contest
lezbefr1.txt 22005
EROTICA: Lez be Friends by Candy Kane (1998)
lezbefr2.txt 22010
EROTICA: Lez Be Friends by Candy Kane (1998)
lezrape1.txt 8212
EROTICA: The Lez Rape
lgapples.txt 14818
EROTICA: Little Green Apples
lib2s.txt 15789
EROTICA: Summer Encounter, by Evan Larsen
lies.txt 37139
EROTICA: Some Lies (1985)
lifest.txt 15644
EROTICA: What is Lifestle D&S
light.txt 23553
EROTICA: Thanks for the Light, by Gamin Paramour
lights-1.txt 9334
EROTICA: The Lights
lights-2.txt 14942
EROTICA: The Lights, Chapter 2
lights-3.txt 11906
EROTICA: The Lights, Chapter 3
like_mom.txt 6833
EROTICA: Like Mother, Like Daughter, by Ann D.
likemom.txt 74904
EROTICA: Horny Like Mom, by Eros (1997)
likesit.txt 12125
EROTICA: As She Likes It, by David C. Daniel
lilgirl.txt 10937
EROTICA: Little Girl Gets Some (January 25, 1998)
lilgirls.txt 10255
EROTICA: Little Girl Plays Sweet Surrender, by Mr. Double (December 28, 1996)
lilith.txt 17024
EROTICA: Lilith, by Will Salem
lilpet.txt 9504
EROTICA: Daddy's Lil Pet (1998)
lilsis.txt 7047
EROTICA: Sweet Little Sister
lilsis2.txt 7654
EROTICA: My Big Brother, an Erotic Story by Frank mcCoy (August 23, 1996)
limolove.txt 20000
EROTICA: Barbara and Guy: A Love Story
linda.txt 17581
lindapas.txt 13746
EROTICA: Linda's Passion
linger.txt 11264
linpart8.txt 9170
EROTICA: Lin part 8
lipgloss.txt 43063
EROTICA: Lip Gloss, by Pussy Barber
lisa 25624
lisa.txt 98485
EROTICA: Lisa's Story
lisa01.txt 9088
lisa02.txt 12288
EROTICA: Lisa (Chapter 2)
lisa03.txt 13541
EROTICA: Lisa (Chapter 3)
lisa04.txt 13032
EROTICA: Lisa (Chapter 4)
lisa05.txt 13056
EROTICA: Lisa (Chapter 5)
lisa06.txt 12928
EROTICA: Lisa (Chapter 6)
lisa07.txt 13312
EROTICA: Lisa (Chapter 7)
lisa08.txt 12544
EROTICA: Lisa (Chapter 8)
lisa09.txt 12032
EROTICA: Lisa (Chapter 9)
lisa10.txt 13824
EROTICA: Lisa (Chapter 10)
lisa11.txt 10240
EROTICA: Lisa (Chapter 11)
lisa12.txt 12928
EROTICA: Lisa (Chapter 12)
lisa13.txt 13824
EROTICA: Lisa (Chapter 13)
lisa14.txt 12032
EROTICA: Lisa (Chapter 14)
lisadebi.txt 98780
EROTICA: Lisa's Story
lisamary.txt 5725
EROTICA: Lisa and Mary
lisapokr.txt 6029
EROTICA: Lisa's Poker Night
lisatap.txt 71988
EROTICA: Lisa's Tape Recorder Diary (1997)
litelf.txt 6137
EROTICA: The Little Elf: A Fairy Tale, by Bilford Whittemore (February 17, 1997)
litesout.txt 36190
EROTICA: Lights Out
litgirl.txt 5011
EROTICA: Daddy's Little Girl (January 18, 1997)
litgirls.txt 25650
EROTICA: Little Girls
litgrls1.txt 23591
EROTICA: Little Girls
litgrls4.txt 10368
EROTICA: Little Girls 4
litgrls5.txt 7385
EROTICA: Little Girls 5
litgrls6.txt 8583
EROTICA: Little Girls 6
litgrls7.txt 9818
EROTICA: Little Girls 7
litsis1.txt 18467
EROTICA: Naughty Little Sister
litsis2.txt 17938
EROTICA: Naughty Little Sister
litsis3.txt 13825
EROTICA: Naughty Little Sister Part 3
litsistr.txt 21426
EROTICA: Little Sister's Helping Hand, by Day Dreamer
little.txt 11383
EROTICA: Little Stories, by laurel (1995)
living1.txt 43268
EROTICA: Living Under One Roof Chapter 1, by Godspit (1997)
living2.txt 62747
EROTICA: Living Under One Roof Chapter 2, by Godspit
living3.txt 19396
EROTICA: Living Under One Roof Chapter 3, by GodSpit
livinia2.txt 24730
EROTICA: Livinia 2
livinia6.txt 44416
EROTICA: Livinia 6
liza.txt 13617
EROTICA: Summer School with Liza
ljess01.txt 7489
EROTICA: Loving Jess, by Mr. B
ll.txt 14185
