Arcade Games

Since the first Microcomputers, Arcade Games and gaming have always been linked in some fashion to the world of BBSs. It would make sense that if people used computers to play, they'd be attracted to machines who were dedicated to nothing but playing games.

It is important to mention, however, that dead-on collecting of Arcade Games for the home didn't really take off until the 90's, except for a very small group of people with the gumption and floor space. Therefore, the files in this directory, that deal with the technical issues anyway, have a more recent vintage to them.

Description of the Textfile 670
Pinouts: 1942 from Konami
aehowto.txt 290690
The Arcade Emulation How-To Version 0.25 by Michael Adcock (January 7, 1997)
arc_che2.txt 8529
The "Definitive" Arcade Video Games Cheat Sheet (December 1, 1992) by Jeremy Radlow/Johnathan N. Deitch 881
PINOUTS: Asteroids, by Atari (1979) 896
PINOUTS: Asteroids Deluxe, by Atari (1980)
aroids.sw 576
SWITCHES: Asteroids Deluxe, by Atari (1980)
aroidsd.sw 1605
SWITCHES: Asteroids Deluxe
atari_xy.txt 26272
Atari Color XY vector monitor Ampliphone Wells-Gardner repair by Gregg Woodcock 26777
How to Repair Atari's Color XY (Vector) Monitors by Gregg Woodcock (May 13, 1993)
baddudes.sw 810
Dip Switch Setting for the Arcade Game "Bad Dudes" 3111
Pinouts for the Arcade Game "Bagman"
bally.txt 14577
The Bally/Stern Jumper Document, 1993
bankpanc.sw 1074
Pinout Diagram for the Arcade Game "Bank Panic"
barthow.txt 21868
Soft Documentation: Bart's House of Weirdness, by Konami 3644
Arcade Wiring: Bubble Bobble 4134
Pinout: Bubble Bobble
bbobble.sw 2119
Switches: Bubble Bobble 3509
Pinout for Bosconian by NAMCO
boscon.sw 9924
Switch Settings for Bosconian by NAMCO 2501
Settings for Williams "Bubbles"
bubbupgd.txt 19308
Upgrade: Play Bubbles on your Hacked Robotron/Joust/Stargate Machine 1874
Pinouts: Black Widow, by Atari (1983)
bz_nvram.txt 15056
Upgrading a Battlezone for a Permanent High Score Table
bzone.sw 1845
Switch Settings for Battlezone 1053
PINOUTS: Capcom Commando and Data East 3901
PINOUT: Crazy Climber by Taito
cclimber.sw 1627
SWITCH SETTINGS: Crazy Climber, by Taito 4441
PINOUT: Cetipede, by Atary
centiped.sw 3227
SWITCHES: Centipede, by Atari
crypt 26323
Stewart's Guide to Tales from the Crypt Version 1 (January 7, 1994) 1720
Dig-Dug Arcade Board Pin-Outs
digdug.sw 2545
Dig Dug Arcade Dipswitch Settings from Tom Nezwek 1962
PINOUTS: Donkey Kong, Donkey Kong II, Mario Brothers, etc.
dkong.sw 1116
doom.faq 111085
The Official DOOM FAQ (v5.0) (December 26, 1993)
doomck.txt 3323
DOOM Version 1.1 Cheat Keys
doomkey2.txt 10741
DOOM Cheat Keys (December 18, 1993) 16698
How to solve Dragon's Lair (Arcade) 1720
Pinouts for Sega's E-SWAT Arcade Game, 1989
elevtact.sw 2220
Dipswitch settings for the arcade game Elevator Action
fighthst.dyn 16745
Fighter's History Dynamite FAQ by Tekkusuto (April 1994)
fighthst.txt 7462
The Fighter's History FAQ (May 1994)
finlfan2.txt 28141
Final Fantasy II Frequently Asked Questions and Strategy Guide by Adam Lederman and Kelly Gillilan (February 11, 1993) 2895
