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gabby.txt 11894
EROTICA: Sisterly Love
gagged.txt 28424
EROTICA: A Girl Brown-Gagged
gail.txt 12963
EROTICA: The Raping of Gail
game.txt 13259
EROTICA: Turned on by Urine: The Game
gang1.txt 7605
EROTICA: Fantasy Party
gang2.txt 10997
EROTICA: Fantasy Part (Chapter 2)
gang3.txt 24401
EROTICA: Fantasy Party (Part 3)
gangbang.txt 10191
EROTICA: The Gangbang
gangbang2.txt 17661
EROTICA: The Gangbang
gangrape.txt 13035
EROTICA: Gang Rape
garage.txt 20403
garden.txt 21044
EROTICA: Garden Party Punishment by The Strict Punishment
garlic.txt 11627
garymike.txt 20551
EROTICA: Gary, Mike and Me by Heather Dawson
gate.txt 17188
EROTICA: The Gate, by Michael Fox Johnson
gay-dog.txt 11211
EROTICA: Jacque, Gay Dog of the North
gaybbs.txt 12011
gayle.txt 30697
EROTICA: Gayles' Punishment
gbv05.txt 27466
EROTICA: Abby Gets Pulled Over, by the Warthog
gbv06.txt 44572
EROTICA: Jenny Takes a Detour, by The Warthog
geisha.txt 24792
EROTICA: Geisha House by Caesar (1991)
gemini1.txt 17513
EROTICA: The Gemeni, by Cherysse St. Claire
gemini2.txt 13328
EROTICA: The Gemeni, by Cherysse St. Claire
gemini3.txt 15618
EROTICA: The Gemini, by Cherysse St. Claire
gemma.txt 251462
EROTICA: Gemma, an X-Files Erotica by Kellie Matthews-Simmons
genesi34.txt 4331
EROTICA: Genesis, Chater 34
geneva.txt 15697
genfant.txt 32985
EROTICA: A General Fantasy
gengash.txt 34766
EROTICA: Generation Gash
georgia.txt 24816
EROTICA: Arrested in Georgia
get-out.txt 4117
EROTICA: Just Get the Hell Out, OK? by RICHH
get_laid.txt 14429
EROTICA: How to Get Laid, by Leeanne Hayes
getoff.txt 5819
EROTICA: Get off
getting.txt 71860
EROTICA: Getting It Right
ggb.txt 25534
EROTICA: Girl Meets Girl Meets Boy by M. A. Mohanraj
ggirl.txt 12353
EROTICA: The Garage Girl
gguinea.txt 7064
EROTICA: A Girl and Her Guinea Pig by Aliquis
gh-come.txt 17039
EROTICA: The Greatheads Come Together
gh-newf.txt 19365
EROTICA: The Greatheads Make New Friends
gh-pizz.txt 6529
EROTICA: The Greatheads Deliver the Pizza Boy
gh-sexf.txt 23149
EROTICA: Sex Flags Over the Greatheads
ghost.txt 27522
gi-cunt.txt 5709
EROTICA: Giantess: The Cunt
gi-kathy.txt 31088
EROTICA: kathy
giantess.txt 18090
EROTICA: The Giantess, by Chelgi
giantess2.txt 18251
EROTICA: The Giantess, by Chelgi
gib.txt 14811
gift.txt 14031
gift2.txt 12464
giftwrap.txt 19880
EROTICA: Giftwrapped, by Ny
gijanpam.txt 46917
EROTICA: Giantess: Janice and Pam
gin-ex01.txt 14560
EROTICA: Ginny, by Bob of Ohio
gin-ex02.txt 9634
EROTICA: Ginny, by Bob of Ohio (Part 2)
gin-ex03.txt 9156
EROTICA: Ginny, by Bob of Ohio (Part 3)
gin-ex04.txt 10181
EROTICA: Ginny, by Bob of Ohio (Part 4)
gin-ex05.txt 17581
EROTICA: Ginny, by Bob of Ohio (Part 5)
gin-note.txt 2436
EROTICA: A Note on the Ginny Stories, by Bob of Ohio
ginny.txt 9338
EROTICA: My Daughter Ginny, by V.P. Viddler
gircrazy.txt 16451
EROTICA: Girl Crazy, by Candy Kane
girfrien.txt 15054
EROTICA: Girlfriends by Candy Kane (1998)
girl.txt 5142
The Girl, by Sissy, Property of Mistress
girl2.txt 5142
EROTICA: The Girl, by Sissy, Property of Mistress
girlboys.txt 21173
EROTICA: Girls and Boys
girlmeet.txt 30918
EROTICA: Girl Meets Girl Meets Boy
girlong1.txt 19164
EROTICA: Girls on Girls by Candy Kang (1998)
girlong2.txt 12430
EROTICA: Girls on Girls Part 2 by Candy Kane (1998)
girlovn1.txt 18029
EROTICA: Girls Loving Girls by Candy Kane (1998)
girlovn2.txt 19629
Girls Loving Girls by Candy Kane (1998)
girlschl.txt 6676
EROTICA: Girl School
girlscou-2.txt 19456
EROTICA: Girl Scout Cookies
girlskul.txt 54983
EROTICA: Girl's School Disciplinarian
girltalk.txt 10547
EROTICA: Girl Talk
girltied.txt 17302
EROTICA: A Girl I Once Tied Up, by Joseph Brabet (1992)
gisharon.txt 30721
EROTICA: Giantess: Sharon
gj1.txt 6872
STORY: A Good Slave
gj10.txt 12007
STORY: Kathi's Story part Two: A Trip to the Mall, by Marlboro Man