EROTICA: Library Lycanthopy, by Neceros
llatedate.txt 24029
EROTICA: Late Date
llatenite.txt 3076
EROTICA: Late Night Return, by Vermillion
llaundry.txt 4988
EROTICA: Doing Laundry
llaura.txt 12731
llilsis.txt 18416
EROTICA: My Horny Little Sister (October 29, 1995)
llinda1.txt 17901
EROTICA: Linda, Caught in the Act
llinda2.txt 23955
EROTICA: Linda, A Night Out
llinda3.txt 31553
EROTICA: Linda, Linda Becomes a Showgirl
llinda4.txt 25753
EROTICA: Linda, Linda Makes a New Friend on the Road
llinda5.txt 27639
EROTICA: Linda, The Gateway Into Linda's Panties
llinda6.txt 25327
EROTICA: Linda, Linda Landing the Big Ones
llinda7.txt 40460
EROTICA: Linda, Another Couple Joins Our Fun
llinda8.txt 45105
EROTICA: Linda, Our Unconventional Wives
llinda9.txt 9108
EROTICA: Linda, A Trophy and a Souvenir
llockerrm.txt 10227
EROTICA: The Girl's Locker Room
lloydjan.txt 15289
EROTICA: Lloyd and Janice
lluvsis.txt 19644
EROTICA: A Partly True Story, by Frank Zapper
lmalcolm.txt 12533
EROTICA: Lord Malcom
lmorgan1.txt 13008
EROTICA: Test Anxiety
lngwknd1.txt 9649
EROTICA: The Long Weekend, by Destrad
locd-out.txt 7925
EROTICA: Locked Out, by Drake (1997)
locker.txt 30407
EROTICA: Locker Room lust
lockerrm.txt 4245
EROTICA: The Locker Room, by Ann D
lockroom.txt 45843
EROTICA: The Locker Room (January 28, 1987)
locksmth-2.txt 16254
EROTICA: The Locksmith
locksmth.txt 16187
EROTICA: The Locksmith
lois1.txt 25607
EROTICA: The Amazon and the Puppet
lolita.txt 4669
lona.txt 15104
EROTICA: Lona's Revenge, by Doctor Barracuda
lonely.txt 3212
longest.txt 17470
EROTICA: The Longest Time
longisl1.txt 7667
EROTICA: Long Island, by The Doctor
longisl2.txt 7448
EROTICA: Long Island, by The Doctor
longtime.txt 17415
EROTICA: The Longest Time
lord.txt 35458
EROTICA: The Lord of Discipline
loreen.txt 81281
EROTICA: Loreen, by Godspit (1997)
lornalaw.txt 11923
EROTICA: Lorna and the Law, by V.P. Viddler
lov_fam.txt 64528
EROTICA: Loving Families (1997)
loveclnc.txt 6817
EROTICA: Love Clinic, by Annie Capola (May 7, 1987)
lovedoll.txt 38392
EROTICA: The Love Doll
lovehrt1.txt 22165
EROTICA: Maria's Story, by T.F. Yank
lovehrt2.txt 24053
EROTICA: Maria's Story, by T.F. Yank
lovehrt4.txt 22853
EROTICA: Maria's Story, by T.F. Yank
lovehrt5.txt 24611
EROTICA: Maria's Story, by T.F. Yank
lovelost.txt 18470
EROTICA: Love Lost
lovely.txt 14085
EROTICA: A Lovely Girl
loverape.txt 43678
EROTICA: Love Rape
lovetri.txt 7777
EROTICA: Love Triangle
lpnuns.txt 6255
EROTICA: Lesbian Pedophiole Nuns, by Taka Hike (1997)
lsbb.txt 22509
EROTICA: Little Sister and Big Brother
lstspace.txt 32455
EROTICA: Lust in Space, by malcom
lubejob.txt 17702
EROTICA: The Lubejob
luckhave.txt 18363
EROTICA: As Luck Would Have it, by Aaron Angst (1997)
luckydog.txt 7501
EROTICA: Lucky Dog
lunch.txt 40203
lunge.txt 19593
EROTICA: Working on my Lunge
lush.txt 9656
EROTICA: Lush Fantasy
lustnite.txt 9521
EROTICA: Lust Filled Nite by Mad Michel (1997)
luststy.txt 20608
EROTICA: Lust Story
luvnplnt.txt 11709
EROTICA: Loving Plant
luvofamy.txt 20361
EROTICA: For the Love of Amy
luvsis.txt 20477
EROTICA: Loving Sis, by Frank Zapper
luvwrld.txt 36103
EROTICA: Love for the World (January 18, 1997)
lxa.txt 14121
EROTICA: Taming of the Pledge Class
lydia.txt 39552
lynn.txt 14405
EROTICA: The Most Ticklish Girl on Campus: Lynn's Story

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