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faithful.txt 15866
EROTICA: Forever Faithful, by J. Boswell
fam-play.txt 14079
EROTICA: The Family That Plays Together
fam-room.txt 12959
EROTICA: The Family Room, by Mark E. Dassad
fam_fant.txt 11817
EROTICA: Family Fantasies, by Eros (1997)
fam_fun.txt 458092
EROTICA: Family Fun, by Eros (1997)
fam_stud.txt 14700
EROTICA: The Family Stud
famafair.txt 20293
EROTICA: Family Affair: May I have This Dance? By Uncle Mike
famcamp.txt 10316
EROTICA: The Family Camping Trip by Ed Dippus
famcaptr.txt 3157
EROTICA: Captured Family, by Joe Troutt
family.txt 134345
EROTICA: A Family Affair, by The Madhatter
family2.txt 40500
EROTICA: The Family
famlove1.txt 13031
EROTICA: Brotherly Love
famlove2.txt 10528
EROTICA: Robbie and Robin
famlove5.txt 16257
EROTICA: Family Farm Frolic
famlysec.txt 11465
EROTICA: Our Family Secret, by Eros (1997)
fampact.txt 27534
EROTICA: A Family Pact, by Eros (1995)
famstud1.txt 5313
EROTICA: The Family Stud, by Ed Dippus
famstud2.txt 12423
EROTICA: The Family Stud, by Ed Dippus Part 2
famstud3.txt 17568
EROTICA: The Family Stud by Ed Dippus Part 3
famsx01e.txt 27994
EROTICA: June, by Max Free (1997)
famsx02e.txt 24546
EROTICA: John, by Max Free (1997)
famsx03e.txt 37686
EROTICA: June and John, by Max Free (1997)
famsx04e.txt 57726
EROTICA: John and June's Children, by Max Free (1997)
famvisit.txt 23387
EROTICA: Family Visitors (1997)
famway.txt 10988
EROTICA: Family Ways, an Erotic Story (1997)
fancy.txt 14407
EROTICA: A Flight of Fancy
fanfck.txt 10779
EROTICA: Fantasy Fuck, by Diamond
fant3som.txt 7865
EROTICA: The Colossus: A Favorite Fantasy
fantas1.txt 26462
EROTICA: My Fantasy, by Brat Wizard
fantas2.txt 32358
EROTICA: My Fantasy, by Brat Wizard (Part 2)
fantasex.txt 12437
EROTICA: Fantasex
fantasi.txt 3935
EROTICA: Fantasies
fantasie.txt 20088
EROTICA: Fantasies Come True
fantasy.txt 6670
EROTICA: Bus Fantasy
fantasy1.txt 17300
EROTICA: Fantasy #1 by John Carter
fantasy2.txt 11417
EROTICA: Fantasex
fantasy3.txt 15565
EROTICA: Fantasy, by Robert Morris
fantasyb.txt 10688
EROTICA: Fantasy Breakfast
fantasyg.txt 14678
EROTICA: Fantasy Linda
fantasys.txt 39575
EROTICA: Discovering Threesomes
fanteve.txt 15256
EROTICA: Linda's Fantastic Evening
fantfuel.txt 18671
EROTICA: A Fantasy Fueled by lust for Young Girls
fantise2.txt 11684
EROTICA: Out of Town
fantislr.txt 25585
EROTICA: Goodbye to Sex Trek by Gregory Daniel Nikolic (1993)
fantsist.txt 44351
EROTICA: Fantasy Sisters
fareast.txt 31396
EROTICA: A Far Eastern Adventure
farm-dig.txt 46153
EROTICA: Farm Digest: Letters
farmboys.txt 48759
EROTICA: Farmboys
farmdaze.txt 7806
EROTICA: Farm Daze
farmdaze2.txt 7761
EROTICA: Farm Daze
farmer1.txt 45294
EROTICA: The Farmer's Step-Daughter Part 1
farmer2.txt 49060
EROTICA: The Farmer's Step-Daughter Part 2
farmhlp1.txt 39028
EROTICA: Farm Help, by R. Hawk
farmhlp2.txt 43959
EROTICA: Farm Help by David Roch (1996)
farmhlp3.txt 27857
EROTICA: Farm Help Part 3 by David Roch (1996)
farwatch.txt 23323
EROTICA: Watchers Across the Light Years, by D.O. Mann
fascione.txt 15592
EROTICA: The Lady Next Door, Mrs. Fascione, by BillyG (1997)
fat.txt 7179
fatal.txt 7885
EROTICA: Fatal Vision, by Bed Red
father1.txt 16038
EROTICA: The Father by The Watcher
faucet.txt 9542
EROTICA: The Leaky Faucet by Link Trowbridge
