BBS Textfiles: The Tom Jennings Collection

Description of the Textfile
alcor.txt 24576
E-Mail Privacy Case Settled In the ALCOR Case (E-Mail to Tom Jennings) (November 11, 1992) 3916
Reflections on the Anarchist Principle, by Tom Jennings (Reprint of Essay from Black Flag of Anarchism, by Paul Goodman)
bbslaw.txt 169595
Discussion of BBS-Related Legal Issues (October, 1992)
bbslaw2.txt 2295
Option of Privacy from Shari Steele of the EFF, Forwarded by Mike Laster (November 14, 1992) 5677
You Love State Socialism (You Just Don't Know it) by Tom Jennings (Reprint of Article by Miklos Haraszti)
denning.txt 24751
Wide-Distributed Message Warning of Dorothy Denning's Insistence of Private Cryptography Keys Being Held by the Government (October 27, 1992) 12249
Are All Sysops Criminals? By Tom Jennings (November 24, 1990) 3429
Keep the Issue Clear! By Bernard Levine (Regarding Banning of Guns)
nodata.txt 4396
Unions Denied Access to Commercial Database Services (December 24, 1987)
pigspy.txt 6075
Proof of Nationwide Police Political Spying Network Revealed in Chicago Litigation, by Chip Berlet (Forwarded Article)
second.txt 23165
Messages Regarding Attempted Repeal of the Second Amendment to the Constitution (June 12, 1992)
security.txt 10987
Message from Perry E. Metzger Regarding Encryption and the Rights of Citizens to Encrypt (November 8, 1992)
tony-davis-bust.txt 14331
From Boardwatch: The Tony Davis Bust: Tony Davis and The Show-Biz Cops of Oklahoma City (October 8, 1993)

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