Anarchy: Credit Card Fraud

It would be a small leap in some people's minds to go from stealing telephone connection time from a long distance company (by scanning through some access numbers and looking for valid ones) to using other acquired numbers (from carbons and stolen databases) to get free computer equipment and airline tickets. This, apparently, was the draw of Credit Card Fraud, where stolen credit card numbers were used to charge thousands of dollars for whatever a budding felon decided they wanted to risk years of jail time for.

Even now, there's really no justification or warm glow associated with credit card fraud, but the following files promote the cavalier and on-the-edge approach to this second, deeper level of using "codes".

Description of the Textfile
ac1.txt 6339
Advanced Carding Techniques by The Disk Jockey 2365
Advanced Carding Part 4: Motel Carding, by The Disk Jockey
advanced.txt 9278
Real Credit Card Fraud by Emergency Interript of Advanced Telecommunication Inc.
advcard3.txt 2908
The Disk Jockey Presents Advanced Carding III: Airline Carding
advcard4.txt 2328
The Disk Jockey Presents: Advanced Carding 4: Motel Carding
advcard6.txt 2137
The Disk Jockey Presents: Advanced Carding 6: Easier Drops
advcard7.txt 2335
The Disk Jockey Presents: Advanced Carding 7: The Other Side
advcard8.txt 4679
The Disk Jockey Presents: Advanced Carding 8: In-Person Carding
advcard9.txt 1196
The Disk Jockey Presents: Advanced Carding 9: Tips and Tricks
advcrd13.c_f 2971
The Disk Jockey Presents: Advanced Carding 13: The Student Card
afrocard.txt 5495
Mailboxing: How to Acquire Credit Cards
aicard.hac 7630
Careful Carding, by One-Eyed Willie
aicard.txt 9219
Careful Carding Techniques, by One Eyed Willie of AI
amex.txt 9248
How to Make Your Own Valid American Express Numbers in One Easy Step, by Saturday Knight
artcardi.txt 24577
The Art of Carding by DM 0verdose (May 4, 1991)
atms1.txt 4096
The Disk Jockey Presents: Scamming ATM's
bcformats.txt 1291
A List of Bank Card Formats
bgcard.txt 8189
Credit Carding Made Easy by David Lightman (March 28, 1985)
blockani.phk 995
How to Avoid Being Traced on BOC Calling Card Calls
callcard.hac 1734
Hacking Calling Cards by The Pyromaniac
callcard.phk 1868
Hacking Calling Cards, by The Pyromaniac
calling.phk 28939
Calling Card Secrets, transcribed from Bell Telephone
card-rl 7196
Carding in the 90's by The Knight of Renegade Legion (April 1991)
card.txt 7986
Some Basic Information about Credit Cards
card1.txt 3767
Credit Card Fraud made Easy, by Jimmy Z
card101.nap 5248
A NAPPA Profile on Carding, by Dr. Insanity
card101.txt 6188
The NAPPA Profile on Carding by Dr. Insanity of NAP/PA
card111.txt 8844
Carding, by Bloody Malice
card2.txt 19054
Some Thoughts and Instructions on Carding
card90rl.hac 7060
Carding in the 90's, by The Knight
card90rl.txt 7388
Carding In the 1990's by The Knight, April 1991
cardass.txt 13126
How to Card Your Ass Off and Never Get Caught
cardbeg.txt 4491
Carding, an Overview
cardbig.txt 2717
Carding Hints from The Big Guy
cardchk.hac 922
Credit Check information
cardchk.txt 1204
Credit Card Checking, from the Tempest (July 5th, 1987)
cardfrau.txt 3569
How to Get a Lot of Stuff Free
cardfun.txt 7501
Credit Cards for Fun and Profit: A Treasure Island Presentation
cardhack.phk 1830
Nail Varnish and Card Calls
cardi90s.txt 7113
Carding in the 90's by The Knight of Renegade Legion (March 17, 1991)
cardin92.txt 10506
Cardin' 1992: Carding in the 90's by Special Ed (January 2, 1992)
cardindevpac.txt 17876
Carding, by Devpac
cardinfo.txt 6656
All About Carding, by Jack the Ripper of Thieve's Underground
cardinfy.txt 5137
Information on How to Card!
carding.basics 17536
The Fundamentals of Credit Card Engineering by Jumping Jack Flash (January 15, 1992)
carding.txt 5347
Carding Volume #1 by FX
carding1.txt 4737
The Basics of Carding by The Metallian of Metal Communications
carding2.doc 4746
The Basics of Carding, by the Metallian
carding2.txt 29174
Carding Volume II by The Metallian
carding3.txt 35523
Carding III: Higher Learning, by The Metallian of Neon Knights/Metal Communications
carding5.txt 10491
Carding Volume #1 by FX