faye.txt 67688
EROTICA: Miss Faye by The Ribald Writer
fcharlie.txt 3316
EROTICA: Fat Charlie, by V.P. Viddler
fearloat.txt 3187
EROTICA: Fear and Loathing In My Pants
feather.txt 11351
EROTICA: The Feather, by Isabel
femfite.txt 12763
EROTICA: Cat Fight
femina.txt 14657
EROTICA: Famina's Carol, by Wilma (June 23, 1994)
fetish.txt 5038
EROTICA: A Childhood Fear Turned Fetish
fever.txt 6552
EROTICA: Fever, by Parker
ffffws04.txt 12057
EROTICA: Annabel's Schooldays: The Human Toilet, by Jetstream
ffkatie.txt 19548
EROTICA: Katie, by Mr. Double
ffloving.txt 19663
EROTICA: Women Loving Women, by Mickey Bee
ffsexfan.txt 65779
ffuck.txt 12889
STORY: Masturbation, by Lisa
ffws15.txt 6773
EROTICA: Burst, by Wes (August 6, 1996)
ffws16.txt 4811
EROTICA: Secret Co-Ed Showers, by Ed Weirdo (July 25, 1995)
ffws17.txt 5270
EROTICA: LesPiss One, by Radagast
ffws18.txt 7339
EROTICA: The Lyloc Chronicles
ffws20.txt 8983
EROTICA: KP, by Wildhelm (November 15, 1996)
ffws21.txt 6177
EROTICA: KP2, by Anonymous (November 17, 1996)
ffws30.txt 12022
EROTICA: Karen and Julie, by Trish
ffws37.txt 7033
EROTICA: Sally and Sandy Part I: Double Your Pleasure, by Whettone
ffws43.txt 5753
EROTICA: PissyMissy, by Missy
ffws46.txt 13121
EROTICA: Nappy Girls
fg01.txt 29099
EROTICA: A Young Farm Girl, by Dark Dreamer (Part 1)
fg02.txt 25736
EROTICA: A Young Farm Girl, by Dark Dreamer (Part 2)
fg03.txt 28177
EROTICA: A Young Fark Girl, by Dark Dreamer (Part 3)
fg04.txt 27871
EROTICA: A Young Fark Girl, by Dark Dreamer (Part 4)
fg05.txt 25774
EROTICA: A Young Farm Girl, by Dark Dreamer (Part 5)
fg06.txt 27877
EROTICA: A Young Farm Girl, by Dark Dreamer (Part 6)
fg07.txt 24677
EROTICA: A Young Farm Girl, by Dark Dreamer (Part 7)
fg08.txt 24431
EROTICA: A Young Farm Girl, by Dark Dreamer (Part 8)
fiancee.txt 9860
EROTICA: The Fiancee
fillit.txt 12588
EROTICA: Fill it To the Rim, by Rich Humus (1997)
filly.txt 10147
EROTICA: The Filly
filly2.txt 10187
EROTICA: The Filly
filming.txt 21839
EROTICA: Filming the Ark, by Remus Shepherd
finals.txt 14179
EROTICA: My Freshman Year Sociology Final 1970 by Sexxy Karen (1995)
finals70-2.txt 5632
EROTICA: My Freshman Year Sociology Final 1970
finals70.txt 5724
EROTICA: My Freshman Year Socialogy Final 1970, by Sexxy Karen
finer.txt 36460
EROTICA: A Taste for Finer Things, by Ruth Moore (1995)
finlexam.txt 10287
EROTICA: The Final Exam, by Ben
finster.txt 42559
EROTICA: The Adventures of Marvin Finster
fire.txt 6283
firsever.txt 10877
EROTICA: A First Time for Everything
firsmare.txt 8759
EROTICA: My First Mare
firsonly.txt 4427
EROTICA: My First (And Only Time)
firspony.txt 5545
EROTICA: My First Time With a Pony
first.txt 16450
EROTICA: The First Time
first3wy.txt 10618
EROTICA: My First Three-Way
firstani.txt 24342
EROTICA: A True and Fun Story, by Pussy Barber
firstc.txt 11942
EROTICA: The First
firstdat.txt 7184
EROTICA: A First Date
firstlay.txt 23720
EROTICA: My First Lay
firstlay2.txt 24164
EROTICA: My First Lay
firstluv.txt 8772
EROTICA: A First Love
firsts.txt 49505
EROTICA: My Sexual Biography: A Story of Firsts, by Jon Van
fittobe.txt 9789
EROTICA: Fit to Be Tied
fiverose.txt 14269
EROTICA: The Open Marriage Chronicles: The Ride from Five Roses, by Bill and Ellen
fixup.txt 4404
EROTICA: Fixup, by Deirdre
fixvixen.txt 10965
EROTICA: Fixin' Vixen, by Dastardly Dave
