BBS Textfiles: The Tom Jennings Collection

Description of the Textfile 20917
Flyer: The First Conference on Computers, Freedom and Privacy (1991)
chador.txt 8793
The Cyberpunk Movement, by St. Jude (Discussion and Text of Article) (September 25, 1992)
queernet.txt 1473
Message Regarding Queernet.Org (August 30, 1992)
quotes.bbs.txt 23767
Collection of Quotes for a BBS (Various Sources)
quotes.txt 2837
Collection of Quotes to Add to the Quotes File, from Joe Krickenbarger-Oliver (September 21, 1991)
remailer.txt 9859
Explanation of How to Use a Remailer (November 12, 1992)
riot.txt 12431
Discussion of the Rodney King Verdict, from Dick Gladden (For FidoNews Editorial) (May 12, 1992)
tshirt.txt 5504
Information About Various World Power Systems T-Shirts for Sale

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