gj11.txt 9692
STORY: Kathi's Story Part Three: Jeff Lends a hand by Marlboro Man
gj12.txt 13858
STORY: Kathi's Story Part Four: The Frat party, by Marlboro Man
gj2.txt 7067
STORY: A Good Slave Part Two
gj3.txt 5868
STORY: A Good Slave Part Three
gj4.txt 20472
STORY: Lisa's Story: Part One: Making the Grade by Stan Kiley
gj5.txt 13590
STORY: Lisa's Story: Part Three: Lisa's Punishment, by Marlboro Man
gj6.txt 18138
STORY: Lisa's Story: part Four: Licking Jenny's Slit, by Marlboro Man
gj7.txt 17270
STORY: Jenny's Story: Part One: Lisa Takes Charge by Marlboro Man
gj8.txt 14836
STORY: Jenny's Story: Part Two: The Wait, by Marlboro Man
gj9.txt 14301
STORY: Kathi's Story: part One: Living With Lisa, by Marlboro Man
gladiat.txt 12631
EROTICA: Gladiator
glamour.txt 10047
EROTICA: Glamour, by Scott
glance.txt 17901
EROTICA: Glance, by Deirdre
glashous.txt 6436
EROTICA: The Glasshouse
glassbar.txt 18393
EROTICA: The Glass Bar
glassbar2.txt 18321
EROTICA: The Glass Bar
glasses.txt 4510
EROTICA: Glasses by Parker
glasses2.txt 4508
EROTICA: Glasses by Parker
gldnmom3.txt 16890
EROTICA: Golden Mom
gloria.txt 39464
EROTICA: Gloria The Homecoming
glory.txt 4009
EROTICA: The Glory
gmorning.txt 6971
EROTICA: In the Early Hours
go_mom.txt 41720
EROTICA: You Go, Mom
goat_sex.txt 1773
godfrict.txt 31836
EROTICA: Temple of the God of Friction by Gregory Daniel Nikolic
goldenga.txt 11141
EROTICA: Golden Gate Bridge by Conure (1996)
goldensw-2.txt 6849
EROTICA: Jim and Sandy
goldie.txt 19385
EROTICA: Goldie the Man Bitch
goldsh.txt 3588
EROTICA: Golden Shower
goldsht1.txt 8872
goldshw.txt 5438
EROTICA: A Golden Shower
goldsw.txt 3998
EROTICA: The Golden Shower
gonedogs.txt 21664
EROTICA: Gone to the Dogs
gooddeed.txt 11119
EROTICA: The Good Deed
goodgirl.txt 10143
EROTICA: The Good Girl
goody01.txt 22244
EROTICA: Goody Goodie Girls (Part 1)
goody02.txt 15413
EROTICA: Goody Goodie Girls (Part 2)
goody03.txt 17600
EROTICA: Goody Goodie Girls (Part 3)
goody04.txt 15083
EROTICA: Goody Goodie Girls (Part 4)
gorilla.txt 5826
EROTICA: Gorilla Keeper
gorilla2.txt 29928
EROTICA: Gorilla Keeper
gottapee.txt 14413
EROTICA: Ooo, I Gotta Pee
grade.txt 18176
EROTICA: Making the Grade, by Stan Kiley
grandma.txt 13709
EROTICA: Grandma's Hairbrush
grandma2.txt 22773
EROTICA: Grandma's Hairbrush
grandpa.txt 12183
EROTICA: Grandpa and His Goodgirl, by Tardis
grdngrov.txt 10539
EROTICA: The Garden Grove
greadane.txt 9984
EROTICA: There Is Nothing Like a Dane
great1.txt 6342
EROTICA: The Great Adventure, by Baron
greek2me.txt 4954
EROTICA: Greek to Me, by Karis (October 12, 1988)
greekway.txt 14091
EROTICA: In the Greek Way
greendor.txt 55352
EROTICA: The Green Door, by Bishop
grfb.txt 14505
EROTICA: Getting Ready for Bed
grim.txt 13757
EROTICA: The Brothers' Grim by Blackwind
grind.txt 9514
EROTICA: The Real World Grind by Mitchell Knight
gripfear.txt 33467
EROTICA: The Grip of Fear
grkparty.txt 50647
EROTICA: Gorky Park, by Pussy Barber
grlfight.txt 18303
EROTICA: The Girl Fight
grlhoo.txt 9164
EROTICA: My Rearing as a Girl
grlscout.txt 19094
EROTICA: Girl Scouts
grndoor.txt 8062
EROTICA: Greed Door, by Candy West
grooming.txt 5628
EROTICA: The Grooming
groups.txt 8689
EROTICA: How Good is Group Sex?
grownup.txt 31859
EROTICA: Growing Up in Pakistan, by Taka Hike (1997)
gscookys.txt 19207
EROTICA: Girl Scout Cookies
guard.txt 30903
EROTICA: Lifeguard
guile.txt 6121
EROTICA: Guile and Chun Li: The Untold Story, by Jonathan Haas
guilt.txt 72138
EROTICA: Guilt, by Dats Her and Dats Him
guinepig.txt 7069
EROTICA: A Girl and Her Guinea Pig, by Aliquis
gumby.txt 4771
EROTICA: I Was Fucked by Gumby
gwenles.txt 11835
EROTICA: A Story of Gwen
gymclass.txt 13697
EROTICA: Junior High Girls Gym Class
gymnasts.txt 16679
EROTICA: The Gymnasts

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