Anarchy: Lockpicking

One of the more interesting examples presented about the "Hacker Ethic" is that of not allowing locked doors to get in the way of using new technology or discovering new things. The legend holds that at MIT, if a professor added a lock to his office to stop hackers from using a computer, they would crawl into the ceiling tiles and leave a note on the chair saying "Please don't lock your door." This eventually progressed to the general tunnel exploring that MIT provided, and how generations of students would pass along the knowledge they had recieved, to those who, in their view, were ready to recieve it. Of course, this whole idea got blown out when the MIT Guide to Lockpicking became generally available.

So Lockpicking has this rather odd Symbiosis with computers in some circles, and you can find examples of that below.

Description of the Textfile
217.txt 2250
Opening Combo Locks, by V.T. and Exodus
anar39.txt 3212
Lock Picking, by Black Cobra
cardpick.txt 2459
Very Simple Lockpicking, by Morbid Angel of MAIM
cmbkeyrl 8864
The RL Masterkey File by the Gypsy
combkey.txt 9698
Renegade Legion's Masterkeying File by The Gypsy of Eastern Renegade Legion (Summer 1988)
combkeym.txt 8935
Renegade Legion's Masterkeying File by The Gypsy of Eastern Renegade Legion (Summer 1988)
combolocks.txt 2253
Opening Combo Locks by Exodus and V.T.
combos.ana 4170
Picking Combination Locks, by The Byte Byter
drillloc 1044
How to Drill a Pin Tumbler Lock
drillpik.ana 961
How to Drill a Pin Tumbler Lock
faq-locksmithing 31044
FAQ: Locksmithing, by Joe Ilacqua (May 22, 1995)
get-text.txt 14303
A number of different Lock Picking files, combined.
hiseclox.txt 53204
A Catalogue of High Security Locks Version 1.00 by Graham Pulford (April 27, 1994)
hotelock.txt 3480
Electronic Hotel Card Locks
inform-5.ana 24251
Simplex 5-button combination locks, by Hobbit
inform5.txt 24121
Simplex 5-Button Combination Locks: *Hobbit*'s In-Depth Evaluation
lckpik.txt 3941
Lock Picking by Black Cobra
lock2.txt 5482
The Burglar Handbook: Lock Picking Techniques, by The Ninja Warrior
lock3.txt 5502
Burglar Handbook: Lock Picking Techniques Part II by The Ninja Warrior 3199
Some School Locker Fun (Weeeee!)
lockimpr.txt 1353
Lock Opening by Impressioning from The Druid
lockpi1.ana 3784
Lock Picking by Nightwing
lockpi2.ana 3507
Lock Picking by Black Cobra
lockpic_.txt 11278
Lock Picking, by Darc Deathe
lockpick 4204
Lock Picking by The Punisher
lockpick.ana 6678
Lock Picking, by Darc Deathe 1786
Incomplete file on 'picking' Master combination locks
lockpick.hac 5488
Miracle Lockpicking (Overview of Modern Techniques)
lockpick.shit 25966
FAQ: Alt.Locksmithing, by Joe Ilacqua (February 3, 1993)
lockpick.txt 3840
Lock Picking, from Sherwood Forest, by Viyld
lockpickin.txt 10379
The Ninja Warrior Presents Room Entry and Lockpicking Techniques
lockpicking.ana 6319
Lockpicking: The Art of Opening Things, by Scan Man
lockpik2.txt 3706
Lock picking by Black Cobra
locksci.txt 21069
The Science of Picking Locks and the Science of Opening Safes, both by Eric the Red
lockshop.hac 8994
The Lockshop Tutorial by The Suicide King
locksmit 24392
alt.locksmithing answers to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) 4 Jan 93
locksmit.txt 21511
The FAQ File for alt.locksmithing, 6/16/92
lps.hac 10328
The Arts of Lockpicking
master.txt 12874
Mastering the Masterlock by The Gypsy of Dead On Arrival
master1.hac 8121
Mastering the Masterlock, by Gypsy
master2.hac 3508
Opening Master Locks, by Mach Three
master3.ana 1479
How to pick Master Locks
master3.hac 1659
How to Pick Master Locks
masterlk.txt 5260
Master Combination Locks, by TC Publications (April 29, 1991)
masters.ana 1232
Today's tutorial will be how to pick Master combination locks!
mastlock.txt 9440
Mastering the Masterlock by Gypsy and Dead on Arrival
mism24.hac 3584
Lock Picking by Nightwing
mitguide.txt 60659
The MIT Guide to Lockpicking by Ted the Tool 9February 14, 1992)
newpick1.txt 18683
Lockpicking Manual Chapter 1: Warded Locks by Saturday Knight 1989
opencars.ana 3610
Automotive Locking Systems
opencars.txt 3712
Automotive Locking Systems Information
picker.ana 2950
Lockpicking Tutorial by Nightwing
picklock.ana 15034
Picking Combination Locks, by the Byte Byter
picklock.hac 1339
How to Pick Master Combination Locks
picklock.nph 58264
Opening Locked Objects by Nocturnal Phoenix
plt2.txt 13863
How to make Professional Lock Tools
safepick.hac 4752
Opening Safes via the Sound Method, by Nick Fury
safepick.txt 5587
Opening Safes, from the Big Brother Game, transcribed by Nick Fury
safesci.hac 10123
The Science of Opening Safes, by Eric the Red
sanchain.hac 5032
Chain Lock Picking Device, by Neutron Skydiver
sanchain.txt 5345
Chain lock Picking Device, by Neutron Skydiver of SANctuary
sanlock.txt 74274
The Art of Lockpicking: An Introduction Version 1.0
sanlock1.san 33618
The Art of Lockpicking by Havok Halcyon
sanlock1.txt 33571
The Art of Lockpicking Issue 1.0 by Havok Halcyon
sanlock2san.ana 33436
The Art of Lockpicking Volume 2 (Compilation)
sanlock2san.hac 33480
The Art of Lockpicking Volume 2 by Havok Halcyon
sanlock3.san 13367
The Art of Lockpicking by Havok Halcyon Chapter 3
sanlock3.txt 13320
The Lockpicking Series by Havok Halcyon, Part III
scilock.txt 19790
The Science of Picking Locks by Eric The Red
scrtlock.txt 55026
Secrets of Lock Picking, by Steven Hampton 1987
shimming.ana 3590
Shimming Doors (Or, don't Bother with that Lock!)
simplelockpick.txt 1919
How To Pick Those Simple Locks On People's Bags At The Airports by Ian (January 4, 1999)
simplex.doc 2980
The Simplex Lock Crack, v1.01, June 1993
simplex.loc 23601
Simplex 5-Button Combination Locks: *Hobbit*'s In-Depth Evaluation
simplex.rdt 23614
Simplex Locks, an Illusion of Security from Scott Skinner
simplex.txt 24664
Simplex Locks: An Illusion of Security by Scott Skinner and Emmanuel Goldstein and Magic Man
simplexi.txt 48365
Simplex Locks: An Illusion of Security by Scott Skinner and Emmanuel Goldstein and Magic Man
thief.txt 6051
The Thieves' Handbook: Lockpicks
wardlock.txt 3102
The Warded Lock: An Overview

There are 79 files for a total of 1,090,833 bytes.

A lot of these files are doubled; I found it very hard, looking at two similar but differently mangled files, which one should be the "canonical" one. So, I often include both.