ASCII Artwork: The ASCIIPR0N Collection

A group of creative individuals at a site called have collected an excellent cross-section of different types of ASCII Art, ranging from pornographic to pop cultural. While some of them seem very recent, others appear to have been rescued from long-forgotten collections elsewhere on the Internet. The descriptions you see below were written by them, as I believe they have a greater knowledge of the origins.

There is a good chance some people reading this page have never heard the term "pr0n". As far as I can discern, it is a play off of the mistyping of the shorthand word for pornography, "porn", with a transposed set of letters inside, "pron". This, ostensibly, is because the writer is some sort of spastic loser who can't spell correctly. The 0 for the o in "pron" cements this reputation.

The ASCIIPR0N site not only contains this entire collection (as well as other excellent ASCII creations outside the scope of, but is filled with other creative works in video and music, many haunting and some sublime. It has my highest recommendation.

Description of the Textfile
anime00.txt 841
small astroboy (snd)
anime01.txt 4616
converted astroboy (m1a)
anime02.txt 1256
happy astrogirl (ch1).
anime03.txt 4483
converted white-on-black m1a astroboy.
anime04.txt 2770
ch1 evangelion ayanami rei
anime05.txt 6479
m1a ayanami rei white-on-black
anime06.txt 7513
Evangelion Katsauragi Misato, by m1a
anime07.txt 4159
bunny ears
anime08.txt 4859
m1a ffvii cloud white-on-black
anime09.txt 880
anime10.txt 3031
unidentified benevolent fairy.
anime11.txt 2485
smiling as if to say
anime12.txt 2435
hello kitty.
anime13.txt 1951
keroppi (hello kitty frog)
anime14.txt 13584
printable michael ling lum (urusei yatsura).
anime15.txt 4474
salior moon luna in human form
anime16.txt 1158
namelessone atomic bomberman
anime17.txt 2946
bon vampire princess miyu with fan
anime18.txt 3168
anime19.txt 2214
i choose you pikachu tim park.
anime20.txt 10262
cartoon pantiless babe
anime21.txt 3406
tim park sailor mercury.
anime22.txt 3089
sailor saturn.
anime23.txt 7799
sailor scouts special moves by valkyrie.
anime24.txt 45680
dov sherman's anime ascii collection first edition
anime25.txt 49508
dov sherman's anime ascii collection second edition.
anime26.txt 32613
dov sherman's ranma 1/2 collection first edition
anime27.txt 40057
dov sherman's ranma 1/2 collection second edition.
anime28.txt 30898
dov sherman's ranma 1/2 collection third edition
anime29.txt 8180
pikachu squirtle psyduck geodude jigglypuff ditto &c
anime30.txt 4789
eric's sailor moon collection.
anime31.txt 67538
GST maison ikkoku collection part one.
anime32.txt 23269
GST maison ikkoku collection part two.
anime33.txt 41044
GST anime including eva and 5 star stories
anime34.txt 969
tim park sailor moon parapara.
anime35.txt 4298
tim park sailor neptune.
anime36.txt 343
tim park parapara's doll
anime37.txt 1346
tim park tickle me usagi
anime38.txt 1912
mk all-purpose catgirl nuku nuku
anime39.txt 1303
mk one tit leela
anime40.txt 4176
super catgirl 2.
anime41.txt 5466
ac surprise.
anime42.txt 3798
Priss from Bubblegum Crisis (?)
anime43.txt 1946
girl with horns?
anime44.txt 1592
chibi school girl.
anime45.txt 52256
alildevil bulbasaur squirtle charmander evolutions
anime46.txt 7318
amc pokemon logo and some monsters
anime47.txt 7327
usagi t & a.
anime48.txt 1687
mk ayanami bootscreen portrait
