Humor: M.L. Verb

M.L. Verb was a columnist for the National Satirist, a Compuserve-only humor magazine that may or may not exist. A web search shows that M.L. Verb hasn't come onto the WWW at large, which is a shame, considering. Well, that's fixed until Compuserve decides they don't want this out here.

Description of the Textfile
adameve.hum 2807
Do you love me, Adam? By M.L. Verb
analogy.hum 3486
Silly Analogies, by M.L. Verb
bingbong.hum 3487
Bing Bong Bong, by M.L. Verb
brainect.hum 3169
Brainless Ecstacy, by M.L. Verb
charity.hum 3199
Charity Begins at Home, but where does it end? By M.L. Verb
cheapfar.hum 2528
$1.99 to Atlanta, by M.L. Verb
drugshum.hum 3255
My Desk: A Howl? By M. L. Verb
ghostfun.hum 3114
I Ain't Scared of No Ghost, by M.L. Verb
hammock.hum 3183
Hammocks, by M. L. Verb
kaboom.hum 3685
KA-Blooey, by M.L. Verb
memory.hum 3694
Pumping Neurons, by M.L. Verb
mlverb.hum 251361
The Humor of M.L. Verb: A Collection
modest.hum 2418
An Era of Modest Claims, by M. L. Verb
parades.hum 3863
I love a Parade, by M. L. Verb
poets.hum 3116
A Poet Not Well Versed, by M. L. Verb
reconcil.hum 3738
Great Reconciliations, by M. L. Verb
saveface.hum 3264
Saving Face, by M. L. Verb
shameonu.hum 2005
Shame on (Some Of) Us, by M.L. Verb
solders.hum 2807
Foxhole Conversions by M. L. Verb
spacever.hum 3291
Hoping "Space" is a Verb by M. L. Verb
symbol.hum 3227
An Unprintable Verb Piece, by Thos. O Brien
throwawa.hum 4181
He Can Afford to Throw it Away, by M. L. Verb
watchlip.hum 3482
Watch my Lips, by M.L. Verb
weights.hum 3264
Who Wants to Throw Weights? by M. L. Verb
whatthe.hum 3256
The 150 Calorie Commute, by M.L. Verb

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