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j&e.txt 10984
EROTICA: Husband Tells of Open Marriage (July 3, 1997)
jackie.txt 17128
EROTICA: Jackie's Unexpected Caning
jackjill.txt 6807
EROTICA: The Boredom of Jack and Jill
jackwife.txt 44252
EROTICA: Jack's Wife, by The Lizard King
jackwolf.txt 14395
EROTICA: Jack Meets a Wolf
jacqui.txt 28000
jade2.txt 41667
EROTICA: Mara Jade: Broken Jedi
jailbrak.txt 5864
EROTICA: Jail Break
jailed.txt 18314
EROTICA: The Jailed Girl
jake.txt 55309
jameybdy.txt 16329
EROTICA: Jamey's Birthday
jamie.txt 9112
jamilust.txt 57276
EROTICA: Jamie's Lust, by Robert Michael Shook
jan-lyn.txt 26833
EROTICA: Jan and Lynn by Karen Shane
jan.txt 9930
EROTICA: Jan, by Caesar (1994)
jane-dck.txt 6669
EROTICA: Jane and Dick by Rodd Kay
jane-fam.txt 56272
EROTICA: Jane and Her Family
janet.txt 26811
EROTICA: The Virgin Janet
janevern.txt 6177
EROTICA: Jane and Pastor Vern
janie2.txt 17096
EROTICA: Janie's Adventure, by Solitaire One
janine.txt 6626
EROTICA: Fistful of Janine by Michael G.
janis-1.txt 5042
EROTICA: The Awakening of Janis
janis.txt 70732
EROTICA: The Awakening of Janis 3-9
janmar-6.txt 22622
EROTICA: Janem and Mary
janmar09.txt 3035
EROTICA: Jane and Mary
janmar11.txt 3142
EROTICA: Jane and Mary Continue Their Pictic
janmardi.txt 3557
EROTICA: Jane has Some Difficulty
janmarsh.txt 4200
EROTICA: Jane and Mary Go Shopping
jared.txt 12412
EROTICA: Jared, by Mitchell Knight
jasrnd.txt 49073
EROTICA: Jason and Randy
jaye.txt 9719
EROTICA: Jaye by Chritine Brown
jayne.txt 15541
EROTICA: Jayne by Dave Nichols (1997)
jb_dance.txt 18754
EROTICA: Another Hot Wife Tale by J. Boswell
jb_job.txt 11058
EROTICA: On the Job Benefits by J. Boswell
jb_strip.txt 17759
EROTICA: Above and Beyond the Call of Duty by J. Boswell
jb_watch.txt 28201
EROTICA: Intimate Sharing: The Original Hot Wife Tale by J. Boswell
jdinjail.txt 9805
EROTICA: Janet Dubois in Jail, by Janet Dubois
jea07.txt 29667
EROTICA: Brunette by Jea
jealous.txt 10249
EROTICA: Jealous
jean.txt 12912
EROTICA: Jean's Journey by Dennis Crowley (June 26, 1996)
jeannie.txt 9825
EROTICA: Jeannie
jeffchad.txt 39614
EROTICA: Cowboys and Indians by Chad Riever
jefharem.txt 191382
EROTICA: Jeff and His Harem
jen.txt 17263
EROTICA: Jenny's Story, by Mr. Double
jeni28.txt 10925
EROTICA: Jeni's Story: She Works Hard for the Money, by T.F. Yank
jeni29.txt 18720
EROTICA: Jeni's Story: She Works Hard for the Money by T.F. Yank
jeni30.txt 17796
EROTICA: Jeni's Story: She Works Hard for the Money, by T.F. Yank
jeni31.txt 14555
EROTICA: Jeni's Story: She Works Hard for the Money, by T.F. Yank
jeni32.txt 2961
EROTICA: Jeni's Story: She Works Hard for the Money, by T.F. Yank (Epilogue)
jenn&tim.txt 31362
EROTICA: Jennifer and Tim
jennifer.txt 4213
EROTICA: Jennifer
jennif~1.txt 15188
EROTICA: Jennifer's Surprise, by Ann Douglas (August 25, 1997)
jennsurp.txt 12629
EROTICA: Jennifer's Surprise, by Ann D
jenny.txt 44048
EROTICA: Jennifer Takes a Detour, by The Warthog