PINOUTS: Food Fight by Atari 2375
PINOUTS: Football, by Atari
freegame.txt 6147
The Interstellar Times by Dimention Master and Giggler 728
PINOUTS: Frogger
frogger.sw 757
PINOUTS: Frogger
g2blkwdw.txt 39695
Creating a Switchable Conversion between Gravitar and Black Widow by Doug Jefferys (March 17, 1994)
galaga.sw 4489
Galaga CPU Board Switch Settings 4099
Galaga and Mappy Pinout Diagram 5567
Dip Switch Settings on Galaga Boards
gamebust.txt 31219
Gamebusters, a collection of cheats and codes for video games
ghostgob.sw 2600
SWITCH SETTINGS: Ghosts and Goblins
golfcart.txt 4154
Golf Cart Fun by The Shadow Lord and Metallian of Metal Communications 2429
gorf.sw 3238
PINOUTS: Gravitar
gyruss.sw 3138
DIP SWITCHES: Gyruss 4206
Pinouts for a standard JAMMA Box
jost2jam.txt 12956
Converting Joust to a JAMMA Boardset, by Graham Bisset (1994) 1318
Pin-Out Diagram for the Arcade Game Kung-Fu Master
klov.all 122253
The Coin Ops A poppin Killer List of Video Games (March 1993) by Mike Hughey and Jeff Hansen
ladybug.sw 2202
Switch Setting: Ladybug, by Universal (1982)
lifeforc.sw 3640
Life Force Dip Switches 5996
PINOUTS: Millipede 5205
PINOUTS: Missile Command, by Atari
misslcmd.sw 2155
Missle Command Switch Settings
mk1_move.txt 63394
Mortal Kombat Comprehensive Moves, Combos, Fatalities, and Hints Listing Version 5.0 (April 28, 1993)
mk2_move.txt 33994
Mortal Kombat II FAQ (Complete Guide, 10th Revision) by Paul McElroy (January 5, 1994)
mk2faq.txt 4649
Unofficial Guide to Mortal Kombat II (November 9, 1993) Version 1.0
mkii.txt 4876
Collection Mortal Kombat II Moves 2751
Pinouts for Moon Patrol 4475
omegarac.sw 2730
Dipswitch Settings for the Arcade Game OMEGA RACE (Midway, 1981) 1533
PINOUTS: Pac-Man, by Midway, by Tom Nezwek
pacman.sw 1014
DIP SWITCHES: Pac-Man, by Midway
phoenix.sw 1235
DIPSWITCHES: Phoenix, by Centuri 1475
Pinout for the Arcade Game QBERT
qbert.sw 628
Switch Settings for the Arcade Game QBERT 1483
PINOUTS: Ring King by Data East, 1985
robotron.txt 5117
Early Williams Tech Tips by Richard Schieve 2824
PINOUTS: Rush n' Attack and other early Konami Games 3514
rygar.sw 2212
spacduel.sw 2844
SWITCH SETTINGS: Space Duel by Atari 912
Pinouts for Star Force from Tecmo
starforc.sw 1982
Dipswitches: Starforce by Tecmo 4889
Williams Stargate Pin Information 1821
Pinouts for Atari Star Wars
starwars.sw 1943
Switch Settings for Atari Star Wars
syndchet.txt 820
A Couple Cheats for Syndicate (April 11, 1994) 2322
Pinouts: Tempest, by Atari (1980)
tempest.sw 4172
Tempest Switch Settings (Atari 1980)
venture.sw 2656
Switch Settings for the Arcade Game "Venture" 5813
Video Game Pinouts for vs. Super Mario Brothers
warlords.sw 2090
Switch settings for the Atari Warlords Video Game
willconv.txt 58762
Creating a Switchable Conversion between Robotron, Joust and Stargate 6913
Pinouts for the Midway Arcade Game "Xenophone", Made in 1987
xenophob.sw 1578
Xenophone Arcade Game Switch Settings (Midway, 1987)
zaxxon.sw 3576
Dipswitch Settings for a Zaxxon Arcade Machine

There are 101 files for a total of 1,224,784 bytes.