Anarchy: Scams

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anar13.txt 977
How to Break into a House by Jim Meeker
anar36.txt 3745
JACKPOTTING: What is It? By The Prowler
atheft.txt 42302
Auto Theft: A Practical Approach by Video Vindicator (October 1, 1991)
bible.txt 13306
The Bible of Fraud: Part II by Sneak Thief
burglar1.txt 10293
Techniques of Burglar Alarm Bypassing by The Raven
burglar2.txt 18999
Techniques of Burglar Alarm Bypassing II, by The Raven
burglar3.txt 24575
Burglar Alarm Bypassing Part 3 by The Raven
card 4082
How to Get Anything Free by Jewell Couch, July 28, 1984
career.txt 7263
Fradulent Behaviour #2: A Hacker's Guide to a US$50,000/yr Job 3839
How to Get CDs and Tapes for Free, by Godzilla
cheat!.txt 4229
Common Ways to Cheat Society Part II: The Tests of Adulthood, by Poundstone of Xzeyx
cheat.ana 2507
How To Cheat At School Tests, by The Data Blitz
cheat.txt 2595
How to Cheat on Scantron Tests 05/10/1994
cheater.txt 1005
How to Find Cheats in Programs
cheating.txt 2818
Improved Ways of Cheating at School, by Mafia 8604
The Cheat Sheet: Version 94.06.13, the Elite Acronym List by Ajax the Trojan
check.txt 7007
Defeating Library and Anti-Shoplifting Systems by Psionic Nemesis
chkfrd.hac 4022
Check Fraud, written and typed by the Disk Jockey
chngmach.txt 6144
Beating the Change Machine by ACID House
chris2.txt 2031
Bullshitting, a Guide by the Slipped Disk and the Data Blitz
ckfraud2.txt 12499
Check Fraud made E-Z by Bit Stream and The Raven 1311
Free Soda with Trick Coins by Irie Man of BAR
coke.txt 2912
How to Hack a Coke Machine
cokemach.ana 9088
How to Scam Coke Machines, by Oliver Clothezoffe
combkeyrl.ana 8937
Renegade Legion's Masterkeying File, by The Gypsy 1493
The Bad Ass Retards Present How To Make Free Copies by Irie Man
copy4fre.txt 1503
How to Make Free Copies on a Copying Machine by the Bad Ass Retards
copymony.txt 2870
Instant Money for Fun and Profit
counterfeiting 18903
Information on Counterfeiting, by Michael Skoler and Lone Wolf (October 5, 1986)
crimeont.txt 5702
Crime on the Job by The ASCII Assassin of Anarchy Inc.
crimnet1.txt 5856
CrimeNet I: Breaking In Made Easy, by Byte Blaster and Cracka Jack
crimnet2.ana 13954
CrimeNet II: Breaking into Houses and Taking Anything you Want!
cuttclas.ana 2773
Cutting Class Part I: Fake Sickness by Tempus
doa1.txt 10467
Anti Consumerism: A handy little fun-filled guide on how to shop in the "correct" manner, by N. Master and Riff Raff
doa7.txt 4476
Mailing Without Stamps Part 1 by Riff Raff and Acid Reign
easymony.ana 6709
Your Guide to Becoming a Pimp, by The Flash
faxphr.txt 2986
Committing Fraud on Public Fax Machines, from Paul A. Houle (October 13, 1991)
foneline 5576
How to Connect a Disconnected Second Line to the House (Main Line) by The Hooded Man
fraudbi.txt 9275
Volume I of The Adventures in Fraud Series by Sneak Thief (1985)
freebg1.hac 20280
FreeBage #1: A Beginner's Guide to Bernsteining
freebg2.hac 12639
Freebage #2: Professional Bernsteining
freebg3.hac 55899
Freebage #3: The Story of the Super Bowl Hoark
freebg4.hac 22857
Freebage #4: Bootleggage
freebg5.hac 9913
Freebage #5: Fast Food
freecopy.txt 3850
How to Rip off Coin-Operated Photocopy Machines by MAIM
freemail.cdc 5876
Free Mail Version 1.0 (October 16, 1987)
freemail.hac 5909
Free Mail! From THUMPR
freemeal.txt 1586
How to Get Free Meals from Restaurants by Renegade
freenews.txt 3279
Getting Free News from Newspaper Machines
freeshow.txt 3646
How to See Shows for Free
freestuf.ana 4462
How to Get Stuff Free, by Anonymous
freetix.txt 4435
How to Get Free Airline Tickets and How to make Money Selling Them