anime49.txt 2852
m1a iwakura lain from serial experiments lain.
anime50.txt 6362
Priss from Bubblegum Crisis
anime51.txt 2880
Dragonball Z's Goku, by zi
anime52.txt 458
Running Chocobos, by zi and jgs
anime53.txt 1576
The Black Mage from Final Fantasy, by zi
anime54.txt 4527
Girl from Harem Blade, by zi
anime55.txt 829
Mokona from Magic Knight Rayearth, by zi
anime56.txt 796
Mononoke Hime Kodama, by zi
anime57.txt 2009
Revolutionary Girl Utena, by zi
anime58.txt 2499
Miki Kaoru from Utena, by zi
anime59.txt 1457
Meltina from Valkyrie Profile, by zi
anime60.txt 2292
Larva's Mask from Vampire Princess Miyu, by zi
anime61.txt 3289
anime62.txt 4055
A Converted Skuld from Oh My Goddess, by junta
bj00.txt 4379
oral close up!
bj01.txt 3601
oral close up!!
bj02.txt 3774
oral close up!!!
bj03.txt 4726
oral close up!!!!
bj04.txt 4561
oral close up!!!!!
hunky00.txt 9743
david of michel-ange
hunky01.txt 9117
so fuckin h0t!
hunky02.txt 7843
"adam" erect
hunky03.txt 4902
a happy hustler a real tease
hunky04.txt 689
buff ascii drawing
hunky05.txt 6162
captain james t kirk in contemplation.
hunky06.txt 3441
bon jeune homme assis sur la bord de la mer.
hunky07.txt 1147
jgs nude buff shower
hunky08.txt 3090
Naked Make holding Towel
pinup00.txt 8505
meriday in the morning
pinup01.txt 7299
meriday in the morning ripoff.
pinup02.txt 8137
1964 playboy centrefold classic ascii.
pinup03.txt 8316
kneeling draped blonde
pinup04.txt 8479
hot pants (white on black)
pinup05.txt 5309
tan lines, headband.
pinup06.txt 6402
peek-a-boo tits.
pinup07.txt 7271
wonky bikini babe.
pinup08.txt 5559
sultry 80's.
pinup09.txt 6504
nicer version of pinup07.txt
pinup10.txt 6667
x-tra large boobies, kneeling.
pinup11.txt 17381
sexy mature woman.
pinup12.txt 4717
crouched happy babe.
pinup13.txt 10444
"bunny", classic playboy w/ears.
pinup14.txt 7376
"clohe", assertive loincloth
pinup15.txt 7347
"fran", playboy jokes cartoon girl made of sex
pinup16.txt 7617
pinup17.txt 3337
nicely converted small babe.
pinup18.txt 4996
science officer jadzia dax *IN UNIFORM!!*.
pinup19.txt 9458
b'ger giantess
pinup20.txt 12605
pinup21.txt 13837
"ingrid", x-tra wide mannerist nude.
pinup22.txt 13242
smiley upside-down sideways supine nude.
pinup23.txt 9793
"kathy", come-hither topless bluejean farm hand.
pinup24.txt 7159
"kelly", happy seated ditzy babe
pinup25.txt 8505
"roxanne", *nice* bejewelled triangle-muff
pinup26.txt 10364
posed model on stool
pinup27.txt 9040
tits of the 80's (white on black).
pinup28.txt 35979
large bashful topless bikini (MHT)
pinup29.txt 17261
swedish simultaneous ass-titties
pinup30.txt 4150
pregnant lady holding tits up.
pinup31.txt 6524
Wavy Hair, by Kludgeonsmith
pinup32.txt 7090
More Wavy Hair, by Kludgeonsmith
pinup33.txt 3090
Languid Nude, by Stef99
pinup34.txt 10595
Dombitch, by Meph
pinup35.txt 5972
Over the Shoulder Flyaway Coquette
pinup36.txt 11113
Blonde Contraposto
pinup37.txt 7262
Halter Honey
pinup38.txt 11160
Codename Fly Bitch, by Meph
pinup39.txt 3612
Smaller Version of Codename Fly Bitch, by Meph
pinup40.txt 8494
Ventilated Bustier
pinup41.txt 15487
Monster Bikini Face
pinup42.txt 10649
Tribal Witch, by Meph (1998)
pinup43.txt 15769
Handcopied from an Old Pre-1980's Printout, by Comet (2001)
pinup44.txt 5427
Sexy Shinoby Hosokawa, Conversion by Brian Feldman
pinup45.txt 7137
Kyokofukada, by m0f73
pinup46.txt 4148
Pregnant Pinup, ASCII Conversion
