Anarchy and Explosives : Pain and Hurt

Before you waste one entire second even considering mixing, creating, or otherwise implementing the instructions in these files, be aware that people have died from some of these very texts, attempting wholescale explosives and dangerous chemical reactions based on some flimsy text file written by god knows who for god knows what. It's just way too easy for someone to have typed a 5 instead of a 4 years and years ago when they were copying out of a badly photocopied pamphlet written by someone entirely different. Your life is too precious to take such an idiotic risk. If you're going to blow things (and yourself) up, at least go the route of learning with experts, where you'll become aware of risks and fun far beyond soaking tennis balls in gasoline and lighting them. OK?!

Description of the Textfile
101waystk.txt 7860
101 Ways to Kill Yourself by G-Men Incorporated (1986)
178.txt 6151
Kill They Neighbor (Murder Techniques)
22kill.txt 4081
22 Ways to Kill a Man With Your Bare Hands by Big Bad Barbarian
aaa001.txt 5657
The Amerikan Anarchist Alliance Guide to Kidnapping by The Prisoner and Code of Honor
body.txt 11883
Dragon's Touch: Weaknesses of the Human Anatomy
body1.txt 11193
Dragon's Touch: Weaknesses of the Human Body, by Hei Long
body2.txt 2575
The Iron Glove and Author Dent Present How To Kill Your Friends (1987)
civwar.txt 18038
The Anarchist's Guide to Civilian Warfare and Sabotage
combat.txt 2169
Murphy's Laws of Combat
death.txt 4731
The Best Way to Die If You Had to by Sir Death and Doctor Murdock of Shawn Da Lay Boy Productions (September 10, 1989)
deathsickway.txt 5620
Death the Sick Way by Stryper and The Knights of the White Circle
fighting.txt 5162
How to Kick Someone's Ass by The King
guellia.hum 4817
Guerilla Warfare and Its Uses in Today's Society, by Robin Hood
guerilla.txt 104962
Psychological Operations in Guerrilla Warfare by Tayacan
interisland.txt 29091
The InterIsland Products Catalog (Underground Files and Facts) (September 9th, 1995)
interrog.ana 5330
A Guide to Interrogation Techniques by ZED/NET
interrog.txt 17862
Interrogation file: Intelligence and Interrogation Processes by Master Of Impact and the Legion Of Hackers (October 20, 1991)
kill.bgr 834
How to Kill by the Brotherhood of Kids and Retards
killfed.txt 8904
Why I Hate Feds, Cops, Etc. by Pazuzu for DnA (May 13, 1993)
killfeds.ana 5443
Feds: How to Find and Eliminate Them
killfrnd.txt 4857
Some Interesting Ways to Kill a Friend or an Enemy, by The Gremlin
killrite.ana 7380
Effective Murder by The Cypher (February 1988)
kyf.txt 2531
How to Kill Your Friends by The Iron Glove and Author Dent (1987)
lthlfrce.txt 3827
The Lethal Force Law by Captain Hack (September 17, 1995)
mrdr-e-z.ana 5331
The Arsonist presents: Assorted Ways to Kill Someone
murder.txt 3433
Effective Murder by The Cypher (February, 1988)
nofriends.txt 4594
How Not to Make Friends and Annoy People, by The Razor
sickdeth.txt 4971
Death the Sick Way, Part 1, by Stryper and The Knights of the White Circle
snafu.asc 155808
The Whistleblower's Survival Guide (Guide to Pointing Out Flaws at a Company)
target 10874
Fighting Skills I by The Night Crawler
udjustice.txt 19865
Techniques of Harassment: How the Underdog Gets Justice, plagiarized from a book by Victor Santoro

There are 31 files for a total of 485,834 bytes.