flashing.txt 12435
EROTICA: Flashing Her Husband's Best Friend, by Ed Ventur
flat1.txt 17007
EROTICA: Flat Tire
flat2.txt 16842
EROTICA: Flat Tire, Lube and Change (Part 2)
flat3.txt 18895
EROTICA: Flat Tire (Part 3)
fleeing.txt 7222
EROTICA: Fleeing Gods
flight.txt 8409
flite109.txt 13478
EROTICA: Barbara and Samantha: Adventures on Flight 109 by Ann Douglas
florid.txt 7125
EROTICA: Some Florida Nudist and Naturist Contacts
florida.txt 13951
EROTICA: Open Marriage: Florida Heat, by Bill
flygay.txt 1472
EROTICA: The Gay Pilots Association
fmaid.txt 26130
EROTICA: French Maid by Ric Carlson (1989)
fntsypty.txt 32863
EROTICA: Kate's Party, by Pussy Barber
footbrdg.txt 5797
EROTICA: The Footbridge
for_you.txt 15145
EROTICA: For You, by DarkNites
forcfant.txt 13291
EROTICA: Forced Fantasy
forest.txt 13078
EROTICA: The Forest
form.txt 6967
forrest.txt 9044
EROTICA: A Walk Through the Forrest by Drake (1997)
forsale.txt 14962
EROTICA: Panties For Sale, by Leslie Forte
forum01.txt 13504
EROTICA: Wet Yourself Go
fourthwv.txt 17659
EROTICA: The Fourth Wave, by Roland (1996)
fragment.txt 4100
EROTICA: Fragment, by V.P. Viddler
fran-syl.txt 4361
EROTICA: Fran Takes Sylvia Even Higher
francis1.txt 11872
EROTICA: Francis, a Love Story, by Doctor P (1997)
francis2.txt 16422
EROTICA: Francis, a Love Story, by Doctor P (Part 2)
francis3.txt 16828
EROTICA: Francis, a Love Story, by Doctor P (Part 3)
francis4.txt 8217
EROTICA: Francis, a Love Story, by Doctor P (Part 4)
frankie2.txt 19585
EROTICA: The Seduction of My Sister Frankie, by Ribald
frat.txt 30685
EROTICA: The Fraternity
frat1.txt 7727
EROTICA: Frat Party
frat2.txt 37859
EROTICA: Frat Party (Part 2)
fratboys.txt 2306
EROTICA: Frat Boys
fratfuck.txt 16618
EROTICA: Frat Fuck, by Bill Kinsey
fratlove.txt 17373
EROTICA: Fraternity Love
free1.txt 8746
EROTICA: Journey to Eden by A. N. Onymous
friday.txt 14797
EROTICA: Friday Night (July 24, 1992)
friday02.txt 14870
EROTICA: Friday Night (July 24, 1992)
friday1.txt 9652
friday2.txt 6062
friendmom.txt 34150
EROTICA: My best Friend's Mom, by Aaron Angst (1997)
friends.txt 16188
EROTICA: Nicole and Mary Play with John, by Nicole
friends2.txt 9817
EROTICA: Sean and Sue and I
friendsb.txt 26002
EROTICA: Best Friends
frinight.txt 10020
EROTICA: Mom, Make Him Stop, by Rich Humus (1997)
frst.txt 11971
frstbisx.txt 5696
EROTICA: My First Bisexual Encounter
fschool.txt 12326
EROTICA: A Fantasy in School, by Boojum (1995)
ft1.txt 23936
EROTICA: Farm Tails
ftadog.txt 10886
EROTICA: My Father and the Dog Max (October 29, 1995)
fuck_her.txt 24248
EROTICA: How to Get a Female to Let You Fuck Her
fucken.txt 7642
EROTICA: Horse Fucken
fuckme.txt 6905
fucktear.txt 7013
EROTICA: Fuck to Tears
fulfilld.txt 12193
EROTICA: A Fantasy Fulfilled
fulldisc.txt 23559
EROTICA: The Open Marriage Chronicles: Full Disclosure, by Ellen
funeral.txt 29810
EROTICA: Funeral, by S.B. Douglass (1991)
fungames.txt 18463
EROTICA: Fun and Games, She Devil Style, by She Devil
furface.txt 9646
EROTICA: Furface Fantasy, by Galen (1991)
furlouh1.txt 17717
EROTICA: Furlough
furlouh2.txt 12631
EROTICA: Furlough (Part 2)
furlouh3.txt 10963
EROTICA: Furlough (Part 3)
furry.txt 9143
EROTICA: Furry, by John Dawson
fxslave.txt 58166
EROTICA: The Heroines Who Became Willing Somno Villianesses

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