freetv.ana 1789
Quick Paragraph in Free Cable TV
funwith2.hac 6026
CrimeNet I: Breaking into Cars Made Easy, by the Byte Blaster
gambling.txt 8222
Running a Successful and Profitable Gambling Ring by CandyMan
gascompany.txt 3341
How to Rip the Gas Company Off by Valaraukar of P/HaRM
getacar.bv5 4548
The MAFiA presents Stealing a Car and What to Do with It
govtfree.txt 18192
Collections of Ways To Get the Government To Give Stuff For Free
hacklib.txt 14383
Cheating the Library by Vince Neil
howpep.txt 5661
You Too Can be a Peeping Tom without Getting Caught (July 11, 1988) by Brutus Maccabee
inr's.ana 9375
Getting into an R-Rated Movie if You're Under 17
jackpot.txt 3853
Jackpotting: What is it? By The Prowler of The Police Station
jockybox.ana 3587
Jockey Boxing, by Mr. Budman Zeke
machines.txt 1850
How to Rip off Vending Machines
mism26.hac 3584
A Nice Way to Screw Over the Post Office
mism35.hac 2048
Agent Steal Advocates Getting Money Through Western Union
mism7.hac 2560
Coin Changer Fraud by Electronic Rebel
ml.txt 8273
Money Laundering by Big Bad Barbarian
modernspeeds.txt 15248
The Modern Speeder's Guide to Radar and State Troopers by Exilic Xyth
money.hch 1706
How to Make a Shitload During Christmas by Living Death
monlawn.txt 10467
Money Laundering by Big Bad Barbarian
oakley.bgr 2305
How to Get Free Oakley Sunglases by Jungle Jimmy
organs.txt 7205
How to Get the Best Deal on your Organs
pepsi.txt 2736
How to Rip off Pepsi Machines by A. Nonomous
pickcar.txt 27809
Getting in Cars the Easy Way
poi-food.txt 1993
How to Get Phree Phood Phrom Vending Machines Volume 1 by Fugazi and U
postage 994
A Short File on Free Postage by The Mad Phreaker
pyr1.asc 7480
Pyramids to Get Rich Quick (July 30, 1990)
ripchng.txt 2164
How to Rip off a Change Machine
ripoff1.txt 3025
Ripping Off Change Machines
rippay.ana 5629
How to Rip Off Pay Phones
scam.txt 5487
Samming Free Food in Australia, by Morbid Angel
scamnews.txt 29725
Scamming in the Land of Opportunity: The Scam News
scams.txt 3083
Scams, Inc. By Skank
scantron 3009
Mastering the Scantron by The Warhead
scantron.ana 3769
Mastering the Scantron, by The Warhead
scantron.txt 3577
Mastering the Scan Tron, by The Time Bandit and The Gnome
scmpizza.txt 31577
How to Scam a Free Pizza from Pizza Pizza! By Eric the Red (January 18, 1993)
shoping.ana 2606
How to Shoplift, by Ziggy
shoplift.ana 2957
New Economic Policy by the Stainless Steal Rat TAP # 80 12-82
shoplift.txt 7387
Crimenet II: Shoplifting, by Cracka Jack, Byte Blaster and The Beast
stoppow.txt 42061
Stopping Power Meters from John Williams of Consumertronics
stuff2.txt 2383
The Prospects for Sneaking into Movies in the East Bay by Ftang-Louie
suc.hac 3861
How to Screw Over Public Utilities, by Billy Heif
swissacc.txt 7577
How to open a Secret Swiss Bank Account
tollboth.txt 3409
The Highway Scam, by L.E. Pirate of Black September
toyota.txt 9385
Stealing Toyotas for $$$, Exportation or Smash-Up-Derby by Phrenzy on 03/09/1990
vend.txt 6504
Vending Machines Issue #2: Created by Lord Knight
vendkeys.hac 768
Vending Machine Keys by The Pyro
vendmac2.ana 3723
Vending Machines Issue #2, by Lord Knight
vendrob.bgr 3802
Many Ways to Rob Coin Operated Vending Machines by Jabberwocky
vidcheat.txt 14453
How to Cheat Videogame Coinboxes by Count Zero Interrupt, 06/01/1990
video.ana 12233
How to Get Free Video Tapes, By The Duke
vidoetap.ana 2953
How to Steal Video Tapes, by "The Great Crumnal"
wildscam.txt 5674
Wildman's Wonderful Guide to Scams (October 18, 1992)

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