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Description of the Textfile
01anniv.txt 24031
EROTICA: A True (And Fun) Story
1-3some.txt 5917
EROTICA: First Threesome
100.txt 13181
EROTICA: I Gotta Wash That Man Right Outta My Hair, by Rich Humus (1997)
10comand.txt 19586
EROTICA:The Ten Commandments, by Akai (1993)
11sex-01.txt 23478
11sex-04.txt 19261
EROTICA: Patty Chapter 2
11sex.txt 71007
EROTICA:The Storyteller
13.txt 23983
EROTICA: A Priest goes Bad (Corrupted)
18bday 11264
STORY: An 18th Birthday Celebration
19virgin.txt 19501
STORY: A Virgin at 19
19years.txt 19228
EROTICA: The 19-Year-Old Virgin
19years2.txt 19231
EROTICA: The 19-Year-Old Virgin
1buttfly.txt 5978
EROTICA: My First Button Fly
1dad.txt 18485
EROTICA: An Incestual Slumber, by D-Man
1donna.txt 137213
EROTICA: Donna's Humilation (1997)
1fineday.txt 40843
EROTICA: One Fine Day, by Pussy Barber
1fineday2.txt 37510
EROTICA: One Fine Day, by Pussy Barber
1heather.txt 17813
EROTICA: Heather, by Big Daddy (1997)
1nitestd.txt 5780
EROTICA: Another One-Night Stand
1shot.txt 7936
EROTICA: The Best Weekend of my Life, by William Bloom
1st-dat1.txt 6278
EROTICA: First Date
1st-dat2.txt 5558
EROTICA: First Date: Chapter 2
1st-tie.txt 11002
EROTICA: The First Tie, by John
1st-time.txt 17994
EROTICA: My First Time, by The Unknown Wanderer
1st-time2.txt 6689
EROTICA: My First Time, by The Unknown Wanderer
1st.txt 40887
EROTICA: My First Time, by Marlissa
1st3some.txt 5854
EROTICA: First Threesome
1st_dat2.txt 5504
EROTICA: The 1st Date Continues
1st_date.txt 6272
EROTICA: The Spring of 1962
1st_date2.txt 12222
EROTICA: The Spring of 1962
1st_love.txt 4786
EROTICA: My First Love
1st_mare.txt 8671
EROTICA: My First Mare
1st_time.txt 29221
STORY: The First Time, by Demon Slave
1stbirch.txt 8598
EROTICA: My First Birching in the Woods, by Laylah Martelli
1stblack.txt 7502
EROTICA: My First Black Experience, by Bad Michel (1997)
1stcousn.txt 20497
EROTICA: First Cousin
1stexper.txt 2452
STORY: My First Experience
1stfist.txt 8832
EROTICA: My First Fist, by Bud Clark
1stfuck.txt 3273
EROTICA: First Fuck
1stimenc.txt 12527
EROTICA: My First Time (1994)
1stlady.txt 14117
EROTICA: Tehe First Lady's State Punishment, by Dave Caracappa
1stmeet.txt 7053
EROTICA: First Meeting
1stnight.txt 23552
EROTICA: First Night, by Julie Woodcock (1991)
1story.txt 10351
EROTICA: My First Story, by AnonX (1998)
1stparty.txt 19257
EROTICA: First Party
1stshot.txt 8561
STORY: The Best Weekend of My life, by William Bloom
1stsight.txt 13131
EROTICA: First Sight, a Secondary Love Story
1ststory.txt 4855
STORY: My First Story: The Grounding Strap
1stswng.txt 203352
EROTICA: The First Swing
1sttime.txt 12863
EROTICA: First Time
1sttime2.txt 12931
EROTICA: First Time
1sumnite.txt 3029
STORY: One Summer Night
1watch.txt 29453
EROTICA: One Watch
1watch2.txt 33024
EROTICA: One Watch
2-sister.txt 162185
EROTICA: The Sisters' Story
2-sistrs.txt 159085
EROTICA: The Sisters' Story
2-sistrs2.txt 158854
EROTICA: The Sisters' Story
23_days.txt 13478
EROTICA: 23 Days to Go, by Famin Paramour
26women.txt 1495
EROTICA: 26 Women in Bondage, by Peri
2am.txt 22117
EROTICA: 2am, by Nevyn
2b18_1.txt 17658
EROTICA: To Be Eighteen, by Conure (1996)
2b18_2.txt 24565
EROTICA: To Be Eighteen Part 2, by Conure (1996)
2b18_3.txt 16892
EROTICA: To Be Eighteen Part 3, by Conure (1996)
2b18_4.txt 11448
EROTICA: To Be Eighteen Part 4, by Conure (1996)
2b18_5.txt 22268
EROTICA: To Be Eighteen Part 5, by Conure (1996)
2b18_6.txt 22860
EROTICA: To Be Eighteen Part 6, by Conure (1996)
2birds.txt 2265
EROTICA: Two Birds
2company.txt 19618
EROTICA: Two is Company and Four is Just Completely Out of Hand, by Midnight
2couples.txt 32042
EROTICA: A Tale of Two Couples
2girls.txt 5851
EROTICA: Another 2 Girl Story
2grlfant.txt 12998
EROTICA: A Man's Fantasy About Two Women, by Mark O. Zorro
2headed.txt 15204
EROTICA: The Two-Headed Monster
2heather.txt 15643
EROTICA: Heather Chapter 2, by Big Daddy (1997)
2ladies.txt 3456
EROTICA: A Tale of Two Ladies, by Anonymous
2loving.txt 24771
EROTICA: Two Loving Daughters, by Eros