cardnet.txt 8632
OTG Presents Cards and the Networks
cardread.hac 30142
Card Reading Public Station Requirements (Bellcore document)
cards!.txt 1615
Virgin Boy is Selling AT&T Virgin Calling Cards!
cards.cap 33027
Scythe/KRYN give you New Credit Card Numbers
cards1.txt 14410
How to Card by The Disk Master (November 21, 1988)
cards3.txt 2466
If You Don't Know How to Card, This File is For You, by The Serial Killer
cardtech.txt 9033
Carding, by Bloody Malice
cbi-equi.txt 15178
Credit Bureau Incorporated and Equifax Credit Information Services, by Kludge (March 29, 1991)
cbi-rl 23705
CBI General Information Text by Spiritwalker of Renegade Legion
cbi.txt 14615
Hacking CBI Accounts, by The Ghost of the Panther Modernz
cbi4rl.hac 21842
CBI General Information Text #4 by SpiritWalker
cbiacnt1.txt 15073
CBI Account and Merchant Listing, by Video Vindicator
cbidoc.hac 3154
How to Logon a CBI System, by L.E. Pirate
cbiman.txt 44915
The Complete CBI Manual of Operations
cc-dial.txt 7244
Documentation for CC-Dial (Calling Card Dialer Version 1) November 25th, 1993 8102
Credit Carding Made Easy by David Lightman (March 28, 1985)
cc101.txt 77370
Credit-Carding 101 Part 1
cc101_2.txt 10663
Credit Carding 101 Part 2
cc101_3.txt 16769
Credit Carding 101 Part 3
cc101_4.txt 13990
Credit Carding 101 Part 4
cc101_5.txt 12327
Credit Carding 101 Part 5
cc101_6.txt 10480
Credit Carding 101 Part 5
cc_bible.txt 11627
The Credit Carding Bible, from BoRRE of MYSTIC
ccbanks.hac 10195
Credit Card Number Prefixes and the Associated Banks
ccc.nfo 2931
Youngsters Against McAfee Present Credit Card Commando
cccheck.txt 1448
DOCUMENTATION: The Calling Card Chekcer by TauTau (1994)
cccodes.txt 3911
Hacking Credit Card Codes by Omni Kid and The Wyvern
ccformat.txt 2107
Credit Card Formats, by Shadowmaster of The Power of Plastic (June 14, 1992)
ccfraud.txt 4366
How to Card Your Ass Off and Never Get Caught
ccgenkit.txt 14336
Credit Card Number Generation Kit For The Apple by The Phantom Viper
ccinfo.txt 4099
Credit Card Information by Scooter
ccnumber.txt 1408
A Collection of Bank Card Formats
ccnumberdoc.hac 2067
Bank Card Formats
ccnus.phk 1171
Getting Calling Card Numbers, by the Extortionist
ccs.hac 8049
Credit Carding Made Easy by David Lightman
ccsecrts.txt 29696
Calling Card Secrets, from Bell Labs Presented by City Under Seige
cctutor.txt 19237
A Complete Tutorial on Credit Cards by The Duke of The United Pirating Society
cfrd.txt 16302
Card Fraud and Computer Evidence (February 14, 1994)
citibank.txt 7057
Citibank Service Addresses by Dark Helmet (May 21, 1990)
ckfraud1.txt 10692
Check Fraud Made E-Z by The Raven (August 13, 1992)
copier.txt 10206
Magentic Stripes, from a variety of sources, typed in by Count Zero of Restricted Data Transmissions
crdfraud.txt 4079
Credit Card Fraud Made Easy: A Treasure Island Presentation
crdtcard.txt 17968
Credit Cards for Fun and Profit (August 2, 1984)
crdtcarddoc.hac 17961
Volume I of The Adventures in Fraud Series by Sneak Thief/Credit Card Fraud Ideas by L.E. Pirate
credchk.txt 1362
Credit Checks: A Treasure Island Presentation
credfrd.txt 8558
Credit Card Fraud Ideas!! By L.E. Pirate
credguid.txt 3645
Credit Card Guide: How to card and not get caught by Cobra Commander of Treasure Island
credit 7688
Credit Cards for fun and profit! by Southern New York, August, 1984
credit.txt 3672
Credit Carding: Here Are Some of the Best Ways
credit1.ana 10622
Credit Cards I: The Card, by The Administration
credit_s.txt 5116
Transcription of the Magnetic Data Encoding Standards on some Cards
creditca.txt 17383
How to Generate Credit Cards by Lost Soulz of Origin
creditsc.txt 3206
Credit Card Fraud, by Smooth Criminal
credscam.txt 3463
Credit Card Scams from The New York Safehouse II Elite
deacard.txt 6317
Beginning to Advanced Carding, by The Avenger of the Data Enforcement Association (January 26, 1991)
dosbank.txt 9871
DOCUMENTATION: The DOSBank Credit Card Validation Program (1995)
fraudcc.txt 14523
Protecting the Plastic, by Jack Goldstein of the American Society for Industrial Security (1989)
fyd_cc-1.txt 16568
The FYD Guide to Card Frauding and its Principles
guicardi.txt 15802
