Anarchy: Freeloading

What interests a lot of young readers is finding out that something can be gotten for free; that if you put in a 5 instead of a 1, or clip the corner of a card, that you will personally mess up a system, and will personally gain. You can't fault them for being curious.
Description of the Textfile
airline.txt 3957
Let the Airline Pick Up the Tab
atifraud.txt 5395
Automatic Teller Fraud, a How To
atm-92.txt 20167
ATMS: The Real File for ATM Theft in 1992 by The Raven
atm-more.txt 19581
A Whole Collection of the Risks of ATM Cards (1988)
atm.txt 8593
ATM Fraud Made Easy by Count Zero
atms.txt 21141
Track Layouts on ATM Cards
ccfraud.txt 13435
Credit Card Fraud by Phreaker (January 5, 1991)
change.ana 2213
Coin Changer Fraud, by The Electronic Rebel
china02.txt 23256
ATM Fraud Made Easy, by Count Zero
disapear.txt 2455
How to Get Lost
disapp.txt 33415
100 Ways to Disappear and Live Free by Eden Press (1972/Revised 1985)
dollar 3277
Ripping Off Coin Changers With Some Tape
fak_id10.txt 12643
Fake ID's: Using Your Computer #1.0 by The Pressman
fakeid.ana 2252
Getting a Fake Driver's License, by The Sultan
fakeid.txt 2838
How to Change Your ID So You're Over 21
fakeids.ana 2157
Fake Picture IDs Made Easy
freestuf 4560
How to Get Stuff for Free by Anonymous
hbopirat.ana 2572
How to Phreak HBO, SHO, SHOWCHANNEL, by The Robin Hood
idmail.txt 5268
I.D. By Mail, by Jed Stryker
info3 6471
Mail Secrets
jammin.ana 4250
How to Use a Radar Jammer, by Cheap Shades
jamradar.txt 3089
Jam Police Radar! The Fast, Easy & Cheap Way! by Someone and Leviathan
ka.ana 2683
Why KA Band Radar Units are So Hard to Pick Up
letters.ana 2643
How To Read Unopened Mail, by Chris Jones
license.txt 4811
Modifying Your Driver's License by The Spoof
liquor.txt 8546
How to Buy Liquor, by Cellular Phreak (November 10-19, 1987)
lostatm.txt 3275
What To Do With a Lost ATM Card (Besides of Course Return It To The Person)
lostatmdoc.ana 2990
Pulling a Scam off of a Found ATM Card
magcard.txt 79468
A Very Large Amount of Information about Magentic Cards
magcard3.txt 48700
Card-O-Rama: Magnetic Stripe Technolgy and Beyond by Count Zero
make21.txt 3518
False Identification by Forest Ranger
mr.txt 15248
The Modern Speeder's Guide to Radar and State Troopers, by Exilic Xyth
obtain.hac 940
Change Machine Fraud
paytvdec.hac 2060
Pay TV Decoder Plans, v1.0
policera.ana 9569
Police Radar and You! By The Scarlet Armadillo
readmail.txt 3740
Reading Unopened Mail: Better Living Through Chemistry
robbing1.ana 10067
Robbing Houses, by The Video Vindicator
robbing2.ana 7721
Robbing Houses II, by The Video Vindicator
robbing3.ana 15869
Robbing Houses III, by The Video Vindicator
safestea.ana 7095
Stealing made easy, by The Fireman
safestea.txt 8141
Stealing Made Easy, by the Fireman
san-atm1.txt 6909
Getting into ATM Lobbies, by Havok Halcyon, of the City of Sactuary
san-soda.txt 1672
How to Rip Off a Soda Machine, by The Guardian of SANctuary
soda.txt 1635
How to Rip off a Soda Machine
sodamach.txt 1152
How to Rip off the Coke Machines by the Mystery Zone
vmbhack.txt 4662
Hacking Voice Mail Boxes by TiK TaK of MAIM

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