jennyget.txt 18903
EROTICA: Jenny Gets a Car by V.P. Viddler
jenshell.txt 14703
EROTICA: Jenny and Shelly
jensub01.txt 10938
EROTICA: Jennifer's Submission by Storm
jensub02.txt 5312
EROTICA: Jennifer's Submission, by Storm (Part 2)
jensub03.txt 17896
EROTICA: Jennifer's Submission, by Storm (Part III)
jerry.txt 6416
EROTICA: Jerry's Offer
jerygirl.txt 27453
EROTICA: Jerry's Girl, by Phil Phantom
jessiconv.txt 204269
EROTICA: The Conversion of Jessica
jgirls6.txt 12908
EROTICA: Come On Everybody: Let's Dance
jhigh.txt 5501
EROTICA: Junior High
jilbound-2.txt 37908
EROTICA: Jill Bound by David G. Lyman (1992)
jill.txt 21544
EROTICA: Jill Cavendish, Baker
jillstor.txt 5853
EROTICA: Jill's Story, by Silk Miniskirt
jim-cind.txt 45764
EROTICA: Jim makes Out
jimcindy.txt 48006
EROTICA: Jim and Cindy
jimmy-su.txt 22046
EROTICA: Jimmy and Susie
jimmy.txt 11112
Jimmy's Secret, by Dee Lorraine
jimmy1.txt 32097
jimmyb.txt 10811
EROTICA: Jimmy's Secret
jo.txt 3817
joanmari.txt 29101
EROTICA: Joanie and Marie
joanne.txt 5613
joanxmas.txt 34957
EROTICA: Joan for Christmas
job-int.txt 10049
EROTICA: Job Interview
jobinter.txt 15533
EROTICA: Job Interview
jobyoung.txt 29952
EROTICA: A Job for the Young
joe1.txt 26380
EROTICA: The Guinea Pig, by Ruth White
joe2.txt 29360
EROTICA: The Guinea Pig, by Ruth White
joe3.txt 40282
EROTICA: The Guinea Pig, by Ruth White
joe4.txt 29170
EROTICA: The Guinea Pig, by Ruth White
joe5.txt 29185
EROTICA: The Guinea Pig, by Ruth White
jog.txt 5759
EROTICA: Home from College
john&me.txt 16116
EROTICA: John and Me, by Studs Manly
johnny's.txt 7335
EROTICA: Johnny's Closet
joker.txt 31270
EROTICA: Averti Tops Joker
jones.txt 24662
EROTICA: The Jones
joni.txt 97783
EROTICA: Joni's Story by Antoine
jonsj2.txt 18843
EROTICA: Jonathan's Introduction to Business
jonsjo.txt 26519
EROTICA: Jonathan's Introduction to Business
josephn.txt 41775
EROTICA: Lady Josepine
josie.txt 122362
EROTICA: The Guinea Pig, by She Devil
journalc.txt 63536
EROTICA: A Journal by Max Free (1997)
joy.txt 16095
EROTICA: Recollections of Joy
joyce.txt 11413
jsc.txt 103721
EROTICA: Junior Sex Club
jsc12.txt 4090
EROTICA: Save the Last Dance for Me
jsc2.txt 25469
EROTICA: Learning the Steps
jsc6.txt 13056
EROTICA: Come on Everybody, Let's Dance
jsc7.txt 16208
EROTICA: Rock Around the Clock
jstdream.txt 6889
EROTICA: Just a Dream, by Gerald Schlueter
jstfrnds.txt 17357
EROTICA: Just Good Friends, by Rick Restless
judy.txt 11877
EROTICA: Judy Wets Her Pants, by C.U. Squirm (October, 1996)
juli-kim.txt 16162
EROTICA: Julie and Kim
julianna.txt 63148
EROTICA: Julianna
julie.txt 4688
EROTICA: Julie, by Deirdre
julie06.txt 21580
EROTICA: A Trip to London
july.txt 17121
june.txt 42236
juniorhigh.txt 346189
EROTICA: Junior High Neighborhood Sluts by James Wellington
justice.txt 21049
EROTICA: Justice by Michael K. Smith
justine.txt 18525
EROTICA: Taking Care of Dad: Justine's Gift, by Big Daddy (1997)

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