Carding 101: The Basica, by Dark Grif
hackat&t.txt 2815
How to Hack AT&T and Get Cards from Them
hackincc.txt 4680
Hacking Credit Card Codes by Omni-Kid and The Wyvern
hackingcdoc.hac 3531
Hacking Credit Card Codes by Omni-Kid
hacktrw.hac 2706
An Experienced Hacker's Guide to Hacking TRW, by Minotaur
insidecr.txt 52141
Credit Card 101 Part 1: The Players
is02card.txt 10292
Carding in the 90's by Aeon Flux of Information Society (September 12, 1992)
is02cardis.ana 10467
Information Society: Carding in the 90's
kreditko.txt 3534
Basic Credit Card Fraud by Mr. Big of the Swedish Hacking Association (1990)
magcard.txt 72625
Magnetic Stripe Technology: An Overview
magcard2.txt 16994
Magentic Card Swipe Reader... Need Help!
makecard.txt 1359
Software Documentation: Credit Card Account Number Generator Version 1.0 by Becna 23292
Credit Cards and Merchant Numbers
metallia.txt 13545
Cardinging Volume II by the Metallian
minuten.txt 2201
Calculate Your Own Minuten Card Numbers, by Martin Fredriksson of MRD (June 10, 1992)
narc_7 8220
NARC Infofile 7: Credit Cards
nfcardng.txt 5100
No-Fail Carding Techniques by Ford Prefect
nha-004.txt 8148
NetWork Hackers Alliance Issue 4
obtaincards.txt 7127
How to obtain Credit Card Numbers and Calling Card Numbers the Easy Way!
plastic.txt 45985
Card-O-Rama: Magnetic Stripe Technology and Beyond by Count Zero (November 22, 1992)
posse1.txt 17871
The Art of Cardinb, by the AI Overdose (May 4, 1991)
readme.mpi 2970
Soft Documentation: Calling Card Calculator v10 by Micropirates
ripccn.txt 4717
How to Get Credit Cards the Easy Eay by Valaraukar
secrets1.hac 4840
Big Secrets Volume #1 by The Wyvern: Credit Cards and Lie Detectors
shacard.txt 3615
Basic Credit Card Fraud, by Mr. Big of Swedish Hacking Association (1990)
skip.txt 13935
Zen and the Art of Credit Theft
tfp-trw.txt 2589
Hacking TRW
tralia.txt 5427
Eline Carding: The Australian Way to Do It!
trw-ips.txt 23735
The TRW Master File by Infinite Possibilities Society (December 1991)
trw.doc 4048
General TRW Information by Modem Master
trw.hac 1693
Quick Notes on getting into TRW
trw.txt 3200
Information on TRW, by Nitzer Reb
trw1.hac 23129
Infinite Possibilities Society presents: COMPLETE TRW
trw2.hac 38380
Infinite Possibilities Society presents: EVEN MORE COMPLETE TRW
trwaddrs.txt 3063
TRW Address Formats by The Line Breaker (March 1, 1986)
trwdef.hac 7958
TRW Definitions, by the Line Breaker
trwdefs.txt 6686
TRW Definitions by The Line Breaker (March 1, 1986)
trwdoc.hac 4278
General TRW Information, by Modem Master
trwguide.hac 13029
Renegade Legions Technical Reports: TRW 1.0
trwh.txt 2499
Information on TRW, by Nitzer Reb
trwinf.hac 5525
Several Textfiles about TRW
trwinfo.txt 2760
General TRW Information by Modem Master
trwips.txt 23935
The TRW Master File #1 (December 1991) by Infinite Possibilities Society
trwtech.hac 11392
TRW Terminology: Understanding what you read, by Master Blaster
ukccfraud.txt 5538
U.K. Credit Card Fraud by Creditman (October 22, 1990)
val-amex.txt 7233
How to Make Your Own Valid American Express Numbers in One Easy Step, by Saturday Knight
valccds.hac 921
How you validate Credit Cards
visa.txt 1747
Calculating Your Own VISA Numbers, by Martin Fredriksson of Sarcastic Existence
visahack.txt 7447
Some Unchangeable Digits in Visa Credit Cards by Stargazer and Borashi
visahackdoc.hac 7557
Some Unchangeable Digits in Visa Credit Cards by Stargazer and Borashi
vitcard.txt 7418
Carding Simplified Part 1: Vital Card Information by Scooter (October 25, 1990) 6238
DOCUMENTATION: CreditMaster Revision History (October 31, 1995)
zencredi.ana 15468
Zen and the Art of Credit Card Fraud

There are 162 files for a total of 1,711,814 bytes.

It is interesting to note that throughout the 1980's, the vast majority of busts for hackers came from credit card fraud busts. If you leaf through some of the textfiles on this site that mention busts, you will find that in almost all the files, they mention as an aside that what got the authorities interested in them was some spate of carding. While the law was unable to quantify exploration or interaction with computers, the cold transfer of material goods they could understand.