2nd_shot.txt 14336
EROTICA: Out in the Woods, by William Bloom
2ndkittn.txt 18577
The Second Kitten
2ndtime.txt 9441
STORY: The Second Time, by Pussy Barber
2s2l.txt 187271
EROTICA: Wicked Lovemaking Seris I: Two Sons, Two lovers
2shot.txt 12032
EROTICA: Out in the Woods, by William Bloom
2sisters.txt 160139
EROTICA: The Sisters' Story
2sistr3.txt 70992
EROTICA: One Sister's Introduction
2titty.txt 18582
EROTICA: A Tale of Two Titties, by G.I. Lovecunt
2virgins.txt 8257
EROTICA: Two Virgins
2virgins2.txt 6578
EROTICA: Two Virgins
2women2.txt 11264
EROTICA: It Started When I was in Junior High School
2worship.txt 15266
EROTICA: To Worship You
3-some.txt 5334
EROTICA: The Threesome Variation, by Huggy Bunny
3941.txt 254654
EROTICA: Perverted Passions (1997)
3947.txt 89171
EROTICA: My Brother's Girl, by DevoSpudC (1997)
3dognite.txt 22784
EROTICA: Three Dog Night, by Nine Ball
3for-all.doc 23280
EROTICA: The 3 For All
3for-all.txt 22977
STORY: 3 For All
3for_all.txt 23552
EROTICA: Three For All
3forall.txt 22860
EROTICA: Three For All
3friends.txt 15128
EROTICA: Three Friends
3friends2.txt 15417
EROTICA: Three Friends
3g&m&me.txt 29024
STORY: Gary, Mike and Me, by Heather Dawson
3gmme.txt 19229
EROTICA: Intimate Affairs, by Heather Dawson: Gary, Mike and Me
3men&me.txt 22517
EROTICA: Three Men and Me
3naspree.txt 90851
STORY: Three on a Spree, by C.K.O.
3ofus.txt 1978
EROTICA: The Three of Us
3ofus2.txt 27807
EROTICA: The Three of Us
3onbed.txt 4398
EROTICA: Three on a Bed
3onjuli1.txt 15360
EROTICA: Three on Julie, Part 1
3play.txt 5378
EROTICA: The Threesome Variation I by Hugbank
3playrm.txt 16384
EROTICA: Three in the Playroom
3playrm2.txt 16400
EROTICA: Three in the Playroom
3some.txt 13675
EROTICA: Threesome
3some2.txt 14659
EROTICA: Threesome
3sumfun.txt 27080
EROTICA: Three's Definitely Not a Crowd, by Doc Holiday
3today.txt 8858
EROTICA: Three Men in a Day, by David Lee
3toplay.txt 15081
EROTICA: Three to Play, by Eros (1997)
3way.txt 31594
EROTICA: Three Way, by Janice
3wayxxx.txt 31053
EROTICA: Three Way
3wayxxx2.txt 31488
EROTICA: Three Way
3women.txt 19584
EROTICA: Women Loving Women
3women2.txt 12800
EROTICA: Women Loving Women
4535.txt 149565
EROTICA: The Family Swappers (1997)
487658.txt 6903
EROTICA: My Friends, the Allens, by Mark Aster
4893.txt 11795
EROTICA: Hypno Celeb 13: The Craft, by MAQ
49.txt 46751
EROTICA: Mercedes
4949.txt 55576
EROTICA: My Sister's Diary, by Reason Run Riot
4daddy.txt 8147
EROTICA: Present for Daddy
4daddy2.txt 9216
EROTICA: Present for Daddy
4exposur.txt 22483
EROTICA: Four Exposures, by Rachel Taylor
4grantd1.txt 31421
EROTICA: Four Granted, by Dats Him
4grantd2.txt 50688
EROTICA: Four Granted Part II, by Dats Him
4grantd22.txt 50125
EROTICA: Four Granted Part II, by Dats Him
4lena.txt 19328
EROTICA: For Sweet Lena, Who Is Just Beginning to Explore Her Full Sexuality
4lena1.txt 35968
EROTICA: A Story Just for Lena
4lena2.txt 30592
EROTICA: A Special Story Just for Lena, Part II
4lena3.txt 36992
EROTICA: A Special Story, Just for Lena, Part III
4nbbs.txt 17490
STORY: Sex on the Minitel BBS
4some.txt 8266
EROTICA: My Only Foursome, a Tale in Several Acts
4some2.txt 15616
EROTICA: My Only Foursome, a Tale in Several Acts
4tclb_04.txt 14563
EROTICA: The Forty Plus Club
4thring.txt 47312
EROTICA: The Fourth Ring, by Hunter Jackson (1995)
5154.txt 248425
EROTICA: Friendly Neighbors, by D. Abby (1997)
5ofakind.txt 11578
EROTICA: Five of a Kind
5thswing.txt 41728
EROTICA: 5th Swing, by Sue
6shooter.txt 13153
EROTICA: Six Shooter
6some.txt 78977
EROTICA: A Day on the Island
7heaven.txt 19173
EROTICA: 7th Heaven: One Stormy Night, by Carnal Quill
7inabarn.txt 53733
EROTICA: Seven in a Barn
7thswing.txt 38016
EROTICA: The 7th Swing
8-ball.txt 6307
STORY: Behind the 8 Ball
8weeks_1.sty 26624
EROTICA: Eight Weeks
8weeks_2.sty 12288
EROTICA: Eight Weeks Part II
8weeks_3.sty 15360
EROTICA: Eight Weeks Part III
8weeks_4.sty 9216
EROTICA: Eight Weeks Part IV
90210.txt 56479
EROTICA: 90210
9thswing.txt 42880
EROTICA: The 9th Swing

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