pinup47.txt 5537
Thoughtful from Flash Mountain
pinup48.txt 7567
Corsetry and Polyvinyl
pr0n00.txt 4979
the dutch dude classy boa
pr0n01.txt 1939
just the facts
pr0n02.txt 2761
naked couple on a horse
pr0n03.txt 6076
converted female jerk-off
pr0n04.txt 2114
krogg on all fours
pr0n05.txt 4550
wide open beaver stockings
pr0n06.txt 2870
krogg happy spread labia
pr0n07.txt 565
krogg on all fours two
pr0n08.txt 6086
magical sorceress with acrylic nails
pr0n09.txt 3687
lesbian action white-on-black
pr0n10.txt 5264
m1a converted torso
pr0n11.txt 8199
m1a converted nude
pr0n12.txt 11579
super heroine
pr0n13.txt 5205
white-on-black manet dejeuner
pr0n14.txt 5107
the dutch dude tank top
pr0n15.txt 3102
small converted pantless heels
pr0n16.txt 2900
very perky silhouette
pr0n17.txt 5514
vk phat figlet style nude
pr0n18.txt 950
reclining curvy babe
pr0n19.txt 2316
small white-on black oldschool babe
pr0n20.txt 2279
b'ger babes in stages of disarray
pr0n21.txt 2351
b'ger bathing beauties
pr0n22.txt 471
jgs bikini woman
pr0n23.txt 1412
pr0n24.txt 459
jgs seated nude
pr0n25.txt 1233
another on all fours
pr0n26.txt 1749
jgs have a sexy birthday
pr0n27.txt 512
happy ch1x0r
pr0n28.txt 209
ejm man and woman
pr0n29.txt 1012
b'ger naked eve
pr0n30.txt 34
fine asses fucka
pr0n31.txt 21
torso sig
pr0n32.txt 450
b'ger vanity
pr0n33.txt 511
beaver indignant nude
pr0n34.txt 210
cute little penorz
pr0n35.txt 910
modest small two toed nude
pr0n36.txt 3802
lucy bares all at last
pr0n37.txt 438
jro satin sheets
pr0n38.txt 498
jro surprise bj
pr0n39.txt 1637
stocking fabio ride
pr0n40.txt 567
pr0n41.txt 1001
unknown the gonad man
pr0n42.txt 404
unknown nude couple
pr0n43.txt 8261
prs porno several positions!
pr0n44.txt 1594
jro the exam
pr0n45.txt 1565
jro observations
pr0n46.txt 2660
krogg striptease
pr0n47.txt 895
krogg happy panties
pr0n48.txt 1395
krogg garter belt
pr0n49.txt 1951
The Costume, by JRO
pr0n50.txt 502
A Duchamp Ripoff, by ejm and rm
pr0n51.txt 2885
Merry Fucking Christmas, from jro
pr0n52.txt 1566
Something to Unwrap, by jro
pr0n53.txt 2228
Christmas Reflections, by jro
pr0n54.txt 2257
Pretty Warrior Girl, by krogg
pr0n55.txt 2815
Naked on Top of a Cliff
pr0n56.txt 3786
Converted Surfer Girl
pr0n57.txt 1258
Some Novelty Tits
pr0n58.txt 1002
SIG-Sized Nudies, by vk
pr0n59.txt 2594
Some Smallish Series Nudes, by hjw
pr0n60.txt 483
pr0n61.txt 2411
Artful Odalisque, by m1a
pr0n62.txt 3956
Kissing Girls
pr0n63.txt 963
Sodomy, by Krogg
pr0n64.txt 255
Small Valkyrie, by Krogg
pr0n65.txt 1329
Goatsex Ass Wide Open
pr0n66.txt 3185
Converted Portrait, by DarkOrchid
pr0n67.txt 834
Sapphic Couple, by sexii
pr0n68.txt 940
Sexii Whips ASCII into Line! by Sexii
pr0n69.txt 132
Deco Silhouette, by Sexii
pr0n70.txt 18944
Wicked File: Collection of Miscellaneous ASCII Art
pr0n71.txt 6080
Collection of Various Nudes
pr0n72.txt 1209
To Bonnie, by mthw
pr0n73.txt 3050
Upshit, by mthw
pr0n74.txt 2232
Upscale Upskirt Two by Mthw
pr0n75.txt 2625
Upskirt Three, by mthw
pr0n76.txt 599
We Want You! By Ojo
pr0n77.txt 930
Cybersquat, by nmf
pr0n78.txt 3637
Consensual Spank-Off
pr0n79.txt 1959
Triple-A Crew Collaboration (Nudes)
pr0n80.txt 808
Startled Nude
pr0n81.txt 856
A Coy Shave, by cjr
pr0n82.txt 743
Nude, by cjr
pr0n83.txt 1144
venus01.txt 4992
botticelli's venus facial.
venus02.txt 11374
botticelli's venus full frontal.

There are 212 files for a total of 1,304,733 bytes.